See The Damning Evidence In New Trump Impeachment Report | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. The only evidence that I see is that the Demcrats cannot accept the outcome of a general election, and that makes them no democrats.

    Accept that the majority did not want your Presidential candidate right from the beginning. Even your DNC was rigged.

  2. Keep lying. You are turning UNION DEM. voters into TRUMP VOTERS. GRANDMOTHER had 14 children, each child had from 7 to 10 kids each, & each of them had many children. 60 to 80% are in unions and typically vote Dem. I talked to many many of them. They will be VOTING TRUMP! THANK YOU…KEEP LYING

  3. Hot doggy!! Big time hot shot news fact finding, finally the straw that broke the back, damning evidence, hot snot shot off the presses, this could be the turning point, the bombshell we have been waiting for. We’re only going to need the edge of our seats from here on out. Riveting hot shot news, the absolute “we can’t handle the” truth informative intensity zzzzzzzzzzz sorry it’s just not the same without Chucky boiyeee get the Chuck mister on the set lets hot shot news kick it up a notch Chuckeeeeeee who loves ya baby. Always keep the receipts

  4. Anyone with critical thinking ability and isn’t emotionally wrapped up in it, should see how this cherry picks iinfo thats based on presumptive views

  5. One cannot ever simply wound a "king" — a king must be left completely out. The now criminally complicit GOP (folks like Nunes, Collins, etc.).– will not ever convict traitor=trump and we all know that. This is not because traitor-trump does not deserve to be removed — he absolutely should have been removed and imprisoned two years ago.
    But, his clear-cut OBSTRUCTION cannot be allowed to work for traitor-trump's benefit.. Trump needs to be completely exposed for the treasonous criminal that he is… The Dems need to get every witness possible to testify in the open under oath,and get all the documents the trumpers are refusing to hand over. Voters need to be completely aware of all the details of traitor-trump's high crimes, and you can bet that there is more damming evidence yet to be made available.. Trump needs to be figuratively CRUSHED like a parasitic cockroach under the foot of the RULE OF LAW.

  6. How embarrassing to have a president of this beautiful country to be laughed at by other countries and his lies his disrespecting

  7. i dont like DONALD TRUMP. He shouldnt be in there in the first place.we have you the people out there voted him. what is wrong with you, look in the mirror. do you want your children look up at the PRESIDENT as a role model. i sure dont. TRUMP TOUCHED A LITTLE GIRL , Happen several times. dont vote for TRUMP,what has he done nothing, lie cheat steal, theres more must i go on. thank you . yours truly TAMARA.

  8. I get the "honor among thieves" (in this case Trump's unmovable supporters), but he's too stupid to even be a thief! #honor-among-dummies🤭

  9. pootn getz trump 2 do this noing hiz ignor rantz getm caught=impeachment devidez country russia winz phycological warfare 101 no gun powder nessasarry end uv!!

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  11. Does anyone worry about Ivanka's patent on voting machines? Why was she make an effort to get that? Will there be TRUMP voting machines in the next election?

  12. Because they listen to non journalists like Hannity, they make up false facts to get people not to look at the real facts. Like Trump cares about corruption, BS he only cared about making it look like Biden did something wrong if, Ukraine made a tv statement about them investing Biden’s son and the company he worked for. Trump got caught and then tried to cover it all up using his inner circle of people (the people that Trump did not allow to testify with Davin Nunez help to stop the process all together). If people would put politics aside, and take a step back to look at the big picture, you would see all of this unfold. Plus, there’s much more going on that I believe we don’t know. We will see who are truly the people who are in congress to protect our country, and we will see who protects corruption. We already know where Nunez & Gym Jordan stand. But, what do we know about them ?….

  13. There is no fact finding in this report or anywhere else. Not one of their witnesses gave any evidence using any facts. Everything is based on opinion and that is sufficient for impeachment.
    Everything reported here is only opinion, you will not hear any facts if you listen to what is said here.

  14. The communist Dems are so angry that Ukraine is getting javelin missiles from Trump which is totally destroying russia and Putin and Putin needs the Democrats to get Trump out so Ukraine can’t be helped any more

  15. She serves at the pleasure of the president, Period. This " reporter is doing a ton of talking and not saying anything.
    He should be investigating Biden( who btw isn't his political opponent, he's not even the democratic nominee)

  16. Well what exactly did he do?? Schiff is the same lying snake in the grass that said he had undeniable evidence of collusion for three years

  17. I didn’t even know this was still relevant news. Seems like the media only cares about this nonsense nowadays. If Bill didn’t get impeached for a direct violation (with a smoking gun of evidence) of his presidential conducts then I don’t see how Trump gets impeached by this “evidence”. All the news outlets and Democratic reports seem to be doing is rewording long statements to make it sound like there’s some kind of hard evidence. Worst part is the media and Democrats already have a scapegoat excuse in line if the impeachment fails with this lousy evidence. “Republican senators are only pro trump and don’t care about the constitution”. That’s a weak excuse and bad blanket statement. Once I see the smoking gun on Trumps misconduct and violations, I’ll be pro impeachment. Until then all this impeachment crap and “reporting” is a waste of time.

  18. 1). Nothing the accuse Trump of doing is against the law. 2) All claims made by democrats are based on hearsay. Not one witness had direct knowledge of what was we on. 3) The released transcript speaks for itself. Read the Transcript.

