The Biggest Lie About Climate Change

This, is the story of how your safety and future finances were robbed without you ever really noticing. Back in the 70s, Everyone was like (peace), but there was also the creation of an energy company called Exxon. They were obsessed with what we are still obsessed with now; innovation. So, the oil company Exxon, decided to invest in science. Scientists hired by Exxon, again Exxon’s very own scientists, were the first to present a series of groundbreaking papers explaining that burning fossil fuels will influence the climate as the carbon dioxide released will cause a greenhouse effect Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, that oil companies discovered climate change. This happened right in the early 1980s just as the price of oil was decreasing, so the higher-ups at Exxon chose to ignore the information and instead focus on growing the business. They did ask the scientists to keep looking into it. In 1982, their own scientists again came back, this time with more thorough research saying “yep, it was worse than they thought.” Based on what Exxon was planning to do in regards to fossil fuel extraction would warm the climate, cause sea levels to rise, and increase deadly droughts. Humans will suffer effects, which will be indeed catastrophic so the scientists pitched a major reduction in fossil fuel combustion. An email from Lenny Bernstein, a former employee of Exxon wrote: “In the 1980’s, Exxon needed to understand the potential for concerns about climate change to lead to regulation of…potential projects. They were well ahead of the rest of the industry in this awareness.” If Exxon wanted to be innovators so bad, maybe they would have taken this moment to diversify the energy sector- invest in alternative energy sources, but instead they decided to lie. To you, to me, and to your mom. It is now the 1980s, and for the first time an internal memo is released at Exxon that says, they “need to start to emphasize the uncertainty of the scientific data around climate change.” They begin to start going against their very own science and plant the seed for what we now know as climate change denial. Here is part of an internal memo from Exxon at the time. “There is currently no unambiguous scientific evidence that the earth is warming. If the earth is on a warming trend we’re not likely to detect it before 1995.” One of the most frustrating parts of this story is that Exxon did believe their climate change science. Right at this time they started to build drilling platforms in the ocean a little bit higher up to deal with the rising sea levels they predicted. They also started to plan to drill in the Arctic, because as they knew the sea ice in the Arctic was going to melt. In the late 80s, the effects of climate change began to become apparent. Time magazine had a picture of the planet in shackles due to climate change on their cover, as the scientific impact of burning fossil fuels became public knowledge. At the time, 80% of Americans claimed that climate change was an issue, and accepted that it was caused by the burning of fossil fuels. It was also not a political issue. Here, is Republican President George Bush senior on the campaign trail in 1988 after a year of severe heat waves killed thousands of Americans: “Don’t say these problems are too big, that it’s impossible for an individual, or even a nation as great as ours to solve the problem of global warming, or the loss of forests, or the deterioration of our oceans. My response is simple; it can be done, and we must do it. Let’s not forget all that we’ve accomplished, all that we’ve accomplished since America first concentrated its attention on preserving the environment, under a Republican administration, back in 1970.” This is the time when the oil companies started to get scared of that (evil regulation from the government) so they started to really jack up their campaigns to increase climate change denial. They became inventive, they actually created the OP ad that we now sometimes see in newspapers, where it kind of looks like an article but it’s actually fully a paid advertisement. So this is one of the op ads that they paid for in the liberal New York Times. “One of the brighter hopes with the climate change debate has to be the benefits achieved through technology.” Notice how they used the word “debate” and notice how they sort of make it seem like, oh climate change might be a good thing because we’re gonna invent new things to cope. They secretly paid scientists to promote fake science. In an article called climate change: a degree of uncertainty, the first line wrote: “The debate on climate change has been long, complex, and intense.” This is of course not true, because according to their own science that there wasn’t really a debate at all. Quite a short explanation that was really quite simple it’s that, the burning of CO2 creates a greenhouse effect that warms the earth. In 1997 Lee Raymond, the CEO of Exxon at the time actually decided that in the presentation he was going to say that, no in fact according to their science the earth was cooling. This was a full lie. Again he did this in a presentation in 1997, more than 20 years after his own scientists first broke the fact that the greenhouse effect is real, and the name of his presentation, boldly a bold lie was, “Is the earth warming? Does burning fossil fuels cause global warming?” Lee Raymond sucks, because he also is the person who began to make climate change a political issue. Lee Raymond persuaded George Bush, the younger one, to go against his campaign promise and take carbon dioxide off the list of pollutants. These are one of the first times that we actually see climate change become a political issue, a side of left or right, and at the time the Republican Party was under a lot of pressure from these big oil companies, and they released this Memo: “The scientific debate is closing [against us] but not yet closed. There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science.” Later in the memo it reads: “Should the public come to believe that the scientific issues around global warming are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly. Therefore we need to continue to make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue of debate”. All of this hard work paid off. In 2017, around 90% of Americans did not know there was a scientific consensus on global warming. 52% of Americans think the threat of climate change has been exaggerated. This lack of knowledge helped Rex Tillerson, who became the CEO of Exxon after it merged with Mobil to become Exxon Mobil, to sign a 500 billion dollar deal to explore for oil in the rapidly thawing Russian Arctic. For this plan, he was awarded the Russian order of friendship. Global warming and climate change is caused by our immense burning of coal, gas, and oil for energy. This causes the carbon release to combine with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce CO2, carbon dioxide, which traps heat that would have been radiated back out into space. Due to this, the extra heat trapped near earth is equivalent to the heat from four hundred thousand bombs the size of what was dropped on Hiroshima, being collected in our atmosphere every day. By 2100, the rising sea levels will cost the world 14 trillion dollars. 9 of the 10 deadliest heat waves in recorded human history have occurred since the year 2000. Since the 1970s, 60% of the world’s wildlife has been killed. If we continue with our current greenhouse gas emissions, by 2070 tropical regions that now get one day a year of oppressive humid heat will get between 100 to 250 days per year. 100 million trees died in California in the past 10 years, and studies show that by 2050, if temperatures rise the way they are predicted, a quarter of the earth will experience extreme droughts and desertification. Stephen Hawking gave humanity a deadline of a century to leave earth, as it may be the only way to save ourselves. And who is going to be able to afford this? Maybe Lee Raymond, as his retirement package from ExxonMobil was a mere $400 000 000, for his impressive work of making money for the company at your expense. Climate change is real. I was lied to, you were lied to, your parents were lied to. These oil companies did all of this because they were short-sighted. They wanted to make money for themselves, but we need to think about the future. We as young people are the ones who are left to kind of figure out this mess. It’s not necessarily our fault, this is a huge injustice. All these lies and deceit that these companies did to the public consciousness are unfair, but we have to figure out what we do now. In our next video we’re gonna talk about hope. So, one thing is that a lot of people are challenging and figuring out how the law should get involved with these companies. They should technically be sued for what they did. There’s the green New Deal happening in America, What exactly is that what does that mean for such a large economic power? And we’re gonna highlight some of the amazing, innovative ways that science is now trying to figure out how to clean up this mess. Thank you so much for watching, you can subscribe to this channel we’re gonna release the video in the next few weeks. We just wanted to make this video because we make our animated videos on Thursdays where we try and get people interested in science and understanding a critical thought and learning about how the world works around us, but there’s Also these other things going on within the science community that we need to talk about and that’s what this video was, so we hope that you like it. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, smash out like button, hit that subscribe and we’ll see you next week. Peace 🙂

