Still Think Trump’s A Populist? Then You Aren’t Paying Attention – The Ring Of Fire

If you spend any time on social media, perhaps
saying something bad about Donald Trump, you have undoubtedly seen a Donald Trump supporter
swoop in there and try to explain to you that Donald Trump is a populist. After all, during his campaign he kind of
sounded like a populist every now and then. He sold that image to the American public
and his supporters ate it up and to this day, they still believe that Donald Trump is an
honest to goodness, top of the line, good as they come populist. Here’s what I have to say about that. It takes a special kind of stupid to honestly
believe that Donald Trump is in any way a populist. Look at the people that he’s putting into
his cabinet if you don’t believe me. Puzder, Mnuchin, DeVos, Tillerson, Bannon. You think these people are populists? As it stands right now, Donald Trump’s cabinet
is the wealthiest cabinet in the history of the United States. The people that he has appointed have more
money than anyone else that have served in those positions. That tells you something, and it doesn’t tell
you that Donald Trump’s out there looking out for American workers. It tells you that he’s out there looking out
for the one percent. For the upper class, the upper, upper class. That’s what Donald Trump cares about. Yeah, he’s out there taking credit for companies
that have decided to move jobs back to the United States, even though he had nothing
to do with that. He’s taking credit for the stock market going
up, even though he’s in no position of power right now and couldn’t affect that one way
or another. He wants you to think he’s a populist because
he’s a con man, and he conned his voters good. Probably one of the biggest cons in the history
of the United States, and they’re still falling for it. They’re falling for it even though we have
a guy like Mnuchin who foreclosed on more than 50,000 homes of low income American citizens,
some of whom owed less than a dollar in back payments, and they lost their home, 97 cents
an elderly woman lost her home over. That was Mnuchin that pulled the trigger on
that. That’s not populism, that’s robbery essentially. Tillerson, CEO of one of the wealthiest companies
in the world. Company that makes almost $40 billion every
single year by destroying the environment and pumping oil out of the ground. That’s not a populist, that’s a robber baron. Same thing with Puzder, same thing with Betsy
DeVos, same thing with Steve Bannon. These people, Donald Trump included, do not
care about American workers. They don’t care about the people who voted
for Donald Trump, that’s why they’re sitting around right now talking about repealing your
affordable care act health insurance with nothing to replace it with. They don’t care, so the next time you see
somebody throw out this argument that Donald Trump is a populist, just say the following
words: Tillerson, DeVos, Mnuchin, Puzder, Bannon. The list goes on and on and on and every single
one of those people, individually or together, proves beyond any doubt that there is not
an ounce of populism inside of Donald Trump.

Maurice Vega

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  1. This man is a bald headed baffoon!!!!!! this isn't about Donald Trump, it's about a populous that is a pussywhiped generation that doesn't really know what they want!!!!!!! You pussywhiped bitches want the liberty of free speech yet you do everything to eliminate the 1st amendment!!!!!! Trust me social justice warriors……. DON'T FUCK WITH THE PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!


  3. Wa Wa cry baby!! You ever think that he got super smart people to help? So what they are rich. They work for a living. They aren't all lawyers who will minipulate the system like Clintons cabinet would have.

  4. Well one way or the other this will be the ultimate test of trickle down. If jobs dont rain from the sky, then maybe we can finally bury the idea of supply side economics.

  5. Whenever somebody says anything that is the least bit critical of the Orange Snowflake, his worshippers (AKA White Knights) swoop in to his defense to rescue their savior/damsel in distress. It reminds me of a school of fish coming to the defense of the shark that is fixing to devour them.

  6. Putin's BITCH Trump, can't get enough of his butt buddy 's ANUS, and Praising Putin. The sad part is Trump supporters are proud to be TRAITORS.

  7. If it were a Republican president leaving office Trump would have ran as a Democrat. He stands for nothing but himself total con man.

  8. Drumpf and his cabinet ARE the 1% that the moron Drumpfers think are 'non- elites' and 'outsiders', and that they will save the middle class despite giving every indication that what they intend to do is ENSLAVE the middle class – that is a hilariously tragic level of dumb right there

  9. Trumptards know they were duped by now,pride is the reason they cant just admit they are lame/dumb as fuck.When asked they refer u to fake news,things tht didnt even happen.Anything they read on facebook is e truth.pizzagate,really u still think its true?These are e kind of people who would hate a movie star for a role on a movie.

