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This was a night that was
supposed to bring clarity to the Democratic race … “Hello, hello, hello, hello!” “Here’s what is clear.” “I don’t know what’s
going to happen later tonight.” … and establish whether
there was one clear front-runner or maybe
two clear front-runners, or no front-runners at all. We’ve covered contests in
Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. “Can I get you to
wear a button?” “I’m with the press.” “Sure I know,
I’m just trying.” And now we’ve arrived
at Super Tuesday. Super Tuesday is the
single most important date on the primary calendar. You have more than a dozen
states and territories voting at the same time. And it is the first
real test of which candidates are drawing
broad national appeal. “Winston-Salem, thank you!” “Hello, Denver!” “Tennessee will deliver. This is the Volunteer State.” The biggest prizes
on the map are Texas and California. But all told, you’re
looking at about a third of all the delegates
that are at stake in the Democratic primary
are at stake on Super Tuesday. This was a good night,
especially for Joe Biden. “It’s a good night! It’s a good night!” We have seen that Biden
has been regaining traction in the race over the
last couple of days. “It ain’t over, man. We’re just getting started.” But he pulled off a series
of big wins and upsets in places where even
a newly revived Biden campaign wasn’t terribly
optimistic about winning. Over the last
few days, we have seen an extraordinary
coalescing of support around Joe Biden. “I am ending my campaign
and endorsing Joe Biden!” When he collected those
endorsements on Monday from Pete Buttigieg
and Amy Klobuchar, that only accelerated
his new momentum. So many of Joe Biden’s
most important and biggest victories on
Super Tuesday came in states where black voters make
up either a majority or a very, very large share
of the primary electorate. “We just got in from Alabama. We won Alabama!” Joe Biden edged out a
narrow victory in Texas, but it was a close outcome. And Bernie Sanders recorded
very significant support, especially from Latino voters
and progressives. This was a solid night
for Bernie Sanders. This was not some
massive setback. It was not the
massive breakthrough that his campaign
hoped it would be. But what we did see him do, was
continue adding significantly to his delegate count
in a series of states where his
progressive base was strong. “Hi, my name is Tom. I’m from the Bernie Sanders
presidential campaign.” Most importantly, California. In his speech on
election night … “This will become a
contrast in ideas.” … Bernie Sanders
made it pretty clear that in the coming
weeks he is going to be going after Joe Biden
even more aggressively. “One of us in this race led
the opposition to the war in Iraq — you’re
looking at him.” It was not such a good
night for Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren. Warren has needed
to make a comeback, and she did not
carry a single state. She even came in third in her
home state of Massachusetts. This was the first time that
Michael Bloomberg’s name appeared on a ballot in
this Democratic primary. He spent hundreds of
millions of dollars on advertising, and other
campaign operations in the Super Tuesday states. In the end, he only
won a single contest in American Samoa. Ultimately, Bloomberg and Warren
both dropped out. For the first time
in this campaign, you really have the two
wings of the Democratic Party organized under a pair
of clear front-runners. Joe Biden, closer to
the political center … “Look, most Americans don’t want
the promise of a revolution. They want results. They want a revival
of decency, honor and character.” … and Bernie Sanders,
further to the left. “From day one, we have been
taking on the establishment. It is no surprise,
they do not want me to become president.” There is clearly a real hunger
among many voters in the party to coalesce
quickly around someone they see as an
electable challenger for President Trump. Do you want some kind
of salutation or — Producer: “No, no.” It’s only March, and we’ve got
a long way to Election Day. The Times will continue
covering the campaign from all angles,
from the campaign trail to investigations to
analysis and beyond. For our latest reporting,
go to Thanks for watching.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Clarity? The Democrats? Ha! It's fun watch them eat each other up!!! The Dems have given up. They know Trump's going to win..and they don't need a communist candidate running for president or they'll lose the house!

  2. Interesting, thanks for the video. As a Trump supporter, I'm more worried about Biden than Sanders. It will be a lot easier to campaign against Sanders–all you have to say is "socialism," and voters start running away–unfairly or not. Still, Sanders cannot be underestimated and Trump must still campaign hard against him. Sanders inspires a lot of enthusiasm and loyalty, and this is contagious.

    Plus, a lot of voters just want Trump to go away, and people may overlook the fact that Medicare for All is unworkable and vote for Sanders just to get rid of Trump. As for Biden, he is a decent man and people like him, and he has much experience. I would consider voting for Biden myself, but I do not like his "path to citizenship" for illegals. People need to come to America legally. Thanks again for the interesting commentary.

  3. blacks can't seem to get off the plantation i do not understand why they keep voting for people that are trying to destroy them i am at a lost for words other than WTF!

  4. Joe Biden is showing signs of early onset Alzheimer's. He often looks confused and forgets where he is. This is not the person we want running this country for the next four years.

  5. Voting for that muppet joe Biden will only get trump reelected and your country will be a worse state than it is .
    What ashame that everyone is brain washed and are happy being screwed over every single day

  6. I’ll never vote democrat again after three plus years of nasty coverage, attacks and court proceedings on our president. I voted for Obama twice and was disgusted with him in his second term, but he was still our president, and I never would even think about attacking him like Trump has been attacked. The democrats have went way too far left and now socialism on the ticket, please stop it’s sad.

