* The EU’s ‘SECRET’ Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED 🙄

Hello, I stumbled upon the EU’s secret negotiation plan in the form of this slide presented by the chief EU negotiator at the European Council. This slide is amazing and I want to talk to you about it. So, since the Brexit breakup the EU and the UK have been trying unsuccessfully to broker a deal, and this slide makes it painfully clear why that has made such little progress over such a long time. It started with brexit where the UK voted to leave the European Union; now, what that means isn’t exactly clear because the EU has a core center but it also has many orbits of relationships. So, the EU and the UK needed to figure out where they were as a couple and the UK has a list of deal-breakers that, at least at time of recording, are non-negotiable- and that’s fine! Everyone has relationship deal-breakers. It would be unhealthy not to. Anyway, core no more the EU’s next closest relationships are with Norway Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of the European Economic Area. This is a kind of “EU Light” They’re part of the unified EU economy with the EU’s four freedoms: Free movement of goods, free movement of services, free movement of capital, and free movement of people So, as an Irish citizen, since Ireland is “Core EU”, I could go live in a cabin in Norway, even though they’re not Core EU because of the free movement of people and vice versa Now for the UK free movement to people is a huge deal Shut it down – deal-breaker This makes an EEA style relationship. Just impossible So the next relationship orbital out is Switzerland who has a unique relationship with the EU She’s not EU core, she’s also not in the EEA, and she is completely landlocked by EU core members (I mean except for Liechtenstein) So perhaps inevitably despite not being part of the EU in any way she has over a hundred bilateral treaties with the EU integrating their economies which means that Switzerland has given up complete regulatory autonomy on goods and services to facilitate trade This is also a deal breaker. Switzerland’s treaties grant freedom of movement– deal-breaker –and Switzerland makes significant financial contributions to the EU– deal breaker. These two things are also part of the EEA So while Switzerland isn’t an EU member, in fact, she is basically in practice, but also, like the EEA members, lacks representation in the Parliament of EU Core So, Switzerland’s relationship with the EU is also not one that the UK wants to emulate this now moves us to the outermost orbitals and we get into the really deep asterisks of European Union foreign relationships This is stuff like the European Eastern Partnership and the deep and comprehensive trade agreements Which sounds like political dirty talk or the European neighbourhood policy. a lot of the aims of these things is to bring neighbours more in line with Europe either with what the EU politely calls “The Promotion of Human Rights” or trade integration but both of these bring up the final deal breakers for the UK taking Ukraine as an example, while not remotely in EU member or even close, she has agreed to let the European Court of Justice have some jurisdictional power in her borders This is required by the EU for Ukrainian participation in Interpol A kind of FBI for the EU that works on cross-border crime. Nonetheless European Court of Justice jurisdiction does mean giving up some sovereignty on some issues and that’s a deal breaker or take Turkey who can participate in trade negotiations under the aegis of the EU Presumably to benefit from the trading power a large bloc has but this means Turkey doesn’t have complete independence in matters of trade policy Deal-breaker and so now we’ve passed the outermost orbital. Where a relationship even means anything and so end up in an inevitable no deal with the EU and UK’s relationship being just regular countries to each other in the World Trade Organization Membership of which is basically every country on Earth So the progress from EU core out to No Deal is what this slide is showing: why the EU thinks that path is the only path but the UK has been saying very loudly she wants to deal while also saying brexit means brexit She wants independence but also wants a relationship that’s deeper and more comprehensive with the EU than just the cold WTO rules, but for the EU it’s impossible to see how to satisfy those desires contradictory without triggering the UK safeword Which is probably why this EU negotiation strategy slide wasn’t a secret but was published back in December of 2017 by the lead negotiator in front of the heads of state because this isn’t a secret strategy It’s a clear illustration of the mechanistic results of all of the UK’s deal-breakers I really do think this is a pretty amazing infographic in terms of clarity for a horrifically complicated topic which is why I just had to make this footnote to share it with you because I could not bear to let it fade away into my notes as just part of the background reading anyway that is why the brexit timeline has been so long with so little happening the UK has mutually exclusive wants as also discussed in the main video in a different area and It’s really all down to the UK She could stick with the deal-breakers and go it alone Or she can drop some and settle in an orbital relationship with the EU, but she can’t have both I guess We’ll see what happens soon maybe

Maurice Vega

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  1. And your point is??? You are a foreigner so you could be forgiven for not understanding ordinary British people ( not thick head weak politicians ) so WTF does this chart REALLY say? You missed out the bit about the EU's ultimate ambition is to be the most powerful 'Nation' on earth. ( not surprising since the "EU" really means Germany) Their total mistrust of the USA and contempt for NATO " THE ONE TRUE REASON FOR PEACE IN EUROPE " not the bloody EU.

