‘South Park’ Creators Say “F— the Chinese Government!” After Getting Banned | THR News

– The little boy’s room is upstairs. – Oh, I don’t know if I
can go through with this. My little Eric is going
to be so mad at me. – By the time he knows what’s happened, it’ll already be over. – Did you bring his boo-boo present? – South Park hit a major
milestone on Wednesday. The Comedy Central series
aired its 300th episode, and during the episode titled Shots, show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it clear how they feel about South Park being banned in China, saying, quote, F the Chinese government. The episode revolved mostly around Cartman avoiding immunization shots by saying they would make
him, quote, artistic, which he didn’t believe. He just didn’t like the pain and pulled false talking
points off the internet so he could remain in school. – And besides, I don’t
wanna risk immunizations making me artistic. (sniffs) – Dude, Cartman, don’t you know that if you don’t get immunized, you actually put people at risk? – One second, one second. – But there was another plot line that addressed the news
headlines the show made around the world last week, when South Park was banned in China for an episode which bashed
the Chinese government. The show also went after
Hollywood and the NBA for doing business with the country. Parker and Stone have since
become folk heroes of sorts in Hong Kong, with protestors
showing bootlegged copies of the episode titled Banned in China on large projector screens on the streets. – I wanna be proud of who we are, guys. And anybody who would betray their ideals just to make money in China
isn’t worth a lick of spit. – The Chinese government
reacted by banning the show and scrubbing all South Park
mentions off its internet. So, in their 300th episode,
South Park responded with the character Randy
yelling the phrase, F the Chinese government during a scene. For more on this story, head to thr.com. Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter news, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (air whooshes) (gentle upbeat music) (air whooshes)

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  1. How many adults who express their hatred for moms who don't vaccinate pursuant to the schedule have gotten updated / booster vaccines?

    Post those receipts of shots,

    or are you some sort of anti-vaxxer?

  2. I guess the Russian government, who attempted to ban South Park in 2008, Muslims, Christians, Tom Cruis, Turdsanwiches and Douche are celebrating now. Yeah, haven't heard about Douche tweeted anything yet. guess he is happy.

  3. FUCK CHINA SOUTH PARK IS 100% RIGHT and that's the bottomline cause SCSA420 said so!!!

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