  10. i bet if u ask them trumpees they would tell u Wrestling is true.Trump would say a dumb thing and his mother Kellyanne Conway would come through and say baby trump meant this not what he literally said.Its not like people like to insult trumptards but their stupidity is so annoying its as if they do it (act stupid)for fun.Trumps swamp has sulphuric acid

  11. How dumb are you? You gave no example other than rich people in his cabinet.

    This is only relevant if you believe being successful is a bad thing. We want people who are good with money running the country.

  12. So trump puts in wealthy people! Only means he an't putting in affirmative action idiots ,so they got some money! That just means there more successful than you leftist snob get fucked slaphead!

  13. I would be very glad if they repealed obamacare and did NOT 'replace' it with anything. We need more freedom, and less government.

  14. Are you anti common sense/Trump folks really moaning about the projected 'results' of your fake speculations on what Trump and his admin may or may not do already? Jeez, at least let the man do something concrete first then moan about it if you must …. You are like toddlers having a tantrum because you have been told you can't have the bottle labelled 'poison' (Clinton) on it …. come on guys, let the grown ups handle it from here … 🙂 xxx

  15. One thing many don't understand or skip the subject because they can't believe his supporters don't care what he does as long as he show them he Hates black people and others!

  16. It's truly amazing the delusion of the left!! Your savior Obama, (the founder of the religion of obamanation!) has set our country back further than any president in modern history!! Funny how the left is always worried about imagration, polar ice, these weird creepy he/she/its pronouns, when there is a much bigger picture! Immigration, it's extremely difficult to move entire races into a country where they feel there is only one way to live! They have no desire to fit in, get along or adapt to our laws. Of course not 100% refuse, but enough to where it's a genuine threat to our country. As far as solar ice, I think it's more important to preserve society, then and only then we can resume natural resources, changing restrictions etc… Changing restrictions to be more stringent in the US does nothing other than cause jobs to leave to other countries that have absolutely no reguard for our planet. And as far as the weird pronoun issue, most people don't give a shit!!! It becomes a problem once the left starts the word policing!! And finally race….. Our country has been set back 60 yrs with the 8 yrs of obamanation! And then you laugh at trump supporters wanting change!? Well we tried for change the last 8 yrs and the only change was, more racism, double the national debt, shara law attempting to be intoduced, more problems is the Middle East and a much more serious threat to the entire security of the country!!! So we will try our way this time!! And as far as trump supporters being violent!….. Ha!!! It's the democrats, and illegals throwing tantrums in the streets, burning there own cities, and enciting riots! It's sure not the trump supporters!!! So in case you forget look on line hell you may even get to see yourself on camera supporting the democrats as you jump up and down on police cars!!

  17. Trumps cabinet members have already made Hundreds of Millions of dollars EACH, their company's stocks have all gone up the day after being appointed to a position. ASK YOUR SELF WHY?

  18. what is it with people like this twit labeling and putting everyone in a box im sure this guy gets a hard on over all this pronoun shit come on the people trump is putting in his cabnet are well connected wealthy powerful business types who can get shit done do you think that tony who run the automotive garage down the street will sway forigen diginatariez and companies like the head of exxon mobile dont be a jack ass smart people surrond themselves with smart people

  19. George Bush said "If the American People knew what we do here in government, they'd hang every last one of us. Fortunately for us, the American People are just stupid, ignorant sheeples. They believe what we tell them and they do what we tell them. The American People are just stupid, ignorant sheeples." These are exciting times now. We are about to experience spectacular paradigm shift – spiritually, consciously and physically. The U.S. and worldwide, people are waking up. People are standing up for their rights and fighting corruption in their country. The Event (Resistance Movement) will happen very soon and peacefully. Everything is in place and ready. Just waiting for the green-light. Don't do anything crazy and start rioting. That's not who we are. The cabal is desperate and are throwing all kinds of false flags at us. The cabal/political elites are defeated at all fronts and will be completely removed/arrested very soon. We the People, the Constitutional Sheriffs and the positive military needs to help kick start this Event (Resistance Movement) into full gear. We the People are the rulers of our country and the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. We the People can run our country. Congress and the Federal branches are not needed. As we have seen, position of power entrusted to a few, is the gateway to corruption. The government is a service program for the American People, not our big brother. Changes requires the Peoples participation. Wake Up People and Be Aware!! Victory of the Light!!! Spread the word!

