Studio 10 row as Yumi Stynes calls out Kerri-Anne Kennerley

– Has anyone been out
to the outback? – Where children, babies,
five-year-olds are being raped, – their mothers are being raped,
their sisters are being raped, – they get no education.
What have you done? Zippo. That is not even faintly true,
Kerri-Anne, and you’re sounding quite racist right now. – I’m offended by that, Yumi. Well, keep going then because
every time you open your mouth you’re sounding racist. – I am seriously offended
by that, Yumi. OK. –– Look, I think this …
– Seriously offended. – To tell me … OK, my question
was how many of those people – have gone out to help. I bet a lot of them have. – Well, I’d like to know.
Do you know? – Do you have any proof? – And they’re walking through the streets.
Have any of them gone to help? And the implication is, Kerri-Anne,
that women aren’t being raped here, in big cities and children aren’t
being raped here in big cities. – Yeah, but I’m talking about indigenous …
As Joe just said. – What Joe just said was the report
that came out when these people – need desperately help, it is most
of the Aboriginal elder women – who are just desperate for help
and they’re not getting any. – Where are these people
on one day of the year want to make … – You’d be better off going and
actually doing something positive. –– Look, I think this is a topic
that really, erm, it really fires people up –– and I think mostly everyone has
their hearts in the right place –– and everyone wants to do
the right thing, so let’s just –– take it back a notch.
Everything’s going to be cool. – Just because I have a point of view,
Yumi, doesn’t mean I’m racist. Yeah, you’re actually connecting rape,
child abuse and you’re drawing a straight line. – No, I’m asking if any one of these people
who feels so strongly about this – have ever done anything … And by that statement you’re also
implying that those 5,000 protesters, none of whom you know personally,
are all lazy and idle and indolent. – I did not say that. Yes because you’re asking me …
Yeah, you’re asking me if any of them have ever done anything
as though it’s clear that they haven’t. – No, don’t draw a line
that isn’t there. That’s the line.
I see it quite clearly. – Well, get new glasses. –– Oh, come on.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yumi Stynes calls Kerri-Anne Kennerley racist in on-air clash over Australia Day ►

  2. I didn't particularly like Kerry-anne when she was at school, and haven't changed my, however, she is 100% correct on this occasion. Priorities are so crazy these days. The rapes and abuse of males, females, young (even babies) is happening while we rail against a particular day. Pick another date, call it something which denotes a cohesive country… black, no white, no red or yellow….just bloody Australian, and LIVE TOGETHER EQUALLY. Sheesh!

  3. Yumi is terrible yeah we heard it. Kerri-Anne is a legend we heard it. So how about we discuss the topic. Does Kerri-Anne have the right to call the protesters out for not helping indigenous people? Whatz Kerri-Anne done for those elders? I mean Kerri-Anne is no Ben Quilty. Like put your resume of help down lovey & maybe those 5000 will do the same for you. Yumi you're an idiot. Look up the definition of racism…You should have called on her on the pot calling the kettle black because Kerri-Anne has done stuff all for aboriginal people. Instead making yourself look like you need 2 do a social science course…

  4. New urban dictionary phrase, to ‘do a Yumi’, to embarrass oneself publicly by not factually debating, but instead playing the obvious and overused ad hominem attack card of labelling one’s opponent a “racist/sexist/phobic/mysoginist’ .. etc etc ….

  5. Karriann is racist so all off you in this comment what Yumi said was right shut down a racist typical australian scapegoat to unrelated topics

  6. Yumi hates whites and males and facts that much is clear. She does however enjoy feelings. I presume her family migrated to Australia for a reason but instead of thanks and gratitude she ( like many others ) just wants to tear it all down.

  7. Have zero respect for Yumi after she made derogatory comments about one our Victoria Cross recipients! She needs to stay off television!

  8. I don’t agree with both woman on this subject Yumi calling her a racist was a bit dramatic but if Kerri Anna really want to help this matter and talk about this topic more seriously why didn’t she bring a guest who is indigenous to the panel to talk about this serious subject instead of randomly pointing a finger to these communities which I’m sure she knows nothing about even though Yumi was wrong to call her a racist that what she sounded like by her speech in the beginning.

  9. I am Aboriginal Australian, am disappointed at this behaviour, how the hell does KAK know if the marchers did anything or not for the outback communities, everyone has the right to march, protest and hold parades to bring awareness and a voice to their concerns, issues and problems, and everyone doesn't have the right to condemn them from doing it.

