Stock Market SOARS After Trump Impeachment

Let’s talk a little bit about the stock market. We have an impeached president here in the
United States. One of the predictions that Donald Trump made
many times in the lead up to his impeachment was the markets will crash if you impeach
me. Now it turns out it didn’t happen. Markets have actually been fine since Donald
Trump was impeached last Wednesday by the house of representatives. A reminder, here’s Donald Trump in September
when he quote, if they actually did this, the markets would crash. Do you think it was luck that got us to the
best stock market and economy in our history? It wasn’t. Now there’s a few things that I think are
important to talk about here. First of all, the way the market is believed
to work supposedly works according to market evangelists is that the market reflects all
known information at any point in time. So for example, when Donald Trump was impeached
last Wednesday, it makes sense that stocks didn’t move hugely on that news because it
was known that Donald Trump would be impeached the previous week when it became clear that
the house judiciary would be voting to impeach. Knowing that Democrats control the house,
we actually learned well in advance of the actual vote in the house that there would
be an impeachment of the president. Case in point, when Nancy Pelosi first announced
the impeachment inquiry on September 24th the Dow actually did drop a few hundred points,
but then those losses were recovered and the stock market has actually occasionally hit
new highs since that day and we can debate whether that matters, what that says about
the economy, who that affects. That doesn’t change any of the sort of deeper
underlying economic questions around looking at the stock market. But increasingly there is this idea that actually
impeachment of a president of the United States when it is Trump specifically, it wouldn’t
affect the economy that much. Now, of course, if the act of being impeached
throws Donald Trump into an erratic panic, he could do something nutty that would affect
the economy. He could make a rational decisions about trade
policy. For example, he could bomb a country, he could
start a military conflict or he’s liable to do a lot of different things that would move
the markets as soon as it is known that that is something Trump is going to do. But in terms of Trump’s impeachment itself
and the hypothetical removal from the Senate, even though of course it appears that he is
going to be acquitted when that Senate trial ultimately happens, we have a known tax system,
for example, we have known regulatory infrastructure trumps conviction or acquittal in the Senate,
uh, is not going to change those things in any direct way. It’s actually possible that Trump’s conviction
on impeachment, which would remove him, would maybe better relations with other countries,
even if it’s totally wacky, ideological right-wing Christian Mike Pence who were to replace Donald
Trump. It’s hard to imagine a more cartoonish laughingstock
than Donald Trump when it comes to international relations. So, uh, believe me, I don’t want Mike Pence
to be president. Even that I think could arguably be an improvement
in some sense. What the stock market doesn’t like is a surprise. And so far Donald Trump’s impeachment has
progressed in pretty predictable steps. Conviction is now a question Mark, but again,
presumably we will know in advance of the Senate vote whether there will or won’t be
a conviction if half the country has been waiting for Trump to be impeached for years. It does make sense that it wouldn’t move the
market that much if you believe in how the the, the market always assimilates known information. Um, then it was already part of the stock
market level, the desire and expectation and ultimately the realization that Trump would
be impeached would have already been priced in. Now the bigger issues are of course the stock
market is not the economy. A lot of people who just work for a living
their day to day is not guided by the stock market. It is guided by what is cost of living. Uh, what are wages doing? What is going on economically in their state. The stock market may indeed be in a bubble
that’s heading towards popping at some point. That’s been said for a very long time. We have serious trade policy issues in the
country that are now hurting farmers and manufacturers in many States. Those don’t look like they’re going to be
resolved anytime soon. But the major conclusion here remains Trump’s
presence in the white house is not the heart of the stock market’s success the way that
Donald Trump has claimed for awhile now, Trump’s predictions aren’t particularly good. Trump’s sense of self importance in the economy
is drastically overblown beyond his ability to actually hamper it via destructive trade
policy and ruining international alliances. Maybe these are not surprising conclusions,
but it’s good to see evidence of them publicly every once in a while because it was not only
Donald Trump, but even some of the people around him saying it would be very, very bad
for stocks if Donald Trump were to be impeached. Well, he’s been impeached and stocks are okay,
and of course you’re not going to hear Donald Trump talk about that other than on days that
stocks are up. Continue to take credit on days that stocks
are down claim as he did during the recent NATO summit in the UK. Oh yeah. I don’t, I don’t really pay attention to the
stock market. Don’t be tricked into believing that Donald
Trump’s presence in the white house is crucial for a stable stock market. And then of course, I think most of you know
and are not tricked into believing that the stock market is the economy for the average American worker.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Because everyone knows impeachment is a giant waste of time because Trump isn’t going to be removed anyways. Plus the China trade news.