  2. Alas, the UK made a huge error with the timing of the In / Out Referendum, the correct strategy was to let the EU crumble, with Farage's help, along with the rest of the 20% (which has since grown to 25%) Euroskeptic MEP's, and then be around to be part of the sulution, rather than continue to be part of the problem, and set themselves up to be an example to the crumbling vision for a country called Europe.

    This is a great video, really good, thank you for creating and uploading it.

  3. Having chewed this over, there are two orbits that have been left out, these of course, would not be on this EU generated depiction as they are within the EU itself and the EU Power Brokers would not wish to admit that they existed,

    The first is the Eurozone orbit.

    Secondly, there is the original EU Members Club, these six 'member states', (I just love that term, the EU seems to not recognise what a country actually is), being the Benelux triumvirate, Germany, (of course), France and Italy, although post Brexit and their right wing coalition, Italy are a bit of a black sheep, so there is an inner power circle even more concentrated than the Eurozone Members.

    Of course the UK has never been in either of these two clubs, perhaps that is another reason for the groundswell of anti EU feeling culminating in the Brexit Vote?

  4. The treacherous UK government were not actually negotiating but conspiring with the EU behind the backs of the British voters
    who are desperate to regain their sovereignty and independence from the increasingly dictatorial foreign marxist bureaucracy that has blighted their lives for the past 45 years , that is about to change, May and her her quislings are gone .

  5. What's hard to understand isn't the circumstances as you lay them out, what's hard to understand is why you look at two parties in a negotiation who both refuse to make special exeptions for one another and only point the finger at one. You can say it's because the negotiation was brought on by the brexit vote but that's only kicking the can down the road because a perfectly valid response to that is that the UK wouldn't want out if the present situation wasn't so one sided.

  6. I think you meant europol when you said Interpol. Interpol is U.N. whereas europol is eu.

  7. Why not just have a mutually beneficial free trade agreement? Why is that so hard to accept for the EU?

  8. I have a problem with this video emphasizing what are purported “U.K. deal breakers.” To add a point of clarity, what is a deal breaker for the U.K. arises from absolutes required by the E.U. That is not to opine on whether either side is right or wrong. But rather to point out the way that ostensibly neutral language used in a video isn’t necessarily so.

  9. Silly EU! Why can't you just be a nation, like us! No one's going to leave our country, no matter how bad things get! And when they tried (ohhhhhhhh, they tried) we reacted the American way; by declaring war! That's what you should do! Go mobilize your military and kick Britan's ass! That 'oughta show 'em who's boss. Do it like we did, make 'em never 'wanna mess with you again! When the south seceded we didn't waste time trying to work out a deal with those assholes. We threw up our hands and said "NO! You're not allowed to leave!".

  10. Which is why leave have consistently said all along that WTO is the only solution. It is the only way you can leave the EU. It isn't so much about no deal but rather that until you actually leave you cannot explore a future relationship with the EU or anyone else. This chart should be mandatory viewing for remain as they clearly don't get the concept, but really I think they do which is why they have resorted to every shabby underhand tactic to undermine the whole process and yet still they fail.

  11. When I want to leave s room I open the door and walk out. It is called LEAVING. I do not leave the door closed and try to walk through it! What is so complicated about that?

  12. You're misreading the slide. No Deal is to the right of the dashed line. That's not the aim. Rather, note the big arrow and tickbox to the left of that dashed line, with the flags of Canada and South Korea. This indicates a bespoke bilateral trade deal, like the ones the EU developed with those countries. That is the only option that doesn't break Theresa May's red lines. These things take many years to produce, so in the meantime, the Withdrawal Agreement was negotiated, which essentially keeps things roughly the same after Brexit until the actual bilateral trade deal is negotiated, and includes some important safety measures like the Backstop in case those trade negotiations don't bear fruit.

