Steven Mnuchin on NFL protests, tax cuts (CNN interview with Jake Tapper)

secretary minuchin I know you’re here to
talk about a lot of issues having to do with tax reform and North Korea
sanctions etc we’ll get to those in a section but but I do want to get your
reaction to this president Trump seems to be calling for a boycott of the NFL
he’s also calling for players who take a knee
to protest what they see as racial inequities to be fired or suspended
what’s your reaction to what we’re seeing at Wembley Stadium in London
right now good morning and great to be here with you the NFL has all different
types of rules you can’t have stickers on your helmet you have to have your
uniforms tucked in what the president is saying and I think the owner should meet
and they should vote on a rule this is about respect for our military this is
about respect for our first responders this is not about Republicans or
Democrats players have the right for free speech off the field on the field
this is about respect for lots of people and I don’t understand why there’s rules
that when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to put stickers on their helmets out of
respect for people there they couldn’t do it but now the NFL is saying people
should be able to decide what they want to do and disrespect the United States
flag well to play devil’s advocate here first of all these players don’t think
they’re disrespecting the United States flag they think that they are engaging
in peaceful protest of what they see is racial oppression and inequities and as
you know Roger Goodell the head of the NFL and all a whole host of team owners
including Robert Kraft who is a friend of President Trump have issued
statements supporting their players right to do this and criticizing the
president’s comments including Robert Kraft specifically criticizing the
president’s tone why is this a fight that the president wants to have I don’t
think it’s a question of a fight that the president wants to have he thinks
this is about respect for the military and so many people who put their lives
at risk and what the country stands for and the owner should meet and they
should decide on this rule the way they decide on any other rule again you know
for as long as I can remember people have stood in honor of the country this
isn’t about politics if people want to talk politics off the field when they’re
not working for the NF they have the absolute right to do that
all right I could do the whole interview on this topic but there are some other
big pressing issues let’s talk about healthcare three Republican senators
john mccain susan collins rand paul have expressed strong disapproval of the
gramm cassidy bill Rand Paul did open the door this morning to backing the
bill if it undergoes a major change getting rid of block grants is President
Trump if well let’s talk about that first of all is president Trump willing
to get rid of the Block Grant part of this bill in order to win the support of
Senator Paul I I think the president hasn’t made any decisions on that what
the president has decided is Obamacare is broken the taxes are going to start
hitting people the penalties are going to start hitting people the premiums are
going up Republicans have campaigned on repeal
and replace which the president is on board and I think it’s unfortunate that
last time it came down to one vote and this time it’s gonna be very close I
hope it passes if it does not pass is President Trump
ready to work with Democrats to actually do something to fix the problems in
Obamacare as you know there is a bipartisan effort right now between
senators Alexander and patty Murray of Washington State Senator Collins was
talking that up earlier today when she suggested she would be in all likelihood
a no on Graham Cassidy is a bipartisan approach the next approach if Graham
Cassidy fails I think the president’s always willing to work on a bipartisan
basis as you know we had an important meeting in the Oval Office where the
president cut a deal right after the Hurricanes I think we have I know we
have a meeting on taxes at the White House on Tuesday with Republicans and
Democrats from the Ways and Means part I think unfortunately the Democrats on
health care have put very high demands on they don’t want to change many
aspects of Obama care but to the extent they’re willing to come to the table and
fix it I think that’s the president would always listen to we’re about
fixing Obamacare it’s broken and it requires people to do lots of things
that that they just shouldn’t be forced to do let’s turn to the president’s tax
agenda the president is expected to roll out a tax plan on Wednesday
Axios is reporting that the plan would cut the tax rate paid by the wealthy
Americans from almost 40% to about 35% as well as
making dramatic reductions on taxes on big businesses small businesses when you
were selected as Treasury secretary you made a very specific promise it was
quickly dubbed the minuchin rule take a listen
any reductions we have in upper income taxes will be offset by less deductions
so that there will be no tax absolute tax cut for the upper class can you
reassure me that there will be quote no absolute tax cut for the upper class as
the manoosh enrolls still in effect I did say that I just want to clarify it
was never a promise it was never a pledge what it was and it is still it
was what the president’s objective was now we’ve been working with the
bipartisan leadership we look forward to releasing the plan this week I think
what’s important about this plan is it creates a middle-income tax cut it makes
businesses competitive and it creates jobs that’s what this is all about and
as it relates to the high end you know there’s lots of changes we’re getting
rid of lots of deductions we’re trying to get rid of state and local deductions
to get the federal government out of subsidizing it and yes I can tell you
the current plan for many many people it will not reduce taxes on the high end
let’s start at North Korea you said on Friday that new sanctions on North Korea
are not directed specifically at China but a broader question given the China
is by far in North Korea’s largest trading partner and president Trump has
said the China needs to do more shouldn’t the sanctions be directed at
China well the President signed an executive order is very very significant
it gives the Treasury more authorities than we’ve ever had before it allows us
to block many transactions with anybody that does trade or other significant
business with North Korea it gives us the ability to block financial
institutions that facilitate the president is very committed to blocking
economic transactions and that’s what this is all about all right
Treasury secretary Steve minuchin thank you so much really appreciate your being
here sir great to be here thank you

