The idea which is being pursued hotly by the Legion of Remainers,
headed by Centurion Bercow, — is that Parliamentary Sovereignty
can be used to deny national sovereignty. It’s an absurd contradiction. Parliamentary Sovereignty only makes sense within the notion of the
sovereign, independent state. Otherwise it’s meaningless verbiage. And again, of course, it highlights the fact that the doctrine of Parliamentary
Sovereignty long predates democracy. And the great crisis in Britain is that we’ve never worked out
what the relationship between an idea of popular sovereignty
and parliamentary sovereignty is. Which was of course exposed with brutal
effectiveness by the Brexit Referendum If you look at the derision in which Parliament is held. I mean, first, the expenses scandal. Then the scandal of the deliberate traducing
of the verdict of the [Brexit] referendum; the behaviour of the Speaker
— the clownishness of the Speaker [John Bercow] who looks like “Ubu Roi”* wearing a black gown. [*Ubu Roi:
a grotesque, arrogant, stupid
fool in a grotesque French farce]; Then, easily the most incompetent
premier we’ve ever had. And the most undesirable
Leader of the Opposition. PW: I know that as an historian you don’t
like looking at the future to say “this will happen” or “that will happen”… DS: I don’t at all, yes. PW: But this, therefore, is an extraordinary
time in our history, surely? DS: It is. I think it is the moment at which
two things have happened: I think the Constitution as it emerged from
the Glorious Revolution is manifestly finished. It’s stopped working. You could argue, equally,
that that notion of constitutional development from Magna Carta itself
has also come to an end. I mean you’ve got to ask the question:
How is it that broadly we’ve avoided revolution? Why have we avoided revolution? Because in England —
and we really should talk… it’s the English Parliament that’s just got
a few bells & whistles stuck on to it — in England, the position of
those wanting “a place in the sun”, wanting admission to the political elite…. you know, firstly the
entrepreneur and the rich outside the charmed circle of
the aristocracy & the gentry; then the skilled worker;
then women and the whole thing… every one of them didn’t want to do
what was the case in France or continental Europe. You didn’t want to
TEAR DOWN the existing structures — you wanted a place IN them. So “Radicalism” in England was a
campaign for parliamentary representation. You didn’t want to destroy Parliament —
you wanted a place IN it. And I think that what’s happened
with the [Brexit] referendum is that it is the first time that
Parliament has consciously and deliberately – and lead by its Speaker and by its leading MPs — consciously reversed
the notion of representation. And it seems to me to be
an act of unprecedented folly. And you look at some of those involved. They’re supposedly quite serious people. I don’t think Bercow is. I used to think Dominic Grieve was. It’s a sort of act of institutional suicide. FOR DAVID STARKEY’s FULL INTERVIEW,

Maurice Vega

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  2. Bercow is kidding himself if he thinks he's been neutral in this Brexit business, he's constantly steered the argument in favour of the remainers and has the audacity to deny it. His Crocodile tears ain't fooling anyone and the only reason he's resigning is because he knows he's been rumbled and would be out at the next election. The voters hate this little smug creep who's made a good living out of doing nothing all his life, nice work if you can get it and don't forget that great pension we could only dream of.

  3. What we have is euro style politics cuts the electorate from any way of shaping the future. Euro style politics are not a patch on true british politics……the remainers has better wake up and recognise that this isn’t about being in a big club this about being able to change and challenge political view…you just cannot do that in Europe …the way politics is unveiled by Brussels we just can’t change it the euro PMs are just just to make it look democracy but they have no way to challenge

  4. The destruction of the parliamentary democracy isn't enough, they want destroy the Consitituion and the Sense of the Nation. The next step is put Labour in the power to destroy the economy and make Britain a pariah country, totally deprndent of the EU as is the PIGS countries or worst.
    The project is the destruction of Britain and its essence, the free enterprise and market economy & make this Country a precariat state – dependent society, without sovereignity administred by a marxist horde that hate the Nation and its History. Wake up Britons or you will be slaves forever


  6. Sorry, you are totally wrong in your assumption, Politics broke Democracy with the help of a bias parliament and a corrupt civil service. The fact that the civil service were allowed to alter the wording of the original document, allowing it to be used as a multi-application for extensions, which were never intended in the original document, it allowed Theresa May to go to Brussels for multi extensions illegally. The whole idea of the extension was to allow for minor hic-ups with agreements in parliament. Theresa May never had the authority to go to Brussels, because she did not ask either the Queen or parliament before she left. It had to be sort for before the exit date agreed in the withdrawal agreement, thus we left by default on the 29/03/2019 at 11 pm.

