Stossel: NYC Government Traumatizes Gun Owners

Have a gun license? Plan to bring your gun to my home town next time you fly in? “Pack all unloaded firearm and firearm parts in a locked hard-sided container.” If you call the TSA, they will tell you to put the gun in a locked container and: “notify the airline during the ticket counter check-in process.” But even if you do this properly, New York authorities will still wreck your life. I declared my gun, because I always do. I travel, I fly in and out all over the US with it. Patricia Jordan carries her gun for protection. She correctly followed all the TSA procedures when she flew from her home in Georgia to New York City. It’s in the TSA case, everything’s separate. It’s locked. She was traveling with three teenage girls, and wanted her gun in her hotel room. I know that if something happens that I can protect myself. I was glad that she brought it just in case something did happen. On their way home, Patricia did everything correctly again. The airline counter she again told the agent she wanted to check her gun. But this time she was told, “Wait.” The next thing I know they’re getting ready to arrest me. For what exactly? For having a gun. I thought I was going to pass out, I really did. I have my permit. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to right. Of course I started freaking out. She sat there and begged the lady, “Please don’t arrest my mom, please don’t arrest my mom.” She’s like crying, begging her not to take me. The police put Patricia in jail and told her, you’ve committed a felony. The minimum was 3 and a half to 7 years mandatory prison for this. Another visitor, Avi Wolf was jailed just for having a gun part, an empty magazine. There were no bullets? It was just something like this? It was exactly like that. Instead of a plastic exterior mine had a little bit of a different make to it but it was exactly that. Somebody could’ve done more damage to an individual with a fork from McDonald’s than with that. Wolf too checked with the TSA beforehand. They told him, just declare it to TSA agents at security. I telling them that, just a notification I have a magazine here. It’s empty, there’s no bullets, there’s no gunpowder. You know, I called TSA before doing it, and this is what they told me to do, to declare it. The next thing I know they’re pulling me over to the side and they’re all like Do you know what you have in your bag? And I’m like, I know what I have in my bag, I told you what I have in my bag. Fast forward about an hour and it was 4 Port Authority police officers were there, the chief of LaGuardia airport is there. Like, I mean, they thought they found somebody trying to do 9/11 repeat. For this? Literally. For that. They asked me if I had a gun license. Of course I had a gun license. I’m from Georgia, everybody there’s got a gun license. And they’re like, well sir, you’re going to be getting arrested now. I’m like, oh, no. The other prisoners couldn’t believe why Avi was in jail. One guy beat up his wife, this other guy was busted for a whole bunch of drugs. So they’re like, what did you do? Why are you here? It’s like I got caught at security with an empty magazine. What did they say? Just laughed at me; like it was a joke. But it was no joke. Avi and Patricia were released after a day in jail. But they still faced that felony charge. I could barely function, I had to get on like anxiety medicine. I was throwing up every day. Months later, New York allowed each to plead guilty to a lesser charge: public disorder. But it cost each $15,000 in legal fees. Why does New York City do this to people? They need to spend a day in jail? We get them through the system as quick as we can. District Attorney Jack Ryan handles New York airport gun charges. We are not going to apologize for enforcing our gun laws. We do enforce them fairly and humanely and as compassionately as we can. Is it a fair system when it costs them, 15, 17 thousand dollars and they spend a day in jail? It’s as fair as we can make it under all of those circumstances. Even in Avi’s case? It’s an empty piece of plastic. Whether the magazine is made out of plastic, Kevlar, or metal I think is immaterial to make a question of how many bullets it holds. That’s why New York has banned them. Isn’t what’s material is whether it held any bullets? It didn’t. It was empty. You can discuss that with the legislature. They didn’t make it a crime only if there’s bullets in it. They made it a crime. Patricia had carefully separated her gun from her bullets. The officer could not even find my bullets in my suitcase; I had to stop and go show him where they were. But yet they said that this was considered a loaded weapon in New York. Under New York law if they’re together they’re loaded. And so we have prosecuted a number of those cases. They are loaded even if they’re not loaded? If the weapon and the ammunition are together they’re loaded. Most every week, New York jails someone who innocently travels with a gun, legally licensed in their state. These are people who are trying to do everything right. They go onto the TSA website, they follow the regulations to fly with their gun. They go on the airline website and they follow the regulations to properly fly with their gun. And then New York jails them. You’re a sadistic bully locking these people up. These aren’t threats We know they’re not threats after we check them out. We do not know who they are when we first talk to them. Give me a break. Prosecutors have discretion; they could be reasonable with these poor people who had no idea that they’d violated New York’s strange laws. But New York politicians don’t want you to have a gun. So they will put you in jail to send everyone a message.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Fuk N.Y.C liberal scum bags, they’ll fuk there own dead mother if they can. Let nyc sink into crime. People neeed to get out of nyc already let it sink crime infested city of drugs criminals and that the politicians I’m talking about

