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  1. Read the Declaration Of Independence also: American citizens "have the right" to change or even abolish the government and set up a new government for their own "Safety and Happiness". So, if "We The People" are not 'safe and happy', let's change the Government so that we are. And 'if' the Government doesn't change, then abolish it and set up a new government that will make us 'safe and happy'. It's your 'Right' as an American citizen per the Declaration Of Independence.

  2. Consider also:
    Since the Government gets ALL their powers from "We The People", anything at all that the Government can do, so can every single American citizen with their "inherent powers". We choose not to exercise those powers so as to have a more orderly society and that the Government could take care of the day to day operations of the Government so we don't have to and could freely go about our daily lives. But if an American citizen wanted to, they could with their 'inherent powers' do anything at all that the Government is allowed to do. In addition, if the Government can keep things private, then so could every single American citizen because here again, the Government gets ALL their powers from "We The People". That, or the Government better be releasing ALL of their secrets, nothing at all would be private.

    And consider also: "IF" the President pardons himself, and as the Government gets ALL their powers from "We The People", then every single American citizen must also have an inherent right to pardon themselves from any laws that society sets up. So, "IF" the President ever pardons himself, then fling open the jail cells for every American citizen who decides to pardon themselves too with their own American citizens inherent powers.

    And as such, in this public forum, I do hereby declare myself pardoned from ALL of any citizen's laws, rules and regulations that ever were, are, or will be, (assuming the President ever actually pardons himself), but then again, I do anyway just because I inherently can as I too am an American citizen.

  3. Thanks this really is a big help! I have a test tomorrow about the Bill of ,Rights and you just helped alot!! Keep up the good work! ?????

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