The Disease of Nationalism – Abdul Rahim Green

we have been emphasizing this importance of unity and we hear people too and I know brothers and sisters most of you most of you sitting here today you are sick and tired of disunity you're sick and tired of the different Jamaat and the different hizbs and the different parties and the different groups bickering and arguing amongst each other about things that you perceive to be Petty and insignificance the people are divided along the lines of tribe along the lines of color along the lines of language even more absurd and even more ridiculous it's insane I think we Muslims are in a collective state of psychosis because we're proud to belong to a country that was a map drawn by the non-muslims 40 50 years ago how insane is that zindabad Pakistan zindabad pakis the Pakistan is a country that was put there by the British maps drawn on the line Egypt Libya Tunisia Morocco Lions drama maps by the French by the Italians by the British dividing us up into Nations and now we are screaming fanatically running behind some flag that didn't even exist a hundred years ago ready to fight for it and die for it this is madness this is sickness this is something so far removed from what Allah revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's nothing but his beer it's nothing but another form of tribalism of parties and spirits about which the prophets on the long while aus LM said whoever calls for a severe whoever calls for tribalism and whoever fights for a severe for tribalism then they call and they fight and they die the death of Jogja Nia they die and they fight and they call for the death of ignorance the time of ignorance yet these are the lions upon which we are divided nationalistic lions tribalistic lines sectarian lines yet on the warmness in the Koran many times in the Quran about the danger of dividing into sects and groups indeed he says allah subhanaw taala said to the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as for those people who divided their deed into sects the meaning of which is as for those people who divide their Deen into sects you have nothing to do with them in Denyce their reckoning is with Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and in the Quran Allah liken those people who divided the religion into sects and into groups he likened them to the mushriks and indeed it is one of the quality and the safar and the attributes of disbelievers that they divide the deen into sects they divide the religion into groups is each one rejoicing in the pot that is with them

Maurice Vega

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