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sir Giacomo hundred to get it emu Pyro's Allah Karim Allah chose their Anna – incent and in the TDP key capture sod implement irrelevant a Bobby Sharon allocate about a vizcano to Mandela I did an international on a giant more hundred a mother turn and still a core sample goes of Madonna more body parts is a guard mclovin Alabam po Iran foreign and gorgeous cherry vanilla SAR Nicola digital overnight and other ingestion walk then a la multi a domino a speed Don tones again the coconut like an ego SE ela and Preston lucrative inshallah Luthan a job job Polly why not laborda to Dalton hundred also mountain they can attend or mukuri namsom oh gotta bravo al-azhar utopia austrian guitar with ichi Danny bejeweled ala an astronomy course a la cara columns each gingerly and I was Allah tonight a gentleman today Prabhu tone yesterday took a conviction their Dean goes from Catherine Lowe sarcastic and upon Allah sanguine is a reportage a month you go person an equal to zero Sangala Jagan martyrdom eternal either the car chases impersonate laser prabhupada boomcgull Tatanka boy shut rank every Latino man chief who that's why no this may damage anything Quran the Telugu hot lady and began day and they sing other preserve as you know vámanos of our ago touch collector blossom always talking about you not against you and seminary of sign that bill debacle is gonna go to down here mail order and pomp is there are three para guardar both the new Prabhu talked already we stay sorry boys company de Vaca panda eyes and outbreak in Charlie ideology on our buddy tell you this I am low Atlantic rock art at a level day with Nicole Toronto era or guys young bachelor knee another we need the arrow Paulo no the VTL a fixed JLA mmm does Mary I'm an Ahmadi or the BJP TDP pocket a TDP mu am cellto Cupid Nasser a rashness aluminum Tommy Vesey Watney I know made a cherry and oak or to get cane Charlie Zbornak is Ella knowledge and what Konami would preserve a decanter chroma got an Ahmadi didn't the monotheism chairman they will occur on a particle children in the Kunar Lola you bug it was plain and a brine valve each other cars will make that content a liquid or a temple al-amin : but I'm excited I love art imagine when I am pro never know you never chew piston other what I mean the go to multiple Japan soon to me can it be self button and load TDP office you know TCL's nose room in corner lutein also not there went arsenal TDP that was the low low silica denied and have anythi a crack at a high level oh there you can talk occurred hobby Nativity Needleman are looking up they lose at some party provola efficient elemental another what does tralana buddy the indrani body on already relieved anyone say aliens and the table is a sonic official carryover down a pair law when the officer not disturbed is the CAD or what again the model on the quality turbos that I believe I let you buy it was yesterday a hundred canny caches are the Impala channel gonna be lonely on the road son that I've got Chandra pratikaram antara debug the pandava during is marrying him a moon gonna Bartonella on go to the other words al good he capture Assad Impala the transparent accountant irrelevant a logically economist human derive meaning transfer into the chopper leather transfer into the jumper corner without ever got any package shipped in alchemy top and selling I put a rainy would obvious that no diesel each other and truce in the automatic oh they look actually simple rational unit menage a policy and a macho to log a big around 17 I think what I render well attend to look at in a few rocket in many positioning the else also hundred into theoretical technical Gamaliel organic thank wide publicity gesture the political movements a core together JC a more Raja Gabriel are adjustable I'm not putting born laziness a Tom Bergeron gesture on South America don't notice you watch your Melissa mother notice together so definitely of ICP Thor in yellow in the garden bomber bother better their bug the uppity L you know wait'll only voila your name was and yzp Prabhupada got a logo chillin on a gigantic you wonder gonna nail this gonna go I think I remind goodnight granny what Jeannie is probably enough top to cover in a party to delay the AJ's name is Eleanor not go out of it so you got you know you got a load that Mandalore am it Sunday only though okay pygar Jagan Epogen collateral symbolically very true Singapore Oh Pritchett but labuda around Adam pretend to never cheffy g2c2 or not look aboard one of the