Sexism Claims Against Apple’s Credit Card & Political Chaos in Bolivia | The Daily Show

It turns out Apple’s latest
product is discrimination. Back now with allegations
of gender bias against Apple over its new credit card. Apple calls it
simple and secure. WOMAN: A credit card
created by Apple, not a bank. NEWSMAN: But Apple
and partner Goldman Sachs are now accused of gender bias. Software developer
and millionaire David Heinemeier Hansson says
he and his wife share assets and income. But Apple Card gave him
a credit line 20 times higher than hers, even though she has
a higher credit score. It seemed very discriminatory
that I would get 20 times the credit limit even
though our stats were the same. NEWSMAN: Goldman says a computer
algorithm made the decision. When Hansson vented on Twitter, social media erupted
with similar stories. Apple, how could you! This is the most sexist product
since that iPhone that needed to be unlocked
with your penis. (laughter) And if you’re gonna be a
credit card that discriminates, don’t do it based on gender. You should do it
based on what people buy. Like, if you’re using
your credit card to buy a beanbag chair
and a lava lamp, you shouldn’t have
a credit card. -(laughter)
-That’s what it should be. But I do think that, unlike
other forms of discrimination, this one might
actually be addressed. And I say that
because the victims are the most millionaire
white people I have ever seen -(laughter)
-in my life. Look at that couple, huh? The only thing whiter than them
is a Panera gift card. That’s the only thing. So I’m excited
they brought this out. And finally, in some
major international news, yet another
Latin American country is saying adios
to its presidente. NEWSWOMAN: Chaos in Bolivia
after the president, Evo Morales,
announced he is resigning amid protests and calls
from the military to step down. NEWSMAN: Former Bolivian
president, Evo Morales, on his way to a new life after Mexico granted him
political asylum. He says it will prevent
what he calls “blood and grief” in the unrest
following a resignation Morales and his supporters
call a coup. Morales tweeting an appeal
asking Bolivians to: “Take care of the peace
and to not fall into violence.” It remains unclear
who will now lead Bolivia. A so-called
“extraordinary” session of Bolivia’s legislature
is set for today. Damn. Now Bolivia’s government
has collapsed? Right now South American
countries are more chaotic than the second day
at every Jurassic Park. It’s like, “I can’t believe
this happened a third time! Aah!” But what’s interesting, what’s
interesting about this story is that, unlike other countries
in the region where leaders have been ousted,
Bolivia has been doing well. Right? The economy
has been booming. Poverty is down. Income inequality is declining. So the question is, why did President Morales
get pushed out of office? Well, people like Donald Trump
and Marco Rubio are saying that Bolivians forced
President Morales out because he was trying
to stay in power for too long. He was trying to get
a fourth term. But people like
Bernie Sanders and AOC argue that Morales
never broke any laws– the Bolivian military
is just overthrowing a popular socialist leader. And I don’t know who to believe. ‘Cause I get what Bernie
and AOC are saying, but on the other hand,
who knows more about international affairs
than Donald Trump? -(laughter)
-All right, so… now another South American
country has a power vacuum. And no matter what you think
of Evo Morales, it’s not good for a country
to be leaderless. It’s chaos. Right?
I mean, could you imagine, like, if that happened
in America, like, just Trump just, like,
disappeared, just went away? -(cheers) -Okay, you know what?
Maybe that’s a bad example. No. No. No, no. (cheering continues) No. No. (cheering, whistling) Any other country.
Any other country, then. -(laughter) -I feel like
Trump’s the only leader that could just disappear,
and everyone would be like, “Wow, this actually works better
without him.”

Maurice Vega

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  1. Hello, I really love your show, however, in this episode you talked about Bolivia and it seemed like you didn't have much information on what is going on there. If your going to talk about something have all you information first and not just gloss over it.

  2. Dude…. seriously….. makes total sense to me. Last time a woman bit an apple, we’ll we all know what happened there

  3. Evo tried to overstay his welcome and cheated his own newly redacted Constitution. He made a bad move and was pressured into walking it back. He caved. Then the military ousted him in a coup. If he had refused to resign and leave they probably would've killed him.

  4. Well yeah, I have to, incredibly, agree with Trump (although I still think he just said that because Evo is "socialist").
    He modified the constitution, by setting a corrupt Constitutional Court, even though a referendum clearly showed the people of Bolivia were against repeated reelections. And the election results were so horribly, shamelessly manipulated that the people got fed up.
    I'm extremely glad they got rid of that wannabe dictator

  5. #US Gov is the World's #Terrorism, #conflict and #coups producer. US's #Tesla cars needed #Bolivia's #Lithium for free for its batteries and US Gov puppetized Bolivia. #ICC4USGov #ICC4CIA #ICC4Trump #ICC4Pompeo #ICC4Pence…

  6. Trevor,you are comparing a popular president winning an election over 10% margin with Dump.Your joke is bad taste and wrong.


