The End Of The World Cult (Cult Leader Documentary) – Real Stories

Maurice Vega

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  1. When the world doesn’t end__ 😐 The son is totally going to murder his dad after this. What an effing joke. This fool is currently in prison for molesting two underage girls. 🤭 Like just whhhhhat the f?

  2. 1. This is one of the most revolting things I've ever seen. 2. Am I the only one wondering if Matthew is a boy or if he was neutered as a child? It would explain the extremely high-pitched voice and feminine traits. This type of barbarity still exists.

  3. If I screw your wife and you don't like it take that problem up with God pal. There is a void in there eyes. Crazy Crazy Crazy

  4. These people all belong in an insane asylum, and "Michael" belongs in a state penitentiary as a PEDOPHILE!!!!

  5. This is why unbelievers think we true Christians are crazy so all you atheist out there this is demonic and evil not Christianity

  6. As Michael where in the Bible God says be naked before God , this man doesn’t care what the Bible says makes up his own rules

  7. People please know true Christian reject everything this man believes this is what God calls false prophet a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  8. Everything thing is revealed in Bible don’t fall for mans deception God warned many would come in his name

  9. And I bet these people think the Jonestown People and the Heavens Gate group, and the branch davidians, and the people who followed ken jeffries etc etc etc…are weirdos

  10. If a prophet says something and it doesn't come true, that's not a true prophet, that's per the bible, I know because I actually read it regularly, so this man is of course mentally ill like so many other would be prophets involved in sexual exploitation of young people, Remember Warren Jeffs? A big fake fool. Maybe if he had actually read the New Testament, he would've known it says "No one knows the day or hour, not even the Angels or the Son, only the Father knows!" So this man is making a gigantic fool of himself, he needs to preach about Christ, not himself and what he stole from the bible, not be a lazy bum wishing that God would summon orders on his command. It's the other way around, God doesn't need you, you need him.

  11. Hmm…

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