The Chinese government is full of confidence in the development of the blockchain

China, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on the afternoon of October 24 The 18th meeting and discussion on the theme of blockchain development and trends Xi Jinping, President of the Central Government of China, stressed The integration and application of blockchain technology plays a vital role in new innovations and technology upgrades We must use blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technology and technological innovation. Clear the main direction and increase the intensity of investment Accelerate and promote the innovation and development of blockchain technology industry The participants carefully listened to the comments and started discussions. Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the meeting: He pointed out that the application of blockchain technology has extended to digital finance, smart manufacturing, digital asset trading and multiple fields. We have a good foundation here and we must accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain industry and technology. Actively promote the development of blockchain and economic and social integration

Maurice Vega

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