Solomon says Schiff extracted his number after requesting Giuliani records

Maurice Vega

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  1. Adam Schifft is the biggest CROOK .He is over stepping his athority and he is getting help that needs to be outed.

  2. Shifty Schiff is a pure bred fascist who is destroying our constitution right before our eyes. This country will never be the same because once we lose the document that gives us our inalienable rights, it's over. Then you really will be less than an illegal, that is if you're not already thinking about what happened to your citizenship.

  3. The right way to release a report. On a MONDAY as opposed to the democrat method of a Friday night before a holiday weekend.

  4. Please stop sending these types of clips which is a direct insult to my intelligence. I don’t people who have no values whatsoever act all so righteous and mighty .

  5. Hey folks it’s in YouTube & Google interest not to show anything Republican . Alls I get is Michale Bloomberg adds! Social media is a sham (state run media) for the left!

  6. Thank you Jesus for all you do for America! I know that the Democrats are going to be thoroughly exposed for the evil deceitful anti-American liars they are.

  7. Schiff is a rank amateur and running around like a headless chicken because he knows he should be charged with sedition – Trump should have him removed before he becomes a security risk to the nation

  8. If the public isn't questioning mainstream thought we are in a truck full of manure!

    I hear both sides everyday.

    The honest stement to the public is none of us know until congress decides!

    That's what a hearing is for "to decide" whether or not there is sufficient evidence to impeach.

    The public had their opinions when they voted congress in, so if they get mad, they get mad!

    At the end of the hearing the senate and judicuary branch will have their opportunity to contribute.

    The people want to ensure our votes are secure and we see how both sides took "that" concept.

    No matter how many positive statements are made we know who is securing our votes allready!

    This whole last three years was the public watching to see who can secure our votes!

    Either way I think we all have a wonderful view and the public now has the responsibility to accept.

    The fight to secure our votes was clear!

    The weaponization of the police force should be what moves the needle!

  9. schiff needs to go to jail. he has gotten to the point that he feels he is untouchable. It is time to bring him down a notch or two… I hope he gets charges for what he has done.

  10. If my view today changes tomorrow, why should I be held to yesterday's view? Piensalo… We take each other's worst moments and pound them in the media. We should be judged by zeros and ones, more zeros than ones, you're out with incandescent light.

  11. John Solomon absolutely should be given a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on this!!!!!!!!!
    But given the corrupt media's loss of reputation…I'd rather see him given a special honor from the White House. Of course that would be seen as partisan.
    So… the only thing he may ultimately receive of any worth would be the love and respect of the American people!
    Thank you John Solomon

  12. What amazes me is that the likes of Schiff has stated in his position as long as he has. He seems to be the epitome of what’s wrong in the House. It is a crying shame that he is still in his high position. Imho, that is so very wrong. God bless you, Lou Dobbs,, for your great reporting. ?

  13. Only fox network is reporting differently from other news networks. I believe this network is spinning the story to protect trump. This network is fake news and outright liars. To hell with this fox network. Anyone who believes this nonsense fox network are truly, what can I say; ??‍♂️

  14. The thing is the IG can only look at the FBI and not the intel community. He has no power to do that. So he looks at the FBI and says it looks ok. Because the FBI was fooled by the CIA into this investigation with faulty evidence. Thats why Barr came out the other day and said the IG doesnt have all the info to make that call….

  15. We don’t even need to see Adam Shits phone records to find evidence of guilt. He has committed crimes on national television in front of the whole country and has gotten away with it over and over. He has neglected and abused his power and should of been arrested months ago.

  16. Schiff is either the most lazy traitor in American history or the dumbest, You decide. Hell, My 13 year old Daughter put together a more believable story when She got caught sneaking back in at 2:00am.

  17. We the people, should be able to take (schifty) to the courts. Are they exempt from prosecution? Otherwise, we have elected people doing things that we are essentially saying we're okay with, but i'm not okay with any of this.

