The FINAL Word On Jeffery Epstein

>>The medical examiner’s office is reporting
that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was, in fact, a suicide. That is what their report indicates, and they
have ruled this a suicide by hanging, and they gave some details into how he did it. So, just want to give you guys a warning that
there are some graphic details here. But this is what the report allegedly says. He appeared to have tied a bed sheet to the
top of a set of bunk beds, then knelt toward the floor with enough force that he broke
several bones in his neck. And I just wanna remind you all of the story
we did yesterday about the specific bones that were fractured in his neck. The thyoid bone was broken, which is an incredibly
difficult bone to break by hanging. It’s often seen in cases of strangulation,
but it isn’t impossible. There have been cases in the past where that
bone has broken as a result of death, or suicide by hanging. I just, based on what we’re seeing from this
report, I don’t know if, I don’t know, I find this very suspicious. That’s all I’m gonna say. Well, I’m curious why you think that. Yesterday I mentioned the New York’s Chief
Medical Examiner, Barbara Sampson, actually has a lot of credibility, and has withstood
pressure before. When most of the government, the cops, etc.,
wanted her to declare that Eric Garner was not choked to death, she wouldn’t do it. And here she took a long time to reach this
conclusion and appears to be an honest and careful medical examiner. I think suicide is certainly possible, I certainly
think homicide is possible too. The one thing that is driving me crazy is
that they won’t say the thing that I’m most curious about. Did you check the tapes, the video of the
hallways? Exactly. Right, right. It’s not complicated guys. If you’re positive that those are the right
tapes, and they should have immediately grabbed those tapes and made sure that they had a
chain of custody established. Did anyone go into his cell or didn’t they? I mean that’s dispositive, almost dispositive
in my mind, but no one has mentioned anything about it. What else makes you curious about it, Ana? So, of course, there’s everything leading
up to his suicide that I find suspicious, and we’ll get to those details in just as
second. But I can’t get past the details of this medical
examiner’s report, because, first of all, he had already tried to commit suicide, right? And so why are there objects in that cell
that he can use to hang himself, namely the sheet, right? Well, there’s two parts of that. One is, he was taken off of suicide watch
after six days which is- Only six days. Moronic, again, that’s why prison shouldn’t
be the first line of defense for people with mental health issues. Anybody who had a mental health background
would tell you to keep the suicide watch going, especially since there’s so much pressure
for that person around testifying, around plea bargain. I mean, Epstein has so much incriminating
evidence, and he clearly has the pressure of national/international media that’s hanging
over him. So of course you would continue to have a
suicide watch, that’s ludicrous. And the other part of the story, not only
the bed sheet, Ana, why is there bunk beds in his room? Why don’t you think about the fact, it’s not
only the sheet. There were multiple ways that he could have
possibly tried to commit suicide with the bunk bed scenario. Right, right. The Mankiewicz theory is gaining steam, he
mentioned this in Old School. That’s one of our shows, it’s a more casual,
super fun one, although we were talking about this case. Anyway, to become a member and
get all of our shows, including Old School. Ben’s theory is, maybe they set it up in a
way that was like crossing their fingers that he’d commit suicide. Hey, nobody’s going to kill him, but make
sure they’re not watching him every half hour, put the most overworked guards there, which
they did. Yep. It’s a guy on his fifth overtime shift, someone
else that was doing mandatory overtime. They didn’t check for three hours. Make sure you leave the sheets in there, make
sure you don’t respond when he’s screaming in the morning, check in on him to see if
he’s okay or not. Make sure that a bunk bed- Take his cellmate
out. Cell mate out, right! No, that’s the most amazing one. Yes, that was the most bizarre part of the
story. Right. Why did the cellmate leave? Why were they extricated from the situation? Normally you’re supposed to have a cellmate
if you’re under any kind of suicide watch, or there’s any potential of that. And then you leave the bunk bed in there. I mean if someone tried to commit suicide,
the very last thing I would have in there is bed sheets and a bunk bed. Right, exactly. Right. And then also, I can’t get past that specific
bone that fractured in his neck. Again, I want to reiterate, it isn’t impossible
for that to break if someone is hanging themselves. However, the way in which he did it, really? That way, I mean doing it from a bunk bed
and kneeling provides enough force to break that particular bone that is already incredibly
difficult to break if you hang yourself from a higher, level I guess. Yeah, and guys, your neck breaking in a hanging
is not unusual. But if you’ve seen some of those hangings
and we, unfortunately, had to literally see, or I happened to see the ones after we invaded
Iraq and captured some of their top level officials. The thing goes out from underneath you and
you have a giant fall, right? Right. And at that point your neck breaks. Now, could your neck break from on top of
a bunk bed? It could and many bones in his neck broke. But the one we’re talking about is the hyoid
bone which is actually in the front and is almost always a sign of strangulation when
that breaks, rather than a suicide. But yes, in some studies 6%, in some studies
24% of the time in hangings that one happens to break as well. So look, I don’t know what I had it at, 50/50,
I really, really didn’t know. But Barbara Sampson saying that it says suicide
does actually lean me more towards thinking that it’s a suicide. So I don’t know if we’ll ever get more information
that. I don’t know we’ll ever get to see the videotapes
or trust that they actually are the videotapes from that moment in the hallways. But if they weren’t trying to get him to commit
suicide, they had a funny way of showing it. I don’t think the theories are gonna die out. No, definitely not. I mean, for me, this medical examiner’s report
made me more suspicious. But maybe you have a different interpretation.

