(Some Of The) Most Evil Leaders In the History of Mankind

Maurice Vega

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  1. Do you think people in the past had more courage to rebel against tyranny? Do we still have it in us to do it nowadays?

  2. Caligula was the biggest troll ever 😂🤣😂
    Lets fight Poseidon!
    Throwing spears like an idiot in the water intensifies

  3. What about all the americans president from 1954 to 2017? Starting war all over the world, playing police and acting like mafia or thugs. If you ask any people from those country America have destroy, most of them will have John F kennedy, Bush, Clinton, Obama and so on and on, but compare to all those, Trump is the only one that have not starting any war and even try to make peace with country like NK.

  4. I have seen castro and sadam but i didn't see bush's why do u think bush's did better then what others did nah

  5. I guess you guys are big for diversity or whatever but why was it that on the Cuban refugees there was trendy hipsters and Muslims? The people we received or mestizo 18 to 30 year old guys with the Cuban government deemed as pests to their society.

  6. Western made video hardly put those who truely belong. Saddam was given gas by Vice President Bush 1 and slain by illegal by Bush 2 – over a million dead.
    Barac brought slavery to Libya and war to Syria in both cases supported AQ.

  7. Its believed that claims against Caligula were mostly made up since he was VERY unconventional for an emperor

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