‘The Five’ talks ‘MAGA’ rally crowds, Tom Arnold’s threat against Trump

Maurice Vega

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  1. It’s interesting that Arnold would reference JFK. If you contrast JFK to democrats of today, you realize what an epic tragedy the democrat party has become. In fact, he seem more republican than many republicans of today.

  2. Currently we see Trump having NO PLAN (which of course he never does) and ordering an overnight withdrawal from Syria instead of doing it in a well planned coordinated effort. At least some of the spineless Republican leaders are finally standing up to the idiot in the oval office over this. Stay tuned to see what Trump's next idiotic/frightening move is.

  3. You all know none of this is real right? All of this is media staged to get your attention, right? The media and government are MOCKING you. Lmfao. If you believe all this, you're the butt end of the joke.

  4. Fox News wants you to remember to be “respectful”. LOL!!!!!! Your dear leader mocked a disabled reporter, grabs women genitalia because he thinks big stars “can do anything”.

    I’ve never even heard of Individual 1!

  5. Will Trump be impeached and removed from office did he break the law? Will he not serve 8 years in office? What do you think?

  6. The tax status of ALL churches should be revoked. No special rule just because you have an imaginary mascot. If they want tax status as a charity, play by the same rules.

  7. Who is Tom Arnold? Love ya, Auntie Grammie 🌺 God bless President Donald J. Trump & the Constitution of The United States of America 🇺🇸

  8. I would just like to know how he is making America great again??? I just don't see it, America is/has become a laughing stock around the world. He has some serious mental issues and is clearly scared shitless about what's going on. Impeach the bastard.

  9. They should saturate Arnold with big black dark tinted secret service cars everywhere he turns for a few months, u know, until their sure he’s not a real threat.

  10. Dude married Roseanne Barr , right? Lol,that’s as embarrassing as being another wacko liberal. Obviously an intelligent thought processor.


  12. He should be tired in the Heage International Court for Crimes against Humanity !! The Kurds willnot be forgotten ! The Kurds are not happy !!

  13. Trying to whip up another batch of "emotional salve" I see. The events of the past week starting to get you down? Do you think that comparing Beto's crowd to Trump's will change the mind of any of the Democrats in the House to not vote for the multiple Articles of Impeachment that will be filed against Trump in a couple of weeks? He's going to get impeached, your false bravado not withstanding, probably by each article that they decide to bring forth and present to the Senate for the televised trial (talk about "Must See" TV). The Senate Republican won't/can't argue the validity of the charges (whether they're right or not), they'll just spend all their time putting up the old "Disgruntled Employee" defense and try to impune the "motivation" of all the witnesses (as if having a bias, for whatever reason, against the President precludes them from having a valid point). But that's not even the real goal of the Democrats, as Trump probably won't get removed from office . . . . just yet.

    Just getting the handful of ultra vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2020 on the record as voting against removing an increasingly unpopular and frighteningly psychotic President from office will finish off the likes of Tillis, McConnell, Ernst, Collins, Gardner, and the forgettable Republican senate candidate in Arizona (whatever her name is), thereby flipping the Senate to Democratic control, while getting rid of Trump the old fashioned way . . . voting him out! Then all those recent House bills that Moscow Mitch has refused to bring to the floor for a vote in the Senate, even the big immigration reform bill the "Gang of Eight" passed in the House several years ago (remember that one . . . sure ya' do) will finally get to be voted on and passed in the first 100 days. But at least you put Beto in his place . . . . until 2024 anyway when he runs for Ted Cruz' open Senate seat!

  14. You have to love how Trump promised to hire "only the best people," yet we have never seen such crooks and incompetents appointed by a president as those he has hired. One by one they keep leaving. Gee, I wonder why???? LMAO

  15. The impeachment drive is basically Democrats admitting they can’t beat him in an election. It’s pretty obvious to everyone. Tom Arnold says JFK was cocky and got assassinated?! Does he not know his history?

  16. Thanks to the wonderful antic's of the Great and Almighty Youtube I have to re-subscribe to this channel no less that at the very least 5 times daily

  17. Tom Arnold comes from Ottumwa, Iowa. His family owned a bar that was so sleazy they used it as a means to sell methamphetamines. His sister made their family meth business so big that she and the Arnold family turned Southern Iowa into a drug Infested hellhole in the earliest days of the epidemic. He is truly evil.

  18. What about Saudi Arabia? Why do we have new troops there. And WE are building something over there. They are rich beyond measure. Why is Trump and other past presidents so enmeshed with the Saudis?

  19. Juan always uses the 10 items or less line with more than 12 items and then writes a check for $3.25 over the amount owed!

  20. Trump, deep down, hates America, all he does is belittle his fellow citizens while rolling over for foreign dictators. He betrayed the Kurds, who sacrificed 1000s to help your country – what makes you think he won't betray you all eventually?

  21. Moras da me poslusas d.tramp jer ja sam bogobojaza I pravedan I ovo sto kazem je tako, neke sitnice koje su prisutne ce se zavrsit.a to je da od svih balkanskih drzava prednost ima crna gora da udje u kratkom roku u e.u.

  22. What about the popular vote? Juan do You mean the millions of illegal alien votes that the Democrats promote by refusing to support voter laws to prevent voter fraud. Fox should dump this clown.

  23. Williams is a sad man…. racist, political hack… a shame. Why is he still at Foxnews. Get rid of the this travesty.

  24. It wasn't just Tom that made open air threats bout Assination threat. Joe Biden did on CNN, Peloci at the WH.. I have it. No one's taking bout it.ndeep state. Then on Elijah dies days before when he comes e was in on it with Comey.. Why no one. I love our President 🇺🇸✝️

  25. Another Two Minutes Hate ritual.

    At the Whitehouse, Secret Service agents, military staff, civilian employees and volunteers are held to higher standards than dear leader (only of his Al Queda/base)? LOL!! donald's Al Queda/base and republican senate/house members holds their children to higher standards, but in-turn, gives dear leader (only of his Al Queda/base) a perpetual pass. donald violates the oath-of-office as president (of our nation, not just his Al Queda/base), the rule-of-law, and just plain ole civility.

    Impeach NOW !!

  26. Thanks for showing the Iowa poll. I live in Iowa and I never could understand why the numbers never seemed to match my perception of my world. I knew I was right😁. Also, I have never understood having debt and giving money to other countries and taking care of home first.

  27. Tom Arnold is a parasite. During Obamas regime, we saw a rodeo clown fired for wearing a mask of his likeness at a small town rodeo and others publicly shamed and silenced merely for disagreeing with him and understanding the damage he was doing to our country. Yet people can threaten our president daily and no one is arrested for terroristic threat. Liberals are such dangerous hypocrites.

  28. Tom Arnold is dead from the neck up, noone cares what HOLLYWEIRD CALIPORNIA thinks , he's a has been loser , Roseanne is the only reason anyone knows him at all!

  29. Tom Arnold you and your fellow Hollywood has beens are NOT even remotely funny. You just made a vailed threat against OUR PRESIDENT. I hope the Secrete Service arrest you and makes a public example of you. Now that would be truly funny. Ha ha

  30. Juan, the token… shows how "weak minded" Demorats really are…only he repeats what he hears on "FAKE NEWS"…NOT A REAL OPINION OF HIS OWN, HE RUINS AN OTHERWISE GOOD SHOW!!!

  31. Those come to testify with oath but did not even answer a very basic question’yes’ or ‘no’ should face the highest penalty including life long in jail or even…

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