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(mumbling) ♪ Burzum – Dunkelheit ♪ ♪ Scattle – Remorse ♪ ♪ In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel ♪ ♪ The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry ♪ ♪ aphex twin stone in focus ♪ ♪ The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out(slowed down version) ♪ ♪ Crywank – Memento Mori ♪

Maurice Vega

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    0:00 – Burzum – Dunkelheit
    0:13 – Scattle – Remorse
    0:23 – In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
    0:36 – The Cure – Boys Don't Cry
    0:45 – aphex twin stone in focus
    0:48 – The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out(slowed down version)
    1:06 – Crywank – Memento Mori

  2. background music at the beggining: it means ''darkness'' nd the album name is ''filosofem'', wich means Philosophian. the man who did this song is varg vikernes and has views typical of a doomer. the more you know

  3. In every second of this video i was looking at myself. I hate the relateable because I know your pain and damn if it aint bittersweet to know im not alone.

  4. 40 year old Doomer here. I ID with this video. I don't think I'm quite this bad, at least not all the time, but I do enjoy wandering around at night listening to heavy stuff like Stone in Focus. If anyone here likes dark ambient stuff like that, you really need to check out 'False Readings On' by Eluvium….As well as 'Static Nocturne' by the same artist. Shout out to everyone taking the brunt of the storm head on. Shelter is an illusion.

  5. Why doesn’t everyone stop feeling sorry for themselves and do something about their miserable lives instead of all pathetically identifying with a meme and just ac

  6. Wow, seeing this brings "White Nights" to my mind. It's funny that Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote about a doomer very long time ago, that guy would know what's the real deal.

  7. this is me 1 year ago, but replace the ae86 with an s2000. right down to the fucking cure and the smiths. have I just been a meme all along???

  8. 0:43 : "aphex twins – stone in focus" is one of the deepest songs I've listened to.. I think the closest comparison, other than AT's other ambient songs would be "Steve Hauschildt – Uncanny Valley" Check that out if you haven't. Literally just sit at the computer, looking at old pictures of Detroit or the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition while these songs play. I was born too late.

  9. Look at this lucky ass doomer not getting mugged in the city at night. Hell, you go out past dusk and the ghetto areas start to buzz like an angry hive.

  10. Hey guys I made a vid talking about some problems young men have today. I’m not an expert – just a guy sharing his thoughts. Would be cool if anyone checked it out 🙏

  11. I’m 19, I had dreams to become a big rich rockstar (I play guitar), I always told myself I’d make it before I’m 20 but I doubt my dreams will be realised.
    I don’t drive, have no girl, have no job, and I’m super blackpilled. Typical doomer life

  12. I need to know what the background animation at the end is from, the fields and stars. It's so gorgeous. Anyone know?

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