Study – Economic Populism Could Have Won Over Trump Voters And Changed Election – The Ring Of Fire

The liberal organization, the Roosevelt Institute,
has come out with a new study showing that had the Democrats run in 2016 on a platform
of economic populism or if they had discussed the issue of economic populism, they could
have won states like Michigan, possibly Wisconsin, Ohio, but they didn’t. According to this analysis by the Roosevelt
Institute, there were enough Trump voters in the state of Michigan that were willing
to vote for a Democrat had that Democrat come out with a very strong economic populist agenda. But Hillary Clinton didn’t do that, so these
people voted for Trump instead. They weren’t happy about it, but they did,
unfortunately, believe him when he said that he was against these trade deals, that he
wanted to bring back jobs, things like that. Things that are typically Democratic talking
points, things that Hillary Clinton did believe, according to her campaign website. But, unfortunately, she didn’t go all around
the state of Michigan showing people her website, having them scroll through while she stood
right there. Instead, she went out, gave speeches, ran
ads attacking Donald Trump, and not talking about the issues that people actually did
care about this year. They wanted to know the policy differences
between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but she didn’t tell them. Instead, all we got were her surrogates, her
supporters online, saying, “Well, just go the website.” Hey, you know what? I did. I read it. I understood it. But don’t tell me to go to the website. Tell the people out there. Or better yet, don’t tell people to go to
a website. Explain it to them. People are not necessarily willing to go out
and do the research on their own, so it’s your job to explain it. We knew you were not the same as Donald Trump. You didn’t have to tell us that by spending
hundreds of millions of dollars in ads just to remind us that you’re not Donald Trump. But that’s what Hillary Clinton did. According to analyses, she ran the least substantive
campaign in my entire lifetime. Fewer than 25% of her ads and speeches addressed
issues. More than 75% of the time, she was simply
attacking Donald Trump. Worst campaign in modern history. And that’s not my opinion. That’s what the numbers say. So had she gone to states like Michigan, like
the Roosevelt Institute tells us, and explained her policies, she would have flipped enough
Trump voters to win the state. Likely, the same situation in Ohio and Wisconsin
and other Rust Belt states. There is no other way to say this anymore. It wasn’t Russia, it wasn’t Comey, it wasn’t
WikiLeaks. It was the fact that the Democratic party
ran the worst campaign in modern history. Not all of that blame lies on Hillary Clinton. Yes, she could have gone out there and said
these things, but she had people like David Brock, and Peter Daou, and everyone else,
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, saying, “Attack, attack, attack Trump. Policy? Well, I don’t know what that is. Just go out there and say that Trump’s a bad
guy.” Well, guess what? It didn’t work. And that’s why it’s time for people like Brock
and Daou to get the hell out. Your days in politics are done. We have the numbers now. We have the analyses of the 2016 election. Had Hillary not listened to idiots like you,
had she talked policy, she would have won, in spite of whoever hacked the DNC, in spite
of James Comey and the FBI, she still would have won if she would have ran a fairly decent,
or even moderately good, campaign. That’s what the Roosevelt Institute is telling
us with this new study. People were hungry for Democratic populism. The Democrats just didn’t give it to them.

Maurice Vega

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  1. We needed a study for this? No one outside of the Sanders camp was capable of thinking, "hey let's maybe not completely ignore the working class in the rust belt, and not deliberately avoid campaigning there even once."

  2. Ok. so you are an idiot. I've followed you for quite a while but now you're just being overly dramatic, and nonesensical.

  3. People are sick of the democrats talking about all the things we need to do. After they get our votes not much gets done. Lots of people have given up on them. If they want us back they need to prove that they will fight for us with action !

  4. Democratic leadership would rather loose elections to the GOP forever so long as the get to keep the big money donors and suppress ordinary people voice! The party is dying a slow death, and they couldn't care less!

  5. It wasn't Russia, it wasn't Comey, it wasn't Wikileaks…
    it wasn't racism, it wasn't sexism,…

    It was Hillary and her campaign all along.

    Please now apologize to all the voters you called racists and sexists because you were too butt-hurt to think straight.

  6. Hillary did worse than not offer Democratic Populism, she and DWS openly disparaged it by calling Bernie supporters "impractical dreamers" and telling people that Bernie, with his populist message, wasn't a REAL Democrat

  7. This was what Mika and Morning Joe were saying. All Sumner long they kept suggesting for Clinton to finally Côme around with some policy substance but it just didn't become forthcoming.

  8. if they weren't happy about voting for Donald, why not stay your ass at home? that way Hillary probably would have won in the landslide instead of Donald. no I don't like ALL of  Hillary policies, I like SOME… and her method of attacking trump. her method was kind of dumb or whoever idea was to show the people that Donald was using "bad words". those are the same exact words that drew the crowd in the first place. she might as well supporting Donald trump at this point. but  nonetheless she isn't  stupid enough to drag this country in the ground.

