The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights From the First Half

“This is the CNN/
New York Times Democratic presidential debate.” “Sometimes there are issues
that are bigger than politics and I think that’s the case
with this impeachment inquiry.” “In my judgment,
Trump is the most corrupt president in the
history of this country.” “He has committed
crimes in plain sight. And he has consistently
since he won been selling out
the American people. He’s been selling out working
people, he’s been selling out our values, he’s been selling
out national security, and on this issue
with Ukraine he has been selling
out our democracy.” “If it’s not O.K. for
a president’s family to be involved in
foreign businesses, why was it O.K. for your son
when you were vice president? Vice President Biden?” “Look, my son did
nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. Rudy Giuliani, the president
and his thugs have already proven that
they in fact are flat lying.” “Your son Hunter today
gave an interview, admitted that he made
a mistake and showed poor judgment by serving
on that board in Ukraine. Did you make a mistake
by letting him? You were the point person
on Ukraine at the time. If you can answer.” “Look, my son’s statement
speaks for itself. My son made a judgment. I’m proud of the
judgment he made. I’m proud of what
he had to say. And let’s focus on this: The fact of the
matter is that this is about Trump’s corruption.” “But you have not
specified how you’re going to pay for the
most expensive plan, Medicare for all. Will you raise taxes?” “Costs will go up
for the wealthy. They will go up for
big corporations. And for middle class families,
they will go down. I will not sign a bill into law that does not lower costs
for middle-class families.” “Your signature, senator, is to
have a plan for everything. Except this. No plan has been
laid out to explain how a multi-trillion dollar hole
in this Medicare for all plan that Senator Warren
is putting forward is supposed to get filled in.” “At least Bernie is being
honest here and saying how he’s going to pay for this and that taxes are
going to go up. And I’m sorry, Elizabeth, but you have not said that. And I’m tired of hearing,
whenever I say these things, ‘Oh it’s Republican
talking points.’ You are making Republican
talking points right now in this room by coming
out for a plan that’s going to do that.” “I think we need to be
focused on lifting people up. And sometimes I think
that Senator Warren is more focused
on being punitive or pitting some part of
the country against the other instead of lifting people up
and making sure this country
comes together.” “I’m really shocked
at the notion that anyone thinks
I’m punitive. Look, I don’t have a beef
with billionaires …” “Well, Anderson, this is
my first time on this stage, so I just want to start
by reminding everybody that every candidate here
is more decent, more coherent and more patriotic than the
criminal in the White House.” “This is the sixth debate
we have had in this presidential cycle and not nearly one word,
with all of these discussions about health care,
on women’s access to reproductive health care,
which is under full-on attack in America today. Women are the majority of the
population in this country. People need to keep their
hands off of women’s bodies and let women
make the decisions about their own lives.” “Thank you, senator.” “And let’s talk about that.”

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. 3:19 But isn’t it those that are pro-life that want people to keep their hands off of women’s bodies in regards to reproductive healthcare?

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of Biden but in regards to Hunter Biden and Ukraine – if there was an inkling of corruption don't you think the Republicans would have investigated it at the time? This was the party who held EIGHT investigations over Benghazi and were handing out subpoenas like they were candy canes. But with this NOTHING!!

  3. It’s not women’s health care. It’s ABORTION and it’s MURDER. Don’t want a baby ? KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED.

  4. Don't worry Mayor Pete. Once Warren gets to the general election, all that medicare for all stuff will "pivot" right out the window.

  5. Notice how they cut out the one candidate that will stop the regime change wars by the ministry of illegal wars, the one that identified sanctions for what they are, starving people to death.

  6. I used to respect the NYTimes. Not after the "what exactly is Tulsi Gabbard up to " article. Worse, this intellectual dishonesty will ensure further degradation of the Democratic Party.

  7. As you watched tonight's debate, there is nobody in the Democrat Party that is worthy of being the President if the USA.

  8. What a lame journalist, 'did you make a mistake to let your son ' (become a multi millionaire through leveraging influence on you). If it's not too inconvenient, may I probe skin deep into the Biden corruption scandal, just for a second?