awesome Salo cos you later okay Adi bottom channel coulda got a column mundo couch Monday then a Moody's going Noreen a little adult want is there are you seen under Rosalynn Muruga bed colder so they L at shamanic organism okay sir Mona Raja Vedic culture to terracotta Babu right in there was a Baraka more tomorrow end and de Vaca Hana let me see him pillow chest low and a awards you say several ebook by Raja local come on trust each other when I take a toe edge low camper check wanna ever honest era CGI money position key can purchase roster okay you decision-making cage and about an attic addiction making key yeah yeah with anger ever on Eastern Europe no I'll comparisons are lamenting the political and I could have or TVN we share which are generally up all chuckling I need this thing of Paul Salim even the a part is evocative is a known does okay now Zilla and Charlotte's now Angela one of a Greek that Iraq mighty ship in Owatonna the upper tier pile for Cal I'm gonna probe on together Chandrababu Naidu Rendell Simona the current logo Qi not for acetyl you J gamma hundred at you know policies a little poor thing of banana Thank You Belong would have been hanging on the sour look or a banana on a they Sawada or not got a burning on Talon even me truce in Apollo I shall Poulter than Oscar only the rapist is Rene Pinnell Vera and Moorea Pro stability opera Kalyanam barometer didn't only Ipanema more evil judge artery it they are gonna be a video chat upon Kalyan no wonder of your body this was the son of Pratt and enjoying the age gonna do even need to stop proper it to the leg and a paalakollu that was there Ellenberger Osama Becca Becca sorry no code on again mother Jeanne another little champion of night Jason a poodle and a Emily who he put a second more hundred days Jolla and Roger Angela thoughtful gesture and Gibran again later and so our Nicola this alone and in a healthy schooner Chawla Varco direction are they I'm over 10 and a partridge the karmic loveth an alpha impose you a number $97 Jesse bauxite tava carne nearly period among artists in Ypres Bhutan Lavinia and Jessie the nasty to Anacapa damu Ackerman a priori the couch is a crocodile a quantity L and an gorta mór human a bra Serena's the Salone Onegin top-ranked other a know their talents are probable to al-madinah parantha mahaprabhu's own dialogue ji-sun tutor can see here is the kinda Roger along a field money for tea but I promise it'll be in a boom on the area Telemark daily honey but I gotta go what Natalia terminate these too many airport will soon on my channel Bob jail is gonna you put a lot check what love it is the judges here in the empanada lot shadow boy alive need the bottom another any March also have been together no not sure uber is a meal in the committee way like jagan mithya sudana collection Gordon lasagna the code to the upper 90s not one thing about ways to know together let me guess you love someone either bhagavati loads both alluvium 2011 gotta cover day how he/she knows Gigantor oath is going to Polavaram Amaravati ether a project reversed and Lulu even occurred under the idea mo night hmm Gopinath but the mandate at cinnamon sugar you massive magnet una Tia angel thumb change one is only gonna end up when I go to jail and I know Gotham Missouri in topical and I know what are you putting here by the way by the way look out as an angle cut arrow you need there again until Gerais a UDL got unity project too low-rent well r1l Quattro galaxy to open the law and OPA develop outlaw and you panic of a figure water president Mun do Winchester Allah I'm around the corner route data baba yaga Lauer they will acraman angelica heavy-tailed to money good job – not if you go to chamber above night Jesse no panic on keep on Madonna eh won't let it Mura they wanna say that if someone is put a committee level a cigar away at well-core to call our navaratna la mala co you put eee magnetometer yellow colored animal casa la fiesta de Marana Mojave vision law channel Babu shamanic 0 tomography present AHA magetta rue de ma vie mozilla in them well awesome because generally the variation Belcher blue Donna Murphy do Akram I love you Madhu get up right now so Lee Santa Carla if motor-pod she Ganga mother a more it is good again debated do Akamai Lauren Oliver i0 no mafia Sheila chain on a committee as he move a turtle mother made sure we are l the Cortland a particular go to hug each other I think a bell to shop below Apple is easier to bring two outs are wounded because of a cup of tea Gaetano mu 2 mu q mine a mother terrible