  7. Sooner or later some nutter… Sorry kay burley.. I am not allowed to use non PC language
    Is going to kill a few remainers
    It's absolutely bound to happen although in the defence of the far right they're actually less aggressive than the antifa lefties
    Like how many of the American mass shooter's are NRA supporters. Its always the left of the spectrum that has low impulse control

  8. What the british parliamentary system has done is commit treason against the people. Boris and the queen should at this point dismiss the parliament government that has passed this bill before a revolution breaks out. If this cannot be done due to governmental red tape. There must be something in your constitution that allows for the prosecution of treasonous people. The will of the people must prevail or u can be sure that chaos will unfold.

  9. I've been saying this ends only one way, both in the UK and the States.
    We all know what's going to happen, what NEEDS to happen, if we all are to look ourselves in the mirror and call ourselves free men and women.
    It's that, or tell your children you sold them into slavery because you didn't want to rock the boat, or lose all of your shit.
    It's really as simple as that. Anyone who says anything different is just making justifications and rationalizations for their cowardice.
    So, screw your courage to the sticking place and get prepared to do what needs to be done, or give in to your cowardice and give it all away to soft, weak people who can't beat you on a level playing field.
    History's eyes are firmly upon us, and what we do here determines the direction humanity will take for the foreseeable future.

  10. This common sense lesson is going to trigger those Remainians…Looking at the comments and their pathetic "explanations"…it definitely has…Joyful really..

  11. There is no reverse – leave MPs voted for a deal so be patient.
    The folly is no deal – that is why leave MPs said let’s do it right.

    Perhaps we don’t hold all the cards, perhaps deals are not easy??

    If only Hitler had worked out that a few cleverly aimed words and a big red bus would bring about the downfall of the UK.

    Loosing influence in the EU – the biggest Empire that the UK had sway over but hey Farage knows better – the guy that missed a dozen fisheries meetings, at one he did turn up at he didn’t vote on an item that was crucial. But he is going to get a good pension from the EU.

  12. Two major points : 0.16 " parliamentary sovereignty only makes sense within the notion of an independent sovereign state"  .  Exactly , therefor :  Brexit
    2.53 "……… consciously reversed the notion of representation " .  

    Fire the lot , for not executing the will of the people which is the purpose of their existence .  Replace them by people whom shall honour  the job description .

  13. UK Politics is compromised severely. The amount of disgust created by collusion of anti democracy left/socialist/globalist puppets is creating some very real concerning thoughts of a potential civil war as such denial to submit to democracy to accept the Leave decision undermines everything that democracy stands for. I am surprised that the Monarchy even still exists while these Traitors sit visually and hidden among the system plotting against it.

  14. Bercow doesn't actually have any power, other than this gutless Parliament gives him. Bercow himself has ripped up the rule book, which means that the gloves are off and anything goes. MPs should rise up against him and refuse to recognise his authority, which would force a crisis and his immediate resignation. As Speaker Lenthall said in 1642, "I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as this House is pleased to direct me whose servant I am here." MPs could get rid of belligerent Bercow if they had the guts to do it.

  15. Parliament thinks it knows better than the misguided children it represents but those children will have the final word. If the people of the UK really want to leave, it will happen. Even a watered down version of Teresa May's deal will not save the day. It may be accepted by parliament but it will not be accepted by the voters if it yields too much. The UK people have had enough of the EU's tyranny and they just want OUT!! Sounds simple, doesn't it, and yet just look at how parliament has screwed up its simple instructions to take the UK OUT!!

  16. I have to admit GB has failed the people and I say this because Parliament has gone against the will of the people and it appears to be doing the bidding of the EU. From some recent stories George Soros himself is mastering them but I have to say that when the elected cease to obey the electorate then the time for revolt has come.

  17. His comments about everything , particularly constitutional evolution in England and how the UK has avoided civil war seem extremely spot on. As is his take on the current set of MPs and speaker.