  20. GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) is official. Under GESARA/NESARA law, all cabal members are permanently barred from holding any public office in our government. Running our government is the Peoples responsibility. For those who were dissatisfied with either Hillary or Trump as a Presidential candidate, there will be another Presidential election 120 days after GESARA is publicly announced. GESARA will be announced after all the Cabal rats (criminals) are rounded up (arrested). Trump is well aware of the behind the scene Resistant Movement. His job was to flush out all the Cabal rats, which he was very successful at.
    Check out the link below.
    New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 4 2016
    Changes requires the Peoples participation! Wake Up People and Be Aware!! Victory of the Light!!!

  21. Haha,
    Mr. Cleans loser brother doesn't know a thing he's talking about. obamacare was a huge failure causing prices to sky rocket and only lining his friends pockets. Abolish obamacare and everyone can go back to their original health care, easy as that.

  22. The reason why they constantly fall for trumps lies and cons is because as lame as it is the saying "if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." applies too well here. His supporters have no real stances on policies because they are either completely ignorant of the substance of the issues and unable to make an informed judgement of what side to be on. Or they unfortunately and to less of their own faults than most imagine are extremely misinformed due to the disgusting media coverage in america with stations like fox so called news.

  23. I can't hear a thing at the moment, my bs detector is off the scale. You liberals can't see the world as it is because you've got your heads too far up your own arses. Trump is not just going to be good for America, he's going to be good for the world. Globalism is the equal and fair distribution of poverty.

  24. Democrats don't care either they just care about themselves ,to get reelected and we the people are the last in their minds unfortunately, politicians are living off the power they have to serve their big donors and forgot they were there to serve the people.

  25. Trump is and always has been a con man. What's shameful is that he has shown himself to be so time and time again and his supporters still fell for the con.

  26. Can't wait for the Orange Gringo to implode. We need to have a Trump implosion timer starting on Jan 20.

    Go Democrats!!!

  27. Affordable Care ? Obamacare is totally unconstitutional, Forcing people to buy something they don't want, or be fined is not constitutional, period. Trump ran with the pledge of removing the mandate and the failed Obamacare garbage, if he does not, then he is no different. if he does, then we will see what he comes up with, I don't know what people expect when they vote for billionaires to be the president, We need to make a law that anyone worth more than a million dollars is ineligible to be president.

  28. There are lots of Trump supporters, not all of them worship him. Many voted for him just so an even bigger evil – Hillary – wouldn't be voted in. Neither were good choices, just one was worse than the other.
    As for all the wrongs this commenter mentions, like so many people complaining, he's blaming Trump, but these 1%ers did all those things under Obama.

  29. And oh how the propagandists love those labels they use to weave the web of deception. The only thing really sad is how so many fall into the game. Your really not as smart as all that… 😎

  30. Please state the Donald Trump supporters believe Trump is a populist: Not the American belIeve in Donald Trump, because the average American DOES NOT BELIEVE WHAT TRUMP IS SAYING!!!!

  31. You're right but the problem is that most of the Drumpfanzees don't have a clue what a cabinet is much less who is being put in it right now or what their backgrounds are. The term "low information voter" has been used a lot but I call it willfully ignorant.

  32. Trumps cabinet, like himself, tells us that they are not beholden to crony donors and are the least likely to be influenced by the kind of bribery and corruption which surrounds the Clinton Foundation. To overlook that simple fact takes a special kind of stupid. To automatically assume that highly successful individuals do not want to improve the lives of working people is classist, and neglects the fact that it is the most corrupt individuals on the left and right, who really don't care about anyone but themselves. Judge the appointments by their characters and their deeds, not by class resentment. So please, until there is evidence of any such behaviour forthcoming, keep the baseless accusations to yourself.

