The CNN Town Halls: Warren Talks Cents, Klobuchar Gets Real and Buttigieg Wings It | The Daily Show

No Democrat has been coming out
with more policy ideas than Massachusetts Senator and nun that got out
Elizabeth Warren. For months now, for months, Warren has been releasing
policies faster than Netflix releases
documentaries about serial killers.
I mean, everything. Breaking up big tech, uh,
housing reform, education. And if you’re one
of those people who’s like, “Oh, yeah? But how is she
planning to pay for all of it?” Well, she’s got answers
for that, too. I started in several months ago
talking about a wealth tax, an ultra-millionaires tax. It’s two cents on every dollar of the great fortunes
above $50 million. If we put that two-cent
wealth tax in place on the 75,000 largest fortunes
in this country– two cents–
we can do universal childcare for every baby, zero to five,
universal pre-K, universal college, and knock back
the student loan debt burden for 95% of our students, and still have nearly
a trillion dollars left over. (cheering, applause) Ooh-wee! That’s a lot of great proposals
from one tax. And you have to admit. It is brilliant
how she just frames it as two cents of every dollar
above 50 million, ’cause that’s… Like, it just gets
into your head. It’s really just
a two percent tax, right, but everything
sounds more reasonable when you put it into cents.
It’s genius. That’s why, when they ask you
to sponsor an African kid, they say, “For just 80 cents
a day, you can save this child.” Because if they say, “You can help this child
for $292 a year,” you’ll be like,
“Wait a minute. That’s an Xbox.” (laughter) “You’re on your own, Mufasa!” (laughter) So, while Elizabeth Warren
was proposing ways to give Americans
almost everything, Amy Klobuchar was waiting
to make sure that everyone came back
down to earth. So, Senator Warren says,
“We’ll forgive the debt. “If you make under 100 grand, we’ll-we’ll forgive up
to $50,000.” What do you think
of loan forgiveness and plans
that are more generous, on the outside,
than your own? I wish I could staple
a free college diploma under every one of your chairs.
I do. -Don’t look. It’s not there.
Um… -(laughter) I wish I could do that, but
I have to be straight with you and tell you the truth. Ouch. Klobuchar is gangster, man.
She’s like the anti-Oprah. (laughter) “Everyone look under your seats.
You ain’t getting shit!” (laughter) “What do you think this is?” I mean, say what you want
about her. You have
to give Klobuchar credit for leaning into
her tough persona, you know? I mean, first, there’s stories about how she’s throwing binders
at her staff. Now she’s telling people she’s not gonna help them
get rid of student debt. Like, she just keeps it real,
right? Which might be a good thing
to have in a politician. Although, I know
I’m never calling her if I’m going through a breakup.
Yeah. She’ll just be like,
“I won’t sugarcoat it, Trevor. That relationship was your best
chance at not dying alone.” (crying) “Well, you’ll never
be president!” (crying) (laughter) Now, Klobuchar wasn’t just there
to people’s crush dreams. Her policies
on the night included, uh, reducing drug sentences,
expanding Pell Grants and, uh, telling people…
to think fast. Although, you could tell the audience wasn’t exactly
her biggest fan. I am someone, uh,
that runs in a purple state, and every single time
I have run, I have won every single
congressional district in my state, including
Michele Bachmann’s, okay? It’s when
you guys are supposed to cheer. (laughter, groaning) (laughter) That was rough. Asking someone to cheer is like asking someone
to say “I love you.” If they don’t do it
on their own, that’s kind of the answer. And, yes, I’m speaking
to all the parents out there. Stop asking your toddler
if they love you. They don’t, all right?
They just met you. All they love is “Baby Shark”
and ziplocks of dry cereal. They don’t like you. But the final town hall
of the night was the surging Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana
and middle-aged Pinocchio. (laughter) Unlike the rest
of the Democratic field, he didn’t come with policy
and specifics. No, he came with heart. Your campaign website, uh, it’s got a lot about who
you are, what you believe in. It doesn’t have
anything specific about policy. Like, nothing. We’ll continue to roll out
specific policy proposals, too, but I also think it’s important that we not, uh,
drown people in minutia before
we’ve vindicated the values that animate our policies. (laughter) I don’t know
what he just said… (laughter) …but I like him. Yeah,
’cause that was really slick. He still didn’t tell us
about his policies, but he made us feel
like policies, you know? That was nice.
He’s just like, “You know, I don’t want
to swamp you guys in details and vindicate and, you know,
spah, mash, mah.” (laughter) You know what he reminds me of? He reminds me
of that kid in school who always got good grades without reading
any of the books. Be like, “Did you read it?!” “Oh, yeah, Catcher in the Rye– “it’s such
a profound exploration “of the human condition. “I mean, themes of love, hate,
joy, pain. “It’s-it’s so relatable.
We can all understand. What more do I need to say?” (chuckling) (laughter) And you have to admit,
you have to admit, running for president as a man
is so much more fun, right? ‘Cause as a women, you have
to bring extra homework. Right? Elizabeth Warren
calculated two cents on every dollar
over $50 million. Kamala is breaking down the
statistics on maternal mortality as it relates to race and class,
but a dude can just come and be like,
“Yeah, I’m just gonna wing it.”