  7. The wacko democrats/communist should just start worrying about 2024 , they already blew the 2020 election with this band of idiots and morons , how stupid do they think the American public is

  8. now here are the next steps to pick up more delegates after the fact..  🙂


    google & wikipedia it..
    2020 STATE DELEGATE SELECTION PLAN there are 57 different ones  lol..
    showing up at the state delegate process in your state and getting the no-show-delegates IS CRUCIAL..
    WHEN WE KNOW THE RULES & SHOW UP.. we will rock this !!  🙂
    we show up! we use their rules.. we know the rules better than them.. we pick up delegates later! whatever the media & cheat count is now..
    we culture jam the system because we show up & know the rules more than they do..  we are doing a follow-the-rules payback!..
    just this once!   lol  🙂
    GET INVOLVED NOW IN YOUR STATE DELEGATE PROCESS.. some states are tomorrow..  we can STILL win in the selection process, OTHER candidates delegates will not even show up.. an unknown number of free delegates are still UP FOR GRABS  lol
    we win the next 3 months doing this.. some states are doing their next steps in their states processes TOMMORROW.. GET UP TO SPEED ON THIS QUICK OR WE MISS THE WINDOW IN SOME STATES !!
    starting now and soon for other states.. for the next 3 months we need extra bernie delegate volunteers IN EACH STATE TO STEP IN WHEN DELEGATES DO NOT SHOW UP.. bernie people can then step in.. THESE ARE THEIR STATE RULES that allow this..  lol  each state is different, some states are easy others take more finesse..  we show up, we  know more about the rules.. WE GET EXTRA DELEGATES  LOL
    SEARCH & wikipedia FOR YOUR
    good work everyone!.. you are excellent  we still SO got this! with love love love AND we takeover all the cheating state parties infrastructures now too.. nothing is set in stone AT ALL yet..
    AND we still have time to showup & overwhelm & takeover each states party process with OUR delegates before milwaukie..  lol  🙂
    good luck ! now GO FOR IT EVEN MORE

  9. This was actually a really good synopsis, felt fair to every campaign too. Great video, NYT.

    Bernie Sanders 2020 !

  10. The way I see it is the only reason Biden has started doing so well is he is picking up votes from the candidates that just dropped out of the race. There endowments and those who supported them now side with Biden. This means nothing in the long run even if he gets the nomination for the democrat leader. How many of those who support Burny Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, and so on will in the end go with Trump? They are already trying to sabotage Sanders with colluding with Russia where have we heard that before???? Ppl are sick of this democratic propaganda machine and there antics. I guarantee Biden makes it into the oval office there will be more wars more homelessness more poverty. I as a Canadian worry about your country because what happens there affects Canada. You go to war we got to war and so on. That being said I keep the American people I'm my prayers. Concerned Canadian.

  11. I don’t care what it comes down to. I’m not bowing down to the dem party’s scam. I’m voting Bernie period.

  12. There is no significant difference between Sanders and Biden. The only difference at all between them is that Sanders openly admits to being a Bolshevik, while Biden lies when denying it.
    They're both stooges for their masters in Beijing.

  13. Biden surprised everyone. ALL suspended candidates have given their support to Joe. Bloomberg will spend millions on Biden.
    The DNC didn't want Bernie in '16 and they don't want him now. Bernie will dwindle.

  14. Better get exited for four more years of Trump. I expected that working people would vote for the obvious choice….Bernie….But no…they want more punishment. As someone who is independantly wealthy, Trump has literally saved me Millions of dollars in tax breaks.Frankly, its money that I dont even need. I dont know when working people are going to wake up. I guess I’ll just enjoy the benefits of Trump’s corruption for four more years…..maybe 8-12 years.

  15. If Bernie loses a lot of people will either stay at home or even vote for Trump. Simply cause Trump even with all his flaws is still far from being a typical establishment candidate. Traditional divisions seem to crumble. These days it's more and more about pro-establishment and status quo vs game-changers and disruptors.

  16. BERNIE 2020!!! Here we go ….the democrats are going to cheat Bernie out of the nomination….its filthy hillary at it again. If he gets cheated by Biden and gang out of the nomination I will lose my mind.

  17. Stopping trump is NOT everyones priority. Fighting republicans takes a backseat to saving America. Yes, Trump is yelling at the "hole in our boat", but Biden is only going to smile at it. Can you think of a plan he has proposed that is intended to do something other than return us to 2012?

    We independents outnumber democrats 2 to 1, and we have been working with you for decades. You have NOT been working with us. This is 2016 all over again.

  18. I'm a registered Democrat and I'm not happy with Biden or Sanders with Sanders we're going to get socialism and with Biden we're going to get more corruption maybe Biden will make Hunter president of the ukraine

  19. large reserves of oil and gas have been discovered on Antarctica…. usa decided to put an end to the anti-democratic regime of emperor penguins…

  20. Bernie is the establishment! Old fart has never had a job, but he’s a multi millionaire. Gets paid by the establishment!

