The facts are on President Trump’s side: Rep. Zeldin

Maurice Vega

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  1. Lieutenant Colonel Vindeman was imported from the Ukraine along with his family as part of a huge shipment of “Ukrainians” & groomed from an early age to spy on America,gaining traction through the armed services to undermine anything that stood in the way of the UN globalist agenda,he wasn’t the only one either.

  2. One has to wonder why Schiff is not already in jail for the never ending lies and fabrications that spew out of his leftist pie-hole…..

  3. say it dude SAY IT… the goods were released in September , and we waited to send it until Ukraines new President was actually in his new administration. He just got voted in and we weren't gonna send money to their previous President to pilfer

  4. as they say "when you lose dont lose the lesson" this is a great chance for the republic to do some house keeping. after we finish prosecuting and cleaning up the swamp we need to revise the process of impeachment to make it more rational, this storm tested our ships hull and the country needs to make this process more thoroughly vetted so this can never happen to any president again, dem or republican.

  5. they've wrapped it up. it's over. overwhelming evidence……….wait, we have to have more evidence, more testimony, more documents………………I call this "stonewalling" and dragging this throughout the election year. If they have the evidence, and its "overwhelming" send it to the house, and let's go

  6. Why block subpoena if you are so clean? ????. "You say it is "he say" " she say" but you blocking people who talk directly to the president? OBSTRUCTING but NOT guilty ??.???

  7. Actually this track to get rid of Trump
    began on a longer path. 1. Trump is for make America great again. 2.
    That is against and interfering with the UN Globalist which the
    Socialist Democrats and their H. Clinton are in league with. So the
    prime upfront reason to get Trump out with his "Make America
    Great Again" was against the Globalist and so they needed to get
    rid of Trump. This prime purpose of this impeachment inquiry was
    formulated to do that. Trump is obstructing their Globalist movement
    and that is the ball game of it all.

  8. Yes. Now I know for sure. Schifty Schiff is delusional totally crazy and first and foremost he is a Pinocchio. Lies roll of his tongue like a Jaffa. Nobody with half a brain can believe what this demonic Demorat tell us the people.
    Roll on the Senate inquire Heads will roll.

  9. Oh good. When do we get to see those facts? Are those the ones that Rudy has hidden in a manila envelope in his underwear drawer?

  10. Not one expert claims Trump has any legal thing that makes Stock Market go up!
    It's Trump's lies about trade deal w/China manipulating our stock market.
    Lets Trump's crew illegally use their insider trading connection to know what Trump will do or say ahead of time!
    It's criminal !!
    Call the FTC and SEC!!

  11. What universe does Schiff live in? Must be the same one as Brian Steltzer, where those of us who support the President are being mind controlled, but don't worry, CNN is going to cure is on thanksgiving. Here's the thing,, those of us on the right can und understand the left and can argue their points as effective as them, the left cannot understand the right, studies have shown this. They also can't meme, they can't think for themselves, they can't even laugh, someone might get offended. They're like walking examples of how to have a miserable life.


  13. Watch rep. Swalwell rip Nunez a new one during Fiona Hill's testimony. Republican corruption runs deep in Nunez veins and he is so stupid he doesn't realize he is just a pawn in this game.
    Ukraine/Russia/Trump/DeutscheBank/Manafort & now Nunez and Guiliiani implicated too. Trump is the most corrupt president in history and backing him means either your eyes are closed or you don't care about the truth or the health of the country, and certainly are no patriot.
    DumpTreasonousTrump 2020

  14. Schiff sees himself as a demi god and truely believes if he gets to speak he will get everyone to side with him . You can't reason with people like him , he's a very sick person . Please get some one to check his mental condition . Also his connection with companies doing business with the corrupt Ukraine energy section . 7.4 billion is not pocket change.

  15. what is wrong with the Dems for crying out loud???? What did the President do????? what??? there's nothing there. If anything, he's doing his job.

  16. Yeah, just like he claimed about collusion, which went on until the Mueller report buried it. Now his plan is to keep on digging, nit matter how long it takes. There has to be something, and if necessary he'll go back to invitro. Who knows, Trump might have been in contact with Stalin while he was in the womb. Well, it seems like another Democrat had a change of heart about this. You know, landslides start with one grain of soil.

  17. #45 & WRECKING Crew have a MISSION! The WEALTHY NEVER SUFFER & keep MIDDLE & POOR Classes DIVIDED /STUPID /CONQUERED, based on Skin Colors, Urban vs. Rural, etc……! Gotta LOVE IT , as the Enemies of Amerikkka DO!

