SHOCK: Republican Senate Confirms Kremlin DIRECTED 2016 Election Meddling

I sort of went back and forth about whether
to even do this story because there is so much resistance since now to any Russia related news. Either you already understand what happened
or you’ve totally bought into the witch hunt conspiracy theory type stuff. So I really was unsure about whether to even
talk about this. But in the end, this is actually really big
news and I decided it was an important story to do. The Senate intelligence committee, which is
controlled by Republicans in a new report has found that the Kremlin directed Russia’s
social media meddling in the 2016 election period and this is, it’s becoming, or it should
be a post partisan issue. The Republican led Senate intelligence committee
has a long list of recommendations for Congress and for Donald Trump and for social media
companies to prevent the same thing from happening in 2020 but we’ve already seen Senate majority
leader Moscow, Mitch McConnell block every single effort to prevent 2020 meddling. So it’s going to be an uphill battle. The report suggests that social media companies
add transparency to the sources of political advertisements on their platforms, that they
notify users about exposure to misinformation and hilariously, hilariously, in a depressing
sense, the panel report recommends that the Trump administration remind voters about the
dangers of foreign interference in 2020 I laughed out loud when I read that. How quaint, right? The Trump administration should really warn
people that warn people that they benefit from it. They have no interest in stopping it. Why on earth would they warn people? This is the whole problem that we’re dealing
with in many of the techniques and the players that are mentioned in the report were already
known to us. They talk about the IRA, the internet research
agency. They were a big player. They talk about one strategy that we knew
about which was to target black Americans, particularly in parts of the country like
Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, which were experiencing racial unrest and priests specifically
target those areas, black voters in those areas to foment more racial unrest. The real news here is not any of that. We knew all of that stuff. The news is that we’ve learned that the Kremlin
itself was directing it and that conclusion was reached not by, you know, whoever Trump
claims it was reached by. It was reached by a bipartisan panel that
is led and controlled by Republicans, not a partisan democratic hack job or whatever. Trump will obviously claim. Now let’s do the normal disclaimers here because
I think that this is where maybe some on the left start to, uh, I dunno about push back,
but they start to question this entire story, which is extraordinarily well backed by evidence. Russia does not only metal in our elections,
right? So when we talk about Russian meddling in
our elections, I’m not asserting nor implying, nor have I heard anyone assert or imply that
Russia only metals in American elections, they metal in others too. And in fact, that’s what makes us so sure
that it’s happening, that it is not atypical for Russia to be meddling in others elections. The difference is other countries seem more
committed in stopping them. Other countries seem more interested in preventing
it from happening. Now let’s go to the next disclaimer. Or it’s not even really a disclaimer, it’s
just context. The United States also has a long history
of meddling in other elections and you will sometimes hear people on the left, sometimes
the Leninist left say, who are we to say anything? We’ve been meddling in elections for a really
long time. Yeah, okay. So countries try to meddle in the elections
of other countries for their own benefit. That doesn’t change anything about wanting
to stop Russia from doing it right and wanting to stop Russia from doing it. Specifically for the benefit of Donald Trump. I was, uh, reminded when reading about this
of the words of a great modern philosopher, Donald J. Trump, who once said, he said it
quite recently. In fact, you know what we used to do in the
old days when we were smart with treason, we used to handle it a little bit differently
than we do now. Very interesting words on such an occasion. If you were Vladimir Putin on the day after
the November of 2016 election, how do you prevent death from uncontrollable laughter
when you see that? It worked. When you see that you succeeded. I listened. I don’t know every instance of Russian meddling
in foreign elections over the last hundred years. So I can’t say with certitude, but has there
been any greater accomplishment by Russian meddling in foreign elections than the election
of Donald Trump? I’m asking the question. If somebody has an example that is more egregious
or notable or whatever, uh, I want to hear it from you. And I hope that at a certain point, because
I know that listen, just every story I do is a balance. There’s a risk and a reward to every story
that I choose or just stories that I choose to exclude from the show. I know enough to know that there is a nonzero
part of my audience, my core audience, even that believes the witch hunt. Never nothing, nothing there. We’re actually the bad guys meddling elsewhere
in Russia didn’t do anything to us conspiracy theory cause that’s actually the real conspiracy
theory. I know that there are people in my audience
who have fallen for that. Um, try to separate your reflexive reaction
that has been built up over the last two and a half years, often on very bad reporting. Uh, and just understand that this is a bipartisan
Republican led report that has found this. If you want to argue that they had bad data
and thus their conclusions are wrong, make that argument but make it with data. Don’t just call it a witch hunt. Don’t fall for the Republican talking points
because one of the ways you don’t even people may not even understand this and this is a
real problem. One of the ways that the right wins is when
they convinced the left to adopt their talking points. When we start making the same stupid arguments
that they make using the same language, particularly when they’re wrong, of course we lose hard
because we completely lose any ability to see common sense and reason and rationality. So that’s my request. Don’t fall for that. This weekend we are having a membership blow
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because of my recent app appendectomy and I’ve not been streaming or because of the
copyright issues we’ve had with debates on CNN before. My goal is to be streaming the debate next
week and I will have more information about where that will be happening. Um, early next week. Quick break, big Friday show for
you toda

