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hi my name is Zach Fisher and welcome to another tech today we're going to be talking a little dirty and security monitoring tools so what's the problem here well it's pretty common statistic here but 70% of breaches take six months or longer to identify and that is a big problem because everybody the data is extremely important for for companies to have and obviously it can be catastrophic if if there's too much data breach so happy everybody's hurt Equifax and lots of other examples of that in the data security displays also there's been recently several different I've come into place one example is in gdpr and the California consumer Privacy Act that protect consumers data so this is an effort to ensure that companies are not overstepping their boundaries in terms of what data is being collected so Zoomers actually need to know and companies have countable for what personally identified ebola information they have of consumers and they need to also make sure that the consumers know when they are when they're personally identified information has has been breached so this is a pretty big problem so another reason here another thing to go over here is that data is a new cold so if anybody has done a machine learning algorithm they know that the more data that you can parse through with the algorithm the smarter it is and the better you can make your algorithm work rather whether it is targeting new customers in a marketing application whether it is whether it is determining how to farm better having the information about about farming equipment and how much water the crops are needing or whatever that's a extremely important for for companies to have so to go over things number one you need to be able to monitor your data to make sure that you haven't been breached number two you have new compliance right and regulation like consumers you need to be able to make sure that you can track what data you are keeping from consumers and three more and more often your data is it's one of your most important assets so you'd need to be able to protect data and that is the reason to have a data governance software something that can do things like monitor to see you know has there been any suspicious activity then alert to say you know here's here's what activity has happened and then number three would be to answer the questions about the data so who did what when where on a server it's difficult to answer those questions without a software like it to help you with that and and the software is typically what they do is they analyze metadata they put together a metadata framework which enables them to answer all those questions about the data that you have monitor the data to make sure there's been no anomalous activity that's been going on and answer all those you know those questions they could have so there's a few software's that are out there right now that they can do that for you one is stealth bits and other is networks auditor and another is Ronis so there's just a quick overview of some security security governance software that is out there right now and is pretty important to have your hands on if you are in the security space so thank you everyone for listening be sure to LIKE subscribe and comment with any questions thanks

Maurice Vega

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