  18. About time England went it alone, then we will get kicked out of EU by default , or Eexit if you like.
    And listen to what David is saying, English parliament , that's right it is largely England .
    The Scots are soon for the off, and we English will be left to pay dole,to Wales and N Ireland, so we should have our own referendum and get out of UK ourselves before the Scots drop us in it.
    And like i said already, we get to leave EU by default and the Scots who voted to remain get to stay by courtesy of our leaving.
    Everyone is happy and we English and our Scots neighbours can have a fruitful and successful friendship , the Welsh and Ulstermen can do what they want , i really have zero concern for them.
    This current situation has created divisions that will not heal.Politicians need to admit this and do so urgently, these Brexit divisions will not heal.
    So let us who voted by a majority leave the UK and EU (by default) problem largely,solved .

  19. "It's an act of institutional suicide". True, but one could argue that it is the second Act. The first being entry into the EEC.
    Once Parliament ceded power to the EEC the inevitable process merely rolled on. As it became apparent that Parliament was merely a stepping stone towards the real centre of power it became increasingly debased and worthless. It is now just a theatre, or should I say a puppet show. The MP's are now so brazen in their avarice and corruption they might as well auction themselves on Ebay.

  20. Real Britons are for leaving the EU .
    Liberals are not true to their country and the same applys to Labour .
    We must never surrender we must always keep the struggle forever to be out of the EU with it's plans to control our country in law and with its new Army planned .
    Believe in your country adopted or otherwise be Proud to be British and do not throw it away to become a pro EU subject..
    We were not asked to join the EU it was all done by stealth because at that time it was only about trade but later became political with its own laws etc .
    The fight to leave it was always attempted and now we have a chance to leave we are confronted with Tratoirs trying to stop the the process .
    We are almost there at the open gates to freedom .
    Never surrender never as our once great leader taught us against the tyranny of the Nazis marching through Europe .
    The situation is not a violent one but it is just as dangerouse to our BRITISH freedoms .

  21. Stopping Brexit ,the equivalent of capturing a vessel by firing a cannon through the bottom ! Once a democratic vote and an act voted in by 498 mps,is overturned by the losers ,you melt the glue that has seen our country remain a stable model for the rest of the world. The ultimate irony is their cries that parliament is being ignored . Is exactly the outcome ,of delivering this country into the clutches of the EU

  22. Bank Mafia has again Destroyed Europe

    Research the Facts …until you get to the Names

    Politicians are Pedophiles controlled by the Bank Mafia

  23. Parliament has stollen sovereignty in order to hand it over to Brussels, after its handed it over we will no longer need parliament, and they have the nerve to say brexitiers are the turkeys voting for Christmas!

  24. So if remain had won would millions of brexit voters disappeared? No they wouldn't. MPs were voted in for lots of different reasons. Many tories lost their seats because the granny tax not their stance on the EU. Now the majority dont back the PM on no deal because WE ALL know no deal is bad for the UK economy…which funds everything we hold dear!
    Johnson wants WTO rules. Who voted in the WTO executive? You cant say parliament is undemocratic and then go for the rules of a quango. After brexit we will (after many economically damaging years) end up with trade deals which will put us in one club or another where we will be restricted from change by the rules set in the agreements…but without any democratic process involved.

  25. Leavers have betrayed British democracy by lying during their campaign and making the British people vote for Leave on false premises. The Brexit that Leavers have promised simply does not exist.

  26. Give it a break folks. He argues that representational democracy only makes sense within a populist direct one. That's never been the case in the UK and, thanks to that, we've been largely safe from civil wars. The two forms of democracy are not the same – representational largely avoids the lowest common denominator verdict of a populace which, at its worst and demonstrated here, is easy to manipulate against its own interests,

  27. His historically knowledge doesn't mean his forward thinking is balanced. What advantages will we have by renegading on global agreements, EU membership and NI treaty to start with. Once you answer those simple ones, you could then propose a solution to our extraction from Europe. Then move on to what actual physical advantage is there to become alienated? Only modern day smuggling now called tax evasion, being working class that won't help me. No change is safe, security is a fundamental civilisation is based on.

  28. Nope … politicians must lead, not slavishly execute a bad order.
    1) today in a referendum would win the "remain"
    2) the only solution is to go sooner as possibile to GE


  30. Starkey is wrong. The Queen is overtly political. Watch her 2004 Christmas Message were she gave a big thumbs up to mass immigration & Islamification. Very disturbing.