Maurice Vega

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  1. I wonder why CNN is so focused on the NFL and hasnt mentioned the Black muslim refugee from Sudan that just shot up a black church????

  2. So this frog who never served, or played football. Who likes flying around with his trophy wife on the tax payers money climbs out of his cespool to say employees must abide by their employers political policy's. This is contrary to everything this country stands for. We don't worship a flag. We unite behind what it stands for. Trump is no Messiah. And is causing more athletes to and American's to "Take a knee". Police have gotten way out of control and are killing citizens unjustifiably. That's what this is about. People don't deserve to be shot in the back for running from a lazy cop. Just because his license is bad and he's black. Rich Elites like this asshole are the problem.

  3. I know libtards feel empowered by Trump's latest bait. But it baffles me how so many can't see the formula for what it is:

    Trump speaks.
    Libtard = mad
    Dotard = distracted
    CNN ratings = up
    Jake Tapper gets a raise and buys new hair plugs

    Got it? Good.

    Protest if you must. But don't let the Libtard Mob get anywhere near your cause. They'll ruin it !!

  4. Oh no I'm a millionaire NFL player who experiences lots of problems with millions of dollars driving exotic cars. Logic.

  5. From Germany :Trump ist einfach gewählt worden hackt nich auf ihm rum ohr opfer habt ohr nix besseres als jeden tag auf ihm rumzuhacken? AFD💙


  7. So the president of the United States is allowed to call others "son of a bitch" on national TV and no one can hold him accountable for it but others should get fired for peacefully protesting!

    Welcome to the new America

  8. Interestingly, the NFL has a $14 billion TV package, yet claims to be a "Non-Profit Organization." Protest THAT !!! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  9. I am boycotting the NFL.  Obama is two faced liar.  Hillary attempted to sell our country to China.  She cheated bernie sanders.  Our national soverienty is being attacked.  The deep united states government is corrupt, and trump is the only Honest man.  He is NOT a racist.  he is NOT a dictator.


  11. Boycott and destroy the NFL. They prevented players from honoring the victims of 911. They prevented the Cowboys from honoring the Police shot down by blm. The NFL is now an anti American organization that thinks they can defile the flag and the national anthem.

  12. Shouldn't this motherfucker be worried about FEMA running out of money. Making sure the treasury is ready to print in the face of a possible nuclear war? Anything other than trying to enable Trump. He just looks like a fucking weasel.

  13. Can't believe poor Americans are going to stand by and let Trump give his rich buddies money that should be helping them. This will not create jobs it will just be more money in the pockets of the already rich, Trump included, as they laugh all the way to the bank.

  14. Before mnuchin leaves office the prediction is a real public spanking, or perhaps at least one person will call on others and make a citizen's arrest. The kind of cowardice that causes good people to fail to act is very un-American.

  15. Fuck CNN lmfao comments turned on for once.. Everyone at CNN should hang for being psychopath puppets. Lying constantly and helping to secure tens of thousands of deaths worldwide. we should make an example of them. Hang Hillary and her puppets at CNN. Mount there fucking heads on poles in the center of Washington DC to serve as a warning for all those corrupt representatives that wish to destroy America and kill Christians.

  16. Mnuchin munchkin, this is not about respect for the military and American flag! This is against racism and bigotry of our orange horror clown and everybody supporting him!

  17. Also Mnuchin, you are as unqualified to be trump's translator to human language as the 'president' is not qualified for his job.

  18. The NFL is over. The stadiums are now half empty, the ratings are shit and patriotic fans from everywhere are burning their NFL gear. Way to go Anti-American NFL. YOUR FIRED AND CNN IS STILL VERY FAKE NEWS.

  19. Isn't this the prick who used government property to take his goldiggin empty vessel pale as shit stick with boobs, lips like Mick Jagger wife, who insulted someone for having less money than her? This is the guy? I didn't listen to the rest of his diatribe. Elitist, snobbish, condescending, don't disturb my white priviledge, serial killer lookin pig.