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. 5:20 I'm guessing that would be the crossover between your audience, Jimmy Dore's audience, and Kyle Kulinski's audience.

  2. Any particular reason your video on the tax rate payed by the rich was deleted shortly after you posted it? I didn't get to watch it.

  3. The President of the United States…is allowing a foreign adversary to interfere in our democratic election process…and he is standing aside because it benefits him. A U.S. President is supposed to be the protector of our democracy and work FOR the people, not himself.

  4. WAKE UP, David. 2000 and 2016 were rigged by the same folks who have been rigging elections for 70 yrs installing right wing puppets for the MI Complex.

    If you want to rig an election, go to the professionals, not the Russians

  5. David: The US meddling in other elections is much worse. But true and , Trump helped Russia to meddle. And we must be very alert to the attempt of meddling of any country in our elections.

  6. David, this is a non-sequitur. You go from "Russia tried to influence the election" which is true, to "the reason Donald Trump was elected was due to the Russian efforts" without a shred of evidence to back that up.

  7. This whole Biden/Ukraine/corruption smear campaign is right out of Russia, (believe me)
    And they have the perfect team, (guiliani/trump/right wing media) to promote it.

  8. Agreed wholeheartedly. They’re wit shunts from agitprop of validation loops maintained by less than scrupulous influencers

  9. I think that's very disgusting that valdimir Putin meddled in our election I think that's very disgusting that we do the same thing it needs to stop I bet the Republicans don't even care about this and it was really great for one Republican to say that this did happen

  10. Yeah, I have an example that is more egregious – military invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, so Russia can retain control over the Czechoslovak government. That was a pretty blatant Russian interference 🙂

  11. Trumpsky Brànd Sleaze, just what America needs another steaming heap of for 2020. This message is very much approved of and paid for by Vladys P. Utin and AmeriKans for more Smelting Works in Kentucky.

  12. Far from not talking about it, I think we should be screaming it from the roof tops. Russia were working from the outside and they got trump elected. Now they have a whole political party on their side! Moscow Mitch and the republican's, know they can't win fairly, that's why they're blocking legislation to protect the next election.
    If nothing's done, the next election will certainly not be free and fair, and we could very much end up with trump elected again! Not too mention the fact that, Ivanka has patents for voting machine's.

  13. The messed up part about this is, people still don't see this as Russia meddling in the election. Like a poor attempt at commiting a crime, still makes the action a crime.

  14. Here's the thing about witch hunts that the Right needs to remember. No one ever avoided the gallows simply by repeating, "This is just a witch hunt." Regardless of what side you're on, this is happening.

  15. The only arguement I could come up with is motive. The establishment Republicans want Donald to take a walk. I don't believe or disbelieve the Russian narrative. I do find the red scare offensive. Not in your face offensive, but trite. Why can't the left just stop using divisive politics, and focus on a landslide? It's no wonder Yang is gaining traction. He doesn't have scandal behind him, and he focuses on unity. I'm not sure he'll be able to rise above the wrought division paradigm. It's solid as a brick. Will the country ever see a landslide again? Either side?