Maurice Vega

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  1. How tall was he ?? He'd have to "sit" to get that much force on the sheet to even start to choke himself . Plus what did tie it to? Most not all prison beds are concrete slabs that just stick out the wall. But whatever lol it's not like any of this matters anyway.

  2. It’s obvious someone’s not telling the truth. If it was suicide the authorities would have shown every single piece of evidence, including DNA tests, to clear themselves out,. Why are they so mysterious about it? There’s more than one powerful billionaire suspected to be happy customers in Epstein’s “business”. Isn’t that enough for a deeply and throughly investigation?

  3. Three options. First is that he really did kill himself to avoid a life in jail. Second, someone did him in to shut him up. Third, his friends pay to get him out, hes on some private island somewhere sipping a margarita and laughing his ass off.

    Best part is, not a goddamned one of us will ever know what happened.

  4. Michael Baden was the pathologist involved in the investigation of Epstein's, MLK's, and JFK's deaths, along with the OJ Simpson case. I'm not even kidding look it up.

  5. The hyoid bone fracture is a very rare fracture of the hyoid bone, accounting for 0.002% of all fractures in humans. It is commonly associated with strangulation and rarely occurs in isolation. … In 50% of strangulations and 27% of hangings, hyoidfractures occur.

  6. My brother in law hung himself from a shower head. He wrapped a sheet around it and leaned forward. His hyoid wasnt broken.

  7. Just because someone, in this case the medical examiner, says something doesn't mean it is so and doesn't mean you should shut off critical thinking. It remains overwhelmingly high odds that he was murdered due to the particular bones that were broken and the kneeling method he supposedly used. It is not like he dropped, or even kicked a chair out from under him which would put his full body weight on his neck. Kneeling and putting pressure on your airway and carotid arteries does not put the same force on the neck bones. Without additional evidence made public as Cenk stated, namely the hallway video, the most likely method of death thus far is homicide. If it was suicide it is easy for them to clear that up but they are trying to convince people with a persons word alone. That is pure nonsense. Until proven otherwise with the evidence they should possess, he was murdered.

  8. Why do you dwell on this case? Before his suicide I'd never heard of this Jewish prick. He was a monster and now he's dead. Why make a big deal about it?

  9. No it won’t be the final word. Drumpf has already planted the seeds of conspiracy to his idiotic followers and you know some huckster will ride with it long and as hard as it will take them.

  10. My dad worked in a penitentiary. Everything that you have listed is now normal practice in prisons. My dad retired 5 years early because The government was cutting down on staff, To a degree, that my father no longer felt safe working there.

    Suicide watch is more time intensive for the guards. Therefore 6 days is actually a long time to have them on suicide watch. ( I think most of the time it was 48 hours in my dads day) Most guards are on A lot of Mandatory overtime To make up for the lack of staff. My dad also worked on 3rd shift and it is the most 'boring ass' shift you could work on!! Very very very easy to fall asleep.
    As for devoting Extra resources, You are assuming that there are any extra budget resources to devote.
    Also there would have to be some kind of political pressure applied to the prison to do so,right? Where would this political pressure come from?

  11. I believe he conned them thru his attorneys to take him off suicide watch …..then he was given enough space to kill himself

  12. Its due to the Federal freeze on employment done by Trump and it appears the highest security federal establishment which held El Chapo … now comprimised and understaffed !!

  13. Some appalling mistakes were made that facilitated Epstein's death, nevertheless, by far the most probable cause of death was suicide. Given that this child abusing, sex trafficking creep was facing the prospect of rest of his life in prison, why is it so hard to believe he took his own life?