    China, N.Korea, Russia, etc…., STILL AT THEIR ADVANCEMENT Games, and BEING IGNORED ! Ohh WAIT , this Ores. “ IN LOVE “with ALL DICTATORS, especially N.Korea Leader”!


    MORE DISTRACTIONS: Russia, China & N.Korea ADVANCING Militarily!
    “ BRINGING BACK MILLIONS of STABLE -REAL WAGE JOBS , a LIE , Environment Fu__ UP , etc….!


  18. If his BS was ironclad then Schiffty wouldn't have said "right" as if to seek agreement from whomever he is speaking to that he is in fact right. Ignorance is bliss.

  19. Trumps time in the WH is coming to an end either by impeachment or the DEMENTIA that is taking over TAKING his brain. TICK TICK, TICK TICK, TICK TICK.

  20. The Republican Party can never say its for Justice, Morality and the constitution. Because by following Trump they have been shown to be Liars and Thieves and they don’t stand for the people they represent they are only out for themselves.

  21. If the case against The Biden's is so compelling why was an investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden conducted illegally in secret? Trump has all the legal tools to raise such concerns and investigate them properly. QUOTE -'' "Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress for most of the last five years and said or did nothing to indicate they thought that this warranted attention." That is until Trump's fixation on the already investigated and debunked DNC Server myth, and his inherent vindictive nature was enabled by the corrupt religious extremists who enable his abuses of power to further their own extremist undemocratic and unconstitutional agendas. We MUST vote these crooks and fantasists out of power, impeachment can't succeed in a corrupted Senate. They do not represent the majority of Americans, and never will.

  22. Schiff went to a party hosted by a Urkranian Ams Dealer who later got a contract from the Pentagon ?no doubt our Taxpayer money, no wonder he is protecting Joe Quid Pro Quo Biden and his son. A pattern seems evident that the Demorats accuse the President of Crimes without any facts- to cover up their own crimes?

  23. Wow 2.4k comments supporting Trump. That's almost more than the 3.7k former Trump University students suing him for fraud. Trump supporters are too thick headed to realize that Trump only cares about Trump until its too late. Somehow they think "Trump wouldn't do that to me, im special." Idiots.

  24. Schiff is deranged… and MY PRESIDENT HAS A RIGHT TO CONTROL CORRUPTION AS WELL!!! They just want to impeachment our President… Get rid of those idiots!!!!

  25. Adam schiff is a charlatan, a liar and dishonest actor, a scumbag. There is no case for impeachment here. The only reason this sham is still alive is because the national media is all fake news now.

  26. McCain must testify. The ONLY reason for blocking a subpoena is that you have something to hide and are afraid of the Truth getting out. Any kid could work that out. But we already know, if there's one thing Trump and the republicans can't stand – like vampires and daylight – it's the TRUTH.

  27. Schiff “BELIEVES” American voters and taxpayers are NOT smart enough to think and listen for ourselves! It’s not only him but the majority of Dems. WRONG! I will vote Trump 2020 and am more than happy to admit it! The straight up politicians have robbed taxpayers with all of their BS accusations! Enough is enough!!

  28. Watch the blaze. Glenn Beck put the peices together.
    Democrats are a danger to national security. It shows clearly the scandals are from the Democrats. He did the homework for you.

  29. How does anyone become Anti-Semitic?
    1. Not being Chosen (by what or whom?) GOD CHOSE THE PEOPLE THAT KILLED GOD = JESUS

    2. Not being Jewish

    3. Not being Anti-Christ

    4. Not being superior

    5. Not believing in the Holocaust history as told

    6. Referencing Hitler's mother and Hitler's Rothschild's blood

    7. Priviotizing the FEDERAL RESERVE and IRS, World banks, etc.

    8. Calling the creation of weapons of mass destruction, diseases like HIV, Plan parenthood. etc; GENOCIDE

    9. Defending yourself and Family with the TEN COMMANDMENTS or Religious Beliefs that violate THE TALMUDIC LAWS


    11. Caucasians have become as unintelligent as they have made others to become…

  30. It is NOT illegal for a crazy person to "Oswald" someone. What's Hinkley up to these days? Let's tell him he could REALLY impress Jodie Foster… again.