  10. This has really been blown out of proportion. Fact kak had a rant with incorrect statistics and said protesters had no right protesting. Fact Yumi called her out for sounding racist not being a racist. Fact when people talk about another race without backing up statistics then it does sound racist. Fact Yumi never called her a racist. Fact Yumi said she sounded racist and if she kept going the way she was on her little rant she would be considered a racist. Fact why channel 10 had to step in and shut the conversation down.

  11. Not that long ago ours grandfathers and fathers fought and pay ultimate price for free country’s and freedom of speech.
    Freedom which gives people like Yum Yum to abuse it and called everyone racist if they dare to disagree with her.
    And by the way I’m white and obviously racist.

  12. Thanks KAK for addressing the issues but why did it come out the way it did. There was over 200k protestors onAus Day and they all are protesting everything including what you are talking about so truth : protest made a difference kak did but obviously in the wrong way

  13. It's not about race: it's about your socio-economic status. Sociology 101 teaches us that people on the lowest side of the socio-economic spectrum who experience poverty are vounrable to all sorts of abuse: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, physcical and sexual abuse. Think about people who purely rely on centrelink or government benefits- whether they are aboriginal, white, black etc majority experience atleast on the these types of abuse. It's a problem that effects the aboriginal community the most because they are on the bottom and normally live in iscolated and undeveloped areas with little help- it has nothing to do with their race. I still agree with Kerri-Anne 100% because Aboriginal elders have been asking for help for years.

  14. Latest scientific research indicates that Aboriginals are in fact genetically different from Europeans, it is now thought they developed from cross breeding with a third little known arm of human ancestry. Apparently there were three main genetic groups the Genus Homo. Humans, Neanderthals and Densiovians. It's thought Groups of Pacific Islanders including Aboriginals are results of cross breeding between Neanderthals and Denisovians. Apparently cross breeding was fairly common between all three groups.

  15. yumi pulls racist card ,lol.
    she just punched herself in the face without any hint of self awareness.
    yumi the racist needs to look at the reality of the situation before going in with both feet.

  16. Yumi Styles, is a first class idiot, who has her head in the sand. Political correctness, belongs in the garbage. That's what's destroying society.

  17. Well Done Kerri-Anne.The only way to point out what is wrong with our society!…is to point it out!…When is caring about what is wrong in our society RACIST!

  18. It's not racist to point out there are higher levels of domestic violence in aboriginal communities, it's a fact.
    Now if I were to say that the higher rates of violence were due to aboriginal genes, THAT would be racist.
    The banning of alcohol in remote communities leads to dramatic drops in violence, demonstrating booze is a big driver.

  19. The sad thing is, the police and government KNOW many Aboriginal kids are neglected and sexually abused, but nothing is done because of fears of being accused of racism. So I hope the regressive lefties understand their rhetoric is directly responsible for kids being raped and neglected.

  20. she is a racist, and a moron. as are all those defending her…also studio 10 sucks who watches that dumbed down crud anyway.

  21. Yumi Stynes needs to keep her mouth closed when it comes to social and political issues like Australia Day. Her response to Kerri Anne was below the belt, rude and disrespectful. She made it personal and didn't need to. Yumi has no idea what she's talking about and clearly hasn't been out in the bush herself.

  22. I bet Yumi Stynes has Never been to the Outback !
    But I have! City slickers have No idea what's really going on out there!

  23. Guardian News making it quite clear that they are in fact a leftist opinion giver, rather than a news service. A news service allows you to form your own opinion by at the very least just reporting the facts, Guardian News quite amazingly showed us the news and then tried to tell us how it went and what we should think ! The arrogance of it !!! Over two thousand reporters in the US recently lost their jobs because of their bias (people just stopped buying into the B/S !), surely the staff at Guardian News are not so dumb as to think we are going to buy into theirs ! I see much more unemployment in the future of these "News Services" Australia is not that much different to America and we too are starting to wake up to this B/S you dare to call "news"

  24. KKKerriAnne, KKKill yourself. Racist KKKunt.
    Talks over everyone, speaks like a typical arrogant bullying kkkunt, all her supporters are 100% racist kkkowards (as evidenced by 97% of the commenters on this video). Drop dead whore.

