Sex Crime Roundup: Priests, Patriots, Politicians & Pop Stars | The Daily Show

Maurice Vega

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  1. Trevor is brilliant AF!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 He said you can call it repulsive for people to brush off serious sex crimes, but you could also call it: “presidential.” So scary how unfortunately accurate he is.

  2. Jesus Christ can save all these men if they repent and trust in Him. they will be delivered from their oppressive sins.

  3. It’s not a big deal because they are not white American women because if they were white American women it was going to be bad so sad

  4. For the catholic church I don't need the wrath of God.We need the wrath of the law . These priests do not believe in God. If it was a black man there would have been a global condemnation and punishment demanding for their sex crimes.

  5. It is disturbing what people can excuse away and it's not just happening with rich, famous people, it's happening in all neighbourhoods.

  6. What? Does the Pope think that god doesn't know what has been going on for centuries? Or does he think that god is just sitting in heaven WAITING for some Pope to give him permission to unleash his wrath? This is either dishonest posturing, or the most amazing hubris possible. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good, and the arbiter of all morals by he needs some guy in a dress and a funny hat to "call down" his wrath? God is sitting up there saying these guys sure need a little wrath, but I better wait until the Pope gives me the OK. What utter nonsense!

  7. I think his fans don't realize the prostitutes were human trafficked and forced. I like to believe there's enough humanity in sports fans that if they knew the facts they would make better choices.

  8. Having sex with prostitutes is not the same as abusing minors.
    Unless he knew those women were forced to be prostitutes he didn't do anything bad.

  9. Blind devotion to a team (whether it be republican, a football team, or person) taints your ability to be neutral. And helps hatred fester. That’s why I hate football and am an independent.

  10. “Everyone wants to come down on him cause no one wants to see the patriots win”

    Okay first off, fuck you. Secondly, as a sexual abuse victim, that is the most disgusting equivocation I’ve ever heard. I hate football, and yet I wouldn’t ever make an appalling statement like that.

  11. How many girls did you say,,,,,imagine that one man,,,,,,I pray for girls coz they really are facing rough time in this so called amaizing world

  12. WOW!! This is mind blowing!! The world has gone to shit!! People are really being brain washed! Or it's something in the water that's making them mentally challenged!!

  13. It's absolutely sick but my question is why are they so hard up for Kelly? Yes he deserves what he gets that's not the question. The question is why are they when so many white men that do the same or worse actual 100% full rape always free to go? Less you have a real answer I don't want to hear it. Anything less is an excuse.

  14. ”you could also call it…Presidential”
    Cuts to the end
    Me: ………………………………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. WOW…After seeing this I'm happier than ever about my decision to quit watching pro football in 2014 due to CTE… when I played football growing up and in college we were taught discipline, character, integrity and to do the right thing…especially when no one is watching because that is when it matters the most…

  16. And meanwhile the NY Post is accusing AOC of being a hypocrite because she supports the Green New Deal yet goes places in a car. That sooooo much worse than sex predators getting away with it, suuuure.

  17. Scandals, prostitution, damn you trump, oh,oh,oh, you meant Kraft. His fans still stand behind him…those who follow evil are cult culture like the pats fans.

  18. They are cherry picking audio of pats fans who support Kraft. After it came out that those girls were held against their will and sold most of New England denounced him and his disgusting ways. I hate that people depict us Bostonians as blind drooling pats zombies that support Kraft no matter what. Guess what: most of us think he’s a monster and most of us want him as far away from our team and our city as possible.

  19. Check your facts Trevor Noah. The police lied. No evidence of trafficking. They all had massage licences and the number of handjobs ranged from 3 to 50 per month. A few of the women arrested were owners and managers.

  20. Don't forget that Trump was a regular at Epstein child-rape parties as well, and part of that oh so favourable deal was that Epstein would not have to name all the rich and famous people who came to his parties!
    There was EVERYTHING wrong with that 'deal', including that Epstein wasn't even imprisoned, he just had to return to his cell each night! All day, every day, he was out doing whatever he wanted to do, including going to his workplace, and all without any supervision at all!
    That's not prison, that's free accommodation!

  21. At Vatican summit, a Catholic nun condemned the Church's culture of silence on sexual abuse.

    “I have not seen, in my almost 20 years here, somebody who sat beside the pope at his own conference and called him out,” CNN's Delia Gallagher says.

  22. Well, there you have it. The list of perverts with big money cutting deals with the help of church and state goes on and on and on. We have celebrities getting away with abuse for years as we later learn their behavior was aided and abetted by their underlings. All the while so many people excuse all of it because they are sports fans, voted for some party, adhere to some religion's mandates or have some adoration of the perpetrator's celebrity. I don't know what to say after all that.

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