  21. my feeling is what happened the DNC didn't wait till the convention, they got to Rep. Clyburn got him to endorse Biden, got the news media to build up Biden, for Super Tuesday, then talked the other candidates except Warren to back Biden with what ever deals and in 48hr, changed the lead without waiting like they did in 2016.

  22. This report is CRAP. Biden's boost is about BIG MONEY. And of course Republican CROSS VOTING. Confusion equals MONEY for media. Nice job New York Times… Corrupt! Not Biden!


  24. Another election stolen from Bernie. The media was reporting results early before the voting was over that made it look like Biden would win. Poor old commie aint never going to be get to be anything but a poor old commie. Even the democrats dont want him.

  25. The absolute only reason that Biden won most of those states is because the DNC establishment put the hammer down on all of the other D candidates (Amy, Pete, Steyer). They essentially said that if you don’t drop this weekend then the race will be over for Biden, period. The establishment couldn’t control Mike Bloomberg, so he wouldn’t drop out until after Super Tuesday when he lost virtually every state (other than American Samoa). The establishment wins again, sickening.

  26. Population of American Samoa: 55,000
    Spent by Baron Von Bloomberg: $500,000,000
    Conclusion: Next time just give Samoans $10,000 each.

  27. the death throes of the socialist uprising twist up the crooked demoncrats so much they dont know which way they even face. team freedom will absolutly crush it in november. keep up the great work kids!

  28. In 1964 many ‘establishment’ Republicans knew that if they
    nominated Barry Goldwater, he would be defeated by  Lyndon Johnson for the Presidency of the
    United States, they did it anyway and he was defeated as predicted, however,
    that did not stop Mr. Goldwater from becoming the father of the modern
    conservative movement in America. And by extension, many ‘establishment’ Democrats
    think that if they nominated Bernie Sanders, he would be defeated in any
    Presidential election, however, that was a risk they were not willing to take,
    only because of the danger of a second term for this current American President
    would be just too toxic a risk to take, even if it would mean that Mr. Sanders
    would then become the father of the modern democratic socialist movement in
    America, that would have to wait for another more promising candidate at
    another point in time.

  29. I do not care, Donald Trump has to get out of oval office, half my kin is american, yes so I care americans, I care for world, so whatever win election for president should not be not this skunk Donald Trump. Sorry that is bad for skunks, it should not be Donald Trump.

  30. It scares me how many people have or had just NO idea what Super Tuesday was. And I live in a Super Tuesday state.

  31. Baiden will kiss anything which can move on the white house's floor. Welcome to 80+ yrs old boggy man America which is starting with title Covid 19.

  32. I think they had to search very hard to find Joe Biden saying something that made sense. At one point he turned to introduce his sister and said, "I'm  Joe's husband.""  I wonder if he has had a stroke lately. He is not normal.

  33. from Norway 🙂

    What is this “Norwegian social democracy” that Bernie talking about?
    Its an obviously fact that we know that "Sanders system" works ! Why ?
    Because we have it 🙂 Norway scored highest on the UN's annual index measuring longevity, education levels and gross income per capital

    The success of the so-called “Nordic Model” is commonly attributed to factors such as income equality, a high level of trust, high willingness to pay tax, which is tightly coupled to strong social security (health, education), a blend of governmental regulations and capitalism, and cultural homogeneity.

    I can will tell you that this social democracy we have in Norway is founded on a capitalistic ideology
    Such a basis in society leads to loyal citizens who are willing to contribute voluntarily for the common good.
    We have far better chance of social mobility here, compared to the US.

    All people should have the right to make a career no matter what background they come from, thats the basics in this ideology.

  34. It is to obvious when they keep having people talk for Joe. He is an embarrassment when he thinks or speaks. Any time you see them advertising Joe, they are
    hiding the fact that he is unelectable. Now with the new investigation from Ukraine, Joe is going to get flushed.

  35. what just happened —america went gaga for a guy with dementia —–they will get the government they deserve

  36. Neither Bernie or Biden stands a chance against the silent rage upholding Trump. I'm not registered. Just stating truthful observations. It's 4 more years no matter how bad the Dems are butthurt.

  37. Biden is a has been, he had his chance and both him and Obama were the party of change but now he wants to take us back to those day's. We can do better wake up your being played.

  38. Joe biden's performance on super Tuesday was a knee-jerk reaction in my opinion. The win in South Carolina and the endorsements of Pete buttigieg and Amy klobuchar caused a flurry of excitement which I do not think will be alive after the next debate. May the best person win.

  39. Well, I guess it is the triumph of the Status Quo, this Super Tuesday still proves that America or even Democrat party are not taking a radical turn by electing Bernie Sanders as their candidate.

  40. I don't get it. Why is are Americans buying Biden's campaign? I'm puzzled why anyone is voting for him over Bernie. #BERNIESANDERS2020

  41. So the party supposedly of diversity and hating white male millionaires is now led by two male white millionaires.
    And they are now fighting to decide who will occupy a virtual coffin in November.

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