  8. Evo got greedy and wanted a third term, that indeed broke some laws, and also fake the results of the elections, well at least his people. So he f**k up, but the reaction was out of proportions, in Peru our president quit cause he was gonna be impeach but it was peaceful.

  9. These insipid jokes are the best your writers could do with Bolivia? This guy is Jimmy Fallon pretending to be Jon Stewart.

  10. What really happened is that Morales tempted with the results of the election in order to win, so massive protest took place forcing him to acknowledge said crime. Moreover it was illegal for him to even run as a candidate again since the Bolivian Constitution only allows a President to have a maximum of two terms in office. This would’ve been Morales fourth term. He wasn’t a President but more of a Dictator.

  11. Well, Apple TV did release an anti-islam movie about a muslim girl falling for a typical white boy so what else is new…

  12. I hope Trump gets a third term to make up for all the wasted time the Dems caused in the pursuit of an Impeachment these last three years.

  13. A que bolivianos tan pendejos. El mejor presidente del planeta y lo corre su propia gente. Mas estupidos que un marijuano. Pendejos.

  14. Why didn't the US grant asylum to the former president of Bolivia? Because he is too brown for Trump and not enough of a dictator.

  15. It’s obvious that all millionaires around the world are interested in all the tons of lithium that exist in Bolivia and a socialist nationalist like Evo Morales would never let them put their hands on it. They need a corrupt government to take his place

  16. holy shit maybe you should investigate about Bolivia instead of hearing Trump or Sanders

    1) there a was a referendum: "do you want presidente evo to get another reelection?" majority vote "NO" and Evo gives a fuck and present to the election

    2) there was a very clumsy and clear electoral FRAUD, even the OEA (ASO for you?) confirm it via a report and thousands of bolivians goes to protest in streets until they received police and military support because you know a guy was trying to keep the presidency forever

    Bolivia have a great economy under Evo? sure! …but USA also have a great economy under Trump and that doesn't mean he can stay forever in the office


  17. Like trevor said..Bolivia is doing well economically and social getting people out of poverty. Also Nothing is wrong with getting elected for another term, many countries has to term limit for their president.. He just cleary won the election with more 10% margin. Now Let's go back to his last policy.. He block Ameican companies from mining lithium in bolivia, because he don't want foreign companies to gain for their mineral reserve. So he went to china and allowed china to mine, china also agreed to share most of the revenue back to the people. Lol that's why suddenly America dicided they needs to be liberated. They funded military uprising..

  18. I mean it was proven that evo Morales rigged the elections so no wonder people protested against him. It wasn't about the economy or social status, but about the fact that he didn't respect the votes of his own people.

  19. Morales left after elections fraud was confirmed by OAS; and afterwards the army, police, unions and many opponents asked him to resign.

  20. As a Bolivian I’d like to clarify why we wanted the resignation of Morales:

    – He always attacked the private sector (Bolivia is ranked 128 of 161 countries by Forbes Best Countries for Business List)

    – Kicked out the DEA from our country and basically formed a narco-state (Bolivia became the 3rd largest producer of cocaine worldwide)

    – Bypassed a 2016 referendum where he asked to be part of this year’s elections and where the Bolivian people voted NO to his re postulation

    – Committed electoral fraud (proven by the OAS)

    – While he advertises himself as a nature protector, he let our share of the Amazon burn for 40 days and never declared it a national emergency

    – He says he’s a socialist and brags about his humble beginnings, but he has spent lavishly during his presidency buying a new airplane for himself, a helicopter, a MUSEUM DEDICATED TO HIMSELF AND HIS LIFE, and built a luxury tower as his presidential residency while the Presidential Palace was perfectly fine and habitable (Imagine if Trump would decide to stop living at the White House and instead live in a 29 story building by himself) all bought with our tax money. Not to mention the other 4 huge houses he privately owns across Bolivia

    – He once said that eating chicken makes people have “homosexual tendencies” (not a reason why we wanted him out, just wanted to share that because it’s hilarious)

    – He had absolute control of the Senate, Lower House of Deputies, the Electoral Tribunal, the Judiciary, and basically every branch of government. (Cough Totalitarian cough)

    – He always supported authoritarian regimes such as in Venezuela, Syria, Irán, Cuba and strongly criticized free democracies like the US and the EU (I mean that is a huge red flag for any government)

    And for those and more reasons (as to not make this post even longer) we wanted a change. I’m just happy we got an interim President right now who will abide our constitution and call for free and fair elections soon.

    Thank you for reading my post.

  21. Love the show but you should totally do more research about Bolivia. Btw… Makes me question your team and your integrity 😓😢

  22. It's not based on gender, it's based on profit. Wife of businessman-billionaire is not a job. Of Course she have low credit.

    Low profit = Low credit.

    No profit = GTFO credit. It's Logical.