Maurice Vega

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  1. Well it’s to late now I’ll be waiting for death if u believe in god he will change things but if u don’t then you better get to changing the world but everybody is making company’s for money so telling money hungry people this they won’t care people have said for years the world is coming to an end somehow the world will change climate change doesn’t scare me somehow we will change the world I believe that anyway but nobody’s gonna change unless u take out big company’s that do this stuff it’s just like people saying the oil is out of the ocean its never gonna end we have little chance of the world changing but I doubt it will change u need gas to drive u need big companies to live that’s the way humans work so if u want to change earth u gotta take humans away from it so guess you better build a rocket and go to the moon but then u can’t breathe unless u build a big ozone layer and plant trees witch would take a long time just my thought about all this don’t hate on my comment

  2. To go along with this, search:
    global warming + disinformation + skeptics denial
    You’ll be surprised by what comes up!

  3. Exxon: Easy money.

    Scientist: Genuienly worried about the planet and the life of humanity.

    Me: Writing down my thoughts and dreams I never accomplished.

  4. Global warming a lie to put people in fear and advances the global one world government the 10 nation kingdom prophecy in the Bible read your bible and don't believe it.

  5. The SOLUTION? There is NO Solution! Our existence as Greed Driven Garbage Producers doomed us to EXTINCTION WITHIN OUR LIFETIME! The PATH to our sole chance
    to "Get Even!"? Publicly IMPALE everyone working for any Fossil Fuel producing Company! And all Politicians supporting their determination to KEEP the LIES coming!
    Utilize the ? ? Advocay! Build The Scaffolds! IMPALE THEM! All of THEM!