  14. I am a medic but I have not seen the reports. I am still sceptical. However this is something people are not considering. Do you think maybe he was told to do it? As in you do it or we will and it will not be as easy? To me that by far seems the most likely. It is a technique used before and I am very surprised the TYT have not even considered it.

  15. it's vey unlikely that you'll beak the hyoid bone (happy?). the location makes it impossible to break it , unless your being strangled. this guy was murdered.

  16. Isnt it funny how we live in an age where cameras are introduced and forced on us as a part of life, always using safety as a reason to promote invasion of privacy, all for OUR protection. But for some strange and crazy reason, we always get vanishing footage at the most critical times, when it involves certain Gov. employes or local law enforcement.

    Whitney Houston was murdered in a building thats frequently loaded with super stars and wealthy ppl. That Hollywood Hotel is filled with cameras on every floor, elevator and lobbys. But some how, the video on her floor that night and hrs b4 just disappeared, and it seems no one looked for it or continued to request it. Until it all faded away.

    Now in a high security jail, concerning a high profile, alleged criminal, has some peculiar circumstances occur, and one of the 1st answers the public gets is, theres no footage on camera? Wait, hold on, cameras and guards everywhere, but they have nothing now?

    Sorry, Ive followed the story, and even just Ur info here alone says he was killed, they know all abt it, perhaps had much if not everything to do with it. That bone is too far under the neck, too far to be broken in a quick sheet hanging. Even if he had thrusted himself to cause self strangulation as some suggested. It dont add up, like Sandra Bland's murder. How does someone hang themself from something abt their hight or shorter. Its impossible, U body's reflexes wont allow U to do it. U would have to go very far with planning it all, ending, with tying Ur feet in a fetal position, put the material being used around ur neck, then tying ur hands up really good. All on an elevated level and fall or roll off of it. Now come on, are we to believe something like this occured? Really? I dont even remember if anyone mentioned his hands being tied, which is crucial to all of this. Someone clearly ordered his silence, and who, but someone that has a whole lot to loose right now would go to this level especially when the man is high profile at this time. I say follow the trail of instant orange spray tan and Qtr pounder with cheese grease drippings and their U will find Ur dirty grimy bastard.

  17. lol, TYT… "WHY was there a bunk bed in there?!?"
    Five seconds later…
    "Why did they take the CELL MATE out?!?"

  18. Whatever happened to Jefferey, why isn't Cenk wearing a bathing suit like the two women are? I thought it must be a beach theme day at TYT. Can't get past this trend toward beach news, and rolling out of bed and into the studio with many non-corporate talking head shows. Thanks, Cenk for at least looking like you want people to believe you by wearing business casual. I'm not sure how credible Cenk would be in spaghetti straps.

  19. Show of hands.
    Does the official explanation hold water?
    Show of hands.
    How many thought there would be a trial?
    Show of hands.
    How many accept the 'magic bullet' theory in the JFK assassination official explanation?
    Which questions did you raise your hands for?

  20. first of all, hello. IF he was murdered, everything would have been thought out ahead of time! The second he was apprehended the ball was set into motion with only one goal, to kill him. But then he deserved it so wgaf?

  21. tyt is trying to convince everyone that Epstein actually committed suicide, Lets not forget the CLINTON FOUNDATION gave millions to tyt.

  22. Trump to Epstein: If you make a plea deal and implicate me I'll have Barr strangle you with his bare hands and make it look like you hung yourself.

  23. Sounds like they set it up so a Coroner could legitimately say suicide by autopsy, without looking at authority decisions to make it possible for a suicide ruling. Sounds like someone had access to perpetrate a murder to look like a suicide, entering and leaving without any trail.

  24. Yes others put in jail don't get the best of care why was he left with other ways to hurt OR kill himself i mean come on man!

  25. A bedsheet is really thick if you twist it into a "rope". And I would think pretty soft. If he wanted a thinner "rope", it's hard to rip fabric unless you can start the tear with scissors (I work a lot with fabric), and a bedsheet would have a narrow hem on all four sides, making it even harder. We need a much more detailed description of this episode.

  26. Cenk, this deals with extremely Powerful people! The President, A former President and so many high level people from around the world that benefited from his death. Think about it, a sitting president and a former president along with Princes, Heads of States and Rulers of other countries have all been alleged to have partaken in these disgusting acts. They could make this a matter of national security and the pressure on the coroner would be beyond anything we’ve seen since Kennedy was killed.
    Pressure from police is bad but when you have pressure coming down on you from the most powerful people in the world, that is a completely different type of pressure, the kind that could end up with her and anyone involved in this on the coroners table themselves.
    I’m not a conspiracy minded person. I laugh at a lot of the stuff out there. But this one is just too convenient and vague . The entire thing screams Conspiracy.