  23. Morales' referendum to add a 4th term to the presidency was rejected by the majority of voters. His stacked court then said it was a "violation of his human rights" to not let him run for office anyways. AOC and Sanders are ignorant clowns who don't understand democracy. Nothing like Venezuela. ~A researcher of Bolivian democracy

  24. When I saw that you were going to talk about Bolivia, I imagined that you were going to talk about the beauty of how a country joined, where before there was racism and discrimination between west and east there is now unity.

    This is not about races or just becouse he is indigenous, this is for the freedom to vote, freedom to choose, freedom to speak and think diferently than the gouverment without having the fear of going to jail without a trail and left there to rot in it.

    I’m really disappointed.
    Como que tus comentarios me dejaron sabor a poco, tan poca como la investigacion hecha sobre la situacion en mi país.

  25. President Morales was overthrown with the help and command of the united states just to take over the second biggest Lithium reserve in the world period.

  26. Why doesn't it surprise me, that the cia gets triggered at the Idea, that anyone left of Pinochet is in Charge in south america? At least Maduro is still there.

  27. Evo Morales committed electoral fraud. Please expand your research before commenting. It was the people who started with marches and protests in the streets, to which at their request, the police and the army joined. Not the other way around.

    I understand the political position, but unfortunately both Bernie and AOC do not understand the seriousness of what is happening in South America. Not everything that is left is good, and not always those who call themselves socialists really are. Populism, both from the and right, have proved to be dire. Do not divide into sides, humanity must carry a single flag that is the one liberty, fraternity, solidarity and understanding. Otherwise, we are lost.
    You know better Trevor.

  28. Sexist is kinda becoming like a thing that it like no it not sexist there is a logical reason look into why the system made the choice it not like he a dude he get mo money

  29. I can see how American Socialists are worried about ousting a corrupt politician out of office, who did election fraud and national and international NGOs proved it and that's why the military got involved, just because he is a populist socialist just like them.

  30. I work at a bar in the bay area , I knew it was odd when I started seeing those! It was only Male "bosses" . Mind you we do several private events with them and none of the women had those! But their Male employees did? Odd huh

  31. Here Trevor: the white nationalists fascists in Bolivia supported by the white nationalists in the USA ousted the president of Bolivia:

  32. with the help of the Organization of American States (organization controlled by the USA)

  33. And here is why Americans think like the US State Department headed by white nationalists:

  34. This was the prep work for the coup:

  35. What? "The New York Times casually acknowledged that it sends major scoops to the US government before publication, to make sure “national security officials” have “no concerns.”

  36. We hate Evo in Bolivia, he wanted a system like Stalin did besides the drug trafficking was in its pick, drug cartels were running the country hand to hand with Evo, but I always wonder how come you Americans can keep a terrorist lover like Ilhan in the parlament, and let her talk s$|th about the 9-11 victims, why she isnt in jail, are the left so stupid?

  37. This is horrible coverage on the issue we had in Bolivia with the dictator Evo Morales he was already 14 years in power has many deaths in his hands, locked up many political rivals, destroyed our justice system so nobody in his political party could get arrested, stole an incredible amount of money, committed fraud in multiple elections etc… I ask the daily show to please research and redo this story I'm very disappointed as a person who lives in Bolivia.

  38. Okay I'm usually totally Team AOC and love this show but this time Marco Rubio has actually a point and this show doesn't cover it correctly. Evo Morales was forbidden by the constitution to run again for president. He tried to work around that by holding a refrendum in 2015 (or 2016?), which he lost. Then he straight up ran anyway and that provoked the protests, and shortly after the military and police withdrew their support for him (which is in my opinion a bit different than "removing him from power"). But it is true, Morales was a very competent progressive leader, so it is quite sad that he has to leave office like this. He did so much good for his country, if he just kept democratic principles and left the office in due time, he would have been remembered as the best president in Bolivias history. That's what makes this process so frustrating. To all democratic americans here: How would you have reacted if Obama had tried to get a third term as president, hold a primary vote to see it's okay, lose that and still tries to get his third turn? I assume a lot of you would have been quite upset as well (not to mention the other half of the US would have gone totally mad)

  39. Oh man, as a Bolivian and knowing about how Bolivians feel about Evo Morales and the real reasons we didn’t want him in the office, it scares me that Bernie and AOC support Evo. The man was corrupt and heavily involved in drug trafficking. There is heavy conflict going on right now In the region where they have the biggest coca plantations in Bolivia, you wonder why these people are refusing to let police in this area. They have found Colombian militia within these radical groups; they even have mined the area.

  40. Not only latinoamerica, spain is in the same boat with the government they have now: alliance of socialist, communist and political party looking to break up the country

  41. I have been waiting for this. Wanted to see how usa media will play Bolivia situation and wow i have not been disapointed. ProMorales protest have been presented as AntiMorales and not a word about KKK rassists that took over goverment with white power army. And that all on American tv told by blackey guy. Awesome.

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