The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? (1/2)

Are we the only living things in the entire universe? The observable universe is about 90 billion light years in diameter. There are at least one hundred billion galaxies, each with one hundred to one thousand billion stars. Recently, we’ve learned that planets are very common too. And, there are probably trillions and trillions of habitable planets in the universe. Which means, there should be lots of opportunity for life to develop and exist. But where is it? Shouldn’t the universe be teaming with spaceships? Let’s take a step back. Even if there are alien civilizations in other galaxies, there’s no way we’ll ever know about them. Basically, everything outside our direct galactic neighborhood, the so called “Local Group”, is pretty much out of our reach forever, because of the expansion of the universe. Even if we had really fast spaceships, it would literally take billions of years to reach these places, traveling through the emptiest areas in the universe. So, let’s focus on the Milky Way. The Milky Way is our home galaxy. It consists of up the four hundred billion stars. That’s a lot of stars, roughly ten thousand for every grain of sand on earth. There are about twenty billion sunlike stars in the Milky Way, and estimates suggest that a fifth of them, have an earth sized planet in it’s habitable zone, the area with conditions that enable life to exist. If only zero point one percent of those planet harbor life, there would be one million planets with life in the milky way. But wait, there’s more. The Milky Way is about thirteen billion years old. In the beginning, it would not have been a good place for life, because things exploded a lot. But after one to two billion years, the first habitable planet was born. Earth is only four billions years old, so there have probably been trillions of chances for life to develop on other planets in the past. If only a single one of them had developed into a space traveling super civilization, we would have noticed by now. What would such a civilization look like? There are three categories. A type one civilization would be able to access the whole energy available on its planet. In case you are wondering, we are currently around zero point seven three on the scale, and we should reach type one sometime in the next couple hundred years. Type two would be a civilization capable of harnessing all of the energy of its home star. This would require some serious science fiction, but it is doable in principle. Concepts like the Dyson Sphere, a giant complex surrounding the sun, would be conceivable. Type three is a civilization that basically controls it’s whole galaxy and its energy An alien race this advanced would probably be godlike to us. But why should we be able to see such an alien civilization in the first place? If we were to build generation spaceships that could sustain a population for around one-thousand years, we could colonize the whole galaxy in two million years. Sounds like a long time, but remember, the milky way is huge. So, if it takes a couple of million years to colonize the entire galaxy, and there are possibly millions, if not billions of planets that sustain life in the milky way, and these other life forms have had considerably more time than we’ve had, then, where are all the aliens? This, is the Fermi Paradox, and nobody has an answer to it. But we do have some ideas. Let’s talk about filters. A filter in this context represents a barrier that is really hard for life to overcome. They come in various degrees of scary. One: There are Great Filters and we’ve passed them. Maybe it is way harder for complex life to develop then we think. The process, allowing life to begin, hasn’t yet been completely figured out, and the conditions required may be really complicated. Maybe in the past, the Universe was way more hostile, and only recently things have cooled down to make complex life possible. This would also mean that we may be unique, or at least one of the first, if not the first civilization in the entire Universe. Two: There are Great Filters and they are ahead of us. This one, would be really really bad. Maybe life on our level exists everywhere in the Universe but it gets destroyed when it reaches a certain point, a point that lies ahead of us. For example, awesome future technology exists, but when activated, it destroys the planet. The last words of every advanced civilization would be: “This new device will solve all of our problems, once I push this button!” If this is true, then we are closer to the end then the beginning of human existence. Or, maybe there is an ancient type three civilization, that monitors the universe, and once a civilization is advanced enough, it gets eliminated, in an instant. Maybe there is something out there, that it would be better not to discover. There is no way for us to know. One final thought: maybe we are alone. Right now, we have no evidence that there’s any life besides us. Nothing. The Universe appears to be empty and dead. No ones sending us messages, no one answering our calls. We may be completely alone, trapped on a tiny moist mud ball in an eternal Universe. Does that thought scare you? If it does, you are having the correct emotional reaction. If we let life on this planet die, perhaps there would be no life left in the Universe. Life would be gone, maybe forever. If this is the case, we just have to venture to the stars and become the first Type Three civilization, To keep the delicate flame of life existing, and to spread it until the universe breathes its final breath, and vanishes into oblivion. The universe is too beautiful not to be experienced by someone. This video was made possible by your support. 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Maurice Vega

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  1. I've never been a fan of the Fermi Paradox, it's an incredibly arrogant way to think about the universe. Humans are not special, there's almost certainly other life out there. It could be we're one of the first civilizations to rise, so it may be civs after us that look at OUR grandiose ruins on distant planets.

  2. The universe is infinite (at least growing infinite) so its like saying theres no 10372 or 19373 in pi to say no other life in the universe

  3. Are you assuming they are not already here, and have been for thousands of years? What is alien? Would that include ancient peoples, highly advanced who are indigenous to this planet? There is plenty of proof that multiple extremely expensive black projects, that we pay for by default, have put us out in the galaxy already.

