Siberian Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus

there is a place in Russia where people have discovered the secret of living in perfect harmony a place where the children run free where the earth provides everything you need and where money is meaningless welcome to the Church of the last Testament this is Petra pavlova a small settlement located deep within the taiga forest of Siberia over 100 miles away from the nearest town it looks like a elf village at like a putt-putt course about 20 years ago a handful of disciples came here to worship and look at this area or the teacher as he is commonly known today vissarion's church of the last Testament has over 5000 followers from all around the world about 2,000 lived here in the surrounding areas around she's dead I came here in hopes of meeting the man himself who hasn't granted an interview to the media in at least three years very legitimate work Ekaterina spoken in Bougainville they were right here two decades ago that man was known as Sergei and TOI Levesque pora a 29 year old patrol officer who suddenly had a revelation that his was the Word of God that would be pretty good David agreed that conveniently this realization happened right around the time the Soviet Union a self-proclaimed nation of atheists began to crumble and religion became an acceptable topic of discussion in Russia he soon began writing the last Testament a 12 volume follow-up of sorts to the New Testament which details the religions major tenets and provides answers to some of life's most mundane questions such as which brand of detergent you should use labeled a dangerous cult by some that has been reported that Vasari own and his followers believe in aliens think suicide is a-ok and believed at the end of the world is imminent there are rules here that I was warned about no cussing no tobacco alcohol no meat I believe it's all vegan I got to watch my mouth because I have a dirty mouth and I like meat I like drugs sometimes it's gonna be good to dry up I was invited here by one of the churches more recent Congress a 24 year old woman named Tim Rico who worked as a lawyer in Moscow before moving here three months ago she now works in the German house a sort of guest house for the spiritually curious aren't you a little history of how you got here when I first heard about the teacher it was to me like this kind of thing that Wow it's like this is the only source of all information of all answers and this is a real teacher of the truth about the world and so sometimes you need eyes first you need just answers when somebody will explain you like everything he will explain your life what are you doing this why you have some problems problems with your health problems with your life for what purpose actually you're leaving I see and one of the things that a lot of people have said as I go it's a cult you know it how do you feel about that it has a bad I don't think anything about this do you know why because I think that if some people find that this person can help them and I want to pray to this person why now okay why not it's very good is there anything that you perhaps disagree with here in teaching with teachings or no disagreeing with vissarion's teachings is rare which became very apparent after meeting Tonia a patron of a local girls school a place where young ladies go to learn in the discipline as she put it is the part of the lesson plan set aside for a study of the teacher yo vich q CH it's up she knew driving the machine used the subway got private not miss its diversity drugs through gum Kemal shikaka brightness it's not the government no shima preserve a new deal which Kuching tomash 2-mile Shiva tattva reads on on master and ocean prostrate dome on doors and amici no Grozny must kick Turkish prophecy but Abu Cheney malchick affidavit chiponis praha detrás dinner so do you ever have strong girls that maybe resist and they're not so with that line of thinking immunity or Caicedo privilege Khaled your iPad Mini is subway machine doctor purchasing agreement each Nina collection yes Janet acnes do it the new Ito Cheney apostasy towards animals Dubonnet cognition but a much DeGarmo nia garmo Nia Nick tota Garr Mooney you'll nikasha reasons to me believe me it was it along strike details with the boutique know abou change what you use Cristobal Annabella what she felt emotionally as tempting as brainwashing my girlfriend into misogynistic slavery sounded I had mountains to climb and deities to me I had been invited to celebrate the holiday of good fruits at the abode of dawn a small mountaintop community where Vasari on and his closest followers live I stopped at the general store to get supplies for the height so I have that luxury of a 40-hour trip of eating a CCC pup and we just bought provisions for two days this is kind of the treat before I don't even know if I'm supposed to be eating this to be honest I love what pasar en stances on candy I Pop's but it's hot so I climbed into a soviet-era bread loaf and began the bumpy drive up the hill we got a good crew just materialized here at the basement mountain it looks like we're about ready to go my hiking companions had traveled from Germany Slovenia Sweden and beyond all in hopes of catching even a glimpse of the elusive Basara along the way I met natchok a university student from polar and what do you what did you come here seeking I came to see about I was told that they share their ways they told me that the people here will mess up my brain and we made it to what appeared to be a border crossing and the attendant took down our details America that isn't our guide Nena led me to the place where I'd be staying for the next two nights the home of a lovely Russian family will immediately offered me cold vegetable soup and bread Vasari anserine gaze watched over us as we ate our blessed meal spiritually charging us for the upcoming nighttime liturgy we're gonna go see what worship is like here I feel like I'm kind of in a different world to be honest the pre-holiday liturgy didn't seem too different from a Christian mass but I would come to find out that things weren't that simple here still all the followers have been very pleasant so far only a few seem to have the crazy stare of a cult member I ran into magic and asked him how he was settling it how did the accomodations but what the recommendations