    No Deal throws the WA in the bin, instantly kills our export markets; inevitably causes a hard border in Ireland, or moves the de facto UK border into the Irish Sea, which is what the Backstop would do except it becomes unavoidable and unprepared-for; and leaves us in a massively weaker position to negotiate our future trade deal with the EU (which is inevitable) whose opinion of us will be through the floor, and to whom we will now appear as a tiny third country begging for scraps.

  13. Just make deals with the USA. We'll add 4 more states and work our way over they ready to blow up Germany if it gets out of line again.

  14. This is nonsense, the UK is not the size of these other small countries and it is perfectly plausible to have a bespoke deal – the EU won’t do this because it wants a punishment Brexit. It NEEDS the UK to fail because other countries don’t want to be so heavily bound by the EU and the EU knows that, so it needs to cause fear in them by making an example of the UK.
    The only sensible response from the U.K. is to plan for No Deal.

  15. You can come live in norway?! Why have you not taken a trip? At least a small cabin vacation. You can live in my cabin.

  16. Just regular countries to each other is the best outcome. Screw your "orbiting around the EU". The only reason we haven't left yet is because we are ruled by Remainers pandering to a Remainer minority and corporations scared of change.

  17. The EU stick figure is FAR more sexually attractive than Merkel in real life, far far far far far far far more.

  18. For me it's very clear what UK wants from this chart: they want a relation with the EU while keeping sovereignty, that means keeping complete authority in every aspect that concerns UK and its relationship with EU; in short, they want to command the EU… It's an old habit of theirs, you know, and old habits die hard.

  19. Instead of negotiating a withdrawal agreement we should have insisted on a trade deal. Got to go WTO now like the rest of the world we trade with and not allow the EU to dictate anymore

  20. This……This is just painting both the eu and Britain as a passionate i-i my lesbian couple

  21. Really excellent presentation. One thing worth pointing out though. No one said the 6 models are exhaustive and a 7th can not be negotiated. Therefore, a no deal situation is not a foregone conclusion. If I remember rightly, Canadian prime minister Harper said he negotiate 26 trade deals in his time. So new deals are entirely possible. It's just the, sorry to say it, incompetence of the May team that wasted our time and effort, and brought us to where we are. Maybe one shouldn't be so harsh, it just seems like it.

  22. 🇳🇴, 🇮🇸, 🇫🇮: Are We In The European Economic Area?
    🇬🇧: No
    🇪🇺: Yes
    🇨🇭: Are We In Schengen?
    🇬🇧: No
    🇪🇺: Yes
    🇺🇦, 🇧🇾, 🇲🇩, 🇬🇪, 🇦🇿, 🇦🇲: Are We In The European Eastern Partnership?
    🇬🇧: No
    🇪🇺: Yes
    🇳🇴, 🇮🇸, 🇨🇭, 🇺🇦, 🇲🇩, 🇬🇪: Are We In The Deep And Comprehensive Trade Agreement?
    🇬🇧: No
    🇪🇺: Yes
    🇧🇾, 🇺🇦, 🇹🇷, 🇷🇸, 🇲🇪, 🇽🇰, 🇸🇮, 🇧🇦, 🇲🇩, 🇬🇪, 🇦🇿, 🇦🇲, 🇲🇦, 🇲🇷, 🇩🇿, 🇹🇳, 🇱🇾, 🇪🇬, 🇸🇾, 🇯🇴, 🇮🇱, 🇵🇸, 🇸🇲: Are We In The European Neighborhood Policy?
    🇬🇧: No
    🇪🇺: Yes
    🇪🇺: Hey UK Wanna Be In EU?
    🇬🇧: Yes But No But Yes But No Yo

  23. Brexit has been sabotaged from the start. The untrustworthy PM Theresa May made a deal which was nothing more than a damage limitation exercise on behalf of the EU !