  6. You nearly had me with this video… WHERE IS YOUR DISCUSSION about the “Maunder Minimum” and “Medieval Warm Period”..?! Man made climate change is a SCAM!

  7. you missed a lot of points about climate change and i’ll point out a couple: the first person to mention that climate change is real was Svante Arrhenius in 1890… 1890!!! and nobody listened AND the U.S. Military is actually the #1 contributor to CO2 emissions in our atmosphere

  8. We had volcanoes in Arkansas. Fact.. we have no effect on earth. Earth has and will always take care of herself. We will disappear just like the ice age,dinosaurs, cavemen, etc…its called history for a reason.

  9. stop using AC. If everyone stoped using air conditioning the earth will cool. The cities are the major pressure points of pollution, and are primary reason are earth is not healing its self. The earth wants to revert back to a normal state, but can't due to pollution. Also stop with the paper straws, you are killing the trees and you be surprise how much excess plastic is require to make one paper straw.

    The choice is yours,
    Ether cool inside or cool outside?

  10. I hate when anything Democrat is seen as liberal

    "Hey here's an idea what if we have free health care!"

    "….. LIBERAL"

  11. but the average global temperature has not increased in over 17 years? do you know who Maurice Strong is? maybe you should check out his push on behalf of the oil industry to fraudulently confirm that man is causing temperature rises due to co2 emissions,, he did this by by fudging the numbers, plain and simple but its better for the governments to have 2 crisis , terrorism and climate change are the 2 bogey men that help legitimize todays criminal government / corporate authorities.

  12. Climate change is natural so is it real ? yes it is but its natural. How do you think that all the ice melted when we had an ice age ? how come there is a planet thats further away from the sun than earth yet its heating up FASTER than the earth ? Also how does carbon credits help the climate ? lol when all your doing is paying to pollute. Please answer my questions.

  13. These are the facts. World population is increasing. We need more food! How to grow more food: (1) A warmer climate. (2) More food for the plants i.e CO2 in the air. Luckily we have seen improvements already.  We have slowly gotten out of the Little Ice Age during the last 1-200 years with the planet warming up again, and with higher levels of CO2 we have seen a greening of the planet the last decades, which has resulted in a huge increase in global food production.
    The data:
    And because of this and an unprecedented access to cheap fossile fuel during the last 100 years we are now better off, when it comes to economy, health, education, technology, social equality, war/peace, etc, than any time in our known history. We are in a time with more resources and human well-beeing than ever before, and it's getting better every year. A hundred years ago you were more educated than most if you could read, and wealthier than most if you owned shoes. And you had to work 12+ hours every day just to put food on the table. We should be thankful for living in this time and not in the ages before us. The generations living today are more privileged than any generation before us, thanks to cheap fossile fuel.

  14. Way back in the 1980s when I was your age, I too was brainwashed and believed all this crap about man made climate change
    We were told that by the year 2000 , most of the UK would be under water because the polar ice caps would be gone
    That was 20 years ago and were still waiting
    The polar ice caps are thicker than ever and the sea level hasn't risen by one inch
    You'll learn eventually

    In the meantime quit being an irritating prick and watch this

  15. It is all true. Except for one thing: Climate change is not the result of rise in CO2, it is the result of rise in solar activity.

  16. Fake News. They were not calling it "Climate Change"back then as you said the Email said. It was Called "Global Warming. Stop lying to your viewers. HOAX HOAX HOAX

  17. As Americans we are ALWAYS looking for someone to blame… the whole world contributed to GLOBAL warming. Now let’s make everyday earth day and if we still die at least we can say we tried.

  18. Could we as the people and the numbers of the human race not lock down our planet in marshal law turn everything off and trial lying greedy pigs like exxon a sentence of death like how they sentenced our world to death just saying more of us than them

  19. If people would just read the Bible – they would know that "climate change" is God's wrath upon us for us turning our backs on Him. All of what's coming is in there – if anyone cares to read it. The increase in the seas raging, not being able to tell summer from fall, weather in general increasing, – etc.
    It's not "mother nature" – it is Father God.
    If WE turn to – and back to Him – He will hear us, He says – and heal our land/planet.

  20. 9:02. Co2 represent only 0.04% of the gaz in the 99.96% of the gaz in the atmosphere is NOT co2 . Man is responsible of 30% of that 0.04 % so for 0.012% of the gaz in the atmosphere. Even the tiny ants on earth are making more CO2 than us! H2O is the principal warming gaz as you can see in a sauna.
    C02 is the gaz of the life itself on earth. Without it no LIFE.
    You can show me a thousand peer reviewed studies that shows me that the earth is flat..I won't believe them.
    CO2 had never been and would never be a pollutant.
    Wake up ! You have been fooled!