  4. 0:18 who else noticed that the computer kind of looks like the computer from don’t hug me I’m scared 😂

  5. 400.000.000.000 stars in MW, 10.000 stars per grain of sand on earth= 40.000.000 grains. That's 1 grain of sand per 188 people. I will enjoy the beach much more now… 😂 😂 😂

  6. I mean dinosaurs were around for millions of years, but they didn’t have any sort of scientific development because they just weren’t genetically wired that way. So ok other planets maybe species like the dinosaurs were never wiped out and just kept on persisting and intelligent life never developed.

  7. the aliens have a defrent evolution soo they will have nothing similar to what we thought like maybe an alien kind is made of pure energy for exemple

  8. Far away in space some aliens have developed a telescope and can see us living on Earth, but they don't yet have a technology to reach us

  9. Why are scientists looking at planets in the Goldilocks zone even though aliens may not do well in them conditions and we are looking for carbon based life but it probably is something totally different but humans can’t imagine anything more than carbon based life as their brains aren’t complex enough

  10. think about this… people want to get to another planet because the resourses on earth will be gone at some point. they have plans and ideas for it. but could it be the case that we already did that and maybe mars or another planet was our earth before this one.

  11. Dont you think if diseases could make YouTube videos for each other they would say the same thing about people's bodies? It's too beautiful let's colonize it until it DIES.

  12. Hopefully we are not alone out there .. Since man has looked up to the stars we have dreamed of banging an alien species .

  13. Another answer: our understanding of physical reality is so misguided or inaccurate in some way, that our inferences about any advanced species are almost entirely incorrect. They would go to another physical realm, a philosopher's possible world (which is a physicist's universe), etc. When our incumbent science says 90+% of energy and matter is almost completely unbeknownst to us, that's the hypothesis I'd be likely to hold 🙂

  14. Have you ever thought what would our galaxies name be kept by some other aliens?!
    .fjfjffj23235 or
    .hilly way or would it be in emoji s like
    .🙆😙😘🙋😽🙊🙊 or
    . Some totally different language! 😀


  15. Maybe We Are Just An Endangered Species That Is Being Protected By A Type III Civilization From Bastard Aliens Who Are Trying To Destroy Us All

  16. There's alot of evidence – if you believe people like Bob Lazar and Steven Greer. We're already being observed.

  17. Earth: gets added to the grand Republic of the universe
    Every other alien race on the council: ughhhh who added these psychopaths

  18. What if the reason why we aren’t seeing aliens is because they are all together watching us progress like a sitcom

  19. Wait, if 400 billion stars is 10 thousand times for each grain then we have only 10 million sand grains on the planet. Does not sound right to me

  20. Did it occured to anyonethat we are not alone, we are simply FIRST so evolved. Earth had so many great extinctions on Earth, now multilpy it 100000000000000000000000000 times. Wonder we are alone now.

  21. If we become the first type 3 civilization then someone’s gotta build some pyramids on another planet as a funny joke

  22. This sounds like a depressing movie like when the character is lonely and there is nobody else "alive" in his world

  23. Stage one the easyist one the ice ages step two ruleing all of Europe or all of what ever. Step 3 guns or stafs with gunpowder is going on musket flintlock toy name it then the big wars these wars deviate everything the 5 A.i life forms these can take over the earth. The because they need a host to program them. The final one disease that wipe out areas that are poor and non life like destroy everything they take a person's body then goes into there brain then they reprogram it making the white blood cells decrease then it kills you. People dont know until a certain time like a hour a minute a day then it changes the outside of your body making it…different and unstable more of these "disease" get flushed out then the disease kills everyone they all die then they die it is not safe and very risky or idk maby there may be just A.I all I know is in 2074 there will be a massive death in Africa then in 2104 WWlll

  24. Couple of really bad ideas and predispositions here. First, if there are civilizations that have achieved Type 1, surely they would have mastered the art of cloaking on a grand scale, how do we know they have not or are not currently going in and out of our planet? Second, imagine a Type 2 civilization now and lets pretend for a second that there are more than 3 dimensions, wouldn't it be feasible to assume a civilization as advanced as that would have been able to travel and/or live in a fourth dimension that us humans simply have no means of accessing right now? If so, that civilization could literally be all around us and we wouldn't know it. Last but not least, out of all the planets in the galaxy why are only those in the goldie locks zone capable of harboring life? Imagine now a Type 3 civilization, surely they have mastered terraforming and could have migrated their entire species to a planet outside of that zone. Or lets even imagine a completely different type of civilization not carbon based, surely they would need different conditions for life, thus removing this notion that life must originate on planets in the goldie locks zone. All of this possibilities are as likely as the ones describe in the video, except for the foolish notion that we are alone and unique.

  25. i mean, tbf, everything did explode just 13 B years ago. and everything was REAAALLY hot for a while too. give aliens a chance to evolve man

  26. Ofc. the possibility the 4th dimensional life just know not to interfere with 3d life like us, untill it reach 4d by itself, just like we say not to interfere with wildlife

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