  20. Watch the awesome Mollie Hemingway wipe the smarmy grin off of CNN's Brian Stelter – #TFNOriginal1,341 views1780ShareTrump Fan NetworkPublished on Sep 24, 2017


    "O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand
    Between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with vict’ry and peace may the heav’n rescued land
    Praise the power that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto – “In God is our trust,”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave."

  22. It's about respecting the military. The same potus that's stopped transgenders from serving. Potus that wants rid of daca etc etc etc🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  23. Mnuchin is one ugly and creepy motherfucker! You ever notice that he hardly moves his mouth when he speaks? Sort of like a character from "Beavis and Butthead"….And, why is he commenting on Trump;s idiotic comments? Mnuchin should be busy enough just focusing on Treasury/financial issues!

  24. Mnuchin is a complete asshole….spending government funds on his private jetting…crazy ass wife ….practice freedom of speech on your own time …hahhaha …wtf!?

    Mnuchin never served in the military and trump with his "bone spurs" is a draft dodger show no respect to the flag or vets…. they work to steal … they are the true cesspool to replace the swamp they talk about.

  25. Please CNN stop your stupid stories about Pres. Trump and the
    NFL. They the players show no resprect for the American flag and anthem. They are a disgrace to America..

  26. Media Manufactured Melodrama to divide stupid sheep against the even stupider sheep with bullshit wedge issues. A wise man once said, " i was born with enough middle fingers, i don't need to choose a side. ". These fucks want civil war soooo bad so they can establish the one world government NEW WORLD ORDER. Stop all the rabble, rabble, rabble already and start killing everyone who doesn't beLIEve the exact same things that you do.

  27. Thank GOD Trump has solved all the problems a POTUS could face and has time for NFL players!
    I hope he gets to the infield pop fly rule cause it's effecting my life terribly!

  28. The day people stop dieing for protecting our rights. Is the day people have no right to protest. And on that day we will lose all our rights. So here's a big FUCK YOU to those of you who say people should not have the right to protest. When you say they have no right to protest your saying those people who fought for our right died in vane.

  29. My country is full of Patriots – but we'd be disgusted if there was any attempt to link our flag to our military, and patriotism. What is wrong with Americans enabling this narrative? This is the kind of thing that Egypt and other oppressed nations do, but a terrible, terrible step for any western democracy – patriotism defined by the state becomes patriotism defined by power, and That is a very dangerous step for any democracy to take.

  30. You can have respect for this country and still stand for what you believe in, these young players do that everyday! I for one am a veteran of the United States Army and I personally don't want Trump in the oval, he himself come from a long standing line of dictators. A man such as himself should stop talking period! He can not speak about having respect for this country or its military and he has never served for it Never even when he was called for duty he ran!

  31. Hey shit for brains the owners have already spoken. yes A lot of them gave big money to Trump that's why you want to give owners the choice…. but guess what they actually believed in the rights of Americans not just the ones they like. You fucking turd with glasses

  32. Amendment I. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    I'm a U.S. Army veteran who went to Iraq twice. I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and that also means right for anyone to protest.

    I personally feel my country is heading in the wrong direction because of the president's divisiveness. If I want to protest and demonstrate my grievances by taking a knee, I most certainly will! For those who can't understand that, be careful! You're giving away your freedom slowly but surely and what I fought for and so many behind me will be all for nothing. For those who have served, you know what I'm talking about. Don't forget our brothers who fell in the battlefield.

  33. Mnuchin who billed the taxpayers for his trip with his wife aka Marie Antoinette to Kentucky to watch the eclipse under the guise of seeing the gold at Fort Knox, yeah right?! He also wanted to take a military jet for his honeymoon. Another millionaire, billionaire living off the backs of the taxpayers. What a piece of SH-T!!

  34. "Congress shall make no law respecting… abridging the freedom of speech" Mr. Mnuchin does this freedom of speech cease to exist if you are an employee of a football team? I think the President and Secretary Mnuchin have now convinced me to stop standing for the singing of the national anthem before ball games. And not for "reasons of race". Just because I can.

  35. 🏈🙂🏈🙂🏈🙂🏈🙂🏈🙂🏈🙂🏈
    Foot ball. 💝 😍💝😍💝😍💝😍💝
    Keep politics out. ☹😟😣😡

  36. For anyone who doesn't realize, there is a law that prevents ANYONE from forcing someone else to stand, salute or whatever.

    West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 (1943)

    " The Court eloquently stated: "If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein." To underscore its decision, the Supreme Court announced it on Flag Day."

