I’m sometimes asked what I mean when I
refer to myself as a secularist the term secular has different meanings but when
I describe my own position as secular I’m referring to a view encompassing two
broad principles firstly the separation of religion from state leaves religious
people free to practice their religion provided they don’t infringe the
freedoms of others and allows the non-religious to live without the
imposition of religion through law education government employment or
health this promotes freedom of religion and from religion secondly the principle
of equality before the law seeks to remove all privilege or penalty for
having or lacking religious faith to ensure that no belief religious or
otherwise receive special protection from criticism and that inequalities
which some support within their religion won’t be supported outside it obviously
under this principle blasphemy and apostasy are non punishable when
properly understood secularism creates an environment of equality that benefits
us all which is why it’s supported by theists and atheists religious and
non-religious people alike this is not a Christian nation it’s not
even a religious nation it’s a nation of many faiths and none and even within
faith groups there can be fundamental differences of opinion on important
issues establishing secular boundaries that prevent any single religion
imposing its values on everyone else is as much a protection for the religious
as it is for the non religious boundaries naturally upset those whose
nature is to impose and people who’ve got used to privilege don’t like it
being removed their complaints are to be taken for granted when sideof RC told
the Vatican that aggressive secularism is being imposed by stealth likening it
to totalitarianism and saying secularism denied people the right to religious
identity this was shameless misrepresentation secularism denied no
one religious identity it defends that freedom but not the freedom to impose
that identity on others what secularism says is that having a religious identity
does not justify special tax exemption especially for the already rich
preaching religion in state schools inserting narrow religious values into
common law having unelected religious leaders as legislators or demanding
council prayers redressing these unjust and inappropriate privileges is not
totalitarian nor is it an attack on faith it’s a recognition of the freedom
of all people to live without divisive inequalities secular principles
supported by theists and atheists alike encourage fairness and mutual
consideration and help us all within reasonable limits to live together in
the way we choose you

Maurice Vega

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  1. What is a non-religious theist? Religion is defined as "belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine or to have control of human destiny". Isn't theism a belief in a diety, and thus a belief in a divine supernatural power (religion)?

  2. A non religious theist is someone who believes in a god, but has no religious affiliation. Religion has a number of definitions, but usually there is involved in it, a set of beliefs, principals, and world views. A person can still believe in a god without subscribing to any of these.

  3. Thumbs down for not only not giving credit to QualiaSoup, but for removing his username from the video altogether. Bad form, SecularismOrgUK, bad form. >:-(

  4. Andrew and David – QualiaSoup is clearly credited at 2:46; and he kindly produced this series of videos for us.

  5. Fuck secularism. It is simply the imposition of another kind of religion: the religion of Liberalism, for which 'equality' is god. Thankfully, India has turned its back on it, and Turkey and Hungary are well on the way.

  6. Secularism would work well if it were not for the facts of reality that not all ideologies or civilisations are equal.  Pernicious ideologies like islam often have muslims touting for secularism, because it creates a void in people and society, by rejecting christian values, which are in fact the foundation for our secular western democracies, and thus paves the way for some really evil ideologies to take hold on our children etc. 

    So, I would say what secularism is trying to do, is in a stealth manner, create a world of no religion, but they are not taking into account that atheists only comprise 1% of humanity.  People believe in God, it is just not wise to let them believe in the god of satanism, or the god of islam, same thing really, since these gods do incite their followers to commit crimes against other innocent people, in particular upon christians and jews. 

    Secularism was at first a christian principle which was a law enacted to prevent protestants and catholics from murdering each other, because catholics have and still do, that is the vatican, want to rule the world, much like the muslims do with with kaliph, the islamic pope. 

    Secularism was the only law which could grant all people equality before God and the law, and this is why christians supported it.  But now it is being used to destroy the good, and to allow evil to fester and spread.  Since all things require balance, but the progressives (marxist liberals, joined by disguised muslims/jews) are misusing these laws to create chaos and subversion of our advanced western civilisation which is predicated upon freedom and human rights, all based on christian values.

  7. Ideology, everyone has a belief system, and if that belief system is void of virtues, then evil will abound, just like making same sex marriage a legal norm, which now paves the way for the legalising of pedophilia.  This must make the muslims and satanists, same thing, very happy because the only religion that is outrightly targeted is Christianity.   When Christianity is the only ideology that can in fact protect us from the evil ideologies. 