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. But Klobuchar got nothing on Trevor when it comes to realness. Btw, a comedian just won the presidency in Ukraine. I'm just sayin'…

  2. God damn, I miss Jon Stewart. I appreciate Trevor giving mayor Pete the reaction he deserved, but I'm sure Jon would have been way less forgiving.

  3. I don’t want a 2 cent tax. I want $1000 a month!! Yang2020!! We could ALL have $1000 a month!! Dont blow this people. Yang for president

  4. america is a rich country but rep say there are no money for things that are normal in eastern europe, interesting. in Czechia you can take up to 4 years of paid maternity leave. US must be a very poor country if they can't afford it.

  5. Thomas Jefferson would not agree with Joe Biden . Why would Joe Biden stand on the grave of this young woman (32-year-old Heather Heyer) to platform his political career? He understands all too well how to utilize propaganda.

  6. Yeah give her credit, she lets her rich doners know that she has their back! Im starting to understand why Jon Stewart really left!

  7. Klobuchar should back down from running right now. No chance. "when you guys are supposed to cheer" is literally the please clap Jeb bush moment of the left. Pathetic.

  8. Thanks to reading the LOTR series multiple times, Buttigieg just sounded sorta like he didn’t actually have his policy fleshed out. I like Buttigieg, but I hope he’ll make his policy more obvious.

  9. Pete is a shill. There is only 4 good candidates out of the almost 2 dozen.
    Bernie Sanders
    Andrew Yang
    Tulsi Gabbard
    Elizabeth Warren.
    The rest are the status quo and WILL lose to Trump in 2020. Only status quo dem beating trump is Biden. But even him in the office there is gonna be no change.

  10. Every time I hear Pete talk it’s about religious shit. I feel like he would be a little left leaning gay Pence. Not interested

  11. It's time for Andrew Yang to get mentioned, Trevor. Love the coverage of CNN Town Halls but just include Mr. Yang. He is interesting and would challenge other candidates.

  12. 2 cents on the dollar. Doesn't matter the rich don't pay taxes. They hire tax consultants to avoid paying taxes. Fool idea.

  13. For me the wealth tax is a bad idea which millionaire or billionaire would stay in a country where they have to pay for having assets and those 2 trillion estimated will only exist if the rich stay in the USA which most of them will not. But hay it isn't my country.

  14. I took a little time out of my very busy day to watch a
    little of the ladies on The View, because Vice President Joe Biden was on. I thank
    the ladies for confirming that for women’s opinions to be verbally expressed on
    television they must dress up like cheap looking fill in the blank_____________.

    Anyone appearing on, and working in television today, has
    come to realize, it’s not ‘what you say’ that counts, its ‘how you look’ saying
    it, and whether you are willing to employ a little or a lot of hair dye saying

  15. I'll say this, if receiving a college education becomes free, I'm SO there enrolling the very next day!

  16. Trevor, I really like you and I don’t think that it wasn’t done with malintent…but not so cool to introduce him by calling him the one Disney character associated with lying. You might wanna research the guy before you say stuff about him ‘cause he reminds me a lot of you…kind, good hearted, honest, open-minded, intelligent, and eloquent.

  17. Aside from Warren, they prove more and more that berine and Warren are the only ones capable of going head to head against Trump. And making a huge difference for our Country.

