Subs vs. Dubs – Anime Crimes Division S1, Ep. 1 (ft. ProZD & Alex Wassabi)

In Neo Otaku City, there are two kinds of
people. The kind of people who can recite the Sailor
Moon theme song from memory in the original Japanese, and the kind who don’t belong here. When someone commits a crime against anime,
they don’t call the police. They call: the Anime Crimes Division. God dammit, Senzaki! Stop! Drop it, Senzaki! You take one more step and I’m blowing those
containers sky high! Think of the women, detective. Do you want their blood on your hands? Do you know what this is? It’s a .45 MW.TRG Dominator from Psycho Pass. Fully licensed, precision molded ABS casing,
modified to shoot 6mm BBs from Tokyo Marui M9 mags. And I know what you’re thinking – did I fire
twenty-six airsoft pellets? Or only twenty-five? No. I’m just wondering if you’re stupid enough
to think you can kill me with an airsoft gun. No. I’m not. It’s okay, girls. You’re safe now. Four shipping containers full of smuggled
body pillow brides. Incredible bust, detective. Their “busts” are what got them thrown in
these containers in the first place, kid. Sir? Sorry. This city just… takes a toll on you. For every shipment of waifus we save from
the sex trade, a dismemberment of a collector’s Gundam goes unavenged. All those mechas… Lost in the night… I thought you quit Pocky! I thought you shut the hell up. What’s the next case, chief? You didn’t come down here just to give me
a pat on the back and tell me what a sugoi job I did. Vandalism in Tetsuokanedatetsuokaneda Park. So? So? It’s about what they wrote. Three words that could burn this city to ashes. My God. This could spark a war between the subber
and dubber gangs. Exactly. Which is why I’m assigning you a partner. Partner? This mission is too important for you to lone
wolf it. So we’re giving you a cub. She’s fresh out of Little Police Academia,
but she picks things up fast. I’m sure you two will get along great. I’m Detective Diesel. It’s an honor to meet you, sir! Which Yuri on Ice character has the juiciest
butt. What?
– JUICIEST BUTT! STOP WASTING MY TIME! Uh, I haven’t seen Yuri on Ice… Christophe Giacometti. God dammit, I knew you were nothing but a
wannabe-a-boo. No I’m not! I love anime! What’s your favorite anime then? Digimon. I’m gonna pretend you didn’t just say that. CSI have anything for me? Um, the paint is generic, but the font is
Helvetica Neue. Favored by the Subber Gang. Which I found confusing. If the Subbers did this, why “Dubs not Subs?” Wouldn’t it be the other way around? I mean, we’re in the middle of Dub Gang territory. What an absolute shame for such a beautiful
statue to be vandalized! The statue was a cultural touchstone in the
park and will now have to be repainted! Could have been working fast. Made a mistake. But if the Subbers did this… Post your fan theories to Tumblr! Here we do REAL police work! Detective! Who are you? Bob Dugnut! I donated that statue! Mr. Dugnut is the head of M4E. The manga publishing company. If these criminals are not brought to justice,
I’ll see to it that your ass is demoted to tentacle vice before you can say Pocky addiction! What’s an “anego?” Please ignore my friend. She watches Digimon. What do you know about the graffiti in Tetsuokanedatetsuokaneda
Park? But your font was…? Sir. My teachings from Digimon have taught me how
to spot a liar and I don’t think she’s lying. If I want to know about Last Airbender trivia,
I’ll ask. For now this is MY investigation and you’ll
keep quiet! I am getting sick and tired of being disr… Dammit. A gang war of this magnitude could destroy
the city. Wait a second… who’s that? Get down! You saved me. You’re the Tai to my Izzy, sir. They’re Digimon characters…? Looks like I still got a lot to learn. I’d recommend starting with the manga honestly,
it provides a lot of… Manga! Oh my God, you solved the case! Come on… we gotta go stop a war… You’ll pay for what you’ve done to our statue! I will use the power of the light to make
you die! No! Wait! You don’t need to fight! We most certainly do my friend for we have
come to fight and fighting is what we will do! You’re blaming each other for crimes neither
of you committed. The true culprit is… Bob Dugnut, CEO of the M4E manga company. This statue is in Dubber territory, which
means the graffiti on it makes no sense. Unless you read it from right to left. Same with the note at Subber HQ. That’s right. It’s not about the subs or the dubs. It’s about the anime versus the original manga. Have you even READ the original run of Akira? They cut out half the characters for the anime! Half! Listen! We all have our differences. Some of us dub. Some of us sub. And some of us prefer Digimon. But we can’t let those differences divide
us! Because at the end of the day, we are all
united in our mutual love of animation. Kimiko and I now declare this park… I’m quitting. Ha! Guess you did him some good after all. Won’t happen again, sir! I sure hope not! Because we just got word of the theft of a
one-of-a-kind Yu-gi-oh card. Whaddya say, Joe? You sick of this “wannabe-a-boo” yet? Don’t worry Diesel. You’re as weeby as they come. Let’s go.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Just a minor point, from an "American Gun Nut" and ex Military Police Officer…

    Please, please PLEASE, take your booger-hooks off the bang-switch unless you are about to shoot. I know it's a toy gun. I know they are actors. How about acting like somebody who actually carries a gun on a daily basis?

  2. I like dubs because i like to actually understand what they're saying in an anime, but im not talking about the live action ones. The dubbed version of live action animes make me wanna kill myself

  3. This is insanely corny, but i quite like it i think
    probably helps that ProZD is a great personality to have as a lead role

  4. Big question is… was grandpa's Blue Eyes White Dragon the card that got stolen at the end?

  5. * Long inspirational anime style speech is long and inspirational

    This will bring all the weebs together, united under the love and appreciation poured into this work of art, referencing our struggles and joy within the art of anime.

  6. Dubs suck balls. Not only that but I learned a very respectable level of Japanese from watching anime subs, if I didn5 quit watching anime I would have a near full grasp of Japanese. I also learned a respectable amount of Cantonese, and Mandarin the same way.
    .. I didn't watch enough kdrama to learn much!

  7. Sub all the waaaaaay!!!!

    Not being a weeb but I love to see anime in their own language. If it’s a Chinese anime then I would watch it in Chinese and if it’s a Korean anime I would watch it in Korean.

  8. I love how it presented both problems in sub or dub, how dub sometimes doesn’t match or how subs are sometimes wrong

  9. I love how the subtitles said “NO!” But she said so many words 😂 what did she actually say?

  10. i love how the dub gang's mouth movements aren't the same as the words they say just like in dubbed anime (which is trash and makes me uncomfortable)

  11. It's cringey and beautiful at the same time. I don't know what to say. Though, I do agree with Bob Dugnut. I hate it when them cut my favorite character that was in the manga from the anime

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