Simplified: BC Provincial Election 2017

I get it it's pink wire to choose for the report I'm not even sure but I think I can help let's start with the basics parties the three main parties are the Liberals the NDP and the Greens the Liberals are the incumbent party but their leader Christy Clark acting as our current premier they've held an absolute majority for four straight terms independent from the federal party the BC Liberals can be described as a center-right party a mixture of the federal liberals and conservatives they'll be running in all 87 rifles the NDP are currently the official opposition led by John Horgan their left-leaning Social Democratic Party that held power for most of the 90s they're also running in all 87 writings the Green Party is bc's third largest party running in 83 for online separate from the left-leaning federal party their centrist party a middle ground between the NDP and Liberals delivered by Andrew Weaver when the party's first seat in 2013 they usually went around 10% of the popular vote the next biggest party is the Libertarian Party running in 30 ridings their right-wing party lower taxes more choice real freedom they want this now for the platforms which is the most important part it's what this party's hoped to do I'm going to go over some of the bigger points if you want more details I really recommend I can party dot CA all right ready to get started housing and renting the Liberal Party will dedicate 920 million dollars to vote 5,200 affordable and supportive housing units the Greens will spend 750 for 4,000 the NDP in the next ten years will build a hundred fourteen thousand rental social and co-op homes they claim that this and their other housing initiatives will only cost a total of 665 million the Liberals in green claim that this and their entire budget isn't balanced the Liberals are also based 700 million to support mortgage and downpayment assistance both the NDP ingredients claim the Liberals mortgage support to be a dangerous gamble instead the NDP will create a 400 OS renters tax credit and the Green Party will just home run a grants to an income based system the NDP also promised to raise the foreign buyers tax to an unknown number and created 2% speculators tax the Greens promise to double it to 30% in closed speculative market loopholes this really all depends on how you feel about non-residents of BC influencing your housing records the NDP in green will also legislate fair treatment of renters and protect them from evictions and the Greens will also take control of excessive rent increases on poverty income and tax the Liberals will raise minimum wage to 1134 by September well the NDP will raise it to 15 many say that the liberal wage isn't enough for the price of living well others say that the graduating we'll keep the economy more stable than the NDP wage the Greens on the other hand will establish an independent commission to determine a stable minimum wage that will also align with the face of living on poverty the NDP promised implement and develop a poverty reduction strategy within one year the Greens will watch a basic income pilot project to test its ability to reduce poverty they're saving them but you have a plan to develop a plan to come up with a plan will also raise shelter allowances by 50 percent by 2020 and provide a low income benefit for low-income families in health the Liberals and NDP will cut medical services plan expenses in half the greens instead which have MSP into income taxes they say that this ensures that you only pay what you can't afford the Liberals will also spend 6 million dollars per child out and this to improve efficiency the NDP don't really give many numbers but they'll implement this the NDP and Greens will also invest in prevention and early treatment for all health issues with a focus on mental health and drug addiction school and childcare the Liberals will spend a total of five hundred sixty two million in child care investments the NDP promised $10 a day childcare the Greens will pay for free childcare for children up to three free preschool for three and four-year-olds and $500 a month for families with stay-at-home parents the NDP will also eliminate fees for basic adult education and ESL eliminate interest on student loans and give students a thousand dollar grant upon completion Green's will provide thirty five million dollars to learning readiness programs such as meal plans give a tax forgiveness of up to two thousand dollars for graduates paying tuition tests and also these infrastructure and transportation the Liberals are the only party that supports the Kinder Morgan liquefied natural gas pipeline the Liberals also support the nine billion dollar sightsee hydro project they say that it creates jobs and could be useful in the future the NDP will conduct a Utilities Commission which the Liberals never did to decide whether or not to continue well the Greens will help the project altogether the Liberals will also build a 3.5 billion dollar 10-lane AC tunnel replacement bridge the reference normal rush hour as the tunnel is dangerous and isn't seismically sound the NDP's the greens and local mayors are against the plan they say northbound traffic would just be shifted down the road for much cheaper they claim they could twin the tunnel they also support making the patello bridge the priority the Liberals would toll the bridge the Capitals at five million dollars annually the NDP would remove tolls entirely while the Greens will keep all tools to ensure that those who didn't use the bridge aren't taxed for it the Liberals in greens will match the federal government's 2.2 billion dollar investment in Metro Vancouver transit well the NDP will fund 40% of projects and complete highway wide improvements told Berta the Liberals will also fund BC transit and eliminating best seats for students all parties support ride-sharing Crown corporations the Greens to make BC Ferries a crown corporation again and conduct operating reviews on all Crown corporations the NDP's would do this to the NDP's would also freeze hydro rates this would support many families but may also be unaffordable it would also lower small group fair lawn ferries at 15% Natural Resources agriculture and the environment the Liberals support LNG can we develop the oil resources in the mountain Basin while the NDP support LNG but only in collaboration with First Nations the Greens do not support LNG the Liberals will also spend 80 million dollars to grow more trees and another four million dollars to identify and eliminate stands of wood impacted by pine beetles the NDP promise to support reforestation programs and negotiate softwood lumber agreements with the US the Liberals have already been hard on the us on this issue the Greens would identify and protect old-growth forests that's 20 million dollars to support the sustainability of the lumber resource market and would enact an evidence-based act that would do all this the Liberals plan to ban this pesticide which I'm told kills beasts so ok Stan DPS will also been unnecessary cosmetic pesticides the greens and NDP will keep fish farms away from wild salmon migration routes preventing disease spread the Liberals vowed to spend 1 million dollars annually to support the hops industry and 5 million dollars to support tree farming the Greens will spend 30 million dollars to have some long term viability of the farming industry including the extreme lack of new qualified workers First Nations relations liberal support First Nations have all been in the forestry sector through this program they also want to increase the number of indigenous staff in the Ministry of Children and Families and provide training regarding First Nations identities and culture the NDP's are focused in working towards parity and graduation rates and making First Nations partners and decision making likewise the Greens will recognize First Nations is equal to land and resource management and support the recruitment and retention of indigenous teachers and finally the issues of democracy and voting while the Liberals do support campaign finance reform the NDP and greens promise to ban donations from corporations and unions and Greens would also do this the NDP's would hold a referendum for a proportional voting system while the Greens promise to implement the system by the next election if you want you can check out these links to learn more about proportional voting and that's that I hope this was pull please don't use me as your only source I've linked a whole bunch of helpful information sources and I really encourage you to find some of your own additionally I'd like to recommend reading that the party leaders on their own website and Wikipedia as well as your local representatives try to find stuff from both sides if you're comfortable with it feel free to post which party support in the comments below and please please please call me out any mistakes I might have made or any biases you might have caught it'll help everyone and thanks for watching voting happens Tuesday May night

