Shadow Government-World Government

Maurice Vega

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  1. Revelation 13 king james version is the clearest warning of the imperial tyrannical reign of the beast the antichrist.

  2. I do not believe that most cia agents believe in torching the occupants of a yellow school bus alive, that is just not right, that is called terrorism, i do not believe that most cia agents want their country under a nazi agenda.

  3. @jesse2076 : Amazing how after I call you out on a ''verse'' that you thought was in the Bible, you show even more ignorance by calling me names. I'm all for civil debate, not name calling and bashing. Have a great day!

  4. @DaintyDeema funny thing is I was raised very religious and yet I broke free from the conditioning.the bible is a load of garbage but then again which bible there are so many versions which is the right one?you're a fool if you think the modern bible is the word of know what happens to people who blindly follow some man saying he speaks for god?garbage in garbage out

  5. @jesse2076 : As a matter of fact Jesse2076, there is NO verse in the whole entire Bible that says God helps those who helps themselves. Shows how LITTLE you know of the book you claim is false. Don't be negative about something you don't know anything about, makes your statements ill-informed.

  6. @DaintyDeema and where is Jesus's word?the bible is not the word of god or Jesus it was written by men and then re written and re written and lets not talk about all the parts changed or left is not wrong but blindly following religion are so easily controlled and led down the road the elite have always wanted you to go down.evil can only succeed when good men do nothing.isnt there something in that bible that says god helps those that help themselves?

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