  37. One football player for the Steelers broke ranks with the rest of the team that stayed in the locker room. He went out to the field entrance, put his hand over his heart, and as the TV cameras closed in on him, he mouthed the words of the national anthem while it was sung. Between the on and off the field bad behavior of the players, the helmets that are not being upgraded so players are getting brain injuries, and now fans booing players that kneel during the anthem, the …NFL needs to figure out why attendence at games is down, TV rating are off, and related sales in general are trending downward.   The first amendment….we need schools to teach kids civics again. It doesn't really apply here.  Its not the town square. The NFL is a private corporation.  The arena is NOT open to the public. The use of the venue is paid for.  It is not a public space.  The public and employee behavior can be dictated.  Even if you have a paid ticket you may not get in for a host of reasons (intoxicated, etc.).  Trump paid for his campaign venues – why? so, he could kick out anyone he wanted to.  LOL.  Now, middle America sits to watch the game on TV.  Lets just say that They have some very different feeling about their relationship to their government than the coastal folks do.  They see players kneel, and they like what Trump says about it.  Crazy stupid genius, see you in 2020.  ESPN, please leave me alone and stop the politics and let me watch the game.  Rolling Stone mag said it was disappointed in a certain entertainer that did NOT take the opportunity to make a political statement during the half time of the Super bowl?  Really?  Actually, I'm done.  No more football.  Not kidding.  In fact, I'm going to get that digital antenna, use NetFlix, and join the "cut the cable" movement and not contribute more money to this entertainment nonsense.  In American marketing consumerism, its called making "dollar votes".  Speaking of dollar votes, that Steelers player who stood for the Anthem?…The jersey of this (basically unknown) Steelers lineman & military veteran Alejandro Villanueva is now listed as the 6th best selling jersey (also factors in search) on NFLShop.  If you like what he did, throw some dollar votes towards buying his jersey.  UPDATE: Villanueva said later that he didn't tell the other players he was going out to the field, had not thought it thru, and if he had, he would have said something, and most of them would have gone with him.  He humbly apologized to his team and the owner for breaking ranks without telling them, and making them look bad when they all would have gone with him, even the kneelers.  A big, soft spoken, Humble man.

  38. I choose my words carefully as I can not afford to to do this because I am a poor white man in the south. I am not threatening Steve Mnuchin . But I would sincerely love to slit his throat if I I had the means to do so. Saying I'd like to kill you is totally dif. from threatening to do so. Steve Mnuchin needs to count his blessings and thank god I can't get to him. Oh and his hot fake wife: I would make her asshole look like Niagara falls when I was done with her. These people in our gov. today deserve to die so that we the people can show them that we are the power as the people. Seriously Steve , she's hot as hell and I'd love to bore that grand canyon into her ass. Let me know if she sees this and is interested

  39. It shouldn’t be a protest. Regardless it is disrespectful. If you didn’t respect America, and the troops, you wouldn’t be able to have the freedoms we have today. There is a fine line when you can use your rights, and that line has been crossed by not respecting the American flag, military, and this country.

  40. This traitor host a private Russian party in the White House and we are worrying about football #CrimesAgainstAmerica#LockHimUp#CheetosAreNotAboveTheLaw

  41. You are creating racial tension. Keep to the subject. Don't create further tension. Have respect for your country and it's rules. Your problem is against pres. Trump, give him a chance to proof himself!!!!!!!

  42. It's amusing that people are all butt hurt over players protesting police violence but you people couldn't care less that the asshole in the video tried to make tax payers pay for his honeymoon and flight! What's ever better is the fact that the constitution is being erased and all you care about is football. So go ahead and stop watching football maybe your ass will actually see what's going on for once, smh!

  43. To those asking whether fascism is here yet, yes, it's here. They're forcing people to worship their nationalist, imperialist agenda, and if you don't agree with what the government is doing inside and outside, you should get fired, be called a degenerate, a son of a bitch, etc. Yes, guys, fascism is here.

  44. The Widow’s Offering
    41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

    43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

  45. Doesn't Mr. Shit for brains treasury/accountant have some tax payers money to launder to the defense department, big oil, big pharm, MONSANTO or Russian spies??? Donald Trump doesn't need any horses ass to make a horses ass of him, he's quite capable of whore assing himself!!!

  46. How does the pledge of allegiance end….with freedom and justice for most? Then the protests would be out of line because they shouldn't expect to treated as equals

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  50. This is why I would not vote if I was in the States, or pay tickets to mainstream films, whether they are called Avatar or Suicide Squad. Let´s face it. The donkeyphant has created anarchy. That is what collectivism is all about. What it opposes is called peaceful anarchy…let´s end the electoral college.

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