  18. With how un-charismatic the other candidates are, I kind of hope Buttigieg wins so that way we have somebody who has a good idea of how to run against Trump

  19. The government bailed out GM and banks in the recession. Why is it a problem for them to bail out its students?

  20. How sad that Trevor did not even mention Marianne Williamson, who to me is the most inspiring Presidential candidate I've ever heard speak!

  21. When we gonna get a more serious piece on Yang!? That's a man with vision. Even a conservative leaning person like myself can't ignore he has some refreshing ideas.

  22. The end there made no sense Trevor, what being a lier has anything to do him being a man? Butt gig being a man is not the problem, Kamala and Hilary are liers and both women.

    And about work I don't think anyone ever made more math on how much the rich make than Bernard Sanders! And guess what he is a man, Warren is great don't get me wrong, but Bernie is the man.


  23. Warren, Yang, Sanders, Tulsi…it's a tough pick this time around! No matter who wins, I'd wish that all of them could get some sort of role in the new White house. Like Tulsi and Buttigeige on foreign relations! Their eloquence, willingness to listen, and personal experiences in war would be just the remedy the US needs to get back the allies Trump lost us–and continue negotiations with China, North Korea and the like.

    Else, Tulsi as defense secretary would be pretty sweet!

    Warren or Sanders as chief of staff, Yang overseeing economic and business expansion. Would be a beautiful time. 😭

  24. sorry liberals and progressive crybabies…none of these has a chance in 2020 It will be Trump in2020 and you need to accept this The majority of Americans want none of this disgusting out to lunch filth,lmao Case closed MAGA,lol

  25. Andrew Yang actually has the most policies out of all Dem candidates, something like 100 policies now on his website:

  26. I mean, "Yeah, I'm just gonna wing it" is pretty much what Trump said all along ("I know the best people, I'll hire the best people, I don't need to know anything because I'll get good people"), and people voted for him. I never quite got over the hypocrisy of the fact that many people who happily voted for Trump were among the same in 2008 who insisted Obama had too little experience.

  27. The way Mayor Pete said he wants us to feel vindicated by our values first before rolling out policies…
    …really makes me FEEL like an IGN review.

  28. So funny that you guys are acting like you can trust Elizabeth Warren. You are the dumbest forms of life on the planet if you trust any government official.

  29. What are Tulsi Gabbard's domestic policies? I think she has made available her domestic and foreign policies/proposals/and bills put forward in the senate to be voted on for our public to see and think about. She is one of the people who have put their names forward for us to consider in the 2020 elections? Hopefully the networks will behave themselves and open up to a fair exchange and conversation as they should with her and the others. Also don't you smell a rat when interviewers have an agenda of their own pretending to be tough. I can't be bothered with the national networks because of their tone and their obvious unbalanced uninformed rants and static. It seems like they are messing with our minds.

  30. Democraps are the bottom feeders of our society…they create nothing but divisiveness and anarchy….they only take from the entrepreneurs of this great land and give to the illegals and abortion clinics….just ask what a democrap stands for and they will say all they want is to “fundamentally change this country”, YES into a cesspool of open boarders, free reign by undocumented illegal aliens, free health care and education for all illegals, more taxes, let all illegals vote as many times as they like with no documentation, more regulations and more Divisiveness and uncivil behavior. And by their actions they prove they care nothing about the law abiding citizens of this great country. These are the traits of a seriously dangerous group of people called the Democrats which are Socialists/Progressives/Communists that care nothing about America except for its demise. Vote everyone of these pathetic ideologues out of office and send them to Venezuela where they will be welcomed with open arms…

  31. It is proper that the dummycrats have a jackass representing there party, and a jackass hosting the Daily Show.

  32. I once watched a show, how this man who was hired as an accountant for a mulit-million dollar company, stole hundreds of thousands by taking 1 cent of every dollar. They caught him, but it took a while to figure out what was happening.

  33. Buttigig apologized for saying "all lives matter". It's about time. That is hate speech. Even Beavis should know better.

  34. Okay but no joke the women having to do more work than men is what I felt like in college. Like all these girls got some good answers and shit and then when boys raise their hand they're like… sounding very confident and the teacher totally lets them swing by, you talk to them later and ask them about their answer and they blink at you and say "Oh I didn't actually do the reading, I was just winging that."

  35. Here you go Dems my one finger salute Go stick your commie policies up your ass.Trevor go back to Africa if you dont like the policies her.You sure will take a paycheck from this racist America huh?Go kill yourself.

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