  25. "Get new glasses!!"


    These radicals need to be put to account, their bigotry exposed for the deceptive opportunism it is, and their ideology challenged in the forums they wish to censor.

    They're more fascist than the extreme right.

  26. Yumi stynes just another schill for bigotry towards white folk for the express purpose of making cash. How dare she sit there lecturing about whites when she as white as snow herself.Bigot.

  27. Kerri-Anne is too low-brow for this job.  Her bullying is too over the top for my liking. It could be senility creeping in.What's wrong with the producer of this show?   He/she needs new glass and a new hearing aid.  Yumi was right to give her a serve.

  28. I'll be racist . Yumi , you are a pan head.

    Kerry Anne has more talent in her little finger that you have in your feminist , right wing wok.

  29. You have contributed nothing to this country unlike Kerry-Ann you idiot Yumi. Have you forgotten about your comments about one of this countries most decorated soldier? Do us all a favour and disappear you maggot!

  30. Its this sort of attitude that fuels white supremacists all these toxic comments that reference race.. very appalling

  31. Yumi was completely out of line to say that to Kerrie Anne. She so wanted to make her mark that day, but there was no racist comment at all. I don't think Yumi will be back on Studio 10 again. Who would want to work with her ? I think she has an agenda and likes to shock. She would love a permanent role on the show, but that is the wrong way to get it. I thought Kerrie Anne had a valid point about asking " has anyone gone to the communities and tried to help " ? Because making some noise on one day of the year is'nt going to do it.

  32. kerry anne kennerly IS A racist white HYPOCRIT THAT WAS PUNISHED BY GOD BY the DEATH OF her husband john kennerly.

  33. Yumi Stynes' 'racism radar' is way too senstive,. Shutting other people down with the smear of racism is just too easy. Yumi tries to straw-man Kerri-Anne. Kennerley is dead right: get some new glasses.

  34. How can KAK be racist unless of course if Yumi is not one of us humans. Perhaps Yumi could explain what race she is if she is not of the human race. There are different nations, tribes, clans and ethnic groups however only one human race. KAK is very human and caring and dares to ask the serious questions. KAK for PM. Yumi for the backwater somewhere .

  35. KAK is losing the plot more and more these days. It is one thing to present and be topical but another to get personal and go on a rant.

  36. The media should stick to reporting news not giving their opinion on it, neither Stynes or Kerri-Anne are qualified to PUBLICLY voice their opinions on a soap box such as TELEVISION.

  37. Key KAK, just a reality check. Pretty sure all those rapes you refer to, well they weren’t happening before the original Australian culture was destroyed by Europeans. Why not highlight the cause of the problems rather than raising nonsense points about one of the many symptoms.

  38. Kennerly uses misdirection to avoid the real issue of invasion and dispossession and let's fget about the rest of Australia and focus on indigenous people love u yumi don't ever change darlin

  39. Stynes is so unintelligent. Playing the race card where Kennerley was actually making a point in support of those oppressed in indigenous communities is ignorant. She is too stupid to realise the irony.

  40. Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s comments WAS NOT racist end of story. Yumi Stynes is a lefty having a temper tantrum because she can't handle the truth

  41. I think at the bottom of a lot of our western modern day culture is the fact that so many people have not had to fight for the privelage and lifestyle they have .

  42. That man is the one who said why give cancer kids a special day they are only going to die anyway? Anyone remember that horrible joke? Seems everyone forgot already

  43. Kennerley is using racist and untrue attacks in an attempt to make a point about not moving the date of Australia day. Then she has the hide to claim ACMA found her not to be racist. Untrue, ACMA found Ch 10 not to be racist, thanks to the intervention of Yumi. There was no mention of Kennerley in their judgement.

    And I don't understand the insistence of RWNJ's like Kennerley that Australia Day be the 26th of January when Australia came into existence on the 1st of January, 1901. 26/1/1788 was the date of Sydney's foundation and was Invasion Day, commiserated by most First Australians, including the so-called 'rapees' untruthfully decried by Kennerley .

  44. Watch studio 10 interview with David Icke and you may get a whole different opinion of Kerri Anne. She´s not what she pretends to be.

  45. Yumi "You're sounding very racist there kerri anne"
    Kerri Anne "I'm offended" (tries best to look offended but can't look anything other than permanantly surprised due to bad face lift)…….

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