  27. This is a massive story and you guys are giving it limited to no coverage. This is why i'm unsubing, ya'll miss the mark on every important event when it occurs.

  28. however much people hate him and might be glad he is dead his death is a TERRIBLE thing for this reason: There were several other rich powerful people also abusing those children one of them maybe being former president Clinton and one maybe being Donald Trump. Had he not died some kind of "deal" could have been made with him, maybe earlier release (but he would be a very high risk registered sex offender) or sentence to a nicer "country club prison". Yes he deserves worse than that BUT the tradeoff is that he could have helped to BRING DOWN ALL OF THE OTHER RICH PEDOS INCLUDING MAYBE EVEN OUR PRESIDENT. Now we cannot get that information from him.

    He should have been kept VERY well watched for that reason. His suicide will enable these other wealthy pedophiles to escape justice AND CONTINUE TO SEXUALLY ABUSE CHILDREN. When these other rich pieces of dog shit rape underaged girls in the future everyone responsible due to laziness or ineptitude or apathy or just plain irresponsibility even if there is no "conspiracy" will in my opinion be indirectly responsible for that abuse.

  29. I think that he used his money to influence the people around him to let him get killed or quote unquote quote hang himself

  30. I just find this strange…. if he really did it like they say, your instinct is to try to breathe. If he was kneeling, he would just need to stand up. It’s still suspicious to me

  31. A suicide watch cell wouldn't (normally) have anything that could be used to assist someone killing themselves; including sheets and bunk beds with bars to tie one off too. Additionally, there would be a camera in that cell so that staff can remotely supervise him when other offers are away from line of sight… Personally, I think he was a coward and did off himself; but I am not buying what we are being told. My county jail, straps you to a wheelchair and then leaves you in a padded cell with nothing but a thin mattress (when they do finally unstrap you). No cell mates.

  32. Hyoid bone not thyroid. Women have been "accidentally" killed by being shaken by an angry partner. This bone can be very easy broken.

  33. What about Kyle Kulinski’s analyzation? The significant descriptive letter from an inmate who actually did time there??
    I’m surprised TYT failed to reference said letter or just Kyle’s segment on this…Ana’s doubt is supported by Secular Talk’s segment on this

  34. Even if he did commit suicide how do you know there wasn't some agreement with people before hand? It doesn't matter really whether he committed suicide or not.

  35. In my opinion, undoubtably this was a murder. Epstein had close connections with many elites in this country and abroad and it's been speculated many years before any of this came to light that he was involved in massive pedo rings. Many elites, such as George Bush, the Clintons and top business owners within this country are alleged to have attended these events, often hosted as lavish parties with drugs, rape, and in some cases, alleged rituals.
    One such example can be traced back to 1988. Foster children came forward, all with similar stories than coincided, that elites would take them out of their foster place and give the children temporary privilleges, such as money, drugs, first class services and even tours of the White House. They then would take the children to so-called parties where many elites would attend, participating in drug use, the sexual abuse and rape of children and worse. In some cases the children claimed there were sometimes rituals committed where a child would be murdered. Some children also claimed that they were forced to sexual abuse other children, to participate in the acts. There was indeed an investigation that took place, although many people might not be aware of it. Two of the children who were to testify were actually charged with perjury- one of which was given a 5 year prison sentence. Most records pertaining to the case were destroyed in a convenient fire incident. And a documentary covering the events was ordered by the courts to be destroyed. Most were destroyed, however, an unpolished version (titled Silence of a Lie) resurfaced a little while back.
    There are also various similar claims of massive pedo rings in the UK with many of the same elements as described above. Not only children, but adults were coming forward alleging that communities participated in mass sexual child abuse and Satanic rituals, often having the children participate. Most of the recorded allegations have been taken down off of the web. The ones that are still out there are very hard to obtain. They would claim that no one can come forward due to how many people are involved, including the police.
    There are quite a few high profile people who are known in this particular case to have visited Epstein's island, the most infamous being Clinton, who has traveled in Epstein's plane on 27 known occasions. 7 of the 27 trips were designated for the island. There are also rumors that he dropped his security during some of these flights. We're also aware that Epstein may have considered ratting out his elitist associates, this would be the obvious reason that he was offed. I wouldn't hold my breath for any more information to come forward. Just as in 1988 and just as in the UK allegations, this entire thing appears to be a massive cover up.