  33. People just don't take the time to investigate his appointments. Has everyone completely forgotten about the Bailouts of 2008?
    Treasury Secretary – Steven Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs)
    Secretary of Education – Betsy Devos ([Blackwater] Eric Princes' Sister)
    Secretary of Commerce – Wilbur Ross (Former Rothschild Employee)
    Secretary of Transportation – Elaine Chow (wife of Mitch McConnell)
    Secretary of State – Rex Tillerson, of Exxon Mobile (A Rockefeller Corporation)

    Economic Adviser – Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs)

  34. Trump and his billionaire cabinet,wall streeters,and white supremists have sold out everyone who voted 4 him,but trumpets r 2 dumb 2 know it!!

  35. Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized
    groups representing business interests have substantial independent
    impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based
    interest groups have little or no independent influence.

  36. Let me make this clear. Americans are stupid. They elected Obama TWICE and now, the pendulum swings and the dumb-asses voted in Donald Trump. The rest of the world looks at the United States and sees that Americans are stupid.

  37. You don't have a clue what you're talking about as usual. If you want to know what a populist is just go to Wikipedia. Donald T fits their definition exactly.

  38. Ah the myth of the robber barons… This Farron guy looks like a red pilled skin head, but sounds like a cultural Marxist. He has eaten up all of those blue pills. We need more people like John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie. These men brought a golden age of prosperity upon America until the age of the trust busting that took government control.

    He has the gaul to call people who believe in economic freedom, and have faith in the free market morons.

    There true robber Barrons are people like George Soros who make their money by manipulating money, and not creating anything. The kind of Jew that sided with, and worked for the nazis during the war, and promotes things like BLM to divide the races again.

    I have news for you asshole. Just because someone has a different world view than you does not mean they are not intelligent.

    I understand fully that Donald Trump is motivated by greed, but he is still a populist. It's better to have Trump in the house pissing out, than out of the house pissing in. Things will be better in the future, stop your fear mongering your gal lost.

  39. Popularist? No he us a conman. They are falling for it because like the tale of Emperor's new clothes. He weave the clothes himself and told those stupid and idiots that if the clothes is invisible to those stupid and dumb people. So his supporters pretend to be smart and exclaimed what a magnificent clothes he wear. Maybe it need an innocent child to tell them how stupid they are. They had been conned.

  40. Well this clown will find that talking ( conning) is easy. Keep promises is difficult. Bet u he will blaming everything others when things are not right. This is how a conman work. I do like his fake smile. That is a conman's smile. Not sincere at all.

  41. CNN correspondent Oscar Acosta, Reno NV, 9:15pm MST

    Johnathan Barrows, a fat man in his 40s, standing at the back of the crowd being addressed by Donald Trump in Reno, Nevada, threw what was was later identified as a stale bagel toward the front of the crowd. The bagel reached almost halfway to the front of the crowd, hitting Mrs. Eileen Branch in the back of the head, knocking off her hat. Indignant, Mrs. Branch mistook Jeffrey Casey- standing behind her- as the culprit and hit him repeatedly with her purse. Barrows, Casey and Branch were taken into custody almost immediately by secret service undercover agents.
    "I paid good money and it was stale", explained Barrows. Branch provided confirmation. Casey offered no statement but cream cheese residue was visible at the corners of his mouth.

    As the bagel flew forward, Trump made a move as if to throw himself to the floor before adopting a crouching pose. Looking wildly left and right he began to bare his teeth and a look of complete terror was almost frozen on his face. Frozen, except for a jagged, random tic across the lower right half.

    He began to pant, and with every exhalation he squealed… quietly at first, but as his rhythmic squealing became louder, those near the front of the crowd drew back from him in disgust. Several women dropped their signs and one threw her banner down. The men who appeared to be the husbands of these three woman were pumping their fists in the air and cheering.

    The thrown banner galvanized Trump into immediate action! Still crouched, he turned to his protection and squealed "Save me!". He seemed weighed down by fear, unable to move. His eyes bulged and his lips trembled visibly. Two agents hurried forward, each grabbing one of Trumps arms in order to rush him to the side of the stage.
    "Nooo!" screamed Trump, resisting strongly, "they're Mexicans, they're everywhere, they've been sent by Hillary Clinton to kill me!"

