Steve Bannon expected to testify against Roger Stone

Maurice Vega

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  1. just had to return to share this this thought w/ all of you.
    I think we are missing the big picture.
    Trump displays such gross ineptness in every aspect that is required of the office of the presidency, the fact that he can not support himself w/o Dad's dough, I can find no cause for him to be where he is atm other than he is a plant. Whos? idk, his strongest qualities are far in deficit. The man couldn't cover his ass-ets with a circus tent,… so vulnerable, so narcissistic, so inept, so expendable… so who?

  2. POTUS Trump rally again, woowoo! What a great time to be alive!
    CNN insists Epstein killed himself lol cuz Zucker was on that island himself orgying it up with Clinton et al. Scumbag!

  3. I love CNN , Trump supporters never wonder why Russia went through so much trouble to help Trump get elected.A traitor and a crook, testifying against another traitor and a crook. Only the best people.

  4. Steve Bannon is one big creep! He's the king of creeps and the circus master of them all. Just one big creep fest!

  5. weres the headline for abc news and the interview were they denied the Epstein story 3 years ago were the reporter was recorded off air saying she had it all on him and clinton…this shit is a joke

  6. Funny, these assholes called liberals snowflakes. They're the biggest bunch of snowflakes, cowards, and sissies I've ever seen.

  7. Why people who good dont wanna run for office?
    Keep voting for someone who said that he is a fake conservative like trump.

  8. Roger Stone did nothing wrong. This is just more Clinton mafia corruption. She’s still mad her emails were hacked and we know how evil her and her cronies are.

  9. Stone did nothing wrong fact is they wan't trump out and they will take anyone' out in the way of that that's how evil the dems are lien sacks if crap

  10. Project Veritas proves that the Russia stuff is fake news. CNN believes that both the voters and their viewers are quote 'stupid as s"it. Check out for yourself why CNN are degenerate liars.

  11. Liar, liar, Stone's pants are on fire and he's smiling. Let's see how thrilled he gets when they nab him for perjury and put him in an orange two-piece prison ensemble numbered just for him. .

  12. Out of the two.. bannon is a fraud with shit ideas but stone is worse because he thinks democracy is a fun thing to fuck about with.. meanwhile ordinary people get less educated with more pointless jobs and less healthcare.. then rich people once again get to say how we use technology and who gets to benefit from it. Stone is the worst. He deserves more scutiny than most. We should invest in keeping him away from influencing politics. Hes got small man syndrome

  13. Wrong again commie nazi network. Stop believing these liars. Bannon isn't against our president. Remember… I told you this. Let's see who told you correctly. Watch Bannon not commie nazi network.

  14. A reminder that Bannon is a Russian agent recruited as a Navy Intelligence Officer in Iran during the dreaded Carter years when so many were turned .
    Melania is Putin’s greatest triumph however . A most amazing tale .

  15. No zoot suit or goofy glasses Roger….getting pretty serious eh Rog? No doubt any of these thugs going to jail has the Epstein solution motivating them to speak before going in!

  16. Steve Bannon is a dirt bag, a drunk and a loser who is trying to be a political agitator. He says one thing on this channel and another on Fox. He has a chip on his shoulder so large that removing it would cause climate change. He only wants to drag people down to his miserable failed life level.

  17. Steve 'Parasite' Bannon is going to dump on Roger 'Parasite' Stone. This should be compulsive viewing for all micro-biologists!

  18. Who says that Bannon is testifying "against" Stone? Fake news CNN is just faking it. But is it true? Yes, no, nobody knows.

  19. Hey CNN , I think you should watch One American News , OAN ,and get something you know nothing about , FACTS and the TRUTH in a story , once you do maybe someone other then idiots would watch your program .

  20. All Americans remember all Pro-Trump posts and comments on the Internet are done by Russian Trolls don't fall for it, Be smarter than Trups Pal Putin, Stick to facts you already know from liar traitor Trump

  21. Steve Bannon is so irrelevant. Disgraced by his multiple failed attempts to please him, Bannon was discarded by Trump. Bannon fled to Europe trying to find a platform for his Alt-Right drivel. He was laughed out of Europe and the U.K. so he's back here trying, shamelessly as always, to reengage with Trump. Despite the fact that he still misses Bannon's daily rim jobs, Trump refuses to take his calls. No one is less relevant in America today, yet here he is trying to inject himself back into our political scene, and doing about as good a job with this as he did with Trump and Breitbart!

  22. President Trump under attack 24/7 while doing his job COURAGEOUSLY, FEARLESSLY, UNWAVERING, from DAY 1, working TIRELESSLY for The American People, NO EXCEPTION. THE LAME STREAM MEDIA and DEMOCRATIC PARTY, aren't.

  23. You people will make up anything. Why because your lab rat audience believes anything you tell them. Ding lab rat.

  24. cnn hypocrites are using the materials from julian assange, the guy they hate, to setup roger stone and steve bannon, the 2 guys they hate even more. To hurt the orange big guy they hate the most. This Smells like Jeff Zucker!

  25. CNN helped Bernie Sander lose to Hillary 3 years ago, even gave her debate questions before that debate! Sanders just rolled over and took it

  26. Poor lil' pinhead Stone, caught between a lying guy named Bannon and a lying guy named Trump….WHAT IS A PINHEAD TO DO????

  27. – The View

    Don Jr: Disputed that retweeting an article with a whistleblower’s name in it would be a crime.

    “Under U.S. code section 1505, it is a crime," Hostin replied. Hostin is a trial attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division. Then become a federal prosecutor.

    Don Jr: “It’s not accurate"

    Hostin replied: “My law degree says it is,”

    Don Jr: 😨😢😭

  28. Assange had what’ Hilary was up to using a private server . So what’s the difference between Hilary digging for dirt on trump ½ way around the world . So trump campaign was also looking for dirt on Trump. Where’s that investigation?

    FayI. Dying in jail

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