  24. I can't see it being seriously complicated the British people 17.5 million voted to leave the EU now I know that many EU countries like to trade with Britain but once again the EU to Brussels elites who were never elected and do not believe in a democratic Europe well quite happily sacrifice the jobs of many people cost you up just to penalize Britain they were even attack the financial institutions are pregnant to undermine and bring about an Direction where they will get the results they want I want again doing what they do in most EU countries manipulating and fixing the vote in favour of their selves yes supporting the EU is like supporting formulation of a dictatorship communist country the intense to give over the running of you up to the you in and the world New Order once you realise this and you start to wake up and realise that Europe is on the path to a common Estate

  25. I am Brexit fatigued and don't want US trade deals bad food, crap deals etc, have worked with many Europeans etc and they are our like minded folk. For them to leave en mass and have uneducated economic migrants from the middle east and Africa will kill the UK. The issue is the EU supported the destruction of Libya and Syria and caused the migrant crisis. Shame on them the clowns, And this is from someone who voted to leave.

  26. Uk: Fine! I'll do my own union! With blackjack and hookers!

    5 min later…

    Also Uk: hey…canada, yeah remember that commonwealth thing we have going on? Yeah I would like to expand it

  27. Just put sanctions on Tea imports going to the UK, they'll buckle in manner of hours

  28. You know what's funny?
    Literally all these diplomatic problems could be solved by just one deal;
    No open immigration policy for the UK. Particularly for Muslims.
    Solve this one important issue and no one would have any problem being in the EU.
    That's literally the main problem that regular people have with the EU. They resent the demographic replacement that idiotic EU policies are causing in their countries.
    Everyone knows it. No one has the balls to say it.
    No non-Whites. We don't like them. Please go away. Stop forcing these dirty, aggressive, racist people in our faces.

  29. The EU representative or staffer who made this slide should get a massive bonus. This is an incredibly effective way of making something incomprehensibly complex look simple a straight forward, without taking any shortcuts or diluting the topic. Impressive. And this video both pointed me to the slide as well as made clear how good it was, so kudos there as well!

  30. They really don´t have a clue about how things work in International trade. Those deals took years to achieve, because even if the actual agreements are fast, the actual translation into reality takes a long time. Each one has to be studied and agreed by the WTO countries. The EU is tied about what it can offer to the UK, not only by the UK´s ridiculous red lines, but by International trade law. At this point, the UK has been exporting almost half its imports to the EU directly, but also it has been using the EU´s own International trade treaties and WTO agreements for the rest, so whenever you hear that the UK "only" exports 45% of its trade to the EU you are being lied to. The UK on its own doesn´t have a lot in place to trade internationally. That takes time, and a single fish in the ocean is not as heavy as a trading bloc. India and Pakistan said even before the referendum that any trade deal would be dependent on more relaxing immigration rules for their nationals. Have a look at immigration numbers, and keep in mind that EU citizens pay more than what they take, which does not happen with non EU, and non EU numbers are larger.

  31. We are leaving a corrupt inefficient undemocratic political union.
    Anyone who wants to be governed by unelected bureaucrats should really be asking themselves some serious questions.

  32. Stay and pay a fortune for so called free trade with a failing 7 per cent economy of Europa. No deal and trade freely with the world. Stay in an unelected dictatorship as a vessel state and make a European Army. No deal and make our own laws.

    No deal lets go, time to kill of the fear mongering un-demoractic parties and communists.

  33. every one was told we would be leaving the single market and the customs union
    and that's what we voted on yes Britain want's a deal a deal that's not trying to punish us

  34. the country's that's not in the EU don't do to bad do thay not unless there some back handers going on and that would not surprise me from the EU as all they want is to keep it nice & cosey for themselves who would want all that lovely money going somewhere else um PAY RISE

  35. To be clear: the UK citizens want to leave (totally leave) the EU by a margin of 52 to 48. However, Parliament does not want us to leave the EU. They cannot openly say they will ignore the referendum – because they claim authority through democracy – so they talk about a deal.

    What is this deal? No one explains. Is it just a trading arrangement, such as the EU recently negotiated with Japan? In which case, why not do this after we have left? Is it some sort of agreement as to outstanding obligations arising from membership? Nope. No one is talking about that. So what is this "deal"? It's nothing but a chimera (that's a non-existent beast, in case you don't know) that is being used to stop the UK leaving the EU. "We can't leave without a deal!" they cry. "Why not?" the people ask. No answer. The phrase "no-deal Brexit" has been invented by Parliament and the elites to fool people into thinking we must have some sort of deal or disaster looms! But "no-deal Brexit" just means leaving the EU – completely – and is what the people voted for.

