Ted Bundy – Deep State Reaper groomed for Politics? | Tentacles of the #DeepState [2018] PART4

Today on the edge of wonder, we’ll examine
the identity of possibly the most notorious serial killer related to the illuminati, on this 4th episode of the deep
state on the Edge of Wonder. Welcome to the Edge of Wonder. I’m your host Rob … And I’m Ben. This all happened a few weeks ago when Ben and
I were researching our content for the Q Anon video where we happened upon a tweet. It stated that the CIA dropped a document
on their site called ‘Bloodlines of the Illuminati’ by Fritz Springmeier
and I said “What?” And when we looked into it we realized that
it wasn’t any kind of leaked document but was rather a electronic PDF document included
in the Abbottabad file recovery from the 2011 Raid of Osama
Bin Ladin’s compound! To which I again said “What?!” What was Osama Bin Laden’s minions,
or him doing reading this book? Anyway we had already started reading it by
the time we found this out and our minds were thoroughly blown. Now after we read the first few
sections of Bloodlines we started becoming curious
about the author. Who was Fritz Springmeier, and how in the
world did he acquire all this information? Know that there are some different things
being said about the author especially after he was charged for an offense, sentenced to 111 months in prison
(that’s 9.25 years) in 2003 and after his release he wrote some strange
things positively portraying some of the people in the top families. That’s kinda weird The idea was that Fritz was compromised and wrote those things because
he was forced by someone. After all of the research we’ve been doing
about these very secretive groups and how they control things, we believe this is definitely
what happened. But of course there are people that do think
Fritz committed those crimes. It’s up to us to look into this ourselves, one way or another, instead of
casting judgments from an armchair. We could do a whole episode on this,
but it’s really not worth it. There’s so many examples of what happens
to people when they leak sensitive information. After this bit of research we went searching
for the book to actually buy it. Afterall why was this book in PDF format
on OBL’s hard drives? We went onto Amazon but the only book
available was 200 dollars! We then went to Amazon’s kindle,
but no such luck. We then headed over to Barnes and Noble, but
no such book was sold there. Then iTunes to see if Apple was
selling the book in iBooks. No luck. In fact everywhere we looked we only came
across this book in PDF format on the CIA website and various forms of this book being
published probably illegally across the net. Which only served to fascinate us further. Why was this book so hard to get? There are numerous books out there
on the illuminati … why was this one so unavailable? Was it simply not available anymore because
of the author was framed or is it because the information
in there is actually accurately depicts what’s really controlling many
facets of the world? Right and we encourage you
to read this yourself. Let’s review. The names of the 13 families are Astor,
Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell,
Van Duyn, and finally number 13 is Merovingian. Again, it would be crazy to say everyone with
this last name was apart of this group either in action or in heart. Instead of trying to sum up all
of these families, and give you a synopsis, we’ve decided to focus on one family and educate you by showing a microcosm
of how this entire thing works. But before we do, remember to hit like and
subscribe and hit those notification bells Have you heard of the Bundy family? Not really right? Most of you might have thought immediately
of Al Bundy from married with Children, or if you grew up watching wrestling like us, you might think of King Kong Bundy … if you’re old enough though you
might remember a scarier person associated with this family name. Serial killer Ted Bundy. Let’s take a step back and mention
something notable that was researched and presented in Fritz’s book. There are many notable Bundy’s in history. Some have been Congressmen. Some have been Watchtower
society members, a group that controls other organizations. Many upon many were connected to the
Skull & Bones Secret Society, many were Bilderberg members,
many were Masons. Guys, some were special assistants
and or advisers to Presidents, such as Kennedy, Johnson, Grant, Garfield and Arthur. Some were National Security advisors. A guy named McGeorge Bundy sat on MJ-12 … If you haven’t watched our MJ-12 video,
you better go do that. Does any of this sound normal for one family
name to be connected to so many different things? Is Bundy that common of a name that this could
just be a coincidence? Honestly there’s so much more, but if you want that info you’re
better off just reading the book. Man it’s just so intense. Let’s get back to Ted Bundy who very strangely
reappeared in the news recently. Several documentary series have been created and one documentary about Bundy’s
defense lawyer specifically. What’s strange about one of the articles
appearing is the quote in the headline. “Absolutely born evil.” It just seems strange to have that
as the headline. As if to predetermine it could not be
anything he learned but just the fact that he was
just born this way. Ted Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell. On the surface he was not a blood relative
of the Bundy bloodline. But as you keep watching, you may start
questioning many things. We’ve had to use several sources to put this
all together so bear with us as we explain this story. In the book Fritz could neither confirm nor
disprove Ted Bundy’s family connection to the actual Bundy bloodline, but what he found correlates so
perfectly with how deep state operates, it’s worth discussing. One of the thing you have to understand about
how these bloodlines work, is if this bloodline that Bundy’s mom married into was one of the satanic bloodlines, then whoever married into it would have