Maurice Vega

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  1. Good summary. Would love to use it with my class but the intro with the F word makes it not as appropriate. Take this out and its a good tool.

  2. BC Greens are no better, I made a formal ethics complaint about one of their members with evidence to back it up and got nothing but excuses and bs from them. They are no different nor better at policing themselves although they claim they are just to get more voters. I will not be voting for them anymore, we have very few good people in politics and weaver is not one of them..

  3. Thank you for your time and effort in making this. I watched these videos twice! I love the breakdown, politics is showing it really is a science with so many equations and steps to it. Please keep them coming!!!

  4. First off, as a Board member of the BC Libertarian Party I appreciate the mention at the beginning. I find your left/right scaling of political parties quite flawed. I would ask you to examine the political compass and incorporate the up and down of that chart. It would open some eyes as to the reality of politics today. We are the closest to a true Centrist party in this province. The other 3 parties most definitely line up on the Authoritarian side of the spectrum. Without a proper view of the chart you are ignoring the most important part of the conversation….. Freedom vs Authority. Until we properly discuss this, we are doing the public a disservice in our broadcasting. That being said, a very well informed break down of the major parties. Please keep us in mind when you develop your future videos. We will be very close to a full slate come the next BC election. I understand 100% why you went with the major parties here on this piece and appreciate that you DID include our party…. even if just an introduction and a slight misnomer as to where we are on the political compass.
    Keith Komar
    Candidate Kootenay-East
    BC Libertarian Party

  5. Your political spectrum is way off. The federal liberals are in NO WAY centre right. Completely false. They have drifted further and further left. They are now a Ivory tower social justice leftist party in favour of global governance, centralized management, and open borders.

  6. Don't make the same mistake Nova Scotia made. Don't vote NDP, the liberals aren't great but they're way better than the NDP

  7. It's been tough deciphering BC politics, having moved recently from Ontario. Where we once voted Liberal (except for the one year when Jack Layton ran for NDP), that would make me a Conservative in BC — nooo! So this video is really helpful (thank you), and after checking out Sonia Furstenau's videos and platform for the Cowichan Valley (at '') I am now excited to vote Green for the very first time. Maybe we can't influence the whole province with only two seats, but we can at least do what's right for this island.

  8. NDP all the way! They are offering a lot of improvements that will help us normal people like a big increase to the min wage and affordable childcare but what I like the most is stopping of union and corporate donations. Politician’s focus should be working for citizen’s not trying to get big donations.

  9. Thank you for the hard work you put into this video, as it really helps people get a grasp of the ideologies and platforms of each party. That being said, I would recommend slowing down a lot of the different segments. It is too fast at certain segments, and I think a 10 minute video would be sufficient and more pleasing to view. Thanks again, great work!

  10. I really like the information in this video without any of your own bias, I will continue to check out your video if there is any election in the future. Thanks and Good Job

  11. Great video, though my wife and I found that some mumbling occurred and you were difficult to understand at times. A little more enunciating would be great, but other than that you seem to be quite informed and your presentation was engaging. Thanks for your hard work.

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