  31. All working class people that voted for Brexit should go away and DIE. Because the arrogant  politicians in parliament are your betters! KNOW YOUR PLACE!!!Democracy is only for your betters.

  32. Starkey is a liar , an ego maniac and is widely derided by historians of all political persuasion on the left and right, He is appealing to your populist egos and cares nothing for the whole of the Uk , remember he compared the SNP to Nazis and every expert opinion categorises the SNP as a socially liberal left of centre party at the opposite end of the spectrum from the fascist right typified by the Nazis. He wants empire to come back and does not have the grace to acknowledge the injustices that empire caused as well as its benefits.

  33. At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, could the real purpose be to break the social contract underlying all of classical liberalism? A fatal wound to all western democracies at once. And Remainers are just the latest Useful Idiots.

  34. So, instead of the Monarchy being forced into renouncing its prerogatives, a Magna Carta, your Queen signed a bill that renounces the people's prerogatives, a Carta Minor. I cannot believe that I've lived to see this day…

  35. It proves you never had a real democracy. It was and is a fakedemocracy!! As long you are de facto still slaves of the corrupt royals, and having even more corrupt Lords etc. YOU elite politics in the UK are absolutely disgusting!

  36. So much wrong with this…

    "We never had a revolution". We had two failed revolutions; the people's revolt that failed because we were still scared to death by the supposed 'divine right of kings' and the civil war, which went wrong because it was, on the surface at least, religiously motivated, started by the upper middle class and still hampered by the divine right of kings.

    The French and Russian revolutions followed ours and were successful because we had shown them that you can happily cut kings heads off without suffering divine retribution.

    Magna Carta is an important but archaic document, only 3 clauses from it remain on our statutes, none of which pertain to Parliamentary democracy.

    The greatest and most ridiculous mistake here is interpreting the 2016 referendum result as 'the will of the nation'. Fortunately, considering the way the electorate was manipulated and exposed to misrepresentation of the truth, the referendum was advisory.

    All British referendums are advisory in status unless:

    1. Necessary legislation is prepared in advance to fulfill either outcome.

    2. Parliament agrees in advance that the outcome will be treated as mandatory.

    Neither of these requirements were fulfilled. All that was done was the Government, and only the Government, told the electorate erroneously and without authority that the referendum result would be treated as a 'decision'.

    In the Gina Miller case in 2017, the Supreme Court confirmed that the referendum result did not create a mandate for the UK to leave the EU. What the Government are basing their continued insistence on Brexit upon now is their Manifesto. Unfortunately for them, the last general election resulted in a hung Parliament, so none of the major parties' manifestos have any democratic backing and there is no democratic mandate for Brexit.

  37. If remain MPs cancel 17.4 million leave votes – a majority of 1 million plus, then the only solution is remainer MPs heads on spikes. Better let that general election go through if they want to avoid it.

  38. What a bleeter. Boris, Mogg and co tried to smack the country with No Deal Hard Brexit. Parliament United and stopped him. Now Boris is going to make a UK EU deal so we can leave the EU this month WITH a deal. We aren't going to remain on the sinking EU membership. We aren't going to hurl ourselves into the fire of WTO rules land without a transition period that will give Britain the strength it is going to need when it's out their fighting with America, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia for trade deals in our interest. Parliament blocked No Deal brexit so go get a Deal. If Boris can't get a deal, next government in charge will.

  39. Mr Starkey is spot on. Politicians who admit to wanting to reverse the referendum and revoke Article 50 (which is now official Lib Dem policy) are playing with fire.

  40. Bravo David , there are not many who understand exactly what is going on here . When I speak to folk they are so angry with everything that they hardly know how to respond.

