The First Look at the 2020 Gubernatorial Elections | Prediction + Analysis

Maurice Vega

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  1. Louisiana is a blue state bc the republicans that where running for governor were literally crooks and where not trust worthy but Louisiana is a red state at heart and will always be a red state.

  2. Chris Sununu is in trouble in the state for his railroading of a voter suppression bill targeting university students, so an invigorated youth turnout could dethrone the fiscal conservatism/social liberalism New Englabd so likew in their governors. Especially after tge Republican party essentially told those affected that they shouldn't whine about paying out money to the state for registrations since they go to school there. Interesting scenario indeed, but Sununu may still pull it out.

  3. No reason why MT or NC should flip. They can be pretty blue at the state level. I'd be hesitant to put MO, MS, and WV as safe red – definitely likely though.

  4. West Virginia safe? Hardly. After Jim Justice flip flopped and has been an incompetent governor, both parties hate him. He's being primaried and probably wont be renominated. As a whole West Virgina on a state level is still friendly to Democrats. Justice won in 2016 as Trump won by a landslide winning every county, something you noted yourself. Justice being ousted would put the race in the Democratic column narrowly as contention does not help the afflicted. It's not safe by any means.

  5. If Richard Ojeda runs in West Virginia, he could turn it into an unlikely close race. West Virginia has shown a tendency to support particular Democrats even if they really like Trump.

  6. Here in Mississippi, Jim Hood (D) is leading… it will depend on the 2 August Republican Primary.. but he's headed to win.. people here are getting tired of a one party rule… it showed in the 2018 Senate run… Espy (D) got 47% (a black former Congressman and Clinton Administration official got 47% in MS) so.. Hood does have the wind at his back right now.. just giving you a MS opinion lol

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