  2. According to, New York ranks 42nd. Not particularly well known for lenient gun laws.

  3. New York can go fuck its self, if i travel with a gun and its fully legal, i WILL travel with and and not be arrested, if i am then i will sue them into the fucking ground and show the world how much a a piece of shit bully the mayor is and have him forced out of office for being unconstitutional, fuck your anti-gun laws. they violate fully legal gun owning people every day and it needs to stop. Fuck you new york air port, fuck you tsa, fuck you up the ass with a rusty dildo

    jack ryan is a bully that is a complete asshole, you need to apologize for ruining law abiding people and shut the fuck up, you have no business arresting people for legally owning and transporting a gun

  4. I moved out of NJ in 1990…. i was made a criminal there for owning my AR-15. When leaving with my rifle hidden in my stuff, i felt like i was escaping.

  5. if you cant handel being arrested whit out getting on meds you relly shouldent have a gun. the clip shit is bs though!

  6. I guess the TSA needs to be sewed for giving false instructions to passengers. Or the City, for misinforming the TSA. So much for a trip to New York. New York has Unconstitutional Laws, that is not valid.

  7. 5:02 …Because innocent until proven guilty is as antiquated and useless as the second amendment. Am I right?

  8. I think it is time to take this crap to the US Supreme Court, violation of the 2nd Amendment and cruel and unusual punishment.

  9. One more state added to the list of states to never go to. Well, tbh, that is actually just one more reason, among many, not to go to New York. Wonder if their tourist numbers have taken a hit.

  10. It should be illegal Federally for the TSA and/or airline agents to report people following TSA guidelines to local authorities for ANY such restrictive jurisdictions! They should be civilly liable if they do!
    Also, NYC gun charges shouldn't count vs carrying in non-insane jurisdictions.

  11. I fly out of the country on vacation once or twice a year. I always have to come through JFK. I used to always want to come to NYC for a visit but being fucked with every time, I think why would I PAY for this treatment??

  12. All NY law makers, cops, judges,etc. should be jailed when traveling to any other state. Let’s make a law that says so. Then we “get them through the system as quickly as possible.” After it costs them tens of thousands. Thoughts?

  13. So send NYC a message,…and stop vacationing there,..stop doing business there. The almighty dollar can speak VOLUMES in this situation.

  14. I was informed when getting my CPL that you need to check states for reciprocity laws when traveling. Pretty much told to avoid Democratic strongholds.

  15. When government legislation ( which is unlawful) makes laws that disregards the laws of this land , genocide will follow after the disarming of America !
    " shall NOT be INFRINGED " means nothing to criminals!

  16. People should understand that places like Chicago, NY, and SF/LA are really just 3rd world countries inside the US. Your constitutional freedoms apply only in states that are actually abiding by the constitution and actually love America. Even then it’s dangerous, the FBI since the days of Janet Reno has been targeting conservatives and violating their civil rights. We need to change this dynamic.

  17. I just do what the law says, I am incapable of independent thought, I am incapable of independent action, I just want to keep getting my fat pay check.

    Legal bureaucracy…then banality of evil by checklist.

  18. I would sue that city and those police and prosecutors for violating my 2nd Amendment rights. You have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

  19. First of all their pigs that like to eat food that not theres that means if you pay money into their system then they eat and you paying for their food just a big ass scam

  20. A simple answer to this is. Hit them where it hurts. All gun owners should just boycott New York and its tourist industry.
    Once they start losing those tourist dollars maybe, unlikely. But maybe they will wise up and change their laws. But then again.. Bureaucrats are among the most stubborn and pig headed people on the planet.

  21. The $15,000 goes to NYPD. Thats how they make money$$$$$$$$$. The state only gives police about 45% of there budget. Thy have get the rest themselves by something like this.

  22. I live in rural Alabama…got pulled over by a sheriff… he noticed my pistol tucked in the seat. We got to talking about it, he ended up buying it off of me. Lmao… God I love the south.

  23. Rule of thumb, DO NOT EVER GO TO NY, NJ, MA, CA, ML, CT, RI, IL, OR. These extremist leftwing governments will walk all over your rights an freedoms.

