Maurice Vega

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  1. It's weird to think that these people might have left work one day thinking that they would be back the next day so they didn't take their stuff home and then they never went back

  2. It's a really strange mix of stuff in there. Especially those Babbage machine schematics in a crate. Part office, part night club or music venue, part warehouse of random junk?

  3. some of the people in the comments are so rude. He goes exploring for fun not to investigate shit and be a detective. If you people want to know what the crap is so bad try to find the place and go yourself. He has a love for traveling and looking around abandoned places not intelligently telling you what things are and how'd it work.

  4. mad mad respect to you for taking only memories from your experiences.. but I would be leaving with that skeeball machine one way or another haha

  5. Do people really believe this is a secret government building?
    Of course they would just leave all the files and computers!!

  6. these guys needed to wear protective masks to cover their nose and mouth from dangerous dust and wear some kind of think rubber gloves to protect their hands from touching stuff.

  7. You guys arent the brightest. But its still entertaining to watch you guys explore. Keep up the good work. ✌🏻️

  8. if it was the government place or something like that they would have a lot of things in it but you think like guns and Aliens stuff

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