were very very well I met most people we had a nice conversation and then they asked me when did I accept the teacher and his teachings and I said I'm not really a follower and then there was like minutes of silence second of silence and felt uneasy but they got over but I think they felt a little disappointing okay and are you they have our passports that's like you know you yet still I don't want to be insulted but you come to the place which is far away from anywhere in the world you come to people who are known to be a members of a cult of a religious group of some sort man let's bless put it like this and then they take your pass but a waste right when they were very they are very persistent about yeah physically and spiritually exhausted from my long journey I turned in for the night to rest up for the holiday of good fruits and our first glimpse of the sorry today's August 18th which is the high holy day of the year a holiday of good fruits the Church of the last Testaments most important holiday basically it's their Easter it was on this day in 1990 when the Saarinen first realized his divine connection to God and established his church it's the reason that thousands of the saria Knights from around the world have gathered here today we began our ritualistic procession up the mountain a five-hour journey replete with ceremonial washing I thought good mood music and supremely positive vibes looking back I think it was supposed to serve as a sort of mental palate cleanser for what lay ahead of the mountain we go part of the reason I wanted to come here the world seems to be in a pretty bad way right now this seems to be an idyllic community so maybe this ariane has some answers for us on how we could better live our lives or maybe he just got it right and people should come here they're pretty good musicians Wow got a little friend in this hole here watching us it looks very surprised like us wide-eyed stopping in front of him something happened to me while I was walking at the mouth was I experiencing the initial stages of indoctrination everything looks so beautiful and the people seem so happy I began to wish that I could be more like them slava another in a long line of guide / minders didn't want me to miss the site where Vasari on literally left his mark on Mother Nature teacher one first time on this mountain take your hands on this stone and after we turn the stone we see this letter as the first letter his name [Applause] so here for me it's there while the rest of the followers gathered around the stage where vissarion would soon give his sermon Slava took us to visit the monastery for young boys Tripoli of all the boys why do you live here what did you come here Wilhemina achieve growth of mere Kotori a signature stone cutter most women say a taxi the high dosage he taught me Ricardo me mr. Tinney fantasy eternity we dismiss osteology bored amidst a silver mr. signal area Stovall Adam Gilchrist no wiser ie cinema theatre McGillis email mini-me we sat down with 17-year old Ivan who among other things I was learning the masculine professions Christian family business how long have you been living at the monastery two years two years and how do you like motion with what's your favorite thing to do during the day which but it isn't know you are you planning on starting a family soon and do you do you have in mind a maybe a potential wife nah okay that's it we'll stop there beautiful wow that's amazing you can see they're clearing out this side over here it perhaps to build more housing and their numbers are continually growing I see why people stay though it's very beautiful people who are interested and joining the community and living here is there anything that that one must do to become part of the community or you dude can you just come and live here magicians Alania for the year could he make it was no such fool gesture for me this week for open your mind you mean you or Liz nice game if I moved here um I'm an editor and a writer so I'd have to learn Russian but perhaps I could help with that he said it was a pretty exciting after the most noble proceeding and he H mmm a place where negative characters don't exist that sounded pretty good to me clean energy healthy living virgin brides I started wondering if the abode of dawn could be the place for me and then finally it was time for us to get our first glimpse of the teacher himself any moment now this Ariana's gonna descend from the stairs and address everyone here and as you can see everyone's equally anticipating it I have no doubt in my mind they believe he is gone and it's interesting and kind of scary to see so many have so much faith in and one man whore or God we had traveled thousands of miles to the middle of nowhere in Siberia to see this man Vasari 'm address his congregation on what they call the holiday of good fruits it was sort of spooky sorry I'm speaking is right down and just as Vissarion was about to share some infallible nuggets of wisdom they made us turn off the camera after giving a short sermon in hushed tones Viserion blessed bread made by the community for the ensuing feast and bid his followers farewell [Applause] so we just have finished the sermon with teacher and Nina's gonna translate a little bit for us of what was said I remember exactly the his first phrase I'm glad you still survived yeah and then he spoke about that we all of us are people's pupils we are all pupils in the school of life I guess that's true but I'm not sure it provided me with any answers I'm gonna see if we can interview some some pilgrims some people that came to see sorry I'm from afar what are your feelings about pasaría there you see music you see what did you make the journey here today mr. wen Yakuza made about you my meeting is kosher how did you first hear about the teacher it really touched all Jun Allah yeah purchased every single greatly compared to years past as he seemed happy to thee seem in good spirits Nickerson whoops roses cuz I said the imprimis name ago he told nasha bitch name was training school Cassini with obsession as she finished all focus volumes to stay any particular one criteria Adam gonna get the liquor after the liturgy we ran into our polish friend magic how do you feel I mean do you feel that he's there's something about him and it's beyond human I don't want to insult anybody but I don't