  36. Maxwell was a known Mossad agent and recruited from the British side. Dershowitz is the contact for almost all of the introductions to Epstein in America, including Courtney love that has been accused of stealing Nirvanas rights to their music with the help of guess who DERSHOWITZ. This was a LOLITA op performed by a hostile government.

  37. I really can believe people are that stupid to believe that this guy killed himself!!!!! This guy had everything in his hands to get an excellent agreement to get out of prison in a few years. That's the american mentality and that's why the country is in the downhill that it is going to disaster.

  38. I need to bring this petty observation up. It concerns me. I watch every day, respect your opinions.

    BUT: We criticize mainstream news programs because the women dress ready for a cocktail party and the men wear suits and now, it appears to me that you are taking the same visual tack…


  39. It's important to remember that the medical examiner does not work for Barr. She works for New York. If she had worked for Barr, the report would have little credibility. I think she's probably giving her honest evaluation. The only real question is if she is being fooled.

  40. I meant hyoid bone, a typo. couldn't let it go huh (lol, our perfect world. there's also no santy claus)? anyway, the chances are slim that a guy like epstein who, by all account was a hedonist (in the worst sense of the word), and survivalist, would not turn on his cohorts to save his skin, and money. with all that press?, I personally think some out of town talent (maybe even some paid flunky, maybe even now, DOA) killed him, and I would also like to see toxicology report. your not going to strangle someone, or hang yourself without some struggling. try holding your breath for two minutes, your bodies survival instincts kick right in. that good ole boy was drugged and strangled, in my opinion.

  41. Still no pictures from his Autopsy?
    I find that odd considering how the U.S. mainsteam media does the news only for ratings.

  42. Now, I don't know what happened, but I will say that it is a hell of a lot easier to stand up to pressure from people defending a low level cop, than it is to stand up to pressure from people defending, at least, two presidents, from both parties. Not to mention the other rich and powerful people implicated in this.

  43. The prison system was willing to look extremely incompetent by removing the suicide watch, to providing the bunk bed and sheet so that "suicide" was a possibility. They made sure he ended up dead either way.

  44. I can believe the guy wanted to kill himself. I also believe that someone in Prison Administration (or someone above Prison Administration) deliberately created an environment that made it possible.

  45. Where did he get his money, and why was he given mansions, and virtually endless supplies of money? Who was/is he working for? Talking about his death, rather than his life and the people surrounding him. Just more absolute garbage from TYT. This channel is for low IQ people who’d want to remain asleep.

  46. The bunk bed would have toppled over with that kind of weight on one side if the bed wasn't fastened to the floor…

  47. There are material evidence left, like flight logs, money ties, testimonies of victims and witnesses, etc.. i doubt that the frequent flyers and visitors of Epstein’s island were going there for knitting classes! Its sad and disgusting that a case involving multiple recidivist pedophiles who more likely wont stop abusing children, is going to conveniently be forgotten about; and not two years ago everybody in the media and Hollywood were patting themselves on the back for the me too movement! Bunch of coward hypocrites.

  48. There are literally cameras on every corner in this age. There was no video feed on this prisoner's cell? There is no timestamp video footage to review? Both guards are asleep, at the same time, while monitoring a prisoner of this magnitude?
    And what of the screams allegedly heard that night?

    Murder Incorporated didn't end in the 60's and 70's.

  49. He may have hung himself, (with some inside people making it doable) out of fear. After being told that if he doesn't take care of it himself, he will suffer a much worse death (e.g. tortured to death by another inmate) in the near future. And with the kind of enemies he has, he's got to believe they could and would do that. So terrorized into suicide seems like a real possibility to me.

  50. No they have zero credibility! No human being could have hung themselves with the force necessary to break the bones from that short height. The physics do not work.

    According to the US Army’s hangman’s chart at 181 pounds Epstein would have needed to fall 5’7” to 5’9” to have achieved the 1000-1250 foot pounds of torque required to break his vertebrae let alone the much harder to break hyoid bone!

  51. For someone who is as narcissistic and self absorbed as Epstein suicide seems like it would be the last thing he would contemplate.
    He probably expected he'd be rescued like he was last time, or spirited away and some kind of cover up would be proffered.

  52. But I thought the Trump admin were going to do a comprehensive investigation to prove he was killed by the Clintons.
    What’s this? It’s still suicide?

  53. Isn't it just as likely that he bribed the guards or some officials somewhere to allow him to commit suicide? People will keep pushing conspiracy theories with no evidence, but the answer could be much simpler. He was a broken man whose life was ruined (by himself, of course, and getting caught, not trying to defend him) and its reasonable to think that he wanted to kill himself.

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