The Dutch Ditch Their Own Crazy-Haired Populist: The Daily Show

Let’s move on
to our main story. Yesterday, The Netherlands,
AKA Holland, AKA the land where no one can
sneak up on anyone, -held its national election.
-(laughter) And normally, that’s already
more than we’d say about it. But this time,
the world was watching. Voters are heading to the polls
in The Netherlands in what’s seen as the first
of several elections testing the populous sentiment
in Europe. Turnout was the highest
in decades. 82% of voters cast ballots. WOMAN: Prime Minister
Mark Rutte’s party has won the country’s
parliamentary elections. The prime minister was able
to fend off a fierce challenge from far right candidate
Geert Wilders. Now, look, we don’t really care that Prime Minister Mike Gergen
won reelection. In fact,
that’s not even his name. -I don’t really care. Google it.
-(laughter) Most people following the Dutch
election were more concerned about the guy
who finished second, the Dutch Party for Freedom
candidate, Geert Wilders, and it’s not hard to see why. TV REPORTER:Geert Wilders
has been called
the Donald Trump
of the Netherlands.
A fiercely anti-Muslim
far right candidate.TV REPORTER: …campaigning
to curb immigrationto the Netherlands
from Muslim countries,
combatting what he calls
the Islamization of Europe.
TV REPORTER:Promised to ban the
Qur’anand close all mosques.TV REPORTER:He’s compared the
Qur’antoMein Kampf. -Wow.
-(laughter) Just wait until he finds out what religion Muslims are. That dude is going to be
so pissed. Now, as hateful as Wilders
message clearly is, there are many Dutch people
who find it appealing, because they say, A: Muslims
are stealing their jobs, and, B: they say Muslims
are trying to Muslim-ify the Netherlands–
that’s a real word. That’s why they put
their trust in a guy who looks likes
Christopher Walken when he was a Batman villain. And by the way, can I ask
a question real quick? What is it with these villains
and their hair? Like, they all have the same
looking hair. In Holland, it’s Geert,
in the U.K. it’s Boris, in the U.S. it’s Trump. Like, people, I don’t believe
I’m the only one who sees this, but it’s obvious. It’s obvious
what’s going on here, we’ve been invaded by
mind-controlling aliens who look like bad hair. That’s what it is. It’s just aliens–
they’re not control– Like, it’s happening
before our eyes. Like, if this was a movie and we
were watching ourselves, we’d would be like,
“This movie, it’s obvious. “How do they, how do they
not see it? “How do they not know? “That is th–
the alien, the hair– They look so different!” They look so dif–
and everyone’s like, “I don’t know, everything
seems fine to me. I don’t know what’s hap–” It’s the hair, clearly the hair. It’s like, “The Muslims.” Like, the hair
doesn’t even look real. And we’re watching the movie. It’s like, who are we?
It’s the aliens. Now, aliens or not, Geert Wilders tapped into
a latent racism that many Dutch people
possessed. And you can see
how successful it was, because even
mainstream politicians have changed their message
to sound more like Geert. TV REPORTER:Thanks to his
massive following,
he’s already pulled this
famously tolerant
left-wing country to the right.Centrist Prime Minister
Mark Rutte
is sounding populist notes,taking out newspaper ads
“Act normal or leave.”That’s really worrying, and not because of the
xenophobic sentiment, but because a lot of people
smoke pot in Amsterdam, and if you are high, you know, and then one of them
was in front of you– Imagine that, you were high
and then you saw a giant newspaper ad that said, “Act normal or leave,” you would (bleep) your pants. Be like, “Oh, God, the newspaper
knows I’m high.” (laughter) Now, look, just because Wilders lost,
doesn’t mean that the problems that led to his popularity
are gone. In fact,
if Wilders made one mistake, it wasn’t his platform, it was picking
the wrong role model. This Trump effect,
because of the chaotic nature of the Trump administration, a lot of voters
here in the Netherlands seemed to have looked at
the United States and said, you know, is that what we want? Let’s take another look and see
what our options are. We want something that’s
a little bit more stable. I feel like that’s a low bar
to set for yourself, because anything is more stable
than Donald Trump. A toddler in high heels is more
stable than Donald Trump. An Ikea chair on a high wire
over Niagara Falls is more stable
than Donald Trump. A bowl of pudding using a
vibrator is more stable than Donald Trump. But do you see
what happened here? Hypothetical Trump
seems like a of fun, but once the Dutch
saw an actual Trump, they were, like,
“Hey, you know what? We will vote for Mike Gergen
or whatever his name is.” And isn’t that a great feeling? America is still the shining
city up on a hill, except now,
it’s this kind of shining, and you’re freaking
the rest of the world out.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Yes, except.. we should actually say Trump is the American Geert Wilders. I understand how it looks like Trump is like the "example" for Wilders, but it's not like this dude showed up now that Trump is president. 🙂 Geert Wilders has already been a Dutch political figure yeaaaaars before Trump even thought about getting into politics. (not proud of him, though)

  2. This is what happens when voters have higher education levels and know their shit. If only America dropped their superiority act they would learn from Europe.

  3. most of the time im pretty pissed if somoene insults my country but he insults him im happy i mean like i hate him

  4. Bemoei je met je eigen geriffomeerden die achter de schermen jullie helen regering slopen.of jullie politie die elk zwart kind afknallen. Dit is zo ongrappig zelfs een Duitsers zou nog een betere show kunne maken

  5. The stupid stereotype with clogs.
    Like.. that shows how little they know about the country that basically created the US.
    G E K O L O N I Z E E R D

  6. I am sick of all those anti-muslims ignorants. They know nothing about Islam, it is the one religion that promotes peace and equality regardless of your gender, color or background. And the one religion that respects all prophets and massenger Moses, Jesus, Mohamed etc…

    Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.

