The Ben Carson debacle is even worse than you think | POLITICS NEWS

Maurice Vega

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  1. the reason I know Carson knew what he was doing as a brain surgeon he has always had his head up trumps ass ! trump reporting alien vets sounds like Republican thing to do good job Republicans!

  2. carson is a great neurosurgeon because he got lucky once in a while and spent years telling us how great he was.

  3. This man is more unqualified for his job than Trump. maybe he should operate on Trump's brain while at the sametime holding a mirror and operating on his own brain while at Mar-a-Lago while playing golf. Well Maybe not, because Trump would make money and the tax payers would have to foot the bill for the whole operation. HA HA HA.

  4. In what sheltered workshop was Carson ever an "accomplished brain surgeon"? This should clarify to all that physicians are not scientists, and surgeons even less so. They are technicians with somewhat above average memories. The Congress should ask for Americans' money back.

  5. I want to know what Ben's favorite blend of smoke that he prefers..its seems to keep him quite trangrill and mellow…..the whole GOP needs to go over to his house and vape some dank????? man SNL can't compete against these characters….

  6. Ol' Step 'n Fetch 'Oreo' Carson BOOFED his Zanax and a few shots of 'Shine', before his oversight hearing.

  7. nobody sees the obvious problem with Ben Carson? HE WAS SO STONED AT THAT MEETING. takes one to know one. except most of us don't do it at work

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