  16. Oh David.. You're better than using clickbaity titles. You make quality stuff. I get it may get clicks, but some like me deeply dislike the hyperbolic and superlative-laden titles that have gotten so normal online.

    No criticism of the content though.

  17. Matteo Salvini in Italy was one of Russia's successes in Europe (the fact he's been ousted from the government doesn't mean anything, Salvini's career hasn't finished. Now that they started the discussion re direct election of president of Italy, Salvini, being extremely popular (I spoke to many Italians whom I consider reasonable – all of them adore Salvini) has a huge chance of winning, if he decides to participate.. Brexit was another success (even that, IMHO, Russia was just one of the meddlers with the Brexit referendum) – these two I'm sure of, but I'm quite certain there have been other successes.

  18. Why do you think Trump refused to condemn Putin? Cuz he was in the deal. Tjis crook is trying to repeat the election fraud and faje news about his opponents. He is a freaking traitor who needs to be disappeared like Hitler

  19. The reality is that is normalthat Russia tries to interfere in yours elections. You are the empire and who conducts in the oval office afects all of the world. I don't like Trump at all. But i think that Russia deserved a break of the encroaching and bullying that the west and Nato has done to Russia. Trump is nothing but shit but at least if he leaves breath to Russia at least one good thing (the only one by the way and for the wrong reasons – money-) But it's true tvat Hillary would have be more Hawkiss on Russia. The meddling is normal when you affect all over the world

  20. Russia had every motive to rig the 2016 election because Hillary is an avid Russia war hawk and no one wants a war hawk in charge of a more powerful military than theirs. They had Motive, Means and plenty of Opportunity.

  21. Another shocker,although it was clear this was coming.Just now….Shep Smith is leaving Fox..

  22. Anyone else sick of Jimmy Dore sucking his own dick for "debunking" Russia Gate ?
    In my opinion the media coverage concerning the Russian interference in the 2016 Election was blown way out of proportion BUT you cannot deny that there indeed WAS interference to a certain extent. David`s approach is the correct one. Only because the US interfered in many elections (and manipualted their own, like the rigged Democratic Primary 2016) doesn`t excuse the Russian meddling.

  23. He did it! I posted earlier this week that he should speak in Italian and he did it! The madman! Quickly! someone call in his voicemail and leave a question from start to finish in Italian! Do we have any Italian viewers or anyone who speaks Italian fluently?

  24. It’s probably time to stop talking about Republicans as though they believe in democracy. All evidence is to the contrary, so let’s just discuss things as they actually are. 🤷‍♂️.

  25. Well, meddling in the UK brexit election they have, the British also think they will in a few days post brexit have a great trade deal with the US and be better off than staying in the EU, im just glad i do not live in the UK when business will start to pay tariff to the EU…

  26. Trump was an easy mark. I said that way back 2016. Maybe 2017. I called out some serious issues that seem to be coming true. Lol!
    😉🤪🤓…..I think the IRS is after me! 🎃

  27. Russia is, always has been & always will be a major threat worldwide. The US Government is a sick joke, a Putin puppet sits in the Oval office & Congress along with the DOJ have failed all Americans by doing virtually nothing to stop the death of America.

  28. Russian interference in other governments had a lot to do with the second world wars! The Russian communist supported and financed the German Communist, in part that had a lot to do with Hitler's rise to power. Hitler used the communist threat to consolidate his power. Ironically the Nazis used the same propaganda technics the Bulsivic's used in the Russian revolution. Those same propaganda technics are being used by the Conservative movement today around the globe.

  29. Wait a second, so when Putin told us that he didn't do anything during the Helsinki conference, he was actually….LYING?!?

  30. I find it funny that you are so progressive you don't even realize that the Republicans have never asserted the Russians didn't attempt to affect the election (as they have done since the cold war) but rather what actual affect the have had. The only reason you would keep talking as if we on the right have denied it is because of the fake need you keep reading. Hahaha…

    It is only the ignorant news journalists who believe that interference is something new. Your side just needed a Boogeyman to explain why goddess hilary lost. Hence why there was such feckless charges against a handful of Russians via the Russian probe.