know I I feel it's an interesting place in an interesting person and I think these people around he want to live a good life and I appreciate them but I don't perceive in divine after mingling with some members of the congregation I headed to bed to rest up to the next day and my big interview with Vasari on a lot of stars I was talking with Slava about the beautiful and clear nighttime sky when he told me that stars weren't the only things up there the objec triangle and in the corner three spheres three spheres the next morning we got up bright and early and took a secret path to vissarion's home so we're finally here at the teacher's house gonna interview a man that maybe believed to be the Word of God I suddenly became very anxious about my meeting with the teacher what if I actually had an audience with someone who is the word and perhaps flesh of God why did you agree to an interview with me because I know that you haven't for quite a bit miss Maya are you regretting I wanted to know about Russia was it a coincidence or was it just happenstance that this community came to be around the same time as the fall of Soviet Union yet mister China over the period of NAMBLA Pavitra swaboda very spare Danya energy below both floors nah not a seriousness minion yay whoops a stray cat or a wee bit pre witness know a spot knock nurse nurse topic at a very mature level case patel jarred oh boy skin to home the kitchen I think I understood what he was saying but I was struggling with how to tactfully ask someone who looks like Jesus if he's the son of God without coming out and saying it you're very christ-like in your appearance I'll say it this way do you have memories of Christ from 2,000 years ago do you carry on in that way in that lineage yes by my trouthe to Nene yes by Matias Mannie sahajiya her journey mrs. Manion Nets mezcla the master had a hard journey for me with blaga priyad not just as Nana's wave of Rima calderas diet delusion of Cocoon a cherry pie it's an insomnia attacker by unionism unit reboots da Jewish in Jasta Abood while she in turn wali that's probably as close to a yes as I was going to get it seems like the world is there's lots of riots that uprisings is the turmoil and conflict in the world right now worse than you've experienced such as motion avoids Millis Kadesh two percent of washing dishes miscellaneous Emily image real Nabisco Ananias no led my illusion raka at arrested – Fatima Tania's lobelia Tomlinson boost ratios robot sir his skin was Viserion talking about Armageddon naturally I was curious as to when that might happen is that coming soon because keep American katella's vegetable yeah but three sequential aesthetic a scatter a taxied in the previous talk about dancing around the subject I switched gears and remembering Slava's extraterrestrial encounter asked him about the Church's stance on what they call the outer space mind I'm using a mere name internet Kenya mmm vitamin ocean occasionally progress linear at least Eastern a former Nvidia because we catch get silver see he meant Swinburne knows Noah will Bora very chilly welcome though humble Southwest's momentum is mini Enya the a physicist apology me I have to admit historian lost me somewhere in between the end times and soulless alien still I could see how his followers could really get into this stuff it's a hell of a lot more interesting than Adam and Eve and the crucifixion Commission the teachers handlers signaled that it was time to wrap up but I was determined to slip in a few simple questions that with any luck would be answered in a straightforward manner how about food what's your favorite dish to eat her yeah it's floors no tech budget thought that the queerest cuz like bunny Antonia little woman me I was putting in my sister a man without pension which apparently extended to answering questions in a fashion that I could understand but this was my last shot at the very least maybe I could glean something about the purity of my own being just meeting me briefly can you tell me anything about my soul techne is a characteristic Akita is Emma's right yeah which was to actually occur most of atoms which you which it's also a so last question if you could tell one piece of advice that our viewers here could follow relatively easily what would it be mister me it's a bitch p.m. three dtfz M Riviere at the stream Dania Keturah video Givaudan okay I'm not sure if I was supposed to or not but there was no way I was leaving without a photo so I hopped right in there so uh we've finished our journey here I'm going back to New York City and pollution and terrible people in other words all the things that I find weirdly comforting what can I say I'm a man of modern convenience but if it ever gets too much for me if the scum of humanity becomes so sticky and viscous that I can't scrub it off I know there's a place where I can drop out and be at peace and the next time someone complains to me that everything sucks where our problems are unsolvable I'll just tell them there's this place you can go in Siberia where they'll accept you with open arms a place where the children run free where the earth provides everything you need

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  1. Jesus said that in the last days,..Do not be decieved but there will be people that come in his name, proclaiming to be the Christ,.. these are fales Prophets!!

  2. 0:21 ("Where the earth provides everything you need) 1. Wow never knew the earth provides solar panels why do they even need electricity anyway

    0:07 2. Why do they need a car?

    0:22 3. Wow earth provides blue steel barrels

  3. You son of a bitch you are not not Jesus Christ not today not tom never I declare war against you satan and all false profits !!! Before my heavenly god almighty aka ELOHIM and Emmanuelle aka Jesus Christ who are in heaven. I well find you and wipe you from all reality you dumb FUCKIN bitch I'm so mad!!! Plz my brother and sister do not follow this false Christ for he well lead you straight to hell. Jesus Christ aka Emmanuelle is still in heaven sitting in the right hand of god almighty aka ELOHIM!!!

  4. The people looks so happy ang peacful…
    It kinda make my heart smile but… is this right?

    If he is Jesus he will show a sign to us someday that he is the real Jesus Christ

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