    Trump is being impeached because he had to audacity to win. The democrats really thought they were going to win. Trump is fighting for America First, against the deep state. Schumer himself said, the have Six was to Sunday of getting back at you, and now your seeing that play out.

    Trump best president we have had my my lifetime, and when I was born Eisenhower was president.

  19. I loathe Donald Trump, I'm very liberal, but this kind of lame reporting on reporting is more like back stabbing gossiping than reporting. Com'on MSNBC just report the facts. All this subordinate clause nested in subordinate clause pump it up, does the truth no good. It isn't news reporting, it isn't analysis-it's just nonsense. Maybe you're just trying to be the center-let Fox News. That would be a mistake. I'm sure I'm not the first person with a gripe. I'll look at an MSNBC YouTube video every week or so and just end up annoyed. There's plenty of news, plenty of facts, plenty of historical precedents to report on, instead you do the equivalent of 'there's a big monster under the bed. It's sooo big. It's even bigger than you can imagine….' Well there is a monster, it's not under the bed, it's lived and gotten bigger in the transactional corruption in our National Government. Donald Trump is just the current worst case of that corruption- all that's needed is to report on information that has at least two reliable sources, that is important. Then make the connections between people, incidents, actions. Right now the report seems to be the House Democrats are about to vote to Impeach the president. The speculative/predictive aspect of news reporting would be to discuss what he will probably be impeached for, what the trial in the Senate is likely to be like, and based on the three historical examples of presidents who've been impeached, or were about to be (Nixon) what is the probability that Trump will be convicted and what the results of that will be. If you want to have fun with the big bad monster under the bed, go step by step on all the lame excuses that have been made by Republicans on why the president is innocent.

    Good luck.


  21. As a republican myself, I think it's shameful that the party still support Trump so much. He clearly isn't a conservative, and has no filter what so ever. He has made a joke of our democracy, of Senator John McCain's legacy, and of our allies. Trump needs to go, whether impeached or elected out, I don't really care. He just needs to go and let the republican party become respectable again.

  22. All of them are crooks , that's why they're where they are now.cheating,treason, bribery ,lying ,insulting the witnesses , those Republican senators have degraced themselves so bad I wonder what their friends and families think or say to them.anf the president calling speaker Pelosis all those nasty names,doesn't he know he's speaking about someone's mother,wife,sister ,oh I could go on but you get the point.

  23. Love how you added the word "alleged" to the description of this video. now you can legally lie to your sheep.Still waiting for the legal evidence. It's not going to make it to the senate, there held to the letter of the law.Wake up little MSNBC lambs.

  24. They have NO Evidence let alone Damning Evidence & you are their soy boy loser no one watches you I just came here to tell you that

  25. What about the dems they dont care about the american people they want to let everybody here without background checks putting us in danger or dems wanting to spend out money on illegals instead of helping american people

  26. What is wrong with getting dirt from other countries to help win an election. it shows how good you are at manipulation, all should be fair in love war and politics. May the best one who wins shows just how great you are, now if that makes sense to you you belong to the third party Runparats. For more nonsensical rubbish just stay tuned to people with the big R before there name.

  27. Trump: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?”

    Trump Lawyer: "Even if President Donald Trump shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, New York authorities could not punish him while he is in office"

    Question: Is there a reason why Trump doesn't lineup everyone trying to prosecute him and shoot them? All of his problems would go away correct.

  28. Where is the missing 35 m i l l i o n dollars? 35 million dollars did not get to Ukraine. Ari thanks for the great reporting.

  29. Sounds to me that President Trump did exactly what you suggest is in our interest yet you say he violated this trust. How did he violate this trust? You haven't answered this question and its implications. Too many self-justifying words Ari. Go home and listen more closely to your mother.

  30. The media has lost all objectivity its so obvious whose side they are on.What a bunch of sell outs. Anyone with a shred of sense can see thru their charade. The American people are not as stupid as you think we are. We don't need you to explain anything to us. We see right thru you!

  31. You all voted for him, I hate you all anyway, legalize all drugs. If it were up to me I would elect a chemist on LSD.

  32. Let us all call upon the universe to ask that we watch in rapture the next major election cycle where the republicans get absolutely slaughtered.

  33. TRUMP 2020!!!! WOOHOO.

  34. Trump 2020…. nothing but fake news here people, if you want the truth tune into fox news. Carlson, Ingraham, hannity, these reporter's are about the truth.

  35. They (the Ukrainians) DESPERATELY needed that military aid. I dont know anything about Ukraine but let me tell you it is sinking in. Sir. I am scared. What does this mean? I think we need to elect a centrist who will support the government of Ukraine, because that seems important? wait.. who controls Ukraine? ohhh I got it ok ok I see what this is

  36. see the damning evidence your still fake news. The Democrats will impeach him in the House and the Republicans in the Senate will keep him in office. it's not rocket science. You're all just spinning your wheels over a foregone conclusion.

  37. Trump is the best thing that ever have happened to your country. He put all his business interests in trust, he donates his salary. He is not corrupt. Biden, Clinton, Obama are the corrupt people.May I suggest buying boxes of tissues because Trump will wipe the floor with whoever the Demonrats put up.

  38. Trump did not ask for an investigation. He only wanted the investigation publicly announced, leaving the public to assume that it was continuing throughout the election year.

  39. Did we forget Hillary leaked information liable of national security? And if any member of our military did that they'd be in the brig or executed

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