The (Good) Governance Recipe – The Water Rooms #4

let's carry on our journey to discover understand and change let's call water on stage the protagonists of this wonderful show our theme today is good governance to tell you the truth I prepare myself on pizza what Justine today is governance show the title yes good morning as I was saying of course governance here we are um in order to understand what governance really is let's talk about pizza well sure for a good pizza participation and inclusiveness are absolutely crucial informing everybody about decisions to be taken and listening to all the needs namely having all the ingredients ready for the pizza making process I knew it they never noticed me they never call me they never let me speak ray and you what are you doing there I said all the ingredients myself as well I said all of them hey guys look over there I cannot see I cannot see I cannot see you've got to say that – oh ok I cannot see bring the stools I 10 hmm I see you all have different needs and there you are now you can all see can't you oh yes do it they beats a Gorger the pizza maker yes the pizza manager the one that will unite us all in the pizza ecstasy to do things right though the pizza manager needs good rules a basic requirement is to be transparent just like me see-through nothing to hide pure clear and to ensure the quality of the pizza anybody anytime can check what we do mozzarella what is that you're dirty we can't have someone cheating and misbehaving here get cleaned or you'll spoil the pizza what's happening who's there doctor doc the embrace between you water and flour ah yes I remember those nice moments for how long have you been here raising could I feel this is the way good results come from the effective embrace of quality ingredients such as us dear friends without rushing the process Pizza just as governance is good at any latitude with responsive recipes that take into account different conditions local tastes and ingredients you that's cool bro well done nice lecture my dear water are you ready now for the lecture about water conflicts and hydro diplomacy what didn't I have people's next in the schedule oh well I'm sure I can think of something

Maurice Vega

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