  2. Trump doesn't even have anything to do with the economy either. he has basically done nothing since he has been in office except create enemies 😡

  3. The fed dropped over a trillion dollars this month into the market of course it went up. What's going to be their next trick.

  4. Your All Idiots if you Think Trump Has been Impeached, Soon as Drunk Ass Pelosi Hands the Articles Of Impeachment to the Senate It Will Be Voted Out Exonerating President Trump. Trump Said If He Ever Was Impeached as in Being Removed from Office the Stock Markets Will Crash Which is 100% True You Bunch of Blind and Dumb Socialist Democrats, TRUMP 2020 BY A LANDSLIDE!!

  5. Trump meant impeached from office not just the house, that wouldn't do anything until the senate also impeached

    Job created in the manufacturing sector fell again and is at levels not seen since the recession.

    Personal and consumer debt at all time record highs.

    Federal deficits at all time record highs.

    50% of population own stock, BUT 10% of population own 80% of the stock wealth.

    100 fortune 500 companies paid $0 in federal income taxes

    Companies did not expand operations, except those tax savings they did massive stock buy backs.

    Real wages rose 1.1% which is sadly an all time average high.

    Yea stock market ia irrelvant to the success or indication of the country or how people are doing

  6. Apparently the Feds have dumped 1.2 trillion (electronic) (fake) dollars into the bond market over the last year. I would think that has something to do with it.

  7. Not saying Trump is right, but I am assuming he was referring to removal from office(just like 99% of the time people talk about "impeachment"). The impeachment is predictable, stock market remains about the same. We are still putting too much thought and weight on Trumps literal statements.

  8. Actually quite an incredible cover. If the economy sees a recession (likely), the GOP can say it was caused by the impeachment. I mean they'd have blamed Obama or Clinton either way (and still might), but this is a cover/story that their base will eat right up.

  9. Stock is soaring in spite of impeachment because of announcements of progress being made with the Trade deal with China. The UMSCA is also effective as of 12/10, so… things are looking really good.

  10. Anyone knows, that during the holidays, beginning in Thanksgiving, through Christmas, stocks go up due to Consumerism in sales, that stimulates the economy, then afterwards it plummets back down. I'm 66 years old, and year after year, I've seen this trend. So it's not true, that this idiot in our House, or his economic policies, has anything to do with this spike, or his impeachment either … WAKE UP PEOPLE !

  11. I am so sick and tired of hearing about the stock market. I don't have money in the market so all this hyperventilating about the market means NOTHING to me and I am guessing this is true for others as well. It is like hearing about the 63 million Trump voters and how upset they are about their boy being insulted but what about the rest of us? I guess we don't matter. That is the consistent message I am getting.

  12. Nothing will change unless investors are convinced that policy will change. Everyone knew Trump would not get removed from making policy decisions so no policy change to worry about. If Trump is removed and Pence says he will chance policy on trade or taxes, then it will probably drop. Also, you are arguing the wrong topic. Instead of arguing idiot Trump's remark about the stock market drop, which we know is absolute garbage, you should be arguing the part about the strength of the economy under Trump compared to Obama. All Trump did was throw gas on Obama's economy and anyone can do that, but is it really enough to claim that Trump is some genius that deserves credit for the state of the economy as it is right now?

  13. Markets up one day down the next. Like David said "as long as there's no surprises". Insider trading in the WH is another subject altogether.

  14. This is why I hate David Packman. Trump obviously meant if he was actually impeached and removed from office, but God forbid David every said anything honestly. It was not based on a sham impeachment with no validation, which may never make it to the senate, and if so, shot down from the senate for good reason. If they ever catch him in something we all agree should remove him from office, then yes, it will effect the stock market, not based on some progressive pipe dream that he actually did something in that call which calls for impeachment.

  15. Impeachment is a sideshow stock-market-wise.
    China trade is really the only “big show” in town capable of whipsawing or moving the stock market needle. Interest rates are a runner-up contender.

  16. Donald Trump knows nothing about finance. He only knows self-promotion. Trump has managed to not disrupt Obama's economy which was on a huge upswing as he left. All Trump has done is further lifted taxes for the rich and corporations and lift regulations that were there for good reasons.

  17. David ponder this question; why are Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross the pillars of stability in the trash can fire formally called the Trump cabinet?

  18. The main reason that stocks have been surging is because the market knows that Trump will/has been giving corporations a free hand out in the form of tax breaks, subsidies and various other loop holes that artificially props up the corporate bottom line. But is Nike selling more shoes because Trump is President? Are people eating out more, buying more clothes or watching more movies because of Trump? If anything… it's just the opposite. Squeeze the middle class, less disposable income… it all equates to less spending. What has Trump really done to stimulate the economy? Nothing. He's a pig that oinks… trying to take credit for every little positive outcome. All he's done is set us up for big crash once he's out. At which point, the media lemmings will blame the new President… simply for being elected. Ludicrous.