  18. It’s a shame the facts aren’t laid out in an understandable fashion like they are in the Epoch time reports! It is a very complicated case to lay out so the American citizen can follow all of the players twist and turns! This can not be explained in detail in 5 minute spots of questioning by left leaning activist working with the Dems to cause complete confusion and to intentionally unseat a duly elected President. The hearings are nothing more that a ploy meant to confuse and cover up the facts of the case. Maybe Republicans should bring the Epoch time reporter in to do their opening statements! All we are listening to in the hearings are excuses, cover ups and stretches of the truth by biased leftists who have total distain for a President that has produced more positive results within my 62 years of life in many ways…… economically, jobs produced, relaxed regulations to free the individual business owners ability to make more money faster, give raises, employ more people and foster the economy and what is suppose to be the American way of life fostering self fulfillment, self worth, which in turn strengthens families and life itself. Freeing up the banking system to start helping people go into business for themselves, deriving feelings of accomplishment and the positive spread and encouragement that through work, talent, dreams, ideas and fortitude we can accomplish anything As individuals, or in the team! Giving back to Americans the American dream that has been the reason we have always been a strong nation that did well at home and then went out into less fortunate countries to bring ingenuity, discovery, and funds to help also giving them the tools to pull them out of poverty. We have always been self-sufficient, caring and giving freely if ourselves and our money to others without government telling us we had to support there causes by the iron fist that the wish to enact. He is bringing jobs back to America that were pushed out of America solely to weaken the American family and make us slaves to poverty homelessness, broken homes and slaves to the workplace many times having both parents working more than one job to feed, house, cloth our children many times with no vacation time spent with family for decades! Yet we are the richest country in the world! How can this be? I’ll tell you! Because all of these rich politicians you see in these hearings and all the government bureaucrats working in life time jobs , provided excellent benefits , and hold tender and cannot be fired, are so embedded and arrogant they see a President that comes in and wants to break up the monopoly of Big government who are skimming money through back channels, and political favorers that have so become the norm and considered the perks of the jobs for the left in Washington DC that they are absolutely rubbing our faces in it! t They have suited themselves up for battle and are saying …. oh hell no we are standing our territory against a President that is upsetting their norm! Their cocktail parties where the plan and scheme how to syphon more and more of the everyday joe blue color workers taxpayer money so they can live their fancy lives, Hobnobbing with the rich and powerful and spewing out to each other that our President our has no rank over them, Because they are they overseers, they are the ones who know best, and no one else can have a opinion that differs from theirs! They left And how dare you bring your ideas out into the public! We Will always be to them….. deplorable‘s, beneath them, Unworthy to be in their presence. Both politician and bureaucrats feel this contempt toward every day people. Our President has been brow beaten everyday. Yet has been transparent and wants transparency. He has not tried to hide things but has been forthright. But the deep state and shadow government (ie: the George Soros’s of the world). Are so embedding within government it is seemingly unbearable, And now that their is no unbiased news reporting and complete lies being pumped into the minds of those that depend on 6 news organizations who are owned by big corporations, with COE,s who are lefty activist and big donors to the left….. Our country is almost completely owned by the socialist communist party. Our last hope is to turn out in droves and take the house the Senate and the presidency! We have to stick together! We have to keep calling our representatives, congrrssmen and senators to push OUR agenda!! And to stand up against these monsters! Tell Graham and his committee that we want him to stand up and outright speak for the American people say that there is a cover-up being implemented and it needs to stop and it needs to be revealed so we can weed out the poisonous cancer that is ruining American government. It’s either that or we will have to implement our second amendment rights! This Government and all of its bureaucratic agencies including intelligence agencies CIA FBI are rotten to the core and that is what the second amendment is all about! It is terrible that this is what we are coming to but Americans have always stood strong and taken on adversity especially when it comes to Rights and freedom of its people. We are to be governing the government not the government governing us! They have become the monarch at our forefathers ran from! And they have lost sight of that truth. Please continuously stay involved with calling, and emailing your reps congressman senators and also start pushing the idea that we want term limits! And there’ is no giving on that matter. It needs to happen and happen soon. It’s what the American people want. THEY alone have caused our president to be disrespected around the world. That was made evident at the UN Gossip cocktail party which I am sure all these political parties are like. They stage these contemptuous hearings on the most vitally important days in order to cause problems for the president. Which is truly So disgusting that we are not united when meeting with foreign leaders! He’s been the best negotiator that we have ever had and he really is stopping the American taxpayers from being completely ripped off! It’s disgusting repulsive and truly criminal against America.! It is worse much worse than Watergate and it’s being swept under the rug and proper journalistic reporting is nonexistent! I am truly depressed by all of this. I wonder how many other Americans feel same way I do?

