Social Democracy After the Cold War (booklaunch)

When people look at the Third Way identity
of much of social democracy today and say, “This isn’t social democracy,”
they are wrong. This _is_ social democracy, just as
North Korea and China illustrate
what communism has become. The Left that came out of
these organizational efforts can try to reinvent social democracy as a political force
by trying to build cross-class alliances whose common denominator is the wish
for economic growth. Alternatively, The Left can draw lessons
from social democracy’s failed reliance on growth and cross-class support, and try to reinvent
working-class politics. Such politics would not prioritize
the mobilization of the current electorate but would contribute to the remaking of a
working class that, at present, has neither a voice in Parliament
nor much mobilizing power in the workplace
or on the street.

Maurice Vega

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