  31. The intelligence community also said Saddam had WMDs. Again, also with no evidence. Why on Earth would you trust them now, again, with no evidence?

  32. Expecting the “Trump administration to remind voters of the dangers of foreign interference” is like expecting a cigarette company to remind you that their product (cigarettes) cause cancer, or Trump not to lie.

  33. The Russians celebrated when Trump won.

  34. That's been established for quite some time now unless you're one of them MAGA weirdos. Those idiots believe all kinds of crazy shit.

  35. Painfully, the crud-jam is finally breaking the Trump-corruption into public view now. YET, the GOP is choosing to heed polling from Trump-voters to stick by him or lose their offices. "Stupid" is becoming a driver of politics even while the majority of voters are finally tuning in an hearing an earful about Ukrainian capers and ultimately about Trump obsequiously doing the bidding of Putin in exchange for election-meddling. What do Americans have to do in order to make sure "Stupid" isn't the driver of American future politics ongoing? Former Clinton impeachment lawyer Adam Goldberg is saying, with only four GOP senate votes the Senate can dis-qualify Trump, Pence, Perry and Pompeo from holding future office, I presume in 2021 going forward. That would be easier than impeachment and removal and would remain constitutional. If the DEM candidate doesn't win, someone not them could be constitutionally elected and sworn in. Even at the risk of one-third of the votership permanently disaffected and the issue dominating the courts and elections, this might finally end the daily damage Trump & Co. are doing to the American ideal of responsible governance. America could finally begin to rebuild its world presence and trust. It would be something to hope for and dream on, America with Trump out of the Presidency. If this were possible, I would certainly gladly welcome a Romney presidency, or a crossover dual-party ticket, as the cost to assuage the willfully blind Trump votership. Allowing Trump to continue in office, even though he seems ineffectual, ignores the cost to the Republic of the secret treason and invisible corruption he knows expertly how to foster in spite of his incompetence with the governance process.

  36. While fools like Pakman and his sheep look for Russian meddling, the republicans will cheap the crap about democrats as they did in Georgia with nary a Russian. Pakman and his sheep would have you believe that a few trolls in St. Petersburg had more insight and knowledge into the American voters and system than the American born so-called experts. We are to believe that Russians outsmarted the billion and a half campaign of Clinton. We are to believe that Putin knew the midwest states were ripe for the picking. Putin could communicate with black voters better than the entire black establishment that supported Clinton to suppress their vote. Putin knew the minds of BernieBros to convinice them not to vote for Hillary after Bernie officially supported and campagined for Hillary. And on and on and on. I think I'd rather listen to a drunk Russian ponificate on American elections than these democratic party fools.

  37. The Trump Adminstration should be declared VOID and INVALID. Trump and his administration should be removed from all offices of our Democratic Republic. TRUMP and his corrupt cabinet members/administration need to dealt with to quote Trump, "like we handled them in the old days". Trump you were never inducted into the "Family" so STOP trying to act like a gangster, your not worthy of that legacy. Back in the day it use to be called "suicide, 10 shots to the back of the head".

  38. Just let that sink in…..Trump sold out your country to a foreign country just so he could win an election. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop him from his self-interest. He is evil to the core of his being. At this point anyone has to be better than him.

  39. Kyle the Kuck is still in denial about this. He's basically an RT correspondent like his ally and 9/11 truther, Abby Martin.

  40. Define meddling ? A Russian from the Kremlin can only TRY and sway elections in one direction by posting propaganda on social media. But at the end of the day you should make your own decision when voting.
    Unless A russian is hacking the elections and changing the number of votes directly I dont see the problem.

  41. Now if we could just get kyle kulenski to admit what the republican senate finally admitted and end this russiagate denial.