  19. Beatles….number 9 number 9….number 9….

  20. No we are NOT plowing ahead for impeachment GOP are They want to get him out so they can place the puppet they want that allows the REAL agenda which is … well we ALL know what that is don't we?? ?

  21. Demoturds are lying cheating smearing slandering anti-American illegal loving obstructionist Hypocrites PERIOD! Most EVIL entity on Earth!


  23. Cancel any and all AT&T services you have. They are complicit, willing participants in the violation of these men’s civil rights. It should scare everyone.

  24. Schiff's conduct should be taken heavily into account?? He should be prosecuted for abuse of power, harrassment, slander, and treason. He is the abusive partner in the relationship between Americans and our government. listening to him talk is EXACTLY like talking to an abusive spouse.

  25. I want to see everyone Schiff called over the last 7 years and the bank accounts of those people. Rumor is some people were paid big bucks to testify.

  26. Everything that Schiff has done or said has been a lie and has gotten away with it. Yet we know they are lies and can't do anything to him or pelosi. WE KNOW WE THE PEOPLE KNOW THEY ARE LIES

  27. A journalist should HAVE LEARNED that SHOULD HAVE GONE and not SHOULD HAVE WENT is the perfect tense aspect, not simple past tense WENT. He should have GONE to grammar class more often. I think he WENT to sleep instead.


  29. 3:32 "I'm looking with my lawyers to examine some potential remedies here." Leftist conduct has become so extreme I fear the only remedy may be to hire the firm of Smith & Wesson.

  30. Hold attorneys accountable. Thats what we need then Shiff could not run amuck. These guys would have to take responsibility for with holding evidence lying to win a case and all that stuff they never get held to account for. Lets get tort reform. Time to stop this farce that are most attorneys. Shiff is exactly why this needs to be done. Conflict of interest and just a criminal. Criminal activity for their own betterment. Duck them all seriously well most of them.

  31. Is Schiff actually this desperately stupid? Or is he just absurdly arrogant? I cannot believe this guy's actions.

    With all due respect to Mr. Solomon's expertise; I do beg to differ that the Main Stream Democratic Media Cabal are experts when it comes to putting "lipstick on a pig".

  32. Schiff KNOWS his goose is cooked. Once he is either kicked out or voted out he is planning on a book tour and cashing in on his decades of "back door deals."

  33. Im curious as to how many people see what is actually going with politicians. They assume everyone at their level is compromised in some way and all they have to do is get their communications and "prove" it. This tactic fails flat on its face with Trump so they have to rewrite what he says and call it a crime.

  34. I don’t trust Lindsey Graham to investigate anything that’s only going to keep a real patriot from investigating

  35. I wont be satisfied until countless numbers of subversive treasonous coup plotters face legal crucifixion.

    And hopefully some intellectually bankrupt legacy News Media shills are swept-up as well. ??

  36. Democrats sure be acting like kings. Republicans better start finding a way to use that foam pool noodle as a more effective weapon.

  37. What is so pathetic is that Schiff will be re-elected over and over again because of where his district is, it’s so blue and so far to the left!!!

  38. Why does anyone have to Sue? Schiff should be arrested and have to go to court and be tried for what he did! He is a part of a Presidential Coop and needs to be arrested and removed from his Job as a Representative of the People. He is a Representative of the Deep State and hates Truth and the People!

  39. Oh. So this is abuse of power, not asking for foreign govt to interfere in elections on national TV, blatantly says Russia and China should… Trump still has $35million that was allotted to go to Ukraine. Corruption. I won't say they got these phone records legally. I want law to be upheld regardless of party. But stop turning a blind eye. Evil thrives when good men stand by and do nothing.
    Yang2020 if you want respect and dignity back in office

  40. Dirty tricksters who have no qualms destroying people they thought are obstruction to their pygmy and demented intention deserve to get a dose of their own medicines. They should not be allowed to get away with wrongdoings, egregious ones at that. Good and decent people, time to stand up and say enough! Enough to lying and corruption!

  41. Mrs. Pelosi will see she got entangled with A Schiff-ter…A person who is driven for self! Its ALL about his driven desire for REVENGE against the president. Things are coming out…a hidden agenda of caniving motives by Mr. Schiff. Who is suffering our ?PRODUCTIVE PRESIDENT and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! ??

  42. Did Schiff just ask for the phone records? Did he use his powers of a chairman? Were they released after a subpoena? How legal is all of this.?

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