The 2020 Election If the Economy Stays Good

hi guys welcome back to a brand new video so today I'm going to be doing how the election would look like if Donald Trump went into reelection with today's economy now this would mean that the GDP growth would be roughly around 3% annually he the unemployment rate would be probably below 3% at this rate and see exactly how it would look like it Dow would probably be north of 30 to 33 thousand points at this point and we're gonna see how this election map would look now this assumes he doesn't get into any further scandals or foreign entanglements he's gonna keep doing what he what he's doing on Twitter but that that necessarily could help him and California in this case safe blue Oregon likely blue Washington safe blue Idaho Montana Wyoming the Dakotas all of Nebraska Nebraska's second will be likely Kansas Oklahoma Arkansas this part of the deep south Indiana West Virginia Missouri Texas would be likely Georgia would be likely it would be closer to lean than safe but it still would be likely and Florida would be lean but closer to likely forgot to put the chart leans in here there we go now it looks all nice and crisp Arizona would be lean Utah safe Alaska safe why I mean Hawaii safe on the other end Illinois New York and much of what's up here now Rhode Island will be likely because if it trends all it needs to do is trend 6% more in Trump's column and in it could be a state that would be in the likely comments a very white working-class state Calif I mean Connecticut would be closer but it would still be outside of the likely margin same thing with New Jersey Delaware Maryland DC safe same thing with Maine's first district now Maine second district would be safe and Maine's at-large would lean now the economy would be a big help up in New Hampshire where a lot of jobs left during the Obama administration some of them have hurt if they keep returning you can expect New Hampshire to lean in Trump's column now out of the state of Colorado I think the Democrat would still win that but if Trump does well enough I think Cory Gardner might be able to win unless he's running against John Hickenlooper and over in Virginia I expect the same thing unless Trump is running against Bernie I think it would be lean blue North Carolina though I think that would be again lean read closer to likely South Carolina would be safe of course as would Ohio Ohio would be safe in Iowa Ohio and Iowa would be safe in this case now New Mexico that's gonna be likely maybe closer to lean as the Johnson voters come over Nevada would go to Donald Trump in this case he would win Nevada he'd probably win it by a tilt margin if the economy is going really well still it's not slowing down at all he'll have a and it will continue its growth you'll have a great economy to run on Minnesota will also go Republican for the first time in I guess you would say almost a 50 years now Wisconsin that's going to be likely read now you're gonna say oh that's that's unreasonable no it's not unreasonable the reason why is that it trended red by seven points last election cycle it will trend red by four points this cycle if the economy stays where it's at it continues to get better you can write that down right now if Trump loses with the best economy in history which which is what we could be heading for in this case that would be astounding but I think Wisconsin would be around a five-point win and that would put it over in the likely calm and you're gonna say well why is the North Carolina likely to different parts of the country Wisconsin values the the economy as well as the Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania area Michigan would be lean and Pennsylvania would be lean but I think he'd win Pennsylvania by by around three points if you look at 2016 it's only one of the few states where turnout was up on the other side and we still were able to come away with a victory so if the economy stays Trump 3:28 Democrat 210 all right guys thanks for watching please like this video subscribe let's get me to 7,000 and hit the bell for notification so you never miss another video follow me on social media and donate to my patreon links in description and before you go be sure to click on the screen for one of my other recent videos you may have missed and thanks again for watching guys Red Eagle out

Maurice Vega

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  1. If Democrats win in 2020, all bets are off. Democrats will see it as an affirmation of their socialist, globalist, abortions through delivery lunacy. Law abiding taxpaying Americans will become slaves to welfare queens, billionaires, and the politbureau. Many will move away, and many more will simply give up and join the ranks of those on the public dole getting "free" food, money, and health care. Remember, Americans, the government pays for nothing. They take money from Americans and after bleeding most of it off for foreign welfare, foreign wars, and for the use of the deep state, they redistribute the rest among people who pay nothing.

  2. Could you do the following Fantasy Macht-Ups
    Mike Pence vs Mark Cuban 2024
    Kanye West vs. Trent Reznor 2028

  3. You need to do a video on what the election map looks like if Trump actually deports a million plus before 2020.

  4. What you basically are showing is that if the economy remains strong and continues to grow then Trump has a strong chance of winning the popular vote which under the current law in 7 of those states that even you show as leaning democrat. Trump would automatically get their Electoral college votes as well, so he is guaranteed to win if he gets the popular vote on a great economy.

  5. I have a feeling that as time goes on Republicans are slowly losing ground in the south but gaining in the north . . . I wouldn't be surprised if in 50 years most of the northeast is red again but Texas is completely blue.

  6. Well, it's great for the top 1% actually. Whether people are gonna view it that way or not is what the question is. But if there is a recession, no doubt he loses. But even if it doesn't happen, the fact that there is an issue that occurred on taxes is really what is going to be questionable if he's going to be able to overcome. And I say that carefully because, if that is an issue for some….it may not be enough to drive voters away. Think it's just going to depend on who was effected & if it's an issue that really affected you enough to care deeply about. And I think that's a really big thing, because we don't know. The only way to solve that argument is getting poll samples of that issue.

  7. Trump won the rust belt because He won over the union workers. Reagan won New Jersey in 84' because the economy was good or obviously turning around anyway and people didn't want to mess that up. I think with all the union workers in New Jersey Trump might have a chance there too. I know people will say no way but they said no way about Wisconsin and Pennsylvania too.

  8. The Market will be north of 28K, unemployment in the 3s-low 4s. GDP in the 3s….That's what I consider realistic.

  9. Can you do what the election would be like if everybody in the US got diareah on election day, like really bad blow out your rectum diareah.

  10. the economy is great but those expectations that you have (most but not all) for the economy are not going to happen. the DOW isnt going to gain that much in one year.

  11. good prediction , at first i thought you'd give trump all the states but i was very surprised and impressed.

  12. If the states in the blue gave people who vote for trump was heard California, new York wouldn't stay blue. The democracts have those states in their control until the democracts get defeated by Republicans

  13. The economy will stay this good. And Donald Trump will lose to Joe Biden. The people reading this in the future know I’m right.

  14. You should do a vid on how trump can keep Texas, it’s turning blue pretty fast and without Texas, trump and future republican nominees are screwed, Texas suburbs are growing fast, illegals ands liberals are moving to the state at a record pace, Cruz barely won (and he’s pretty popular in Texas) and Abbott won by only 13 points (low for a governor race) The democratic base will turn out in extreme numbers. While I think trump will win, it’s worth looking at how he should do it

  15. Can you do a DeSantis vs Biden 2024 election night video? (Let's pretend that Biden gets the nomination and beats Trump in 2020)

  16. How Trump can theoretically win a state in the Northeast that is typically seen as safe blue but is trending red


    How Trump can keep Texas red

  17. Great video. Was wondering if you could do how Trump could win Connecticut ? We almost had a Republican governor and the trifecta here is dying pretty hard.

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