ask not what your country can do for you and what you can do for your country what are the best skills that a politician can have a winning politician mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall in this video I'm gonna break down some of these things I want you to know though I don't really follow politics I don't have a dog in this race what I can tell from the outside again I'm not a political expert whatsoever what I can tell is that winning a political race is just a popularity campaign read my lips it's not about your views on issues and things like that at the end of the day it's about winning minds and the hearts of the audience more than your competitor does which frankly is no different than business or marketing we are fortunate to be alive at this moment in history in this video I'm not going to talk about the normal political stuff you might expect like get good at lying to people with a straight face or make promises you don't keep or use weasel language to make people think you are promising them what they want when really you're not promising that at all which is what most politicians do instead I'm gonna break down three things that I think all the best politicians do from Trump make America great again to Obama now is the time to act now is the time to say yes we can push [Applause] two world leaders in a variety of different countries who are really good at winning the minds in the hearts of the people who listen to them and the best part is all three of these things require that you are now a politician in fact you'll be able to use all three of these things as soon as this video is over so let's crack into it together right now you're still number one to be a winning politician is having big simple sticky ideas that drive your campaign so Donald Trump right some people call Donald Trump a pig other people call him the president love him or hate him Donald Trump is a master of big sticky ideas I'll give you an example right now when he was running in 2016 just think about some of the big ideas he pushed as part of his campaign build the wall we will build a great wall along the southern border it's a big idea it's a simple idea there is no one who can't understand what he means when he says build a wall or drain the swamp we are going to drain he didn't say let's identify the people in in politics who are most financially incentivized by the most strategical obvious of the organization and then figure out how that's up he said drain the swamp do you understand what that means right away of course it's a great metaphor it is a big simple sticky idea I get a little bit tired of Democrats afraid of big ideas Republicans are not afraid Diggle idea there's a great book I strongly recommend if you're interested more in the subject you read it's called made to stick by Chip and Dan hate books about ten years old but they give you their formula for creating big simple sticky ideas in your business your marketing or if you're planning on running for president one day one of my webinars right now my ig agent webinar because our highest converting webinar that we have ever had the case studies and the results in the people we've helped replace rat-race life a laptop life it's been unbelievable but I believe this thing sells so well in addition because it's a big simple sticky idea right you go on Instagram they manage someone's Instagram for them you help them get more followers you have to monetize their audience better that makes sense people already know Instagram they're comfortable and Instagram Instagram is cool it's a big thing everyone's talking about it's the hottest social media on the planet it's a big simple sticky idea and I proud see this the best persuasion and the best copy and the best ads will not overcome a shitty small forgettable idea in your marketing you want a big simple sticky idea if you're gonna run for president and when you will need a big simple sticky idea as well let's get into skill number two right now skill number two keep growing your network politicians are amazing at this take a lot of politician who let's say they have underling job at 28 years old on the hill in Washington DC they have aspirations of becoming a senator when they're 45 they got seventeen years that's a long 17-year vision that's a long seventeen year plan and they know in order for them to achieve that goal they're not gonna be able to do it on their own in politics you have to learn how to play well with others right you have to store favors in other people's back pockets so that later on when you need some help or you need something from someone you already have that favor stored and you can call it in right that kind of I owe you in evolutionary psychology it's gonna be a random side note but they talked about how they believe that cavemen let's say eight came and go out and they're going hunting for everyone in the tribe and let's say that came in number one he kills all the Buffalo that day and he comes back to the tribe it's his Buffalo he's got it over his shoulders everyone's clapping and applauding they're gonna eat well for so long now what about the other tape men who didn't catch anything are their families gonna go hungry no caiman number one is gonna share his Buffalo with the other caiman he is literally going to store a favour inside their rib so that three weeks from now when they go hunting and caiman number one comes up empty some other tame men who does make the kill is gonna want to return that favor and share the food with him so his wife and his family are able to survive and they're able to eat as well does that make sense right you're storing the favor the food in someone else's rib in politicians are great at this they store favors everywhere you do things for people when they need help with something even though you have no idea how it's gonna help you in that moment you can simply say something like when they go how can I repay the favor you can say you know what I have no idea how right now but we'll just set it aside so when I do need something I will come to you there's nothing wrong with you saying that this is transactional this is deal-making this is politics so you want to keep storing favors and other people you know and who could help you or even if you