  36. Theresa May pathetic useless cunt who was summoned to Brussels at 4 am to sign off on the backstop handcuffs when she is a type one diabetic.
    Olly Robbins was a snide EU loving cunt who tried to pass off a faux Brexit deal.
    Phillip Hammond was and still is trying to destroy Brexit from his former position as Chancellor to his current position as a back bencher.
    Love Europe, quite like Europeans but fucking despise the EU.

  37. It's important to be very clear on something. It's remainers who got us where we are. Image completely correct. EU offered the final stage of it, brexiteers said "yes please" – remainers turned it down. It's as simple as that. Try to stay in the EU without staying in the EU is a recipe for shitshow, shocker.

  38. No other country wanting to trade with the EU has been treated the way the UK has. The EU is a despicable bully – but it has great PR.

  39. It appears that if you trade with the EU all your regulations must be aligned to theirs – even for companies who don't trade with the EU. What kind of weirdness is that!

  40. The public voted out and want to get on with it (including a good chunk of Remainers), the elites are trying to block it. Instead of being condescending you should all be more concerned about the way the EU and some of our own EU loving MPs are trying to subvert democracy… The narrative has been spun that the vote was purely about racism and xenophobia but it's a red herring. Mass immigration (not regular immigration) is causing unrest all over Europe and the world. The vote was taken in the aftermath of the migrant crisis in 2015 when millions of undocumented people were unilaterally invited in to Europe by Germany, then there were the terrorist attacks and the Cologne sex attacks and the Calais gauntlet. All facilitated by the EU and its open borders policy, with many Brits understanding that this would also mean many, many more future EU passport holders given the right to live in the UK, only challengeable by a costly and time consuming deportation process, rarely successful. Is this alarm really *racist*? But more than that it's about national identity, independence and the democratic deficit that has been building since the EEC we voted for in 1975 became the political EU Project, which we did not vote for. We have seen how every vote that has gone against the EU has been overturned or ignored. We have seen how Germany dominates the agenda (always a source of concern for Brits after the loss of 2 generations of men in less than a century). The UK has lost many manufacturing jobs to other parts of the EU, we subsidise the EU, we are not allowed to prop up our own industries due to EU competition laws, red tape stifles all our businesses, not just the ones who trade with the EU. The UK has had a privileged position in the EU, yes, but for how long? Will it be able to remain so as the push for full integration goes further down the line? I doubt it. I think many felt if we don't get out now then we will never be given the opportunity again. For many people the price is worth it. We love Europe, we want to trade. But we don't see why we have to be in a political union to do this. Do you people really not understand this?

  41. But the point is we voted to leave, deal or no deal. Brexiteers are content with this.
    It's the slimy remoaners that want it both ways. So if you say "the Brits are being difficult", it's because all the remain msm are trying to convince us that we can have our cake and eat it. Or if not, stay in the EU.
    Brexiteers are like, we just want to leave. That's it.

  42. It is with the EU, a Canada style trade agreement is entirely possible and exactly what the government wants….however, the EU cannot afford to give it since it is terrified other nations will be encouraged to leave. The EU is fighting for it's very survival. Nonetheless, the next nation to leave (sweden, Denmark or the netherlands) can expect an almost instant trade deal with the UK to ease their transition 🙂

  43. There is no deal and we did not vote for a deal.
    We voted to :
    Leave the single market (go to WTO terms)
    Leave the customs union (go to WCU terms)
    Leave the ECJ

  44. EU: So you want to be out?
    UK: Yes
    EU: Ok-
    UK: But I want to be in too
    EU: So you don’t want to leave?
    UK: Yes I want to leave but it has to be as if I don’t leave.
    EU: So why don’t you just stay in?
    UK: Because I want to go out
    EU: So why don’t you stay out?
    UK: Because I want to still be in
    EU: Last chance: In or out?

    UK: ŷëŠ

  45. I wonder why you didn't even mention the final stage on the graphic, i.e., a trade deal like Japan and Canada which comes BEFORE the dotted line of no deal?