  19. Trump never said that folks! As usual David the liar is lying // He needs a dose of this

  20. IDK why this is even a segment you should cover lol. News Flash: its a bubble, and its gunna crash eventually. The sad part is, even if the market is doing well and growing, that doesn't mean average people/poor people are doing well (vast majority of americans). Its only an indicator of how well rich people and big businesses and corporations are doing.

  21. FYI about the Impeachment Process:

    Impeachment is a long and drawn-out process.

    It all revolves around Article I Sections 2 and 3 of the Constitution, and rules in the House and the Senate implementing those provisions.- following the LAW as established in the Constitution.

    Step 1.

    It starts in the House Judiciary Committee, when a majority of the member OF THAT COMMITTEE* vote in favor

    of what’s called an “inquiry of impeachment” resolution.


    Step 2.

    That resolution goes to the full House of Representatives where a majority has to vote

    in favor.

    And then votes to authorize and fund a full investigation by the Judiciary Committee into whether sufficient grounds exist for impeachment.

    Step 3.

    The House Judiciary Committee investigates.

    That investigation doesn’t have to be from scratch.

    It can rely on data and conclusions of other investigations undertaken by, say, the FBI. – This also includes other investigations, like the Special Council investigation.

    (Mueller Report)

    Step 4: A majority of the Judiciary Committee members decides there are sufficient grounds for impeachment, and the Committee issues a “Resolution of Impeachment,” setting forth specific allegations of misconduct in one or more “articles of impeachment”.- individual Charges.

    Step 5:* The full House then considers that Resolution and votes in favor of it – as a whole or on each article/charge separately.

    The full House isn’t bound by the Committee’s work.

    The House may vote to impeach even if the Committee doesn’t recommend impeachment.

    Step 6: The matter then goes to the Senate for a trial.

    The House’s Resolution of Impeachment becomes in effect THE CHARGES IN THIS TRIAL.

    Step 7: The Senate issues a summons to the president, who is now effectively the defendant, informing him of the charges and the date by which HE HAS TO ANSWER THEM.

    If the president chooses not to answer or appear, it’s as if he entered a “not guilty” plea.

    Step 8 is the trial in the Senate.

    In that trial, those who are representing the House – that is, the prosecution – and counsel for the president, both make opening arguments.

    They then introduce evidence and put on witnesses as in any trial.

    Witnesses are subject to examination and cross-examination. This is done by any/all members, including BOTH “PARTIES”

    The trial is presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court – who has the authority to rule on evidentiary questions or may put such questions to a vote of the Senate.

    The House managers and counsel for the president then make closing arguments.

    Step 9: The Senate meets in closed session to deliberate.

    Step 10: The Senate returns in open session to vote on whether to convict the president on the articles of impeachment. (the CHARGES)

    Conviction requires a two-thirds vote by the Senate.

    Conviction on one or more articles of impeachment results in removal from office.

    Such a conviction also disqualifies the now former president from holding any other public office.


    So, there you have it–the 10 steps that must all take place to impeach the president.

    *In the case of an Impeachment the House is like a Grand Jury, DURING THE INQUIRY ALL HEARINGS, TESTIMONY AND EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED IN PRIVATE; Only after there are formal charges (Articles of Impeachment) is a vote taken.

    If you still don't understand here is a video that explains it:

    If after the written and video explanations, you still don't understand, please find a 5th grader to explain it to you.

    This knowledge may come in handy.

    Article One of the United States Constitution gives the House of Representatives THE SOLE POWER OF IMPEACHMENT and the SENATE THE SOLE POWER TO TRY IMPEACHMENTS of officers of the U.S. federal government.

    That "Trial" in the Senate is only to decide whether or not to REMOVE the President from Office.

    Once the Articles of Impeachment are voted on in the House, if the Articles are voted in favor of – a yes vote – the President is then Impeached.

    Bill Clinton was Impeached but not removed from Office.

  22. The market is going to crash pretty soon. You can't have a market artificially inflated for long. I say buy gold and silver or platinum. Mark my words.

  23. I wish the "market" crash so hard, people would realised the ridiculous state of our economy today and reform the entire system.

  24. All this is are Scare Tactics so he can Keep on Keeping on, Get Over it, it is what it is. That's their Favorite Words. Let's Retire all Republicans in 2020.. I will Not Vote for a Republican at least for the Next 20 Years.