  21. You were doing good till you acted like the green new deal is a viable solution. Cmon now, banning airplanes and making cows extinct for farting?

  22. Question why is Greenland called that when it’s always white , maybe it was that when the Vikings were growing wheat & Bailey it was green 1000 years ago and it was about 3 degrees hotter than now . Extra CO2 in the atmosphere is a good thing not a catastrophic.

  23. Look, there is no legitimate evidence that proves human green house gases cause global warming on their own or that we are the ones who carry most of the blame, there is only evidence there is global warming, period, like it has existed before many times, the Sun has a solar cycle, there are solar maximums and minimums, and in fact there's going to be global cooling very soon since the sun entered a solar minimum cycle in 2014, and it has gradually had less and less sun spots, zero in 2019, the effects of the solar minimum will become evident by 2020s where a Mini-Ice Age is expected to happen that can last decades or centuries like it happened before from 1400 to 1850. There's your "Climate Change" the sun will always have a greater control and effect than us no matter what we do. Like I said, we should be making pollution the issue since pollution is something we can actually change directly, besides there are more sources of pollution than there are of human-green house gases, pollution shares sources with climate change, but it has more on top of that. Nobody focuses on Pollution but Climate Change is advertised and has much propaganda behind it, yet all I hear for a solution is 'carbon taxes'(SOMEONE is trying to get rich with this scam)…you know how you don't get rich and actually do something that can cost money, change industries forever and save all animal life on land and sea? fixing Human Pollution.

    Humans can cause global warming, climate change is real but it includes both cooling and warming, BUT there isn't sufficient evidence to claim without doubt that WE are at most fault for the majority of either warming or cooling. Even if we become full Green tomorrow morning, the planet WILL STILL warm and cool whenever the Sun feels like it.

  24. The oil rigs didnt raise them because of sea levels it was because of storms and how big the waves can get. They always been that tall specially this kind of rig. And theres other oil rigs in the ocean that are different and doesnt sit as high neither. You obvously dont know what the hell you are talking about when it comes to oil rigs.

  25. Climate always changes, it’s called seasons. Stop pushing this propaganda. The sun is more powerful than humans, don’t be so thick.

  26. Lie: People and companies are causing the 99% of the change
    Truth: Earth wobbles around the axis of the earth.
    My Theory: Earth's climate change is natural about 90%

  27. Someobe better find them exxon scientist and their families i have a plans for them they will have their own special hell?????.

  28. The problem with your video is the data you claim that was caused never happened. Duh!! There’s more sea ice not less, there’s not rising sea levels, the antarctic sea shelf is growing, and the planet is cooling. In 15 years it will be even cooler. You see the problem here????

  29. This is s lie, in the 70's and early 80's scientific concesus said we were entering an ice age and we would freeze. In the late 80 's ice sheets would be gone by 2000, Maldives , Bangladesh etc. We all believed and voted left. They lied. You lie now.

  30. CO2 is not a poison, it kills you in very high concentrations and without oxigen. A humid space is not poisonous but if we lock a person in a room fool of water it will die. Is particles that are polutant. How can the main fertilizer on Earth be a polutant?

  31. Yes the climate changes, like it has been doing in the past 4 million years…No, it has nothing to do with CO2 emissions. Your channel should be called LeftyScience. Which has nothing to do with real science….

  32. You need to recheck your facts! You've gotten all your facts thing wrong. Read articles in the peer review they scientifically prove you wrong.

  33. Science based on a tiny piece of earths history!? It’s all bullshit, just people making $$$ I don’t need some child to create some YouTube program to just continue the BS

  34. We need to boycott these oil companies. And to invest into clean energy sources.

    We need to downvote climate change deniers and vote for politicians that will heavily restrict or downright ban these companies.

  35. Scientist and learned people are the scourge of humanity because they think they know better than He who created it all. We are living in the End Times.

  36. This is crap. Why don't you bring up the study obama initiated during his presidency that found global warming or climate change caused by man is all crap. What about that study? This channel is not scientific if it teaches religious ideology. You wanna save the planet? Go nuclear. Less pollution. More reliability. More jobs. "Renewable" energy took a big dump on Germany.

  37. I personally have noticed actual differences. Anyone who says it isn't happening n if it did it'd never effect us is an idiot. Ppl need to see this video.

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