been carefully arranged. It is known that Multiple
Personality Disorder or MPD is one of the traits many of these
members of the deep state carry. To quote Fritz: “Most of the [Deep State]
have MPD. When high level Satanists do not have MPD they very often emotionally break under the stress of the horrible blood rituals that are required. Recently, a non- MPD Satanist in Chicago emotionally
broke and gave his life to Christ. (I have videos available of an interview of
this man exposing Satanism.)” Ted at an early age seemed to bewilder his
family members with sudden personality changes when he could pull a 180° from cute little
kid into chucky from Child’s Play. Not kidding here. There’s a story of Ted’s aunt waking up
to find Kitchen Knives placed around her while she was sleeping, When she woke she found
them … and she also found a smiling Ted standing nearby. So creepy. To speed this up a little. Ted’s grandfather was also kinda psycho. He had a huge pornography library that Ted
was exposed to at a young age. His family regularly referred
to his grandfather as ‘Tyrant’. He would swing cats by their tails, kick neighborhood dogs and would often
be found yelling crazily at no one … Despite all this, Ted was said to have
idolized him. Ted’s mom Louise moved out
of that environment and moved in with her uncle and soon after married her husband, John Bundy, a war veteran. Bundy then adopted Ted. A series of events occurred as he grew. He had a complicated relationship
with his step father. Very long story short,Ted became
a serial murderer who would lure women in by
pretending to be injured He’d often wear a cast and pretend
he needed help. Then he’d take them away and murder them. It doesn’t get any creepier than this everyone. I mean he would kill a body, leave it in the woods and come back after a few days to perform necrophilia with the corpse. That’s how bad this was. Now sorry for those disgusting details but
the next parts are important. We did need to mention this These are the acts that Ted Bundy would perform,
but right before this, before his mind seemingly broke, he seemed to be setting himself up
for … a very successful political career. Like what? Here’s a curious nugget. Ted drove all the way from Washington state
to Miami Florida to take part in … ready for it … Nelson Rockefeller’s 1968
presidential campaign. Let’s go over some of these details
because they are curious. As we said Ted Bundy served on the Nelson
Rockefeller presidential campaign … and also in the campaign of Washington State governor
Dan Evan’s reelection a couple years later. Bundy somehow got himself appointed to the
Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee where he was ironically working on a Study
of White Collar Crime. Later he became an assistant to Ross Davis,
the chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. Why would basically a no-name take part in
a presidential campaign as a delegate… Fritz said “Ted travelled in elite
social circles, and was preparing for a campaign
for Ted to run for State Governor.” Ted Bundy for state governor? This shows that somehow Ted Bundy had a budding
political career laid out before him. While working at a suicide crisis hotline, yeah, he was. Ted met a woman named Anne Rule, who was a writer and worked
in law enforcement for a time …. Rule in addition to volunteering with
Bundy for the republican party was also the woman that would later write
the most influential book about him called“The Stranger Beside Me.” We bring up Anne Rule for a reason. Bear with us while we tell the story. Let’s talk about some details of the murders
and the victims that don’t make much sense. Some of these are not in chronological order. First, let’s talk about Donna Gail Manson, she was murdered and it was found that
she had occult books in her room. This could have been light reading, but it’s kind of weird to just have occult
books hanging around it’s a little strange. Roberta Kathleen Parks and Brenda Ball disappeared
from the Seattle area. Only their skulls were found on what they
call Bundy’s graveyard ‘Taylor Mountain’. Brenda Ball was abducted and no one reported
her disappearance for 2 weeks. More curiously she was an acquaintance of
Ann Rule’s daughter. Denise Naslund disappeared from
Lake Sammamish. She babysat for a good friend of Ann Rule. Naslund’s mother was quoted as writing “God
forgive them for what they have done. I love you.” “Forgive them”. It’s unclear why she said this. In fact mostly only skulls were ever
found of these girls which furthered people’s speculation that
these activities were less about murder and more about some cult activity. Curiously while on death row when Ted confessed
to Donna Manson’s death and was asked where her remains were… he first said it was in
the mountains, then in the cascades, then on Taylor mountain where many
of the other remains were, in the end he said he took the skull
to his girlfriends house and burned it to non-existence in the fireplace, to try to destroy evidence. Like really? You can’t remember? In Ann Rules book she says “Seattle police
had a file on occult happenings, File 1004. Reports came in to the beleaguered Task Force— reports from people who thought they’d
seen “Ted” at cult gatherings.” Then she goes on to say,  “There were
totally unsubstantiated rumors that the missing and murdered
girls had been sacrificed and their headless bodies dumped, weighted, into the almost bottomless
waters of Lake Washington.” When all the people started
missing in this area another strange phenomenon
was baffling everyone. Ann Rule writes, “During that spring
of 1974, a rash of reports had come in from northwestern states on the mutilation of cattle, found in the fields with only their
sexual organs missing. All this smacked of devil worship. The natural (or unnatural) progression of
such mutilations would be human sacrifice.” In the book Programmed to Kill, chronicler
Steven Michaud said “people were convinced that a virulent
offshoot of the Charles Manson Family had moved to the Seattle area and had begun a new reign of terror led by ‘Ted.’” Fritz Springmeier writes: “Almost all the