    "Sir, we're getting reports that the object thrown was a stale bagel."
    "A stale bagel! Oh Noooo…!"" wailed Trump as he made a sudden rush for the side of the stage, trembling and whimpering as he duckwalked like lightning toward a group of young girls watching from stage right. Throwing himself to the floor behind them he panted heavily. One young man near the front of the crowd threw his underwear onto the stage.

    "They'll never look for me here" he hissed loudly, exhaling through his nose in loud puffs as he giggled to himself.
    The agents watched Trump in dismay.
    "Oh my god!" gritted agent Parish.
    Trump was squirming across the floor trying to look up beneath the dress of one of the more physically developed girls.
    Both agents ran for him.

    Agent Allen spoke quietly and urgently, "Sir… SIR! We've got to leave right now!".
    "I'll leave when I'm good and fucking ready" hissed Trump, grabbing for the girls ankles, "I'm a star, and when you're a star you can do anything!" He made a clumsy lunge for the girl's crotch, but she'd been watching him closely and he missed by several feet. Exhausted by the effort, he knelt panting, forehead on the floor, hair looking like it had been exposed to helicopter rotor wash.

    Agent Parish spoke quickly with his chin tucked into his lapel.
    "Peter Pan is down! Repeat: PP is down!"
    "Roger, PP down, Tac Team Two is mobile" came the reply.
    Six men wearing uniforms under body armor, helmets with face shields, and carrying automatic weapons burst from the crowd. They ran quickly to where the agents were trying to pull Trump away from the girl, but it was like trying to capture an angry dog. Trump kept whirling back, snapping his teeth loudly and grunting as he tried grab the agents. As Team Two arrived, Parish and Allen quickly took Team Two Leader aside.

    "He's insane!, Parish whispered hoarsely, "he keeps grabbing at girls and hissing about stars and pussy!"
    "We've got to go now!" Team Two Leader was adamant.
    "Watch out! He'll bite the shit out of you if he can", whispered Allen.
    "10-4" replied Team Leader, and after speaking quickly with his team members, they fanned out around Trump. At the flash of a hand signal one team member whipped out a taser and shot Trump in the rump. Trump screamed and went rigid, then limp. Immediately another team member produced a body bag and quickly, efficiently, and with only occasional moans from Trump, he was zipped into the bag and carried away through a secure backstage area to a waiting limo, where he was handcuffed and gagged to prevent further attacks on officers. His last, gasped words before being gagged were "Did anyone bring that guy's underwear?"

  42. It's one gang against another. Explain how the major news services are all against Trump but supported Hill. It's all advertising…propaganda. I think Trump out-cheated the cheaters. LOL The difference is Trump at least says he wants to make America great again. Hill…not so much. I hate to find out who all these leaders really are. I have a feeling it's not good. Esp Obomba. Every single candidate was a NWO globalist…except Trump. Well at least give Trump a chance and then we'll see.

  43. I guess his a Clinton supporter. Pay for play? Under criminal investigation for the duration of the primaries? Globalist? Supported by the big banks? One position for the public another for her donors? Clinton foundation, Haitian relief? Never ending lies? Changing position on issues? The worse presidential candidate in U.S. history. Yep I guess she a great alternative to Trump.

  44. I'm sure some people will latch onto Trump like leaches to fulfill their own sense of self-victimization. I love the irony in the fact that Trump ran on an anti-PC platform yet is unable to take even a smidgen of criticism. Honestly, what a pathetic waste of skin.

  45. The wealthiest bogus fraudulent shyster uttering his stupefying falsehoods are beyond the pale !

  46. OMFG!! THIS VIDEO 😂😂😂😂

    Crap, I have to ask every die hard Trump supported to name his cabinet picks and their real jobs were before politics. I bet they won't know or answer with blind anger. Then I can list his cabinet picks.

  47. I think it's more than not caring. I believe it's more about enjoying seeing those outside of their bubble, suffer. They relish the chance to see people, even their own ignorant voters, wilt into poverty……..

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