  42. David, this is one big reason why America needs Yang as President. Trump is an ESFP personality type, who will cower and always get owned by an INTJ type (Putin). You might not be familiar with personality typing, but you are definitely an INTJ type. so you know how the mindset works. Yang is an INTJ type and a very brilliant one and so is Putin. They know that fucking each other over is only harmful to both countries. I'm an INTJ and I know Putin's mindset. INTJs despise hypocrites, so of course Putin is going to use covert strategy to help get a moron like Trump elected, because then the US will be too busy cleaning up their own domestic mess, to bother messing with other countries, especially Russia. Putin doesn't want war with the US, he wants fairness. INTJs respect fairness so much, that if you fuck them over, they are going to do something about it and you aren't going to know until it has already happened, because INTJs are the kings of covert strategy. Everything is a calculated chess move for INTJs. Even how they would most efficiently do their laundry. Yang will be able to reason diplomatically with Putin, instead of getting suckered in like Trump, or jumping to conclusions like Obama and other Presidents who just don't understand the very rare INTJ type.

  43. We'll have a big challenge in 2024. Russia will still be interfering and will probably fund the Republican presidential candidate. Sadly, the media won't cover it like they do now, and US voters have short memories.

  44. The fact that all of this meddling has been going on isn't really shocking or newsworthy in the long term. We do similar things. What's shocking is that it was so effective this time and that such a large chunk of our government, media and the population at large believe that election meddling doesn't happen, to such an extent that most of the government has agreed to not defend America from future foreign attacks. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

  45. Definitely worth checking out this new Republican Senate hearing, thanks for sharing. Was the Russian influence more than other influences to a substantial degree? < Seems like that should be the real question, because of course foreign influence to any degree should always be dealt with. There is always meddling from all kinds of corrupting sources every election, but the logic argument that Russian meddling won the election for Trump more than other factors is not at all clear, since most of the evidence shows the efforts were not effective at directly changing votes, and probably affected very few minds. Why you think 'Leninists' doubt the DNC party lines when Russia is not even Communist anymore? I guess goes back to the Red Scare brainwashing we Americans had. Russia was not the main factor for Trump winning, as other forms of Capitalist corruption besides Russian clearly affect Trump's actions daily. Do you feel that commercial lobbyists affect elections? The evidence seems more likely that our own corporations had way more influence than foreign powers, based on the money involved and the motives of corporations. Our own internal corruption in both parties is way more powerful within our own system, than any foreign country, our defense budget Trumps them all.

  46. The most surprising for me is that republicans admitted to it. But I'm so numb to all their flipflopping. Yes we knew about this. But it's not being taken as seriously as it needs to be.
    Also wasn't russia in the middle of the yellowjacket riots in Paris? They have a history of interfering in many countries besides ours.

  47. Canadian elections are in 10 days, and they (the Russians) are trying to do the same thing here and get the Conservative Party in, who are determined to export Trump style politics up here (loosening gun laws, pay to play health care, racist anti-immigrant rhetoric, cutting social programs, etc). Conservatives for those who don’t know are the equivalent in Canada to what you’d call Republicans, conversely the closest thing to Democrats would be the Liberal party.

    Just another example of how back assward the Conservatives are, the Liberals just legalized cannabis/marijuana last year and now the Cons want to re-criminalize it because they said the Liberals are “forcing it” onto people and that they don’t want it. No one is being forced to do anything, the reality is that those who wish to use it simply have the choice to do so now without worrying about being criminally persecuted.

  48. Fuck the "resistance to the RUssian news". The morons – whether on the right, left, or dumb-dumb venn overlap – who think the "Russian angle" is bullshit are the ones most swayed by Kremlin agitprop online. I piss down the throats of all the idiots that bend over for the backwoods potato vodka mafia. Go join them in Leningrad.

  49. If you need examples of leftists (that are not actually sock accounts) parroting Russian talking-points almost verbatim, just head over to Kulinsky's channel and read the comments, it is like a virus over there. Then again, Kulinsky is a constant apologist for Russian propaganda so it's no surprise. Got to wonder who his handlers are, to be honest.

  50. Thanku David for addressing one of my major concern:that the polls are already rigged in Thumps favor and votes for his opponent gets changed to DonCon TRAITOR TRUMP!; This explains why Thumps recent behavior is Not voter friendly,the more he pissis people off,the more votes he gets to cheat his way to 4more years of his attrocities! DEMAND PAPER WRITE IN BALLOTS if u want your vote to truly count!

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