The 90 Year Old Speeder and the NY Nutritionist

[Music] Joseph Upton inspector Kerrigan you want to stand next to mr. Upton please II I I don’t hear good I’ll never hear understand him okay no sir he’ll have that oh yeah you got to speak into the mic those have to be 90 you know yes I was driving my wife over to the hospital on Blackstone Boulevard and you have to take a right there so I guess I speed it up a little bit of something I don’t know I haven’t had a ticket and I don’t know so what’s yeah I don’t know I just wonder what I could do with it I know next month he’s gonna be 90 years old he’s saying next month that you’re gonna be 90 years old sir yes how old is your wife my wife sir 87 how many is you go to the gym would you believe that yes how many years have you been married – oh that’s a tough one 67 67 years how many children how many children how many children do you have sir I have three now your children know that you’re becoming a hot-rodder now I don’t drive very fast I couldn’t believe you actually yeah one mile over what we charge actually was two miles over what we charge two miles over inspector Quinn two miles over your honor with an unblemished driving record in the explanation from the motorists the city would move to dismiss with a warning and I’m sure even will not be coming back more importantly though your honor inspector Quinton inspector quintella tell them the Quinton is moving to develop the Quinns gonna put him on probation or on probation for 20 years inspector Quinn is going to put you on probation for 20 years we want him to report back here 20 years from now from 20 years from now you have to come back in okay no problem judge what I’m more impressed with this is the motorist with that hat he actually did happen to stick around long enough to see the Red Sox win not one but four World Series yeah it’s nice to quit he said you stuck around long enough to see the four World Series wins that may impress in here it is yeah but wait a minute he might be a Yankee fan that means that may impress inspector Quinn what impresses me is that he was driving his wife to the hospital he’s still taking care of his wife at 90 years old they’ve been married over 60 years this is a great American story good luck to you sir the case is dismissed sir the case is dismissed oh thank you very much thank you okay Oh doesn’t love Joe Upton at 90 years old he still goes to the gym has a great attitude and has only a rough idea how long he’s been married oh that’s a tough one 67 67 68 what does it matter Joe still driving his 87 year old bright to the hospital while rocking a Red Sox hat what an absolute icon see you in 20 years mr. Upton until then be well go Sox James Rhett Smith morning James for the other you have two parking tickets on Smith Street yes sir you are from New York yes sir we’re in New York Mahopac New York where was that it’s about an hour north of the city mm-hmm the charge were parking on the sidewalk what do you want to tell me about this so I was actually in the middle of selling this Jeep and unfortunately I was not able to move it after the first ticket because I was waiting for a new starter to come in so once I was able to move it I moved it across the street where we had extra spots but that was the only place I could put it while I was trying to sell it so I did you sell what I did yeah so I’m I’m good now I have a different Jeep but enough money to pay the tickets when you’re sold now I actually lost money on the Jeep so okay are you a student yes sir I go to Johnson Wales mm what year are you I’m a junior junior huh what do you study culinary nutrition what is your ideal job when you get out what do you want to do I want to be a nutritionist and a chef for a sports team or like a personal chef for a sports team for sports yeah like what rugby Oh ice hockey I played ice hockey my whole life ice hockey yeah well I’m working at this I’m looking at the picture based on the configuration of this parking space I’m gonna give you a break on it thank you sir appreciate that and we wish you well hope you you can work for a professional hockey team which one you’re looking for I mean I’m a I’m from New York so I’m a big Rangers fan sorry to everyone here but I was I like Colorado a lot better so hopefully work for the Colorado Avalanche suppose you did this for the for the Patriots for example I know you must love the Patriots in New York right yeah favorite yeah and if you had to give Tom Brady some advice on nutrition what would you tell him I don’t know I am I am I good am i dismissed er can I say what I don’t really like the beaches what you say exactly it’s hard to be from New York and try to like the Patriots but now I would obviously if I was actually working for him I would give him the right right information on nutrition nutrition if I would in charge of nutrition for Tom Brady right I’d give him the best advice you’d want to pay me any amount of money yes sir no what I would be would be paying my bills so definitely give him the right I’d say to him keep doing exactly what you’re doing that’s why we don’t do anything different as I don’t like the pages I want to talk I definitely would not tell Dean spaghetti and meatballs Yeah right it’s my diets we get to your meatballs you got it you gotta have it sometimes still in moderation go to work all rides and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one share these videos and weigh in on the cases you be the judge subscribe now

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Really think that this is so popular, cause its addicting watching humans treat each other with respect…imagine that, maybe the internet will save the world?

  2. 2 milles over the speed limit and u get a ticket?…wtf…scumbag cop.and the guy is a almost 200 years old…!

  3. I don't know America is blessed or something. But judge caprio is the best judge i have ever seen. I wish all the judge in my country is like judge caprio. What a soul. Love from india…

  4. My grandfather always used to tell the Highway Patrol when they pulled him over. "Sir, I'm very old, I need to get places NOW."

  5. whats this "parking on the sidewalk" you see often in Franks court ?
    this kid isn't on a sidewalk , he's on the lawn not obstructing anything .

  6. What?? 90 years & 67 years with the same wife? I didn't know Americans are so loving! My wife says she we should divorce! Hardly 13 years you see… Pardon I am an Indian… sorry seems Americans are the better men!

  7. This man shouldn't be driving…. im not trying to be mean but I think elderly people need to get rechecked and take a driving test every few years after turning a certain age.

  8. I wanna know who the jerkoff that gave a 90 year old man bringing his wife to the hospital a speeding ticket?

  9. Judge carpio you are wonderful, please I implore you to let your majestic gray grow out it is far more distinguishing than that old teddy bear carpet dye job hahahaha…

  10. I love it this case God bless America….que Dios bendiga América the judge he is the best very nice person he understands very much…

  11. I do love the elderly gentleman and the dedication to his wife and her illness, I really do, BUT, he can't hear, has trouble standing, he needs to surrender his licence and in the UK we have the power to seize their licence or send them for a medical to continue their licence.

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