  31. What a lot of people are not seeing or hearing properly is the truth in all that is offered, all I hear are 3rd rate republicans and ne’er do well Trump supporters running down reputable people coming forth to swear in to tell the truth. All these people interfering at every turn have nothing of any value and should be ignored , and give these witnesses the decency to answer all questions without all these interruptions. It should also be noted that a person running against Trump has to be a Democrat in order to run against , or an independent. This is absolutely ridiculous, people should be independent and not be swayed by republicans or democrats.

    A person should have integrity, honesty, and be of good moral character, not be a deceitful person and a liar like Trump. I am not attacking Trump, just saying like it is. This guy should never have been allowed to run for this office. One should objectively look of his performance and non-performance since day one , and honestly admit he IS the wrong person to run this country. He has cost this country an awfull lot of the peoples money for golf which he should reimburse.

  32. Why don’t pence, Pompeo, Bolton, Perry and Rudy all just testify under oath? Slam dunk. Support the president and put this to bed in 2 days. Make the dems look foolish. Why aren’t they standing up for the president?

  33. There are formal procedures to accomplish what is claimed here. So then the question is why didn't Trump and his "advisors" follow the proper procedure to accomplish his "personal gain" investigation? According to Lara Trump and others that this isn't hindering his ability to work and accomplish his presidential work. Maybe you all need to have a meeting and get a cohesive story together.

  34. The PARANOID personality always SUSPECT you have poisoned their food. The SCHIZOPHRENIC personality "knows" you poisoned their food. The PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC personality suspects you poisoned their food and they just "know" they can prove it was positioned while they suspect their food was poisoned. It sounds like the party of the DEMS, doesn't it?. Not only do they SUSPECT President Trump has committed a crime so they have to "impeach" because they "know" they can prove it while they suspect he did commit a crime even when they can't prove it no matter what they do so they that's when their OCD kicks in, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that needs to be obsessed (re-numerated) in the idea that they "suspect" that the President committed a crime and they "know" they can prove it by obsessing (re-numerating.

  35. The PARANOID personality always SUSPECT you have poisoned their food. The SCHIZOPHRENIC personality "knows" you poisoned their food. The PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC personality suspects you poisoned their food and they just "know" they can prove it was positioned while they suspect their food was poisoned. It sounds like the party of the DEMS, doesn't it?. Not only do they SUSPECT President Trump has committed a crime so they have to "impeach" because they "know" they can prove it while they suspect he did commit a crime even when they can't prove it no matter what they do so they that's when their OCD kicks in, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that needs to be obsessed (re-numerated) in the idea that they "suspect" that the President committed a crime and they "know" they can prove it by obsessing (re-numerating) all events until they can prove their suspicion. Good grief! Pelosi and Schiff need serious counseling.

  36. Idiots Schiff American people are not stupid as you think. What evident you are talking about hearsay, presumable witness never met the president? No one is credible what a moron. You have evident for 3 years. People are sick and tired of your lies. Go jump in the lake.

  37. This fox "questioner" is no journalist. Democrat hack. "Apparently a phone call was overheard"? Whatever…..a phone call was ALLEGED to have been heard is more like it. From some gayball beurocrat who doesn't matter. Tired of the media deception and lies.

  38. Schiff is moving forward with his propaganda and the continued spending of millions in US taxpayer's money while doing squat, this is what the real evidence reveals.

  39. Lots of evidence, follow the money, a lot of people should go to jail.
    I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, the law is the law, remember?

  40. We all know that if nobody would have called him out that he would have rolled on it as the facts. He was just throwing it at the wall to see what would stick!

  41. Trump got caught with his pants down, tried to invent alibi, backfired. Attacks dems for doing their jobs. Trump is not KING, and is a traitor to the american people everytime he lies.

  42. Wow … i thought i have seen cherry picking and dancing around facts before…
    This is the version of the story for people that don't know any better and have not watched the hearings themselves. They are counting on Trump Supporters only watching FOX. Each one of these liars under oath…change their story. The TRUTH …and What is said on FOX news are two different things my friends. They know they can come here … lie…and people will believe it!
    Well I have fact checked this guy… He is lying primarily, he does mention some facts…but he leaves out 3/4 of them.

  43. 2 Peter 2 15-16 To those defending DJT: Forsaking the right way they have gone astray.They have followed the way of Trump, who loved gain from wrongdoing;but was rebuked for his own transgressions; a donkey restrained the president's madness. And 2 John 1:9-11…for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.

  44. GOP is corrupt, Nunes is going down, he a sick character. Trump speaks like a12 years old bully, what is wrong with this country? this country loves treason and corruption.

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