and general beverage a better mother Ibrahim are for now original doppelganger navaratna la mala good cereal to squander and the chapel on model Fidel it appeals every so tterra its first hang on the mood of alcohol a do unborn Leah but in a dragon Paula no matter suppose your moderator for an hour and all my material piranha be was a logic hakuna done during endless I dignified eager kind of icing the ignitor Guyana the car will go on the door on Amaluna TDP dosatron we're done he may kill an official I go wrong on a covered ERISA who hinting at the anekantavada Apollo Paulina Tomasello petha hallo what we shall ascend take over tomorrow da-da-da-da-da-da-da sooner Edie Gaza Prabhu Tanya Hebrew Bhutan Umatilla one is there a jeweler to Memphis and they posted on the again 100-acre me that ok leader okay what could happen and in a cinema of the competition our websites for everyone to stay and attend about Nigeria experienced me mop a rose take a moment to get experience me companies just marijuana yeah they can in Japan is this tonight that I let me cruel me button and when tomorrow get the title philosopher pretty monkey mother country whenever look pramanas yester Jagan means okay Bonita Lou DiMaggio nebula pleasure and a Celina literally there are daily the erotic on Donna assume they have any the pony both live anonymously in air erosion Celtic whoever they're good day nanananana get in there but the so much – LuAnn three brothers father and I'm selling except illusion cabin theology a Raja game cirlewd odd rule of the battle at Salon de xalapa Mohammad Reza Lou Marie McKenna Carmen Lopez alwah loh vision loss they chose to not go the other monster never got good will a apparently he never Rosalind Jagan good will pinch corner Connie mother Tillamook Amanda well begun is the hop turn under that under getting a DeLorean suppose the Laguna I just wonder Manchu Ghana jessimae chaser and Cunha Uncle Joe and if this is the locomotive Al Ahly potala Mennella they really wanna lay concealed on the popular blue bag a concordance in Erdogan about it the poor Portman of Jesse Jim I'm over to me the mantle been a paragraph in which down in Quran da cunha choose go Gary the tapenade you can algo de tarragona those samples into sound designing you've got a charger gonna be another about them was that the Prabhupada covered yeah either end okay sir Alfred a cavity he deliver are aware with the senior Mickey Mantle cavity he thorough couch on example in Chico name of Margaret yes or no Yasuda gigantic gigantic a set of options here at errata other males usually Jack underground area got a military now covered on the llama dr. kucho Nadu khalasar we deploy or make a mosaic a paralegal a boy in the a key crew toga connection leverage again I'm gonna project rain to rostral oh they got autumn Martlet on my opportunity I think you know case here the PI J on the case yet the uptick of internal and we lateral designer to do open ocean amar amar das up on a parcel in touch o Manawatu carrucan Alicia Prezi dargol cinerender Rostelecom a literally no no encoding loss from very poor land with human chess in a bouquet sir am what later you better what again talk want the value for our distally Kindles SSE rosso chance you think about a typo in the and they go to poodle alexandra bakker would not occur within the protein gentle touch and removed in case here thusly I mean as I'm they also Megan what I was able to jackanape it's actually about a little Casey are gonna meet general let the case your grants funding general company the Paris for the win-win situation unable to Majdanek about internal father there are either veteran under ooh you better camera telling another international opera and Apollo tell and then ia more degrees in the case your evaluation both are general Punta Cana voices of some original company in elder location as good as ever born it doesn't put an out this and on the nickel concealed in look at the Ibarra metonymy there's Coney another case here with no answer is to null and AB how Callaghan chocolate oh dalsu no pity Mottram Mundi I did check about whether or not a paella okay somebody's in blue are Tougaloo would go at the airport adequate Amina Pierre de theater okay Kendra mission log got a log chug above the on toboggans owner Goethe and Moodle no let the policy related Jagan what about the poor art and Jenna Canada had to go out of here but it Satine Angela boggling the layer guarantee we have you got a ma targeted and well anyway now any put a zero in the cover T can the Romney or okay

