Steve Says: Davos and the populist revolution

Maurice Vega

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  1. First and Foremost…The Democrat Swamp and the Money Sucking Leeches that vote for the Democratic Swamp are in pathological and unhinged denial of the fact that "The Donald" was elected. Try having a simple conversation with Liberals these days…the outflow of toxic vitreol that usually makes up their echo chamber replys are enough to convince any sane person to simply stay away from them to begin with. These so called Liberals who, for decades campaigned with fervant zeal and hatred towards the "Billionair Elite" and their Evil Corporations are now the very same people cozying up to them simply because Trump and Conservative Deplorables are not in favor with the ever increasing power that these globalists and their Political Puppets at the EU and the UN are pushing down the throats of "WE THE PEOPLE"….It Is Hypocricy In Its Finest Hour!!!

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