  9. Well, this would also mean the Dem would have to have been even remotely credible, and Clinton was not remotely credible on anything to do with economic justice.

    Her website was nonsense. It was as enforceable and as valid as the Dem party platform.

    You sound enraged that Clinton didn't lie more credibly. What's up with that?

  10. the institute is wrong democRATS had the election rigged they cheated like hell anything coming from university is leftist bias communist thinking .

  11. They didn't promote populist policy because they didn't believe in those policies. As soon as Hillary got into office it was gonna be the old " What can I do for you now Wall Street?"

  12. Yes they did talk about out it!!! Someone wasn't paying attention to the discussion by democrats to raising the minimum wage or wage rate to 15 dollars.
    What it is, is that we chose not to listen when it was spoken!
    Most of the voters had their fingers up their ass, and voted personality and not issues.
    So of course you missed it!!!

  13. No they could not win with HILLARY!!! To Dishonest!! She was out fund raising all the time what a waste of money. We LOVE OUR PRESIDENT!! THANK YOU JESUS !!!!!

  14. Well in light of all her bribes she too to get her money rather then be a good even mediocre person to America, you know the country she faked she cared about? Get over it. She didn't win for great reasons and we dodged that bullet aimed for a death shot FYI. I personally couldn't be happier!!

  15. I totally agree and believe you are spot on with this. I did vote for Hillary but kept saying to my peers that she was making a mistake continuing to talk about Trump after her first debate with him. I felt at that point everyone had seen enough to determine Trump was bad but she was doing nothing to communicate why SHE was a better choice. I remember saying that Trump was getting tons of free coverage on television and her ads were just more free coverage for him. To quote our orange Emperor "SAD" (and now I will be crying for at least four years).

  16. Important Read—News you don't hear about enough in the media . Many in congress want USA Made running shoes for are Military and troops like New Balance Made In America. And not China or overseas.
    John McCain has been resisting the bill that's not good, lets get it done American Made Running shoes for our Military.

  17. Democrats were running away from Obama's economic policy. They needed to just add a little bit of fire and that would have been fine. Running away from Obama, for example did Obama not ask fr money to fix the infrastructure? Did the Democrats support? Remember when the Dem used to run away from Obama care? Now it is a hot potatoes in town. The treatment Democrats gave Obama brought that party down and they'll pay the price.

  18. You are one huge dumbass. Democrats want socialism. Why are you still deliberating the election you penis head looking loser. Trump is winning big league, suck it bitch.

  19. I don't think so. To me, it's the fact that Hillary couldn't hide the fact that she's a criminal.. and the fact that her whole family is not to be trusted, and most of all, the Dems tried to cover up the fact.

  20. I was number 16 on the thumbs down. I was turned off as soon as u said, "If……" I have never seen more stupid people in my life….there is no if. President Trump resoundingly beat Crooked Hilary. I dont care about the popular vote. She cheated, got caught cheating; lied, got caught lying; and she wasted 1.2 billion dollars. Imagine the outcome had she used that money to say, help Flint Michigan with the water. So, take your "ifs" and shove them up your stupid ass. I recall back when Democrats stood for something…remember the VIet Nam war when Democrats demonstrated, protested, and it made sense. Not one Democrat demonstrated or protested when Obama and Clinton went into Syria, Libya, or elsewhere. This is why TRUMP is president. In reality, "if" you can imagine that, Clinton and Obama had more Russian connection tham Trump ever has. And it's clear. You think sane people dont understand that? You are stupid people

  21. Progressives (and anyone else who is mad as hell) Unite!
    The democrats were kind enough to set up the infrastructure for us. Let's Take Them Over. Run it our way. See what happens. The sooner you change your voter registration the better. Less time for the DNC to steal your vote or erase you from the voter roles. #Bernie2020 #poetry #remembernevada #seewhathappens #letsseewhathappens #PartyThatLostItsWay #DNCStoleIt #JusticeDemocrats

  22. Still trying to figure out how Democrats lost. It's really not difficult and so called meaningful self deceptive analysis is not required.


  24. And the one guy from your own party you kicked to the curb, Jim Webb, made this his entire campaign. CHOKE ON IT! YOU DESERVE TRUMP!

  25. both of them were gonna get us killed the reason I didn't vote this year, if Bernie Sanders ran on the other hand I would have been one of the first to the poles. And I'm from Ohio.

  26. Hillary COULDN'T sell economic populism. Her hubby Bill had SIGNED NAFTA and she was been a globalist whore from day one.

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