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  1. Don't take interview from Telakapalli bcoz no use his message for society…If not we wil bycot Suman TV.

  2. ప్రజావేదిక లో కలెక్టర్లు మీటింగ్ పెట్టడం వలనే ఇలాంటి రేకుల షెడ్ లాంటి అక్రమ కట్టడం 9 కోట్ల రూపాయలు తో కట్టించారు అని ప్రజలకు తెలిసింది.

  3. It is a senseless question. His administration is still in gestation period. Particularly a first time Chief Minister has to undergo immence orientation and intense familiarization of the system he is elected to run. I watch so many mushroom media loafing around holding mikes posing a common silly question to the passers-by. People gave him their mandate to rule for 60 months. One month is after all his first step in the sixty months heet. He vowed to prove as the best chief minister within six months to one year. Allow him to prove and the public to judge then. Don't pose a prematured question which if senselessly answered now, then the question remains invalid for the rest of the tenure. Public is not over curious like the mushrooms but certainty keep watching as the time passes by and then judge. Don't stretch the yard stick so soon.

  4. What s wrong they costructed in public land which cost hundreds of crores rupees so those must be handed to the government

  5. అక్రమ కట్టడాలు కాంగ్రెస్ హాయాంలోనివే కడపలో వక్ఫ్ బోర్డు ఆస్తులు ఆక్రమించిన కట్టడాలున్నాయి…

  6. ప్రజా వేదిక కూల్చడం ఉదాత్తమైన చర్యగా అభివర్ణించారు ప్రభుత్వ ఖర్చులు తగ్గించడానికి రూపాయి జీతం తీసుకునే సీఎం 8 కోట్ల ప్రజావేదిక ను కూల్చడానికి 3 కోట్లు ఖర్చు పెట్టడం ఉదాత్తమా… పర్యావరణ స్వచ్ఛంద సంస్థలకు ఉచితంగా కూల్చడానికి ఇచ్చి ఉంటే ఉదాత్తమే..

  7. Ysr చావు తెలంగాణ కు విముక్తి..tdp ని లేకుండా చెయ్యాలని చూసాడు..కానీ వీడే లేకుండా పోయాడు…వీడి లాంటి కుక్క చావు ఎవరికీ రాకూడదు ..

  8. చచ్చినశవంకూడ దొరకలే నోటిదురుసు వల్ల ఏసుక్రీస్తు కూడ ఎసరుపెట్టేరకం ఈ తండ్రీకొడుకులు
    ఆకలికొన్నోడికి అరుపులెక్కువ
    కులం చెడ్డవానికి
    కూతలెక్కువ నోరుందికదాని చిన్నా పెద్దాలేకుండా మాట్లాడడం తండ్రిదగ్గరనేర్చుకున్నట్లుంది!

  9. kodi kathi lanjakodaku ammani kachara gadu pellanni kachara gadi koduku daily hyd lotus pond loo denguthunnaru thu vedi bathuku cheda 🤣🤣

  10. Ravi gaaru
    Meeru jagan gaarni okasari mumchi enkokasari telusthunatu matladuthunaru..
    Next time baaga matladamdi

  11. 10years Jagan ki Cong, TDP,yellow media andaru kalasi torcher pettaru sir vallani anta easy ga vadili pedataru ani anukovadam kale sir

  12. Ravi garu, you will never change your attitude. Please dont try to create a negative impact on jagan. U will never be able to do this, remember as i said early your analysis is always wrong. You might have read books but you are very real un matured person i see in analysts.

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