serial killers have had connections to Satanism and in every case the media and the police
have suppressed or greatly downplayed their connections to Freemasonry and Satanism. For instance, Charles Manson
(Freemason, Ordo Templi Orientis, which was started by Aleister
Crowley & Satanism), Son of Sam, Berkowitz another serial killer, who is Ordo Templi Orientis & Satanism, Jack the Ripper (Freemason), and Henry Lee Lucas (Satanism). Could it be that Ted Bundy had a
Satanic side to him?” After task forces looking for a killer
were created in Seattle, Ted moved to Utah … to attend law school. And worked as … a security guard? Women started disappearing there as well. Details about their deaths are fully outlined
in Programmed to Kill and appear strange. Melissa Smith’s body had been almost
entirely drained of blood, she was not killed right away, she was kept
alive for a week, make-up undisturbed, nails all intact, no signs of struggle whatsoever. The point being, there was no evidence of
her being held against her will … And furthermore if Ted held her for that
specific duration of time he’d have had to have had accomplices. The day after Melissa’s disappearance Ted left on a hunting trip with his finance’s father… Melissa Smith also happened to be the police
chief of Midvale Park, Utah’s daughter. Laura Aime was taken next in Utah and was killed by being beaten with crowbar and sexually assaulted on Halloween night in 1974. The strange things about her death were that
she was found to be drunk at the time of death, but her corpse had freshly shampooed hair. That’s not all. Aime’s mother is quoted as saying that a
few weeks before her death, Aime said to her “Mother, at my funeral I don’t want to
be buried in a dress.” Right … I’m sorry is anyone else beside
me totally freaked out right now? My head is seriously exploding. Okay so, Fritz Springmeier said: “Ted
Bundy told his girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall that “the force” caused him to kill…. She recorded Ted’s confession in her book The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy “The force” is the very term that high level Satanists use to describe the power that they believe in, which they believe can be used for either good or evil. The movie Star Wars surprisingly used the
Illuminati’s term “the force”, which up until that time had been
reserved for esoteric use by Satanism and the occult. This is part of the plan to take the occult
and its goals and instill it into the public’s thinking and goals, so that the conspiracy
becomes an “open conspiracy” with the general public promoting
the drive toward witchcraft as the world religion and its
One-World-Government.” Is nothing sacred? Really Star Wars is one of our favorite movies. But we did find a lot of really interesting
things related to Star Wars and all this but Anyway, I think maybe Lucas might wanted to expose some of this which is probably why he left Hollywood, didn’t wanna follow “their” rules. No I can’t take it, no. We need to end this. Ok, I’m just kidding but seriously like
my mind’s totally blown here. So to conclude, Ted Bundy was handsome, well put together, charismatic, and could lie straight faced while he committed some of the most depraved acts this world has ever seen. If he could do this and fool so many people, is it possible that there could be more
people out there like him? But listening to his confessions it is almost like he was the product
of MK Ultra with DID (dissociative identity disorder) From what it looks like here, he was definitely, it looks like tied
to some kind of satanic stuff. Right and there is that video we found
Derren Brown who got an ordinary person to shoot someone in a controlled experiment and he never even remembered doing it. But Ted Bundy may or may not be connected
to the 13 families directly, we think he was somehow, but this example is so parallel to
how they operate, that it holds as an example and tells their story regardless of a direct connection or not. It’s up to you all out there to judge. And guys and we didn’t even get to tell
you everything. Ted Bundy escaped from prison twice. In one of the escapes he ran outside and got
in a car where the keys were already in the ignition … When does that happen, like ever? Who wanted him out? Okay It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t
end this leaving you drooling for more …. So here it is. We spoke about Bundy and Charles
Manson a little bit. Were you aware that Bundy called Charles
Manson while in prison? Was that a happenstance call? How does Charles Manson fit into all of this and was this connected to
something bigger— something that could even expose and
predict things going on today? Stay tuned everyone. It’s gonna get crazier. Just remember to hit like and subscribe and
hit those notification bells Until next time, we’ll see you out on the edge Of hopefully not any serial killings ever
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Maurice Vega

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  50. Denise Naslund was a good friend of my mom – they were at the beach the day Ted Bundy killed Denise…. it very well could have been my mom who got killed. Gives me chills everytime I think about this…

  51. I dont believe Ted Bundy was the sole person behind those murders,i think he was more or less the scapegoat,in a way??

  52. I was in military journalism school (Defense Information School or DINFOS) 30 years ago when Bundy was executed in the electric chair. All day, there were non-stop Bundy & electricity-related execution jokes. I only wish I could remember specific lines. When you’re around writers, and learning the craft yourself, joking around gets ver-ry inter-resting. ?✨??✨

  53. In his book, Programmed to Kill, author Dave MCGowan implies that Ann Rule may have been part of a larger conspiracy to obfuscate cult activities possibly related to murders attributed to Ted Bundy.

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