  46. The EU is just another phase in the Grand Jewish plan for a one world government and the abolition of Nation States . With them at the top and you retards at the bottom . It must be resisted at all costs . Why do you thicko's keep banging on about , we cant buy off A, we cant sell to B . . Why have all you Remain fuckwits on here fallen into thinking its about the side show .? …Because you are stupid Remainers thats why .

  47. Yes I did see this chart a year or so ago and could see there was no way the UK could possibly agree to anything EU, because any involvement means surrendering sovereignty or sovereign control to a foreign power. You could've included any deal involving access to UK fishing grounds is a deal breaker. If the EU wants a trade deal with the UK, all of those "deal breakers" will still stand long after we have left. Once bitten, twice shy.

  48. Interpol is not a sort of FBI for Europe, it is a world wide network. You are misinformed about everything you talk about.

  49. Sooo…basically, the British are total dildos and didn't think this through? Got it! Already knew that, though…

  50. Stop aggitating you bunch of europhiles I am white English born and bred and proud also i have national interests unlike you load of traitors

  51. Only remaniers want a deal, the UK is a democracy still, the EU has a more clear and unchanging direction as it is a dictatorship, the commissioners are appointed by the president of the EU from a selection offered by each government, the President can reject all of them, they then work for the President NOT the other way around. Nations only take part because they are economically entangled and didnt know it would become a dictatorship.

  52. In short, since everything Europe related is a dealbreaker, Britain should apply for the 51. state of the US. Trump will happily buy the island.

  53. The eu isn't a country its now a political union WE joined a trading bloc not a political union #outnow #THEEUISNTEUROPE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

  54. 54% of the U.K. population want to leave the EU & we didn’t care less about a deal!

    Would North Americans want to be governed by a South American country? Would you want free movement of people allowing anyone to cross boarders?

    You only know what you see on the News & we all know how corrupt that can be!

  55. No deal is the only way this shizzle is going to be landed due to the UK negotiating as a totally divided Parliament against a unified EU negotiating team. The UK has been undermined by their own MPs. It’s text book “how not to execute a negotiating strategy” and a total gift that’s kept on giving for the EU team over the last 3 years.

    The EU have played it very well. The only error I can see that the EU has made so far is being too extreme with their deal which has allowed Boris Johnson in as Prime Minister, this they did not foresee. If they had just toned down their punishment Brexit a little bit it would have got through UK Parliament and the EU would have claimed the upper hand.

  56. I got a solution. Let North Ireland become independent.

    UK: "No."

    Me: "Why not?"

    UK: "Because they are part of our sovereign territory."

    Me: "You let the rest of Ireland go."

    UK: "We cannot control it. We hoped it would die."

    Me: "Except it flourished because a good number of Irish migrated to America and became successful and then transfer that wealth back to Ireland to make it successful. Are you too stupid to see that wouldn't happen?"

    UK: "They are Catholic. They are beneath us Puritans."

    Irish: LMFAO "Right…. mate, you okay?"

    UK: "We absolutely will not give up North Ireland."

    Zhor'i: "Give up North Ireland."

    UK: "Okay."


    Scotland: "Can… can we leave too?"

    UK: "FUCK NO!"

    Zhor'i: "Yes."

    UK: "Yes."

    Scotland: "WOOHOO!"

    EU: "It is going to be a bitch to become a member."

    Scotland: "Ireland, can we form a confederation?"

    Ireland: "Uh… problem mate. If it just the two of us, it won't work and where will the capital be at, because we are not moving it from Dublin."

    Scotland: "We could have two capitals."

    Ireland: "Okay… where will Parliament be situated?"

    Scotland: "In Albany."

    Ireland: "No."

    Scotland: "Glasgow?"

    Ireland: "No."

    Scotland: "Edinburgh?"

    Ireland: "No."

    Scotland: about to say something

    Ireland: "Dublin. We will only accept Dublin, period. Now what about the presidential palace."

    Scotland: about to say something

    Ireland: "Dublin. We will only accept Dublin, period."

    Scotland: "Damn it. What will be situated in our country?"

    Ireland: "Hmm… you can have the post service and the tax collectors."

    Scotland: "No."

    Ireland: "Yes."

    Scotland: "FUCK!"

  57. Love this video – it is just missing the UK deal breakers for the last two options on the slide, and for the UK being part of the WTO rule set. They do not want a border in Ireland, and they want to treat nations that they don't have deals with differently.

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