  7. Actually there had been discussions about separating women and men in public swimming pools, which the Western world isn't too fond of.

  8. God bless Geert Wilders. Haircut??. Some muslims cut from the throat. And THAT IS a real problem.
    Wilders is HONEST. Be you and stop your stupid jokes.👍🏼😉

  9. God bless Geert Wilders. Haircut??. Some muslims cut from the throat. And THAT IS a real problem.
    Wilders is HONEST. Be you and stop your stupid jokes.👍🏼😉

  10. it's Geert, not "Gert". what the Koran-hater (that doesn't hate moslims) said makes no sense. so he is just like Trump

  11. Clearly you dont get the meaning of "doe normaal" its essentially the dutch polite way of saying "dont be an asshole" maybe you should first learn something of a culture before making such comments!

  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Geert Wilders was actually a 30-year-old woman with fake hair and a really convincing mask. I don't know why, I just wouldn't

  13. Geert W is from Jewish roots . Google it. Rutte is a Protestant . Trump is for Chabad. Boris J is Jewish by surname So make your pick .

  14. Trying to defend against xenophobic Muslim invasion is self preservation. Why should Christians accommodate Islamization by people apparently seeking asylum on grounds of persecution by Islam itself? Trevor has done nothing to educate himself.

  15. and in russia its putin so fun to see our own donald trump at the daily show. bye bye gert ur never gonna get my vote.

  16. I tend towards left, libertarian, humanist and secular values. But I think that Geert Wilders clip was VERY poorly chosen to make your point.

    There's a huge difference between criticising ideas and criticising people. Islam is an idea. And Muslim is not a race.

    Have you read the Qu'ran? Have you heard of the Da'wa? I agree with what Wilders said in that clip. Should we ban people? Feck no.

    But Islam, just like Christianity and most theistic religions (mainly the Abrahamic ones), is filled with terrible, horrible ideas.

    The Qu'ran, more than any other I know of though, is a book that explicitly incites towards violence and discrimination, and Islam has maybe not seen a reform nowhere near as significant as Christianity has.
    As Johan Hari said, "I respect you as a person too much to respect your ridiculous beliefs."

    I love your show and am glad Geert did not win, but it worries me that a platform such as this misrepresents such an important issue.

    For some reference, I'd suggest watching Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somalian victim of islamic violence (among others, genital mutilation) who took refuge and even became a member of Parliament of guess where… The Netherlands.

    If we stop calling out bad ideas because we might offend some people who make certain concepts part of their identity, the world will become a sad, illusion-filled place.

    Please, please, Trevor, if someone on your team sees this, please think about it. I can somehow imagine the kind of pressure you feel to create content, but measure your impact.

    Edit: just a curiosity, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been on the show before

    And because there are people much more eloquent and knowledgeable than I, some more on this topic

    More of Ayaan –
    Some Harris –
    And some Hitchens –

  17. "Violent and dangerous religion", you mean unlike those christians who've never spearheaded any religious violence right? Or the Hindhis, who've absolutely never been violent towards other people right? or the Buddhists, who've definately never committed atrocities towards minorities in Burma right? Seriously. Every single human ideology that leaves no place for dissent (which would be every single religion, communism, capitalism, fascism, etc.) has committed violent crimes all throughout history, in the name of their ideology.

  18. Hit it right on the head. That's exactly how people around the world are seeing America since the Trumpship. Seriously, he's not even exagerating.

  19. Being Dutch it's obvious there is a lot wrong with this segment. Either deliberate, of because of a lack of research. Makes me wonder about his other content as well…

  20. About the bad hair on idiotic racist 'politicians' .. I think its the accumulation of bleaching the hair and the hair style products that don't really work but they use it anyway going to the brain.

  21. It’s weird how much willful ignorance Trevor has been showing lately. He used to have nuanced opinions that showed real thought about topics, but now it just seems like he’s pushing his party interests despite the blatant hippocracy

  22. I'm a socialist liberal too. I must say that Christianity and Islam are both pretty messed up. Read the books and do not cherry pick. Most of their women hide their heads in fear or at least a messed up form of respect for men. Both books say that their God prefers men.
    This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with not wanting more people to believe in backwards ass belief systems.

  23. I hate Religions. And the dumb ass-holed fruit baskets people who fall for that mambo-jambo bullshit bollocks of Mind Slavery. #freetheworldfromreligionvil

  24. You realize that this religion is more than Middle East China all of Asia have become mostly Muslims and why is nobody talking about all the itty-bitty people that are in this country now?

  25. Travoh, you should find how the president of Tanzania the way he Govern his country on the road…,i promise you, its funny. Check

  26. Glad to see Europe is seeing past the populist fuckheads that are only out to fill their own pockets and deal with russians in an attempt to gain more power and money. And I'm not even talking about Trump now. We have our own share all over Europe…

  27. Why do these shits keep coming out of the woodwork? Half of the world really does need to be removed by thanos. The rightists.

  28. It is like webseries "The Power Inside" but with Hair instead of Moustaches!!!!! Has it come back already?!?!

  29. I think you are partly misinformed. 1: muslims are not stealling jobs in NL. Everybody gets the same chances in NL, but not all of them embrace them. Dutch people values talent and respects it despite religions, background.
    2: please do not compare Trump with Geert Wilders, it is true he has quite controversial opinions :- D …. but at least he can express himself million of times better than Trump. Trump is like someone who never went to school and a very spoiled child. ( opinion from a foreigner in Nl)

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