  41. So many ‘talking heads’ believing they know the reality, the truth, the reasons, why we have arrived at a constitutional crisis, ie a crisis of legitimacy in our political institutions and our place in the world, the EU…… where we are, and where most want the nation to be vv other nations and organisations…. we the people are possibly also trying to figure it out ! Where did we all get to be so complacent whilst discontent and possibly rebellious inclination was growing strong yet unrecognised ! Were we sleep walking towards disaster ? Or just groping blindly in the dark wanting change but not knowing clearly the kind of change we sought ? Are we at ‘the emperor has no clothes ‘ moment ? Shocked at that discovery and somewhat bewildered ? There is a deep disconnect. That’s been said many times over many years. But what is its nature ? It seems to me lt has little or nothing really to do with membership of the EU as such ! That issue being merely a symptom ! So remain or leave, the discontent is unlikely to go away ! The break up of the U.K. seems just a few small steps away ! As this too, does not bother many in the way it once did ! I feel sure the ‘democracy deficit ‘is at the heart of the matter, but not the EU ! That was just an easy target ! We have vast numbers of ordinary working people literate, confidant and reading newspapers, but on my observation, not in parliament, not on councils, not becoming part of the decision making process ! What part of our institutions are ‘fit for purpose’ seems a better question than should we stay or leave the EU ! And no one with any grade of political power is asking that question in a way that meets the level of discontent !

  42. Our country has ceased to be democratic and parliament is finished as it was Shocking conduct. Those who have moved to another party should be subject to an immediate byelection instead of remaining on pay roll. Its cheating the system and fraud. If you switch you fight re election under banner of chosen party.

  43. The referendum was corrupted. The leave campaign broke the law making the whole show totally undemocratic.
    Also, only 33% of the electorate voted with a tiny 2% margin between leave and remain. That is NOT the voice of the people. Another point … 3yrs later many have changed their mind. No one knew what Brexit looked like, and many voted on the lies and fiction promoted by the Leave Campaign.
    Its perfectly Democratic after seeing truth to be allowed to CHANGE your MIND.
    Parliament was given sovereignty by the people That not only give us a voice, but also gives them power to protect this country (UK ??) from poor decisions – that includes Government and poorly made votes in a non legally binding referendum.
    Parliament did an incredible job … HERO'S!

  44. Voting is starting to appear to be a waste of time. At some time the people thought if they didn't like the extremism of the tories or labour they could vote liberal the so called centre ground. Now even the liberals don't give a shit about your views.

  45. So unfortunately for you. Your democracy spell is useless because its not a democracy is it.
    Its a Kingdom. Therefore membership is constitutional not individual executive.
    Bad Wizard. Now clear off.

  46. Brexit is to prevent public inquiry into the 9/11 attacks the british involvement of the taking down the trade towers and building 7 and covered it up jus like the shooting of jfk and Rfk and covered it up no public inquiry. Brexit David Cameron is back jus like Johnson after jfk was killed history has habit of repeating itself. They sent troops to kill Catholics in 1969. Brexit is to prevent public inquiry into the 9/11 and the british involvement nothing else

  47. We are being betrayed by people who have no idea of the people see what is happening,no idaea of the british people are being treated like shit.this crew believe we do not have the sense to see whats going on.fuck the lot them

  48. David Starkey you are the Man its a shame we do not have more of this type of real honest people in power than the total corrupt remoaning, anti democratic MP`s we have now

  49. The conservative party created Brexit and had Brexit in the bag and a majority in the house of commons. Crack on and make deal please. They created several red lines which blocked any deal. They then tried to impose hideous WTO taxes on struggling British businesses. The other parties rightly objected. It is the job of the conservative party to make a deal and make compromises.

  50. Why have Remainers gained such power and are so deceitful to we the people ? Remainers, you lost ! Get over it ! Parliamentarians you have and are not representing we the people. Bercow, Grieve, et c et c are Traitors. Send them to the Tower !!!

  51. I remember that "The moral maze" had this piece of ordure and Michael Gove as regular members on the panel of three to discuss issues like abortion or gay marriage etc . Amazingly people try to accuse the BBC of being left wing.

  52. Ah, the semantics of Democracy where he seems to argue himself in to a complete circle where one should be democratically entitled to do away with Democracy! Brexit Moon-juice nonsense in a nutshell!

  53. WHAT!!!!!! he must have been fantastic at the twist. So Starkey is now claiming that an ADVISORY referendum, that asked the advice of a populace that had no genuine knowledge of the complexities of our relationship with the EU to become the way our country should be run. The referendum outcome was not legally binding, had it been legally binding it would have been found to be illegal. The rule of law is the back bone of democracy without it there is no legitimate democracy. Parliament is the Sovereign, the individual sovereignty of the people is to have their say at a ballot box. But the running of the country is with Parliament not the government and definitely not the PM. Starkey must be getting desperate he needs to protect his tax haven.

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