#ThatsHarassment | The Politician ft. Emmy Rossum & Harry Lennix

effects that scientists have predicted in the past are
occurring, and there is an understanding the problem is real
and human-induced. JOURNALIST
Yes, I’ve heard you say this before, but you’ve been promising a
concrete plan, when are you thinking of sharing that? POLITICIAN
Can we turn that off? I need a
Really? We’ve just
I have not shut up for an hour. JOURNALIST
Yes, but you haven’t given me anything yet. POLITICIAN
Well if you’re going to get anything, I need a break. Truth is I’m impressed. I haven’t
been asked such intelligent questions in a long time. Nice. JOURNALIST
Thank you. I didn’t
even get to the hard part yet. POLITICIAN
No doubt you are going places, young lady. JOURNALIST
Thank you. And thank you for this
interview. I imagine this was the
last thing you needed after such a long campaign meeting. POLITICIAN
I can think of worse. JOURNALIST
You are a very intelligent, strong lady. It's my pleasure. JOURNALIST
Listen, I haven’t eaten since this morning, do you mind if we get
something to eat? JOURNALIST
Of course not, whatever you need to get through this. POLITICIAN
‘Get through this’? What exactly
have you got planned? JOURNALIST
Well at least you’re getting your last meal. POLITICIAN
So, what would you like? JOURNALIST
Anything goes. I’m easy. I’ll eat
pretty much anything. POLITICIAN
What’s that supposed to mean? POLITICIAN
No, I just, I’m sorry. I was just surprised. It’s
rare you meet a lady that likes to eat. JOURNALIST
Oh, come on. POLITICIAN
You have no idea. You really are a very attractive,
intelligent, young woman. POLITICIAN
So, what would you like? Want to
order in? JOURNALIST
Actually, you know there's a really nice Italian place my husband and I love, right around
the corner. So maybe we just go there and finish the interview there. POLITICIAN
Hmm, not sure I feel like Italian. Does something else
work for you? You’re very smooth. JOURNALIST
You’re pretty smooth, yourself. JOURNALIST
Listen, truth is I’m not that hungry, I'd like to just keep going. POLITICIAN
Sure, let’s keep going. JOURNALIST
You know what I mean. Let’s be serious, okay? Is
it possible to continue the interview please? POLITICIAN
Sure. Ok, let's continue. Okay, you promised to tell
me your stance on the protests at the Dakota access pipe line.

Maurice Vega

24 Responses

  1. Punch him in the face. Tell him off. Something. These are two adults. What you don’t do is wait 20 years when he’s up for some nomination and then speak out.

  2. Why are there no videos of women harassing men? These instances do exist. It's laughable this isn't represented. A lot of us men also are in committed relationships but also get hit on/harassed by women. That never seems to be talked about or represented. What say you PC culture!!????

  3. Oh please. He was flirting with her, and badly might I add. The minute she verbalized she wanted to stop and just finish the interview, he said sure and they continued.

    Women aren't these defenseless creatures that can't stand up for themselves – it's not their responsibility to make ladies feel safe, everyone is responsible for their own safety.

  4. I would like to see a more forceful message to shake men the eff up. MEN–YOU CANNOT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!

  5. I started to get creeped out the minute he put his hand on her shoulder. She tries to casually move away, but the creep won't let her.

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