  24. Unfortunately, what wasn't said in this piece, which was the most important thing to note is: New York City (all 5 boroughs) has different gun laws than the rest of the state! Only specially permitted civilians and law enforcement officers can carry in NYC. If you have a CCPCCW permit in NY or any other state, it does NOT permit you to carry in NYC. So, if you land at La Guardia Airport or JFK with your pistol, you've landed in a NYC borough and you're in violation! And get this (quick side bar), if you land at Newark Liberty Airport in NJ, you better not have any hollow point rounds because they're strictly forbidden. It's a felony for EACH round you have with you … if you have any bullets in your mags, its a felony for each round that you have in your mags since they have to be empty when traveling through the state without a NJ permit, AND if your pistol isn't field stripped (not locked – FIELD STRIPPED), that's another felony UNLESS you have a NJ permit to carry, and even then, NO HOLLOW POINTS! So, obviously, what the airlines have on their sites is inaccurate about carring into the city boroughs. If you have a CCPCCW avoid NYC or NJ, its just not worth it. In the cases shown here, sure they could have been dismissed if they wanted to but its a perfect trap that gives the city extra points for convictions. Sure … lesser charges but it still equals a conviction of one type or another. Tell all your friends who travel and carry; AVOID NYC AND THE STATE OF NJ!

  25. This is terrorism and treason by definition!!!!

    The police and all authorities in NY are traitors and terrorists who should be put to death according to their own laws as well as the constitution!!!!!!

    Dictionary result for terrorism
    noun: terrorism

    the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

    They declared war on the american people the moment they violated the constitution they were sworn to uphold! Not JUST the 2nd amendment, either!!!

    These are obviously destructive people who should not be allowed to pollute the rest of the world. Under the constitution, and law, they are traitors and terrorists who should be put to death due to the scope of their crimes!!!!

  26. I've made this comment on many videos. We need to disarm the Police. This is the reason why. The supreme court has ruled that police do NOT have a constitutional duty to protect the public. The big reason is that the police are instead being used by leftist governments to strip citizens of their rights just like in this video. If we disarm the police than they can't arrest people who are in mere possession of a constitutionally protected item. It's not just new york. chicago, commiefornia, massachusetts, and so on. The police are the ones who are tasked with enforcing draconian unconstitutional laws like the one mentioned in the video. Try to report a theft and they don't have time for it. Carry an empty magazine in the airport and suddenly you have multiple officers treating you as a threat. It's time we legislatively disarm the police. Vote for every bill that hinders, limits or reduces police power, authority, and use of force. We may not be able to legalize (firearms) freedom in new york, but we can make the police powerless to enforce laws that disarm citizens and leave them vulnerable to corrupt government or criminals. It actually wouldn't be that hard. The left already think police are racist and there are already leftist movements to disarm police. Use those movements to our advantage. The officers would most likely resign and become armed citizens themselves and not be required to arrest citizens who's only crime is carrying a firearm component on their person. History has shown that when you remove firearm restrictions and allow citizens the right to carry crime falls significantly.

  27. Remember, one thing is the federal law regarding firearms and the state law regarding firearms, before traveling not only ensure to check the recent updates in federal law regarding firearms but also the state firearms law's. It is unjust and outrageous what happened to this innocent citizen but that is the way it is on those crooked northern states like New York in which only the powerful and the criminals that don't follow the law get to protect themselves and abuse in a way the innocent and law abiding (one using the law to steal the money from you and keep you compliant and the other using crime in all its forms to satisfy themselves).

  28. New York, always run by liberal, low-IQ idiots. While you are out harassing and arresting every citizen with a legal gun, the criminals are all using their illegal guns to commit crimes.

  29. Well it makes sense why jack Ryan is doing that because think about it the majority of new York 3 centuries new York had most of the British soldiers there confiscating guns and three centuries later it's full of oligarchs who want to return to the days of king George.

  30. 5:02: JS: You are a sadistic bully locking these people up, these arnt threats.
    DAJR: we know they are not threats, after we check them out. We do not know who they are when we first talk to them.

    …. Then check them out and once its determined they are not threats let them go and be on thier way.

    Despicable ass hole.

  31. Yes dude. Guy with the spring light thing in his suitcase. They don’t know what the hell you have and what you were up to. That is not their fault. It is your fault for having that. They don’t know if you are blowing up the plane or it’s just some piece of crap. You’re making people nervous when you do those kind of things. Really, the guy with the spring thing you’re being discriminated against and your Second Amendment is being violated? You’re insane.

  32. New York the state government that committed Treason against the people of the United States Of America and her people all should bet tried and sent to prison or Hung.

  33. As European this makes me laugh. Do Americans really have a need to carry a gun everywhere? In most countries in the world u need a court permit transport gun freely.

  34. Screw NY screw CA. It's time to edit the socialist and communist out of our government. This is Treason and should be treated as traitors.

  35. Fuck you, Jack Ryan, I hope you and all those responsible for these stupid laws against law-abiding citizens rot in hell along with all other snowflake fuckers that do this to us to make the revenue for this fucking state. I really hope that New York City sinks.

  36. It is High Time this Communist Trash was held accountable!!! They are Guilty of Treason and GUILTY of Perjury on their Oath!!!

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