    This is the consequence of an imbalance due to the so called secularisation that eskews Jesus Christ, something that his teachings abolished:

  8. After watching this video, I've come to realize that secularism is the largest double standard there is. This video states that no belief will be specially protected, but how can you have freedom of religion if secularism is the law of the land? Wouldn't that just protect secularism and ostracize religion? This is a fascist idea that sets the groundwork for a social structure similar to communism. After watching this I am convinced that "Secularism" is the 21st century word used to describe communist fascism because it's main goal is to remove religious discussion from the public square shutting down all healthy debate and discussion, which in essence oppresses those who are religious.

  9. Secularism is not a belief system or a method of promoting a particular moral philosophy. Don't confuse it with liberalism. Instead, its a way of conducting the business of government-it's aim is to preserve individual freedom to believe and practice their religion in their private lives. It does this by banning the creation of laws that are explicitly religious. How would you like it if you lived in a society that forced you to pray five times a day? Or pay money to the Catholic church? Or practice polygamy (ok, don't answer that one). You see, there are no limits to the kinds of infringements on our liberty that religions can dream up. So the only solution is to adopt a set of general values that nearly everyone can agree upon-values that are critical to a healthy society-like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religious belief/worship, equality under the law, etc. Then, with these unalienable rights established for all (in no way do these rights constitute a religion), we can go ahead and live in accordance with our religious or non religious values, and we can participate in making our country a better place by helping to shape laws that address REAL problems-problems of security, health, prosperity, etc, not problems of pure religiously defined morality. There are too many religions with too many competing moral codes to allow one religion power over all of us. This is the purpose of secularism. Don't attack something that's working for you.

  10. To believe in such a system, you have to have a belief system, therefore Secularism is a religion itself, and there are moral absolutes. A Secularist may say there are no moral absolutes, but then what's to stop people from killing whomever they want, and who's to say what's wrong with that, so at some point, Secularists will have to admit they have their own ethics. Belief in religion is what defines a nation's belief system. If we just throw out all the other religions we'll just end up religiously following another that has been birthed from the unbelief of the other religions.

  11. First Europe had their own indigenous religions, then it was imposed on us the Christianity which sort of United Europe and eventually gave this unique single identity to our Western world. Now you secularists are taking it from us! Why are you destroying our identity? What's in it for you? Who are you? I'd say we white people are too soft… more like pussies, because in other cultures this will never happen! Look at Asians, specially the Japanese. They are strong, resilient and never allowed any other civilization dictate or change their customs! I'm disgusted by you wolves in sheep's clothing!

  12. Arguably, without faith in society, Religion, Traditions, National Identity and continuation of Faith are infringed by secularism. This is because fait in society keeps the presence of Faith. weather is Christian Fait or not.

    This is because;
    > It would get rid of Faith schools
    > Religious festivals
    > religious Holidays and events

    Additionally, We have already seen Laws been changed or inspired by other Groups, that call them selves 'political' but are often looked at as 'fanatics'. such are the Extreme PC culture. which I like to refer to as 'the complaining Culture'. Which perhaps faith can protect us Against.

    An example of this would be the New law enacted in Canada. Where you can be taken to court is you do not Use the correct pronoun.

    Oh, and tell me that this wouldn't make The UK more boring than it already is.

  13. what is a religious atheist? how can you be one? do you have to not believe but also kind of like all the atrocities, mischievs and deceits religion has done in the name of smth you don't believe in?

  14. I don't know if he said America is not Christians nation, but if he did. He better get his information right. The first Christian here was the pilgrims. And they came to America, because they were worship to our Christian God to how they believe was right. Now in Great Britain they have laws on how to worship and is punishable. They can be fine, put into prison, cast out and maybe even put to death. That's why they came to America. After time America made the constitution amendments freedom of religion to protect the church from government. At that time the only Church that the nation had was Christian. We have now many denominations of Christian church in America. The Law never was intended to protect other religions as the secular, the liberal/ leftist news media and the Democrats are making the American people to believe. So whoever wondering why is God is in our government, it was established long before the pilgrims got to America. Go search and find how the bible was written and from.

  15. How are you imposing on others if you are wearing something? How do you think ohters (religious) feel when the look of securalism rubs in their faces? Their own values become devalued!! Securalism is selfish! There is a look and way in securslism and that opposee does who trust in God. HOW is that fair?????

  16. its a mixing pot of many religions just because Christians/Catholics  claim dominancy through aggressive converting or proselytizing doesn't mean everyone is that religion  sorry its a mixing pot that should no longer uphold any type of religious code within their government and politics should be done for the betterment of humanity within are society an not letting a cult like extremist religious zealot have power is the best thing America and other mixing pots got going now but with republicans in control these very freedoms are in danger with nuts like mike pence and ted cruz secularist are the only thing keeping the church from achieving power without them a pope would be president but this video needs to dive in deeper with secularism because it goes beyond just the religion aspects

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