Steve Says: Populism isn’t Roy Moore, Bannon or Trump

Maurice Vega

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  1. You keep saying "our" system. Can you even vote here. One more thing…how do you know what populism is for the here and now? Another Brit trying to tell us our system of Government is all fucked up. He still worships a Queen. Your country is worse off than mine and you should go back and try to save it with your populism theories. Good Luck nobody.

  2. When the people fear the government , that is tyranny . When the government fears the people , that is democracy .
    Anyone who gives up any essential liberty for a temporary safety , deserves neither liberty or safety .
    Never forget that liberty stands on four boxes , soap , ballot , jury , and ammo.

  3. "Positive Populism" is the best thing for American workers… The Democrats have gone absolutely bananas and are "so far out in left field away from reality". China is becoming the number one world power to dominate us…. China is a communist Country!

  4. Man this Leftist BALDY – Elitism is Pro-Individuals? – you show your true Colours Lefty Dog
    HOW MANY ARE YOU GOING TO RAPE "For the Good of the People" LEFTY?
    Where do they get these LEFTIST Mental Baldies??? Another BALDY attaching himself to the Band Wagon
    ADMIT IT BALDY – you want American people to worship your "working class leaders" which is you & your party – typical FRAUD

    When Media (Fox News, CNN) FBI, CIA, Educational institutions (like Harward, Yale) even the Courts & Congress have NO Credibility because of the LIES & Acts of pure CRIMINAL TREASON – What makes you so sure you can SCAM your victims again?

  6. Populism isn't killing net neutrality, keeping low minimum wage, taking bribes, taking away people's healthcare, raising taxes on the middle class; Trump is the opposite of populism.

  7. Sorry but Bernie Talked About All of those and was called a Socialist and a Communist.
    Media censored his rallies and speeches !
    Media promoted Hillary Clinton never thinking Trump would win but that also depended upon If The Democratic Base Of Bernie Voters Would Vote For Her.
    Not in our lifetime due to her attacks against Democratic Voters to court Republicans.
    WE DON'T NEED THEM ! Say What Hillary?

  8. Thank you! About time someone from Faux News admitted that Drumpf never has and never will give two shits about the interests of the "common man." The Alabama election was all about keeping Sessions' seat to pass the GOP's bullshit tax plan — a plan that screws over the common man.

  9. LMAO I love how he is trying to get the Right-wing to act like they never wanted or supported that pedophile to begin with.

  10. Steve Hilton has a sincere, trustworthy approach to the news, an honest presence, clear thoughts, and that English accent is incredibly easy on the ears. Thanks Steve for reporting the news.

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