  9. Tulsi is so honest sincere and real. Joe is on record saying he would withhold 1billion from Ukraine if the prosecutor was not fired, Warren and Harris are a disgrace, and the rest are such phonies.

  10. Everyone one of those pieces of garbage on stage wants more of our men and women killed in Syria.
    Unbelievable that they would keep troops in harms way to say Trump is wrong.

  11. In the business world, rich people and/or corporate businesses, is also called – job creators.
    Tax them heavily, you loose job hirings in the private sector which is the essence of the American economy.
    Grow the government big and you risk losing innovations which is the basis of the American economic growth.

  12. No Tulsi, no Yang. Well, that's NYT for you.

    And that's why I stopped subscribing to NYT 10 years ago. It's nothing but a hallow shell of an once venerable brand…

  13. Everyone: "Why don't you explain how you will pay for it!?!?"
    Warren: "Rich people will pay more tax."
    Everyone: "But where does the money come from!?!?"
    Warren: "We tax rich people. I literally just said that."
    Everyone: "Seems like she just can't explain it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  14. [email protected]: Way to go Anderson, proud of you for asking Biden that question about his son. No one should be above the law, regardless of the party. Uncle Joe got a little huffy about that question. LOL

  15. As a silent independent voter, I’d like to see trump in the next democratic debates so it’s at lease entertaining. Probably has nicknames for all of them already.

  16. WTF this is like watching a bunch of high school kids. If women had control of their bodies they wouldn't GET pregnant and NOT need an abortion!!!! So Biden needs to step down on tape quid pro quo. Notice NONE of them can talk about creating jobs Trump already did that. None of them can talk about being energy independent Trump already did that. None of them can talk about a better trade deal. Trump already did that. Now of them can talk about prison reform. Trump already did that. Dam not a ONE of them could handle deals with China. N Korea, I could go one for pages..

  17. [email protected]: Mrs. Warren you should be for all Americans, not just the middle class. That always seems to be some what discriminating, when corporate politicians talk about the middle class, like the working poor doesn't matter..But, thank you for saying that, I know where my vote is not going.

  18. Highlights of centrists making fools of themselves basically. I've got news for you guys, even without putting in the progressives' responses, the centrists are still losing just by people hearing these quotes. Saying "well, I don't know guys, we have to be pragmatic and stuff and we just can't do all these things that people want…" will never appeal to anyone, especially when they know these people are bullshitting.

  19. Harris always sounds like she's had a few .. wonder what kind of bar tab her Nancy and Lindsay Graham would rack up on a night out lol

  20. You wonder why people vote better for a business guy rather than these cheap politicians ALL TALK BUT NO ACTIONS STILL TODAY👎 THEY ARE BUSSY WITH THE FAKE IMPEAMCHMENT WITH NO VOTES😆😆😆👎 TRIUMP 2020!!!!🇺🇸

  21. Everytime Ive seen dems defend abortion its because they think there's no life, basically Dems are extremely insensitive to subtle life, its horrible. Dems cheering for abortion is such a disgusting naive attitude.

  22. Yang is runnining for President of China, Hunter Biden for Vicepresident👌😆😆😆😆 what a match💰💰💰💵💵💵 !!!!👌

  23. Forget all these wannabes. Bernie set the tone Rightfully so Decades ago..

    Trump can't tuch his record. Trump can't tuch his character. Trump can't compete against him on issues or Intellect plus Bernie already has many Republican, Independent & Democratic supporters which makes him the best & only choice candidate that has what it really takes to win against Trump.

    So let's get the Flyers & T-shirts ready for Bernie vs Trump in 2020


  25. New york times is horrible and putting this in my suggested is silly , youtube destroying itself with all this msm

  26. Why is it called the Democratic Debate. When this is nothing more than one demented nut after the next looking to be the Communist party candidate.

  27. they just gnawed on Elizabeth Warren for her Universal Healthcare saying her plan isn't comprehensive enough, and she's being politically divisive?? For what? saying GOP Tax Breaks for billionaires & Special Interests are robbing working Americans of their standard of living and future? Or that Trump is a con-man who's rotated the WH staff till he's encapsulated by a bunch of Party Yes Men??

    Aren't they ALL saying that? The difference is Warren has actual policies with a reputable professional & political history none of them have except Bernie.

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