Steve compares Orwell's '1984' to today's politics

Maurice Vega

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  1. The problem with progressivism is that you can’t do just one thing. Doing one thing entails all sorts of other things because the complexity of doing anything makes this a certainty. That’s why it infects everything. I remember when SJW culture was fringe. Even if it doesn’t represent the majority, it’s very much mainstream and has infiltrated many institutions.

  2. Oh, "Shillton"…
    There´s no such thing as "positive populism"…
    Populism will be forever mired in Nazism a.k.a. "the lowest denominator"….

    I actually agree with this guy, and I HATE to admit that, on something, though, of course, he turns it around…

    Whenever tRump is called out for his lies, it´s "fake news"…
    Whenever what he says is repeated, it´s "fake news"…

    "1984", if an inch….

  3. Actually Brave New World by Aldous Huxley seems to be more on par with what is going on than 1984. BNW talks about how we are slowly and methodically enslaved through hedonism rather than by force which is happening more and more. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the millions upon millions of apps that are now available literally at your finger tips. Every time you hear a ding, ping or what ever on your phone that is notifying you, you are receiving a text, email, like, etc you receive a dopamine shot, that shot gives you a chemical reward JUST like heroin, cocaine, alcohol and any other substance that you derive pleasure from including food. So what happens when parents take their children's PED "personal electronic devices" they completely freak out to include becoming belligerent and violent. In retrospect it is Pavlovian at its core and the precedent of the disruption to the stability to our tech heavy society is terrifying. Basically people have allowed a palm sized electronic device to control them in almost every way and we have GIVEN private corporations Google, Apple, Samsung, etc the power to decide what, how and why to think and what is and is not acceptable. On top of that the governments of the world support this passive control over the population without ever having to fire a shot or put troops on the street. We have voluntarily become lambs to the slaughter.

  4. My daughter was born on 1/1/1984. She is a Police Officer today and I am proud of her courage to protect and serve our country. And, yes of course she has her own copy of 1984. I gave it to her for her 18th birthday.?✝️??

  5. George Orwell was a democratic socialist you guys. We want democracy everywhere. That is our defense against 1984. You must question fox news and be suspicious of how it feeds your preconceived notions so fully. Which party has some legitimate will to break up google? It's part of Elizabeth Warren's platform. It's surely not the free market worshipers.

  6. I try not to confuse the meaning of what an Honest man is to what a Good man is.. So much that I think a Serial Killer is just as much an Honest Man/Woman knowing he is righteously evil and sharing it with everyone showing Just How evil he or she is. Whereas a Good man might not even consider himself a good man and as I heard on a panel, someone mention, that usually Bad people or a bad person Doesn't know they are bad or don't think that THEY are the Bad Guy. This made me think that could be peculiarly correct in our everyday lives. As we confront conflict, racism, neglect, disease, etc there is always blame being handed out outweighing solutions causing more rifts in the challenges already presented. It's almost as if it's become a new toy of obedience and slavery of others.

  7. I bet these other countries leaders are wondering who's protecting the country when all of our brave warriors are abroad protecting other countries and their interest, we make America so fucken vulnerable come on folks get it together

  8. Talk about Orwellian. Liberals have turned "hate" into a noun. Has anyone ever seen a box of "hate?" By turning emotions or abstractions into the tangible, again a very Orwellian concept now allows it to be subject to control.

  9. De Toqueville said that the American farmer would go out to his field with a scythe under one arm, and the Decameron under the other. We were well-educated, independent thinkers, back then.


    Any people who want to impose their lifestyle on others should be slapped in the face.

  11. Amen to this steve… there is no logic, reason for the shrill left-wing media these days.. paid protestors, manufactured angst, scandal, inequality and the ugliness and more recently the Deep State trying to deep-six a duly elected President… President Obama is responsible for the Orwellian world we live in…

  12. For years I have been relating what is happening in the world with Orwell's book. The similarities are uncanny–especially considering Fake News.

  13. "Cultural Marxists wont put you in the Gulag, but they will take away your means of living" Peter Hitchens

  14. In a world where my heroes are all too often falling on the sword of political correctness it is so good to see someone like Brett Easton Ellis standing by his artistic integrity. An iconic author that had a huge influence on me at a crucial age.

  15. I view the book as an instruction manual. Seems we're heading that way. Plus, saw a bio. on Orwell and he knew all the movers and shakers that would do exactly what he says in his book. Came across he was 'quoting' those folks in a sci-fi format. We call them 'globalists/establishment' etc…

  16. The craziest thing about all this is there's one guy who has been warning us about all this for almost 2 decades. The ultra demonized Alex Jones…

  17. I never see anyone mention that the governmental structural cancerous growth was actually supported almost completely by another layer – here's an interesting passage:  

    This latest aristocracy is made up for the most part of bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists and professional politicians.  These people, whose origins lay in the salaried middle class and the upper grades of the working class, have been shaped and brought together by the barren world of monopoly industry and centralized government (routine power bases/organized crime syndicates?)  As compared with their opposite numbers in past ages, they are…more conscious of what they are doing and more intent on crushing opposition…by comparison with that existing today, all the tyrannies of the past were half-hearted and inefficient.

  18. Your premise is BS, first Orwell considered himself to be a socialist, and second, it's the right-wing budget slashers in education who are causing people to be under-prepared by the education system, making people more vulnerable to coercive control by unregulated capital. The social economy is nothing to be afraid of.

  19. You can not watch Fox anything without one person having a TRIANGLE on their T-shirt, and another person making a TRIANGLE sign with their hands. Me thinks ye all are controlled … opposition. The elite control both sides. So I take neither side. I'm free under the Lord Jesus Christ.

  20. welcome to Canada – we are a "democratic socialist nation" in which democracy is slowly being eroded away – yeah we get to vote – but to me we vote communist, more communist, and most communist through our main 3 parties – and they love to take away democracy piece by piece.

  21. How sane people read the front cover of 1984 – "1984"

    How insane people read the front cover of 1984 – "Step By Step Guide On How To Run A Modern Society"

  22. I'm so glad Adam mentioned the NRA in his example. As I was listening to his smoking examples, I was thinking about the NRA here too.

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