  25. When you see what a rollercoaster ride the dow jones actually made since Trumps policies took action, one can assume, that it was luck, that the stock market didn‘t totally failed and grow at least 6% over the last 2 years, despite Donald Trump.

  26. The stock market is controlled by and for the corporations, besides all the insider dealing, which is rampant. You can't even get into a new IPO unless you have a certain amount of money, and all the right connections. There is little to no way to judge the economy based on the market period. We are all being manipulated by a liar 41,000 times (last time I checked), who is a psychopath, who takes credit from those who actually try to do their job without recognition. This is a nightmare, let's end it in 2020!

  27. the impeachment would actually be good for the stock market cuz it keeps president screwball off twatter so he cant tweet the words "china" or "tariff" in the same sentence

  28. Markets are supported by trillions from the federal reserve. Suppressed rates from direct bond buying, trillions in keeping the repo markets a float, and hundreds of billion in direct stock buying.
    They've spent trillions in bailouts the last three months.
    Has no relation to the economy or politics cause they know they are getting free money.
    This has been true since 2008 for the most part.

  29. As I've said before, many of us will celebrate once donald dump gets extracted from office. Celebration will happen in other countries as well. All that economic activity will stimulate the markets.

  30. Don't forget "sell in may and stay away"
    May 1st through Nov 1st has historically been the shittest time of the year for the markets. That money in the sidelines is pumping in with new fervor.
    The only real question on investors minds is how will brexit mess with the market.
    Once the dust from that clears people will FOMO until may or June and all the smart money will leave.
    The bagholders will be left

  31. DAVID!!! STFU with your ignorant opinions. How an imbecile like you believe that your information has any value. Lol. Your videos are 1-2 mins of propaganda and the rest is pumping garbage ads.

  32. Never will you see any political executive in any liberal democratic country tweet about what he thinks the overnight lending rate should be. People really need to understand how unprecedented that is; in so many policy fields, especially with monetary policy, implementation is supposed to stay non-partisan and formulated by experts. Trump's distrust of experts and overall lack of respect for his own ignorance should be worrisome for everyone. I know this isn't totally related to the video but that is on my mind.

  33. I’m sure Donald trump will spin this story and say that he was the reason why the stock market is performing so well

  34. David they mean REMOVED from office. Our house-of-cards-built-on-a-bubble, so-called "economy" will absolutely be scuttled by the
    "financial sector" when their corrupt king crook shuffles away. We saw that coming 5yrs before Bush exited, and it's much weaker now.

  35. I'm sure Dump also believes the country will fall to pieces when he leaves office. He is completely delusional and out of touch with the reality that everyone else knows.

  36. I would love to see Mike Pence as president. Trump doesnt mind sodomites. Mike Pence on the other hand………..well ya better hope Trump isnt impeached.

  37. LMAO!!! They didn't crash because everyone believes Trump is going to be reelected. More over sane people know the Democrats are totally corrupt frauds, and failures.

  38. Love this talk about the economy. What about the debt eh?
    Have a friend that went to NY this Christmas and sent us a picture on how a flask of pickles costs 3 times as more in the US than it does in the EU. Great economy you got there! xD I bet the rich people are loving it!

  39. You were wrong about the devid end yields resulting in a recession and I called you out on it. You're wrong about this again. It's based on the Chinese coming out stating that the deal was one sided. Impeachment strengthens the likelihood of trump winning. I see further growth coming. Your TDS blinds you 😛

  40. When stocks down after funds take profit for the start of the tax year on 1 Jan watch Trump put the blame on impeachment…

  41. BAH!!!! Next you'll be saying drinking ketchup while standing on your head doesn't prevent pregnancy…………….. Simply foolish Argentinian Doublespeak David.

  42. I guess this will be one of those cases where he will say "I don't care about stock markets… I don't talk about them. I care about jobs". lol
    He knows as much about stock markets as he knows about religion, "wind mills" (that do "whoo whoo whoo"), wind, toilets and dishwashers… lol

  43. My dishwasher exploded the other day and lots of steam came out. I guess trump knows what he's talking about after all.

  44. Trump and company's proclamations that doing whatever they don't like will destroy the stock market has the ring of a mafia protection racket.

  45. Ultimately Obama is the one who was responsible for our economy recovery. In my opinion Trump has nothing to do with it. He just rode in on Obamas shirt tail.

  46. TRUMP lowered the interest rate 3times. HE IS the only one who tried to make Americans nume IN THE brain. 3 3times. What DO you think will happen if you raise IT back to normal.

  47. Question from a non American please. Why do so many Americans appear to hate Obama so much when he is universally adored outside the USA?

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