don't know how they're gonna help you this is something all politicians doing this is something I see a lot of entrepreneurs hesitant to do because they're like well I don't know how this person is gonna help me why should I do this thing for them right now I'm telling you if you see someone who has a lot of value or you look at them and you get this feeling that they might not have that much value right now but one day I think they could have a ton of value in that case then maybe you want to do favors for them too so that when they'd have a ton of value you have favor stored with them and you can call in those favors let's crack into principle number three right now skill number three only everything if you're running for president or you're building your business you're gonna have people who throw arrows of criticism at you they try and call you out for certain things if that's the case the worst thing you can do is try and lie about it say it's not true or you try and defend yourself much better in my opinion for you to just only the thing and actually make it yours right if you can't fix it feature it I'll give you three examples right now number one when that old Trump was running for president everyone knew he was rich right he didn't hide his wealth I don't need anybody's money it's nice I don't need anybody's money I'm using my own money I'm not using the lobbyists I'm not using donors I don't care I'm really rich I'll share that in a second he came down a gold staircase everything is gold giant buildings with his name on it and in debates he would be like listen I'm a very very very rich man he would say these things he wasn't hiding it he would own it the reason I'm pointing this out is because in 2012 the Republican candidate Mitt Romney was also very rich not Trump rich but very rich like nine-figure rich but the American people didn't know about it at first because he hid it and when it finally came out everyone said wow not they didn't care that he was rich they cared that he was hiding that fact compare those two he hides he's got money this guy's bragging about how much money he's got love them or hate them you could trust this guy you can't trust this guy because he didn't own it I'll give you another example when Eliot Spitzer the former governor of New York was caught you know in the prostitution ring and everything he got a lot of heat over it he lost his spot as governor all right and part of it I mean there's other people who have been caught cheating on their wives or cheating on their partners or with though the prostitution stuff and they seem to do just fine it's the people who don't own it that kind of get screwed in fact I saw study on this the American people listen this country they are more forgiving of a sexual scandal than they are of a financial scandal just it's weird isn't it I just I don't know I thought that was interesting but I'll give you one more example here in baseball Roger Clemens right one of the best pitchers of all time should be in the Hall of Fame now he's not why because he was caught doping using steroids throw the ball harder and you know play longer and all those things at the same time he was caught or he was called into Congress you may remember those Andy Pettitte was also caught Andy Pettit also a very good pitcher they both played for the Yankees at times they both get called into Congress Congress goes sir sir did you guys use steroids Roger Clemens goes no absolutely not let me be clear I've never taken steroids or HGH Andy Pettit goes yes I did I'm sorry when I apologized to the fans on I apologize everybody I am sorry for the mistakes I've made and the entire audience everyone goes you know what Andy that's okay thank you for being honest Roger Clemens got put on a freakin stick and burned at the stake this is one of the best pitchers of all time not in the Hall of Fame yet may never get in the Hall of Fame because he adamantly refused to admit that he used steroids when everyone knows you use steroids dude everyone in professional sports for the most part uses some type of performing enhancing drugs everyone does this he was so adamant that he didn't do it that people were like dude just stop lying just own up to it and I promise you had he own up to it at the start he would probably be in the Hall of Fame right now right so there you have it three skills that you must have if you want to be a winning politician maybe even run for president one day I am NOT a political expert I do know thing or two about psychology and marketing though so hopefully that was helpful for you two things I would love for you to do right now number one hit that subscribe button if you are not a subscriber yet the more subscribers we get the more often we are putting out super high quality content that helps you live a legendary life coming up and then second thing let me know in the comment section what was like most insightful for you this is a different video than what we normally do on this channel so I'm kind of curious what stuck out to you what did you like what is going to be useful for you and you made with me all heard me share this before but I am legitimately on a mission right now I want a hundred millionaire students in the next three years that is my goal I've created three millionaire students so far in just the last couple months since we started so I'm doing okay but I got I got some work to do right I want you involved if you want to be my next millionaire student get trained the same way my first few millionaire students got trained so you stand the best chance then just hit that link below in the description it's gonna take you to a private page on my website that my team just put together it's only for my youtube viewers and at that page you'll be able to 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  1. Owning up to things wow, I've hidden so many things and thoughts I could surprise motherfuckers, or thought that it didn't really matter in telling people, I have been holding back and honestly I see now that I would've gotten so much further by owning things. Well I appreciate this lesson and I won't make that mistake again 😀 I love myself and people who didn't love me are gonna love me.

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